2008-01-31: Anger, Ink and Tears


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Summary: Kory comes into the shop to get a tattoo. Yelling, tears and ink soon follow.

Date It Happened: January 31st, 2008

Anger, Ink and Tears

Slinging Ink - Lobby

Dani sits behind the counter, reading a magazine as he looks at the pictures that are featured. He looks like he has a bit of a tan on his face and arms. His foot taps slightly with the music that is being played over the shop's speakers.

Kory steps in, a bit of jonquil flower pinned into her hair on the right side. She pauses, considering, then shrugs and steps in, visibly steeling herself. "Dani. There you are."

Celeste sittting on the black couch with a sketch pad in her hand drawing up a new tattoo that she wants to add to her collection. She has a bottle of water on the table in front of her, her bag beside her on the couch. She looks up when she hears the woman's voice but goes back to her drawing when she talks to Dani.

Dani looks up as the door opens, offering a smile as he sees Kory walk through the door. "Hey. Are you here for your tattoo?" He asks the woman before he nods slightly. "Yeah, been out of town for a while. Just got back, actually." He says to the woman.

"Yeah, I am," Kory says, uncertainly. "It's pretty complicated, so …you tell me if it's doable." As he describes being out of town, she raises both brows, then lowers them, narrowing her eyes. "…everything all right?" she asks, delicately; though it's clear there's a little suspicion under the sincere concern.

Celeste continues to sit on the couch. She pulls out her i-pod and puts her one of her earbuds in her left ear only. She continues to sketch shading in a few areas. She reaches to the table and picks up her bottle of water, finishing it off.

Dani nods his head. "Yeah. It's all fine. Just had to take care of a few things for the business. Some tat parlor in Hawaii was trying to sue us for legal rights to our name, 'Slinging Ink'. Apparently, they claim that we took it from them. Fuckin' assholes." He says, shaking his head for a moment before he looks up to Kory. "Let's see what you got."

Kory nods. "Oh, okay. You may wanna give KeLyssa a call. She was worried she hadn't heard from you in a while." She reaches in her pocket, and pulls out a color image, handing it over to Dani for his inspection.

It's Morpheus from The Matrix, standing in a back-to-back position with the spiky-haired Muse from Disney's Hercules. They're both rendered in Disney animation style. The muse has one hand up in the air, with sparkles around it. Morpheus, of course, has his usual gun poised.

Celeste smirks when she hears about KeLyssa, but shuts up. It's not like they knew who she was laughing at. She lays her stuff to the side keeping her i-pod with her. She walks to the refrigerator and grabs another bottle of water. She makes her way back to the couch and takes a seat. Picking her sketch pad up again.

Dani nods his head as he looks towards Celeste for a moment before he looks back to Kory. "I will. Just been up to my neck in paperwork and litigations." He says before he looks at the drawing, looking it over. "That's not too bad. Do you want it cartoony like this?" He asks her.

"I do want it like it appears. Like something Disney would've done." She doesn't comment again on his litigious issues. Kory takes Dani at his word. "Not too big, though. And I'm not sure where I want to put it. So suggestions would work."

Celeste continues to listen to her i-pod and finishing up her sketch for her next tattoo. She looks it over and makes a few corrections and shades a few spots in some places that are necessary. She glances over to Dani for a second and smiles, then turns back to her sketch and adds the finishing touches.

Dani nods his head as he looks at the sketch again, looking it over. "Well, I would suggest either a calf, shoulder or back of the shoulder. They are places that you can cover up when you want to and also where you can show off when you want."

"The back on my shoulder, I think," Kory agrees after a moment of mulling it over. "Not huge. It's just a little something to remind me of my mission in life. So I don't falter when I get an obstacle thrown in my way." She closes her eyes briefly, rubs them with her thumb and ring fingers, then looks up at Dani. "And yeah, something the world doesn't see unless I want would be good, too."

Celeste stands up and takes her sketch pad over to Dani, "I have a question. Do you think you could do this tattoo for me?" she asks Dani with a smile. "I'm wanting it on my whole back. I know it's going to take a long time to do, but it's something I really want." she says looking at him.

Dani smiles and nods. "Alright. Then the back of the shoulder. The right or the left?" He says as he looks to Kory, looking over the picture for a moment again before he looks to Celeste and then the picture, nodding. "Yeah. I can do it for you." He says to her. "Let me take care of Kory's tattoo and then I'll do yours. I don't have any other appointments today."

Kory answers, "The left," at once, then peers curiously at Celeste. "Whatcha getting, if you don't mind me asking," she asks softly.

Celeste nods, "Okay. Kool, that will be perfect." she says with a grin. "I'm looking forward to it." she says looking at Dani. When Kory asks to see it, "Sure. Here you go." she says handing it to her. "Here is what it looks like."

Dani nods his head to Celeste. "Alright, get it into the template and I'll get to it when I'm done." He says before he looks to Kory. "Okay. The left side then. Let me sketch it and get the template. Have a seat and have a drink from the fridge if you want."

Kory looks at the image. "Ooo," she comments. "Spooky. Kind of vampiric." This is not a negative judgement, just an observation; she's a comic book geek, so the response is sincere. "That's gonna look really good."

Her attention returns to Dani as he describes the process. "Did I pick a spot that's gonna be painful to tattoo?" A little trepidation, but only a little. She's determined to do this.

Celeste nods, "Okay will do." she says with a smile then turns to Kory. "Thank you. I've been working on it for a while now." she says before she walks over to one of the machines so she can work on the template. She lays the picture down, grabs a sheet of transparent paper and starts to trace it.

Dani looks to Kory and shrugs slightly. "Kinda. It'll be find along the meaty parts, but as it nears the bones, it'll start to hurt more and more the closer it gets to the bone."

"Okay. That's about what I expected," she admits. "I did a little research to prepare myself." And she has ways of focusing off from the pain, not that that will end up discussed. "What price range are we looking at?" She did ask for it small, but it's still a fairly detailed piece, so she wants to make certain she's got enough budgeted for it. She spent the majority of her New Year's overtime bonus on Randall.

Dani thinks for a moment before he looks at her. "Did you want it in color or black and grey?" He asks her as he gets out a piece of tracing paper, starting to draw the outlines of the picture.

Kory gives this a moment of consideration. With her light brown skin, color would show up. And there's a nice bit of contrast between Morpheus and the Muse. "Hm," she admits, fingering the jonquil flower in her hair as she thinks. "That's a good question." She looks down at the art for a moment, considering it. "I'd envisioned it in color, but it'd look just as good as line art, wouldn't it? …How much price difference are we talking about between the two?"

Dani shrugs his shoulders for a moment. "Between five and ten bucks between color and black and grey. It just depends on how much color you want to use, so it'll be between $50 to $60."

Kory brightens. "Oh! Color!" She apparently was expecting it to be much, much more expensive. "Thank you!" She settles down to wait as he templates the art. "So this Hawaii nonsense, it gonna go on for a while, or did you put the smackdown on them once and for all?"

Dani smiles and nods as he looks at her. "Okay. Color it is." He says as he looks at the woman. "It's done for now, but I might have to go back in a few months. Depends on how well the lawyers can handle it."

"Lame," Kory sighs. "Y'all're two different studios in two different states. I can't tell you how many bars there are with the same name, and they manage to work it out without violent drama and litigation." She takes a book out of her pocket to read, glancing over at Celeste for a moment, but apparently deciding not to say what else is on her mind at the moment.

Celeste looks up from her drawing and turns to Dani, "If you need me to come with you to Hawaii for the shop, just let me know. I would be happy to help out." she says with a grin. "I love this shop and I would hate for anything to happen to it." she says looking at Dani. "Mind if I turn on some Flyleaf? Kinda want to hear 'Cassie' that's one of my favorite songs." she says with a smile.

Dani nods his head. "I know. My lawyer said it would most likely get thrown out because there is no proof as to who owns what and that there are no laws saying that we both can't have the same name. I mean, our logos aren't even the same. I think it's stupid." He says as he looks to Celeste and shakes his head. "Go right ahead." He says to her before he starts to work on the sketch, getting it ready.

"Well, good. You shouldn't have to waste time on this trivial crap." She leans back in the chair, a bit more relaxed now. "How long is the art gonna take?" She's not in a rush; it's obvious she's just curious.

Celeste gets up and walks over to the stereo putting in the Flyleaf CD and skipping it to number 4 then presses play. The music starts to play Cassie, "So Dani, do you need me to come with you to Hawaii to help you get things straigtened out for the shop. I wouldn't mind. Never been there so it would be interesting really." she says with a smile. "I love this shop a lot, and I would hate for something to happen to it." she says as she takes a seat at the machine once more.

Dani looks up from the drawing to Kory. "The sketch should take about five minutes and the actual tattoo work maybe about an hour or so." He says before he looks to Celeste, shaking his head. "No. I should be fine, but if I do go, I am going to need you to look after the shop while I'm gone."

"Wow. You're really fast," she says, impressed. "And from here, I have to go show Leah so she will stop telling the guys at the store I'm getting Captain Janeway topless or whatever." She shakes her head.

Celeste nods slightly a little disappointed, "Okay. I should be able to." she says then turns back to her drawing and continues to work on it.

Dani chuckles and laughs. "Well, I can always do Janeway topless and just tell you that I did the one you want." He says as he continues to draw the sketch before he speaks to Celeste. "Yeah, so you're going to need to handle the orders and customers. I'll teach you how to do the orders later."

"Um, no, thanks. Really." Kory shakes her head, laughing. "Though you could put a temporary tattoo of it on me if you have one handy. That'd be a great prank."

Celeste shrugs, "Alright." is all she says and continues to work on her sketch then walks over to the stereo and turns it up a few notches. She walks back and starts to work on it some more getting closer to finishing it.

Dani laughs and chuckles. "I could do it in marker." He says with a grin before he smiles and returns to the sketch, finishing the last bits.

Kory grins, brightly. "Oh, yes. Do that for me, so I can wig out half the store and Leah too! We could use a good laugh, me especially. It's been a crazy few weeks. I'm glad you've missed half this nonsense."

Celeste continues to work on her sketch, doing the last of it and adding a few finishing touches, making sure it is absolutely perfect. "You know what Dani, don't worry about doing my tattoo. I can just take it somewhere else so you can do what you need to do." she says as she walks over to the table by the couch grabbing her things. She goes back to the machine and takes a seat in the chair, gathering all of her things.

Dani nods his head to Kory. "Alright. I'll do it. Just let me know what they say." He says before he looks to Celeste. "I don't mind, really. It's cool."

Noting the music is up a little louder, Kory gets up and goes back over to where Dani's working. She pauses apprehensively for a moment or two, then leans close as she's able and says very softly, "Oh, and I should probably tell you. KeLyssa accidentally let slip your other talent besides art. She was coming over to cheer me up with pie, and it just popped out in conversation. She didn't mean to, but I didn't want you to think she was just blabbing if it came up. We were in my apartment, and I haven't told a soul. And I won't. Promise."

Celeste shakes her head, "No, it's fine. I don't want to get in the way, really." she says looking into her bag for a moment. She looks up when she sees Kory go over to Dani and watches suspiciously. By the look on Kory's face it didn't seem like good news. She ponders, "Dani. I need to talk to you after you get her tattoo done alright. I guess I'll let you do mine. That we we will have a chance to talk." she says looking at the two.

Dani stops drawing at Kory's words. He looks up at her for a moment before he nods his head to Celeste. "Alright. We can talk as I do it." He looks back to Kory and sets the pencil down. "What did she say?" He asks her as he looks into her eyes.

Kory shrugs. "I was talking to her about not giving away her own, y'know, by how she dresses and such, and…" She sighs, closing her eyes, "…that I hoped that you wouldn't be offput by her gift. She told me she knew you wouldn't because you told her first about your own." By the pained expression Kory struggles to school back to calm neutrality, Kory's own recent experience romantically has been far less agreeable when it comes to dealing with gifts.

Celeste continues to look at the two with much concern for Dani really. She doesn't know the girl so she doesn't care about her too much. "Dani, is everything alright? By the looks of things it doesn't seem that whatever she is telling you, is not good at all." she says with a concerned tone in her voice.

Dani nods his head and sighs softly as he looks from Kory to Celeste. "Yeah. It's all good. Kory knows about me and what I can do." He says to her before he looks back to Kory. "So, you're not going to say anything then?"

Celeste shakes her head, "I fuckin knew KeLyssa wouldn't be able to keep her damn mouth closed. I knew she couldn't be trusted. Sorry, but I need to cool off." she stands up and walks to the door. "I'll be back in about an hour." she says before leaving.

Kory glances over at Celeste, frowning at her assumption. She chalks it up to friendly protectiveness though, and returns her attention to Dani, shaking her head. "No, no. I won't, and I wouldn't. I'm a secret keeper, if you pardon the Potterism, for a few people as it is."

She stares, as Celeste outbursts. "Hey, that wasn't called for…" she says. "It was my fault."

Dani nods his head as he looks to Kory. "Alright. I just don't want it getting out." He says before he looks to Celeste and her outburst. "Hey. It's alright. Calm down."

Celeste walks back into the shop, "It was called for. KeLyssa said she would NOT! tell anyone, and she fucking lied. That's bullshit if you ask me. I won't be able to trust her again. That was a pretty fucked up thing for her to do. I don't give a damn if you will keep quiet or not. She should NOT have said anything about it, no matter who the fuck it was asking." she turns to Dani, "I am calm. It just pisses me off how KeLyssa doesn't know how to shut her damn trap." says standing there looking at them both, "All I can really say is the KeLyssa will not be trusted by me. She broke her promise and that's that. No going back and no gaining my trust again. She lost it by blabbing her mouth."

Kory's eyes brighten, an indication of how upset she is that Celeste took it so badly. "It's not safe to be all willy-nilly," she tells Dani. "I know that, and so does KeLyssa. It's not like she said it on the internet or anything. It's just…" She frowns, and straightens, as a thought occurs to her, and Celeste continues with the swearing hostility. "You know what? You don't know the context. You didn't want to trust her in the first place if you're going to write her off as a dirty liar that quickly without knowing the whole situation." She shakes her head, angrily. "Dani, do you want to give me a chance to explain, since I was trying to let you know she wasn't betraying your trust without a good reason?"

Dani looks between the two and then back to Kory. "Alright. Go ahead." He says as he looks to Celeste and looks at her for a moment before he looks back to Kory.

Celeste shakes her head, "That there bitch is bullshit. I did want to trust her. I did trust her, I told her things that I've never told anyone. So don't go saying I never did want to trust her. You don't know me and don't make assumptions alright. That would be a very big mistake for you to do." she says glaring at Kory. "I don't care about the whole situation anymore alright. Bottom line is, she promised she wouldn't tell and she did. That's it, end of story, bye bye, See you later." she says looking at her. "I don't think I can ever forgive her for that. It's pretty fucked up when someone breaks a promise. Especially in my book, that's why I won't trust her anymore. Oh! and just for your information. I NEVER said she was a Dirty Liar, that was you. Better check yourself next time." she says standing there by the door.

Kory turns an icy gaze on Celeste. "I. Didn't. Ask. Her." she says to the other woman. She turns away from Celeste, lowering her voice to address Dani only. "The night of your first date, she was terrified that if she did something to give away her own ability that you'd freak out and not like her. And I told her that you liked her enough from just the normal stuff that you probably wouldn't freak out even if you did find out." She casts her own gaze down. "KeLyssa was just trying to comfort me, because while it was true for you two…it wasn't true for me. And she honestly just was trying to help me feel better saying that I'd find someone like you, who would be able to accept me, like you accepted her, even if you had your own thing."

Kory turns to gaze at Celeste. "You know what? If you can't handle that life isn't black and white, and that a person can make a mistake, and write them off for it, you're going to have a very lonely life. And don't call me a bitch. You don't know me any better than I know you. I do know KeLyssa. She's the first person to give a damn when I was hurting, and try to help. She's a good person." She sighs, all aggravated now. "So that's what happened. She was just trying to let me know I'd find someone like you, who wouldn't mind, maybe because they were more like me."

Dani looks between the two of the women. "Look. I think we all just need to calm the fuck down and quit fucking yelling at each other in my shop." Looks to Celeste. "Look, KeLyssa made a mistake and let it slipped, but it was about me. It's my problem. Don't worry about a damn thing. There is no need to get upset about it. Okay?" He says, looking to her for a moment before he looks to Kory. "It's alright. It's not like the whole world knows what I can do. Just three people instead of the two."

Celeste shakes her head, "Whatever you say. I never said I couldn't handle it, I just think it was fucked up." she says looking at Kory. She turns to Dani, "Okay what the fuck ever, I'm out of here." she walks over and grabs her shit, "Still I don't care. She promised us she wouldn't tell our secrets, but she did." she says tears starting to roll down her cheeks. She turns to Kory, "Okay look I'm sorry, I shouldn't have gotten as mad as I did, but I've had several promises broken in my life and trust me, my life is no happy fuckin memory. I just don't think it was fair for her to tell. I'm going to go for a walk to cool down and I'll be back later." She walks to Kory and offers a hand, "I really do apologize. Honestly, I have felt the same way as you. Feeling like I will never find someone because I'm a freak. Trust me I really do, and to tell you the truth I still feel that way." She says looking Kory directly in the eyes. "I really am sorry."

"I don't know what Dani can do," Kory says, in the same even tone. She wasn't yelling at all. And she's still not. "And she didn't mention you at all." She takes the hand, though, and meets Celeste's eyes, shaking. "I might still be holed up in my apartment if she hadn't, crying my eyes out. For whatever that's worth." She waits for it to dawn on one of them that her own ability has likewise come up in the conversation; all things being fair. "I think she was trying to do an 'us freaks should stick together' thing. She would probably have tried to cheer you up. And she really was sorry she slipped up. She even asked me not to. But I chose to tell Dani because I didn't want to slip and let on I knew and have him wondering how or why."

Celeste nods taking note of how she said she wasn', "She is a very good person I agree. But I can tell you now. I won't say anything about anyone. I can promise you that, and from my reaction a few moments ago. You know I can keep my promise." she says looking at Kory, "KeLyssa has helped me, we live in the same apartment buildings also. She is a great person honestly." she says feeling ashamed. "I'm such a fucking bitch. I NEVER should have said those things about her. I feel horrible." she says her tears starting to come down more.

Dani listens to the two. "It's okay. We're all here and we're all friends." He says before he looks to Kory, an eyebrow raised. "Wait. What? Us freaks?" He says to her, his head tilting. "Did she mean me and her or her and…you?"

Celeste nods taking note of how she said she wasn;t normal either, "She is a very good person I agree. But I can tell you now. I won't say anything about anyone. I can promise you that, and from my reaction a few moments ago. You know I can keep my promise." she says looking at Kory, "KeLyssa has helped me, we live in the same apartment buildings also. She is a great person honestly." she says feeling ashamed. "I'm such a fucking bitch. I NEVER should have said those things about her. I feel horrible." she says her tears starting to come down more.

Kory clasps Celeste's shoulder, and turns to smile faintly at Dani. "Both," she tells him. "That's why I was so upset. My own boyfriend saw me using my gift. And he said he was okay with it. Then …something really serious happened. And…and he couldn't deal. He said he needed time to sort stuff out. Get his head straight so he could treat me with the respect I deserve. We've got two more weeks left." Though her tone implies she doesn't expect him to come back at all, and she's trying to be brave about it. "I'm sorry for my part in upsetting you, really. I know how important it is for us to keep our secrets safe." She works in a comic shop that sells both 9th Wonders and X-Men, after all. Humanity hating and fearing that which they don't understand is a common theme.

Dani nods his head to Kory and frowns slightly. "I'm sorry to hear about your boyfriend. There are some out there that just can't handle being with an evolved." He says to her. "If I may ask, what is it that you can do?"

Kory drags her hands through her hair. "Ever see the movie 'Dreamscape'?" she asks, smiling wryly between them.

Celeste hugs Kory, "I hope he does come back. I don't want you to have to be lonely. Trust me, it sux A LOT!" she says looking at her, "I'm alone and I hate it." she says to Kory admittingly, "If you ever need to hang out or talk to someone and KeLyssa isn't around, you can call me. I'll make sure you get a card. My number is on it so you can call me." she shakes her head, "No, never seen it."

Dani shakes his head and frowns. "No. I haven't. Remember? I like the cult classics more than the newer flicks."

Kory is pleasantly surprised that Celeste has hugged her. She returns the hug after getting over her startlement. "You're a neighbor of mine too; I live in KeLyssa's building too. And thanks. It's always good to have another friend." She grins at Dani. "This one was late 80s, or maybe the 90s. Dennis Quaid. Anyway. I have the ability he had in that movie. I can get in people's dreams. Talk to them in their dreams. That kinda thing. Nothing I can prove to you or demonstrate unless one of you is asleep."

Celeste pulls away. "Sorry. I felt like I owed it to you." she says looking at Kory. "That's kool. Mine isn't much of anything. All I can really do is remember everything I see or study. I have eidetic memory." she says looking at Kory.

Dani nods his head and smiles, moving from behind the counter. "Nice. I just control shadows." He says with a smirk. "Great for shadow puppets. Though I can enter them to pretty much teleport."

Kory smiles at Celeste. "That's really useful. I have to reread stuff to keep it fresh in my head." She glances over at Dani, wide-eyed. "Now that's pretty awesome. I can turn bad dreams into nice ones, or, y'know, get truthful answers, since people can't lie in their subconscious while they're sleeping." She shrugs. "So — we're all friends? We're all cool?"

Celeste nods, "Yeah. We're all kool." she says with a grin. "I know. Dani's ability is pretty awesome. Although I didn't know he could enter Shadow Puppets to teleport." she says laughing looking at Dani.

Dani shakes his head and rolls his eyes at Celeste. "I can't. Shadows I can use." He says as he looks back to Kory. "Remind me to call you when I go to bed. I bet I could have some good dreams."

"Like undercloak," Kory says. "Psylocke could do that for a while, before she gave it up." She seems very relieved that Celeste is calm and willing to be friends now that everything's out in the open. She goes to sit back down, as if the end of the tension has suddenly drained out of her body. "Heh. Okay, if you want. There're a few people I help out. There's a cop who falls asleep on the train, and I help him sort out the tension on his job so his marriage doesn't fall apart. You know …you just…gotta help people when you can."

Celeste nods, "I know Dani, I was just fuckin with ya." she says with a smile. "Do you have bad dreams Dani?" she asks turning and looking at him.

Dani nods his head as he looks at the two. "Yeah, I try to do the best that I can." He says as he moves back around the counter, looking at the drawing. "Okay. We're ready to get you tatted up." He says to Kory before looking to Celeste. "Want to watch?"

Kory nods, getting to her feet again. "Let's rock." She takes off the button-down she has on, and is wearing a strapless bra underneath, low backed like for an evening gown. "Can you manage this one?"

Celeste nods, "Okay. Sure. I haven't got anything else better to do really." she says with a smile. "Hopefully it won't hurt you too bad. If you want I'll let you hold my hand so you can squeeze it when it hurts." she says looking at Kory.

Dani takes the sketch and makes a template from it before he leads Kory to the tattoo room. "Yeah. It will be easy." He says as he leads the way. "Well, I think that's more of you, Kory, than I've ever seen before." He says with a chuckle.

Kory grins. "It's okay. I've got a dreamer I need to look in on, so I probably won't even notice the parts where it's bad." She laughs, as Dani comments. "That's just because we met once it got cold, and you've never seen me spin." To Celeste, she comments, "I DJ on weekends, see, and I tend to dress for the party. Plus, it gets hot in the clubs."

Celeste nods, "Alright. Kool. I am in a band called Negative Zero. We've played in a few clubs." she says with a smile. She pulls her drawing out of her bag so she can take it back there so it will be there for her tattoo.

Slinging Ink Tattoos - Tattoo Room

Dani moves into the Tattoo Room, motioning to the chair. "Have a seat and make yourself comfortable." He says to Kory before he goes to get his tattoo gun put together and gets the ink ready.

Kory nods, and stretches, tilting her neck this way and that, before draping herself in the chair comfortably, and setting her chin down on the back of it. She relaxes her shoulders.

Celeste follows behind the two with her sketch in hand. Taking a seat somewhere, so she's not in the way of things. "So this is going to be fun." she says with a smile.

Dani gets everything ready, putting the ink on a tray before he pulls out a pair of black rubber gloves out of a box and puts them on. He sets the tray on a holder and rolls it to the chair, positioning it next to the chair. He rolls a stool over next to her. "Ready?" he asks as he sits down, making sure he's comfortable. He picks up the tattoo gun and buzzes it a few times before he sticks it into the black ink.

"I'm all set, Dani. Fire when ready." She makes a point of taking very deep slow breaths to keep herself relaxed.

Celeste smiles, "Let the fun begin." she says smiling. She pulls out another sketch pad from a nearby drawere and starts to draw Dani and Kory just for the hell of it.

Dani nods his head as he sets the gun down and places the stencil on Kory's shoulder. He hands her a mirror and holds one up himself. "How's it look?" He asks her as he positions the mirror so she can see it.

Kory looks at it. "Little more to my left," she says. "So if somebody were stabbing me straight through the back to my heart, the knife'd come out the other side." She winces, slightly, realizing that must sound kind of disturbing. "Well, you know what I mean."

Dani nods his head and wipes off the current template before he repositions it. "Better?" He asks, holding up the mirror again.

"Perfect!" Kory gives him a thumbs up with the right arm.

Dani grins and nods before he picks up the tattoo gun and smiles. "Alright. Let's give this a shot." He says as he starts on the first line, his face a look of concentration.

Kory gives a little hiss of intaken breath at the feel of the gun, but she doesn't otherwise flinch. Kory decides to do her rounds while she's getting inked, the better to keep her still and focused on something other than the pain.

Dani continues to outline the tattoo, his hands steady as he works. He stops every so often to wipe away the excess ink and blood.

And Kory remains still, occasionally nodding her head and smiling at something only she can see. "Good," she murmurs, unflinching.

Dani continues to work for a few more minutes before he sets the gun down again and wipes away the ink and blood. "That's all done. Now to shade and color." He says before he cracks his knuckles before he picks up the gun again and starts to work on the shading.

It takes Kory a second to acknowledge Dani, as if she had to pull her mind off something deep. "Okay," she says in a breathy whisper, before falling silent once again.

Dani continues to work on the shading, tilting his head from side to side as he works on the tattoo.

Kory must have finished thinking about whatever she was concentrating on, because now she says, amazed, "It kind of tickles after you get used to it." She laughs, but very softly, so as not to jostle her body under Dani's needle.

Dani chuckles and nods. "Yeah. Try doing it to yourself and you fucked up." He says with a chuckle as he dips the gun into more ink before he continues on the shading.

"Really? You did that to yourself once?" Kory asks. "You have to show me after you draw on me with marker."

Dani nods his head as he chuckles. "Yeah. Up until I got to the bicept, then I had to have someone else do it. I just couldn't reach it."

"Ah. One of those occasions where you thought it was a good idea at the time?" Kory asks, glancing up at him from the corner of her eye.

Dani shakes his head. "No. I knew what I was doing." He says, dipping the gun into the ink again before he continues on the tattoo. "I just couldn't reach it so I couldn't finish it."

"Oh." That doesn't make a lot of sense to Kory, so she falls silent again. "You're really fast. I will have to recommend you to the folks at the Lair and the clubs when they want ink done."

Dani smiles and nods. "Thanks. The more business I can get, the better." He says as he works, looking back to the work in progress. "Been doing this a while, so the speed comes with it."

"I know how that goes," Kory agrees. "It was a while before the Lair was successful enough Nima could go open another one. And I don't want to let her down. That's why I work so hard at this one."

Dani nods his head and smiles. "Yeah, I had just gotten this place from Mark when he retired, so I want to make it as successful as he did." He says as he finishes the last bit of the shading. "Okay. Now for the color."

"Ah. He was an old friend of yours who took the store over? I wasn't planning to take the Lair over, but it meant so much to Nima, so I did." Kory sighs. "I miss her, but she's happy and successful in Philly. And I guess things could be worse."

Dani smiles and nods. "Yeah. He was my mentor. He gave me my first apprenticeship back when I was a kid and he taught me all that I know." He says as he cleans off the needles and starts to work on the color. "Well, I'm sure that she'll come back and visit sometime. Just to see you."

"Nima visits when she can, yeah. Lee tends to hog her all to himself, but I guess I can't blame him. They are twins." And their parents were complete woo-hoo cloudcuckoolander nutjobs. But she doesn't mention that part. Kory nods. "Night and day twins." Which must say a lot given how obnoxious and abrasive Lee is.

Dani nods his head as he looks at her, moving the gun away from her skin. "Well, I can understand that bond that they must have." He says before he goes back to work. "Some twins are like that."

"Yeah. Their parents were kind of …off. So they had to hang onto each other tighter than most kids would. Long ugly story, and not mine to tell." Kory sighs. "But they're getting over it, and a little separate time is giving them new cope methods, which has to be a good thing. They don't have each other as crutches anymore."

Dani nods his head as he smirks. "Yeah. That does sound like a good thing." He says as he finishes with one color and moves onto the next. "So, how have you been?"

"You mean aside from the boyfriend drama? I guess I've been okay. My grandmother spoiled me for a week to make me feel better. I've been helping a friend with a family project, and I went out on a date with an old friend who was sad to see me so blue. He gave me this." She gestures to the jonquil flower in her hair.

Dani nods his head as he looks at her. "Well, if he can't handle your gifts, then you just need to find someone else. You can do better than him anyway." He says as he continues to color in the tattoo. Just like a coloring book.

"That's a nice thought," Kory says, sadly. It doesn't sound like she believes him, though. "I really thought he was the one. He loves abilities. He thinks they're great. He just …" she trails off, lower lip quivering as she fights the sudden upswell of sadness at talking about it.

Celeste continues to draw Kory and Dani. Doesn't look bad, it would be nice to color in or something, she thinks to herself. She looks up at Dani and watches him continue to work on Kory. She doesn't say anything or let them know she's looking at him. She keeps her head low but not where she can't see him. She thinks to herself of what it would be like to be his for just one day, but she knows that wouldn't happen. He like KeLyssa too much anywayz, and he's not that kind of man. She knows that she isn't his type anyway, she's not ever going to be good enough for him so she keeps her distance and her mouth shut.

Dani nods his head as he frowns slightly, looking at her. "Didn't think he'd end up being so close to someone that had them?" He says as he continues to work.

"I don't think that was it," Kory sighs. "Because …the first time he told me he loved me was when he realized what I could do." She tries not to sniffle. "But what I was using my gift for. That's what he had such trouble coping with."

Celeste lays her drawing to the side, not realizing she had drawn a few hearts by Dani on the picture. She stands up, "Sorry. I'll be right back." she says as she rushes out of the room not saying where or why she is going.

Dani nods his head. "Oh yeah?" He asks as he looks at Kory. "I hope things get better for you." He says before he looks to Celeste as she heads out. "Is everything okay?" He calls out after her, making sure the tattoo gun isn't near Kory's skin.

Kory glances up as Celeste jumps up. "D-Did I say something again?" She sounds confused.

Celeste goes to the bathroom and closes the door, ignoring Dani's words as he calls out to her. She locks the door and sits down on the floor resting her back against it along with her head. Forgetting how she left the sketch pad on the counter top with the picture she had drawn face up for the world to see.

Kory glances at Dani. "You need me to come back and you finish this up later?" she asks, looking between Dani and the hallway where Celeste goes.

Dani watches Celeste go into the bathroom and close the door. "I don't know. I hope everything is alright." He says as he looks back to Kory. "I don't think it was anything you said." He says before he shakes his head. "No. I think she just might have to use the rest room or something."

"I don't know, Dani…" Kory says. "It seemed like something was wrong." She glances at Dani again. "I can sit still for a minute while you check on her."

Dani shrugs his shoulders as he looks back to the door. "I don't know." He says as he looks at Kory again. "What if she's in the middle of something?"

Celeste continues to sit against the door. Crying silently so she isn't discovered wishing she didn't have feelings for him at all. Because all it is doing to her is causing her heartache and pain. She stands up and looks in the mirror at her reflection. Wondering what she could do to change herself to get him to like her, but she can't think of anything so she sits back down against the door.

"You…you want me to go?" Kory asks. "I mean, it could be a girl thing, but I hardly know your sister…we only just met today." She raises one hand helplessly, so as not to mess up his aim if he's about to go back to inking.

Dani shakes his head. "No. It's fine. She's just my friend. I don't have any family. They were murdered in Chicago when I was younger." He says as he sets the gun down on the tray, taking off the rubber gloves. "I'll be right back." He says as he stands up.

Kory bites her lip. She knew about the girlfriend, but not his family. She swallows hard, and nods. "T-Take your time." She glances at the floor.

Dani nods his head. "Go ahead and check out the work so far and see if you like it." He tells Kory before he moves to the restroom and knocks on the door. "Celeste?" He calls through the door. "Everything alright?"

Kory does take the opportunity to stretch, and look in the mirror at the work. "Wow…" she breathes. It's not huge, it's in the right spot, and the attention to detail is great. Morpheus looks like he stepped out of a Disney movie himself. "It's …perfect."

Celeste holds her breath for a few moments when Dani calls through the door, "Um..Everything is alright." she says a little quietly but still audible. Easily able to tell she's close to the door, but not really specific as to where she is. She tries to stop her crying but her tears just keep coming. She takes in a deep breath which is loud because she tries to breath through her nose but it's all stopped up so it makes a funny noise.

Dani leans in towards the door as he listens to Celeste. "Are you sure?" He asks her as he looks towards Kory, giving her a slight shrug.

Kory goes out front to have a drink, getting the idea Celeste isn't quite ready to be that tight with her yet. "You can give me a yell when all's well," she offers.

Kory has left.

Celeste sits there a bit long, "Yeah, everything is just peachy." she says to Dani with tear filled eyes, lying to him, but she doesn't want him to know. "Go back to Kory. It'll be alright." she says to Dani burying her face in her hands.

Dani nods his head as he looks at the ground for a moment. "Alright. Let me know if you need anything." He says as he heads back to the stool, waiting for Kory to return.

Kory has arrived.

Kory comes back in, head first, tentatively, to make sure she's not interrupting anything.

Dani sits on the stool, replacing the gloves he took off previously with fresh ones and looks up at Kory. "She says she's fine." He says to the woman as she returns.

Celeste continues to sit on the bathroom floor starting to calm down now. She's still crying but not as bad as she was. Her makeup is running down her face, she looks like shit but at this moment she doesn't care.

"All right." Kory settles back into the chair, grateful for the chance to have stretched a bit. Though the endorphins are wearing off, and she's got an expression that indicates it doesn't tickle quite so much anymore. "You're almost done, it looks wonderful."

Dani smiles and nods. "I'm glad you like it so far." He says as he goes back to work on the tattoo, finishing up the last of the second color before moving onto the third.

Celeste stands up and looks in the mirror, she turns on the water and splashes it on her face. Cleaning away the makeup that ran on it. She pulls out her eyeliner from her pocket and puts some on so she doesn't look like shit anymore. She straightens her clothes out and dusts them off. She finally opens the bathroom door and very slowly starts to make her way back to the tattoo room where Dani and Kory are.

Kory settles in again, gaze going distant again. It's almost like she's not even mentally present after a few minutes.

Dani continues to work on Kory's tattoo, almost finished with it. He looks to Celeste as she comes back out and offers her a smile. "Welcome back." He says to her before he turns his attention back to the work in front of him.

Celeste gives him a small smile and goes back to her spot on the counter. She picks up the sketchpad and erases the hearts the best she can, but they are still slightly visible.

"Hey," Kory says, dreamily, after a moment or two, once she realizes Celeste is back. "You okay?"

Celeste nods, "Yeah, I'll be fine." she says her voice not as cheerful as it was before. "Your tattoo is lookin good." she tells Kory looking at the work.

"Just a few more spots and we're done." Dani says as he switches to the final color. Just adding some highlights in some areas." He says to Kory as he starts on the white.

"Okay," Kory says, calmly. "I'm good." She says she reads a lot; she must've read up on what to expect. "So what's good for aftercare — what d'you recommend?" She smiles up at Celeste. "Thanks. It does look pretty awesome."

Celeste nods, "Yeah. Dani is really something isn't he." she says with a small grin to Kory. "The best thing is to keep lotion on it so it doesn't itch as bad. When it does start to itch put lotion on it don't scratch it. If you scratch it, there is a possibility that the ink could come out when you do, so don't scratch it. When it starts peeling don't touch it, just keep lotion on it. Also when you take your first shower after getting a tattoo, there is a possibility that it will hurt from the heat of the water just so you have a heads up on that. That is pretty much it really." she tells Kory answering her question about the aftercare.

Dani nods his head as he looks to Celeste as she tells Kory of the after care procedures. "Yeah, we'll give you some ointment to put on it when you go to sleep so it'll heal faster too." He says as he finishes the final touch ups. He sets the gun down and picks up a spray bottle and a paper towel, spraying some of the solution into the towel and wipes off Kory's tattoo. "All done. Take a look in the mirror and see what you think." He says as he starts to clean up.

"I remember," Kory replies. "A bandage made of saran wrap to keep it dry for 24 hours, too, yeah…and neosporin to keep it from getting infected."

She gets up and gasps, in awe. "Oh, wow that's exactly what I wanted! It's perfect!"

Celest can't help but smile at that. "It looks amazing. You did a great job on that Dani." she says with a smile. "I'm glad you like it too Kory. I bet you are excited to show everyone at work huh?" she asks looking at Kory, she goes to sit the sketchpad onto the counter but misses, and it falls to the floor. She gasps because she wasn't expecting that and looks down at it for a moment it doesnt even process for her to pick it up. She looks back to Kory and Dani to see Kory's face makes her smile. "That's how I was when I got my first tattoo." she says with a grin.

"I'm gonna wait for it to heal, then cover it up with makeup and come back so Dani can draw the pranky one on me," she says. "This one, I think, is gonna be private. It is kind of a reminder to me to be true to myself. Come what may." She takes a breath and takes the jonquil out of her hair.

Dani looks up at Kory and smiles. "I'm glad you like it." He says as he finishes cleaning and putting the needles in a red biohazard bin. He takes off his gloves and chuckles. "Yeah. Just come back when you want me to do the marker one." He says with a chuckle before he starts to take apart the tattoo gun.

Celeste she looks to Dani, "We can do my tattoo later because it's getting late and my tattoo will take forever." she says looking at them both. She looks to Kory, "So you like it?" she asks with a smile on her face.

Kory had budgeted for a good bit more, so she pays Dani $75, based on his estimate of $50. "No, I love it. It's great. My brother is gonna lose his mind. Of course, so will my mom and my grannies. But it's my shoulder." She puts her shirt back on, loosely and carefully, wincing slightly as the cloth brushes over the tender skin.

Dani looks to Kory as she starts to put her shirt back on. "Wait. I haven't put the ointment on it or the bandage. It'll help when wearing your shirts."

"Oh. Oh, right. I'm sorry." She completely forgot. The shirt is taken back off and she turns around so Dani can apply the ointment and the bandage.

Dani laughs softly as he gets a large paper towel and folds it until it is just big enough to cover the tattoo. He puts some of the healing ointment into the towel before he places the towel over the tattoo and then tapes it on with medical tape. "Okay. For the next few days, try to keep it covered with something. Ask a friend to do it since it's in a hard spot to get to. Keep it clean and it should heal in about a week or so."

"Lee will do it for me, bitching me out the whole time because I got it, and because it's a cartoon character and a sci-fi character crossing over for no reason." She rolls her eyes. "Lee has a big stick up his butt sometimes."

Dani laughs softly as he takes the money and smiles. "How much change do you want?" He asks Kory as he moves towards the lobby again.

Kory shakes her head. "Keep the whole thing," she explains. "Tipping is not a city in China," she tells him, gesturing at the sign. "And hey, it's worth every penny!"

Slinging Ink Tattoos - Lobby

Kory comes out, wincing slightly. "Is it okay to take Tylenol, or is it gonna mess with my blood thinness and the ink?"

Dani moves around to the register and smiles. "Thank you. I appreciate it." He says to Kory as he looks at her. "No, you should be fine. Just don't drink alcohol for a few days." He says as he puts the money in the register, keeping his tip. "When it heals, come back. I'd love to put it in my portfolio."

"Oh, I don't drink," Kory assures Dani. "And sure, my pleasure. I'll make sure you get a chance to take good pictures of it." She hugs his arm briefly. "You take care, okay?"

Dani smiles and nods. "Thanks for stopping by. I'll see you around." He says offering a wave and a smile.

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