2007-10-20: Another Angle


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Viola entreats Matt to go out and use his special eye to find out more about the attacks that have happened as of recent.

October 20th, 2007:

Log Title

Police Station

No more or less busy than normal, the police station this afternoon is awash with both plainclothes detectives and those in uniform. Where ever Matt may be, a nondescript detective wearing a long black coat and his badge hanging out of his breast pocket comes to find him. "Parkman, the Lieutenant wants to see you." The gruff voiced man doesn't leave any sort of descriptors about what he may be needed for or why he's being called. And Viola's office doesn't lend many clues to that, either. The door is closed and waiting for Parkman to knock.

Since Parkman hasn't performed anything stellar in a positive light as of late, he can only assume the news isn't overly welcome. People in the drpartment tend to think negatively and it has made an impact on him. Lips hang open briefly as he thinks of a way to announce himself other than knocking, thinks twice about it with his knuckles slowly rising in the air, and he finally raps them twice against the wood. He waits for the inflection of the woman's voice to tell him what he's walking into.

"Come in." The voice is neutral and to the point. No need to waste any niceties or disapproval on a beckoning. When the door opens, it will reveal Viola sitting behind her desk with a couple of files open in front of her. Glancing up from them after the door opens, she doesn't smile or greet warmly. "Parkman. Sit down." There's a quick hand wave toward one of the chairs positioned in front of her desk. It's all rather cramped in her office, but it's her own and it serves her. "Did you hear about what happened at the liquor store? And then at the Walgreens? And the Target?" The more she goes on, the more clipped her tone gets.

"Ahhh," Matt begins as he looks askance to the folders on the woman's desk, "I've heard a couple of things." He hasn't overlooked the incredibly gruesome scene that the other officers recounted to him. Or the circumstances that don't seem to add up. But, since he wasn't assigned to the case, his involvement has been nil. As he takes a seat, he asks, "What's going on?"

"Well, study up fast." Viola tosses the folders across the desk for Matt to be able to pick them up and grab them. "They're making us look like we couldn't catch a perp if he had a bag over his head and a flashing sign over his head that said 'I did it'." There's a shake of her head and she puts her hands on the desk, all business, no smiles. "This has had some of that voodoo stuff you were talking about before all over it. Footprints disappearing, things being melted without any identifiable acid." There's a frown. "People are dying over this. I need you to get to the bottom of this."

Matt snatches the folders up and turns them around so that he can actually take a look at them. His eyes flick from one side to the other, making an excellent display of 'speed-reading' while he is actually studying the photographs. The actual paperwork will be read at his desk. Where no one can watch him read. "How high up does the pressure come from?" he asks as he looks back to Viola. "The Captain? The Chief? The Mayor?" Not that it matters. It's in /his/ lap.

"This is coming from me." Viola shifts uncomfortably in her seat. "I'm not about to go tell the Captain that you should be put on this case because you can…you know. With the thoughts and whatever." There's another wave of her hand, but that's supposed to indicate all that…stuff he can do that's uncomfortable to talk about. "This case looks fishy. CSI can't figure out what kind of acid it is that keeps on melting both items and people." A frown. "It's just as impossible to close as the Grey case. So I'm putting you on it. You've got a….different angle."

"I'm glad you thought of me," says Matt as he looks up from the folders, eyes on the woman's face. "I never like it when people bend the rules … so much that we run into dead ends. So we'll see about bending them right back." He slowly closes the folder, "It's the same reason we carry firearms. If the bad guys didn't find ways to get them, we would give them up just as quickly. Right?" He offers a gentle grin.

There's only a raised eyebrow to Matt's grin. It's a well known fact that Viola hates bending the rules. It's why she's here, to uphold the laws. Start bending them and what does anyone have? Anarchy. "Don't get too cocky," she adds. "As far as I know you can't arrest people by knowing what numbers they guess." It's actually not that harsh of a jab. If anything it's a bit more needling. "We're cops. Breaking the rules is what criminals do."

"Maybe they just have different angles, too," says Matt as he looks down at the folder again. His passive-aggressive nature doesn't come out too often, but when it does it creates a mushy barrier through which needling seems to fall short. He looks back up at the woman as he says, "I'll do what I can about this. You'll have your perp, and they will be innocent until proven guilty. No matter how much of the truth I'll already know."

"That's the spirit, Detective." Viola nods and gestures with her chin for the door. This meeting is over with. "Thanks for coming by, Parkman. Don't let me down." And, finally, a bit of the ice chips. "And good luck."

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