Andra Lee Smith
Fullname Andra Lee Smith
Birthday November 17th, 1992
Species Evolved
Age 17
Height 5'8
Weight 130ish
Eyes Blue
Hair Light brown with red tint
Ability Hydrokinesis, AKA: Manipulation of Liquids
Parents Enda and Orin Smith (deceased)
Siblings Older brothers Steven (deceased), Greg (deceased), Trevor (Alive)
Fraction Good
Occupation Hacker?


Andra’s life starts out rather normal, she grew up in a small countyish part of Maryland with well to do parents and three older brothers. Her parents had her life basically already planned out for her before she was born, she was to get into one of the great schools, perhaps Yale or Harvard and then follow after her parents into the great world of being a well known doctor or lawyer, depending on which parent was able to swing her onto ‘there’ side. Though life has a way of making sure nothing happens was a twenty car pileup on 95 heading into Virginia. Out of the wreck only a few survived, two being Andra and her two year old brother Trevor. Everyone said it was a miracle they anyone could survive especially two children. Andra and Trevor went to live at their grandparents home in Manassas, Virginia. The brother and sister pair where lucky enough to be young enough to know something was wrong, but old enough to not dwell on it as adults do. Within days after being healed up from the accident the pair where running round the small farm like nothing happened. Their grandparents where happy the children could at least act like children for a few years.

Time passes quickly for all children, the siblings did well in school and everything seemed fine up until high school that is. New kids, new groups, new problems. Trevor adjusted to the change a lot better than Andra did, before going to high school her grandparents felt she was starting to hang around with the ‘wrong’ crowd. Her grandparents did what they could to try and protect her from the evils, this included sending her away at any point they could to different camps and church outings. This only drove Andra more away from them and deeper into the group she was with. Her grandparents felt for sure they were devil worshipers, they talked about spells and would stay out at all hours of the night so that couldn’t be good. Andra tried to explain that being a wiccan was nothing bad, that it was actually good, but they didn’t want to hear any of it and forbid her to do any ‘magic’. Being a normal teenager Andra did nothing of the sort; instead she became more involved with her group of wiccans.
She often would skip school and go for mini camping trips with her friends to pick up new items around the area for their meetings and of course spells. More often than not the girls would hang out and read there spell books trying to figure out how to make them ‘work’. Over time Andra became rather good at mixing different plants and herbs for certain things, like a good cure for a hangover and so forth. Everything changed one night, the girls had been out most of the day collecting items and generally doing crazy things off in the forest. Along with this Andra had a love the four elements, fire and earth being the two favorites out of the four. She would read and collect anything dealing with them, and went so far as to have a tattoo done for each element in the form of an animal. Fire is a dragon, wind is a bird, earth is a turtle, and water is an otter.

Along with learning everything she could about being a wiccan, nature, and attempting to get through school with good grades she also had a thing for computers. So much to the point that she was caught once for hacking into the school website to try and change grades for a few of her friends. She was arrested and tried and lost the use of a computer until she turns eighteen, not that this actually keeps her off a computer just makes her be very careful. Another hobby she picked up deal with artwork, her grandparents felt her art was always dark and depressing so they forbid her to do anymore artwork at home. Fear of their friends and church finding out that would cause a great shame upon them. Andra promised to not do any art at home, or in public to a degree, she never uses her real name in anything she does to make sure no one finds out it is actually her.

It was the night of an eclipse and they wanted to be at the perfect spot in order to celebrate the passing of the seasons. During the middle of the night Andra found herself on her own and watching the sky along with the eclipse, when she first saw it nothing strange happened and then suddenly she getting woken up in the morning by a friend. She figured she must have only fallen asleep instead of actually passing out which is what happened. She had no idea that during this eclipse that many people had a sudden change about them, nor did she know she was one of them. Andra didn’t find out for a few months what she could do, and to this day she isn’t fully sure of her abilities which scares her. It was another night that she found out something was different with her. She was on her way home taking a shortcut through a cemetery which is something she often did without a thought; upon getting through it she ran into a few boys from high school that her brother was friends with, after a short talk with them she was on her way again only to get rudely shoved to the ground but one of them, which she figured out later. After a bit of yelling and screaming and fighting it when something happened, Andra it has recently rained and there was quite a few large muddy puddles all around the cemetery, one she was actually getting pushed into. The puddle of water suddenly took on a life of its own and seemed to grab onto the boy and more so around his face. He let Andra go while trying to claw the water off and was unable to do so. It took only moments for him to fall over from lack of oxygen and from inhaling water and by this time Andra was running home as quickly as she could, scared of what just happened.

She later found out from friends at school that he was in the hospital in a coma from inhaling so much water that it caused him to stop breathing. The doctors were unsure if he may ever wake up. His friend started rumors around school about Andra being a witch and that she tried to kill both him and the boy in the hospital. The police questioned her on it but never looked much further into the incident as they had no idea how she could have made the boy actually do that. Most of Andra’s friends turned on her, including the ones that she was close to and also wiccans. Her brother was the only one that seemed to believe her when she would tell him the rumors just wasn’t true, and at times he even seemed to not believe her. She took this time on her own to try and work with her new powers, attempting to figure out what happened to make her this way. She found she was only able to actually use one of her powers if she had the item with her, or if a source of it was nearby. For fire she normally carried her lighter, wind came from a breeze, water from the rain, or puddles and for earth she needed to be touching some part of it.

Her grandparents soon caught wind of some rumors that someone finally told her, and after confronting Andra with them and not believing them they went her away to leave with another family member feeling she needed a more structured life to keep her from turning into some evil teenager. She lived with her aunt and uncle for a month and then one day vanished, choosing instead to run away and live on her own then deal with family members that choose to accuse her of things that were never true.
She sent her brother one letter saying she was going on a road trip, and then took over to New York City hoping to find a job and perhaps try and get into an art school up there after finishing her GED. Though things like this cost money, which means she’s going back to her ‘hacking’ ways in order to make a living until finding a good paying job.


Andra tends to have a very careful and happy personality, she’s friendly to everyone she meets and tends to give everyone a chance until they do something to offend her. While she is quiet, once she gets to know someone she tends to be rather open and will do just about anything for that one’s she considerer’s friends. When she’s nervous or unsure of herself she tends to be either very quiet or very talkative depending on what is going on around her or who happens to be there.

As far as any habits she has, she enjoys anything and everything dealing with nature and has been known to lecture someone for littering or will go out of her way to pick some trash up she happens to wander by. For a sixteen year old she tends to be very aware of the world around her and of other people and animals alike. She is for sure not your normal teenager. At times she does like a good smoke or drink, not that she actively goes looking for any of it.

For likes she likes anything dealing with nature, animals, and having fun. Her idea of fun though would be camping out under the stars and talking about animals or the next eclipse. As for dislikes she can’t stand people who seem are all about themselves, she shy’s away from anyone that tries to act authoritative, or anyone who happens to go around preaching about church in any way shape or form.

Timeline and Current Plots

Feb 7th: Andra is back in New York, her family traked her down when she was on a trip to DC and dragged her back home. Though this quickly turned sour and she was able to give them the slip after she was disowned from the family for real this time. After tracking down where they sent Zorro and 'saving' her dog she returned back to New York,and is now trying to reconnect with the few friends she made there.


Name Relationship Description
Zorro Andra's Doggie Andra saved Zorro from the life of being a fighting dog, along with teaching his last owners a lesson, and without using her powers.

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VNV: Illusion

I know it's hard to tell how mixed up you feel
Hoping what you need is behind every door
Each time you get hurt, I don't want you to change
Because everyone has hopes, you're human after all
The feeling sometimes, wishing you were someone else
Feeling as though you never belong
This feeling is not sadness, this feeling is not joy
I truly understand. Please, don't cry now

Please don't go, I want you to stay
I'm begging you please, please don't leave here
I don't want you to hate for all the hurt that you feel
The world is just illusion trying to change you

Being like you are
Well this is something else, who would comprehend?
But some that do, lay claim
Divine purpose blesses them
That's not what I believe, and it doesn't matter anyway
A part of your soul ties you to the next world
Or maybe to the last, but I'm still not sure
But what I do know, is to us the world is different
As we are to the world but I guess you would know that

Please don't go, I want you to stay
I'm begging you please, please don't leave here
I don't want you to hate for all the hurt that you feel
The world is just illusion trying to change you
Please don't go, I want you to stay
I'm begging you please, oh please don't leave here
I don't want you to change for all the hurt that you feel
This world is just illusion always trying to change you

WallFlower: Some Flowers Bloom Dead, and From the Bottom of my Heart, One Headlight
Nickleback: Gotta be somebody, If today was your last day, I'd Come for you
Fastball: Vampires, The Way
Pink: So What, Family Potrait
VNV Nation: Illusion, Darkangel, Beloved

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