Angela Petrelli
Angela Petrelli
Cristine Rose as Angela Petrelli.
Portrayed By Cristine Rose
Gender Female
Date of Birth November 1st, 1945
Age 66
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Aliases Ma, Banana
Place of Birth New York City, NY, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Chairwoman of the Company
Known Relatives Nathan Petrelli (eldest son), Peter Petrelli (youngest son), Heidi Petrelli (daughter-in-law), Claire Bennet (grandchild), Simon Petrelli (grandchild), Monty Petrelli (grandchild)
Significant Other Arthur Petrelli (former)
Known Abilities Precognitive Dreams
First Appearance Genesis

Petrelli family matriarch, Angela has been many things: a mother, grandmother, a widow, a nurturer, a realist, a Founder of the Company, a shareholder in Yamagato Industries, a fugitive, and a powerful influence on the shape of things that have passed. Officially, she now sits chairwoman of the Company.

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2011-02-15: Paper Prophecies SerotoninSerotonin
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2011-02-11: What A Wonderful World SerotoninSerotonin
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2010-08-18: Everybody Loves A People Person SerotoninSerotonin
2010-07-03: Fate or Space Aliens? SerotoninSerotonin
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2010-04-06: Change of Face SerotoninSerotonin
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2010-04-05: Just Like Brunch thundermoppetthundermoppet
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2010-04-02: Be Careful plunderbunnyplunderbunny
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2010-03-30: Son of a ... ToriDuffyToriDuffy
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  • (after poisoning Arthur's soup) "I lied. It's not your mother's recipe."
  • "Really? So what am I gonna do now? Am I gonna kiss you? Or am I gonna kill you?"
  • "I'm sorry if the truth hurts."
  • "When you put everyone else first, you end up last."
  • "I never kid about family brunch."
  • "You're a glorified sperm donor. Don't get so attached."
  • "Important men make impossible decisions. President Truman dropped an atomic bomb on Japan to end WWII, killed thousands to save millions."
  • "That is your one weakness, Nathan, you have no faith. So how could you possibly believe this bomb could actually heal the world if you have no faith in the idea of destiny? Your destiny, Nathan, is to set the course of history after this unspeakable act has occurred. And people would look back on what you do as the freshman Congressman of New York — and they will thank you. For your strength. For your conviction. For your faith. In my day, we called it being presidential. Can you believe? …can you be the one we need?"
  • "You don't know everything, Elle, you think you do but you don't. You've done enough damage as it is. Deal with your failure, stop acting like you care about anyone but yourself. It would be in everyone's best interests if you left well enough alone and went to live out the rest of your days on a tropical island."
  • (to Gabriel) "Be the hero Peter wants you to be."
  • "I can't look ahead to know which path is the right one to take, chaos versus chaos, not until I can dream. And to dream…"
  • "But for the dreams to come … it doesn't work that way. For the dreams to have meaning, the sleep has to be natural. It has to be earned."
  • "Hang on to what you know. It's all you truly have in this world."
  • Meryl: "You know, I'm not used to us being the good guys." Angela: "You killed that man in cold blood. Agent Winters. We're all shades of grey."
  • "The Company formed to prevent something like this from happening again. We were all very young then, but after what happened… we knew we had to protect people like us from others and, of course, vice versa. This world is cruel to that which it doesn't understand. What it can't control. And it has every right to be. That's why we had to control it."
  • "You need your brother. He can heal you. He can sew all those parts of your mind back together."
  • "You need to step up and accept your fate. You have to take the good with the bad, Nathan! You used to know the value of sacrifice and responsibility."
  • "But your luck won't last forever. Unless you listen to me."
  • "I know you're enjoying this little vacation from the real world, but you can't hide from the past forever. It's time to face it and go on with your life. The life you're meant to have. Not this lesser replica of my son Made in Ireland."
  • "You're a Petrelli. Of course you have a checkered past. It's a rite of passage in this family."
  • "Stop acting like an ass and put yourself in a position where, if you were to disappear off the face of the planet, people wouldn't simply assume you've ran off to discover yourself in Indonesia."
  • Nathan: "Remember, I never lose." Angela: "No, you win by landslides."
  • "I'm glad you have your eye on the future, Nathan. It's brave of you to look ahead when you can't even see the past on your own yet. That's the son I know. Indomitable."
  • "It's good you're being charitable, Nathan, it really is, but any more and I'm going to think you've turned into your brother."
  • (to Peter) "I'm in the mood for Italian. You must be psychic. What'm I talking about, of course you are."
  • "Eat your supper before it gets cold."
  • (to Claire and Nathan) "You're not going anywhere. This is far overdue and you're both going to sit here, drink tea, and work out your daddy issues until you can stand to be in the same room together. I'll be in the kitchen."
  • "We didn't go in blind. I could see clearly what you were stepping into. The belly of the beast. A trap. And I thought you had to do it, I thought you would learn something, maybe the key to bringing this all down. Just like wiping your memory, it was a sacrifice I thought had to be made, one of many I have made over the years. But this time I was wrong."
  • "Something becomes a calculated risk when the end result— the good— outweighs the bad. Do you know how many times I've made a calculated risk to the benefit of everyone? To you? If I hadn't, the world would be a different place."
  • "It could be fate deciding we're meant for another path; maybe it's God saying we're not worthy; maybe it's space aliens, listen, there will always be things about these abilities we don't understand."
  • "The second we rely on our abilities for everything, that's the day we become less human, not more."


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