2007-10-11: Another Client


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Summary: Sharon gets herself another client, this one who wants help with her wrestling career.

Date It Happened: October 11th, 2007

Another Client

Power House Gym, NY

Sharon is at the gym later in the evening. In fact, she's the only one at the free weights right now, and she's just started her workout with the bench press. She's doing a respectable lift that a lot of guys would like to be able to do. She's dressed in a gray tank and gym shorts, her black pants and jacket with TRAINER written on them are left to the side. She looks to be warming up at the moment, not looking too strained with the weight so far.

Late to come by the Power House, Rochelle has done so to both avoid the busy hours and catch the staff at a less swamped time. She has since been directed upstairs by the employees on the first floor, and nodded towards the main room where Sharon is on the free weights. Only when the other woman has finished a repetition does Rochelle say anything, holding back a short length with her arms crossed in her own light jacket. Judging by the breakaway pants, she has either come from something, or was potentially planning ahead. "Are you Sharon Hawkers?" One of the only people up here, but it's always good to be polite.

Sharon racks the bar and sits up with a nod. "I am," Sharon tells the muscular woman. "Can I help you?" she asks, reaching down to grab her towel and lightly dab at her forehead. She isn't tired yet, but it's a habit, and people get into habits like this at the gym. It's a routine, and a lot of athletes swear by routine to some extent.

"I was told you might be able to help me with something." As Rochelle takes a few steps closer, there is probably a slight mystery as to what the something might be. She lowers her arms again, one palm resting on her hip and the other lifting to play with the zipper on the front of her jacket. "Have you got a minute, or should I come back?"

"Yeah. I just started my warm-ups, so you're not interupting really," Sharon says. Not like doing one more set for warm-ups is a big deal to the escrimador. She stands up off the bench now. She's fairly tall, but not quite as tall as Rochelle is. "What can I help you with?" the trainer questions. Most people come with training requests of some nature, so that's what she's expecting.

And that's certainly what she's getting, and probably more to the point than usual. The hand nudging at the coat zipper extends. "My name's Rochelle. I need to work on my speed and dexterity. You can probably tell I'm not made for the high-speed chases or much jumping around-" Rochelle peers down for a split second at herself, just as a personal reminder. "It's not like I'm expecting miracles and looking for someone to turn the Triceratops into a spider monkey, or anything like that, but I've been asked to work on it, so here I am, looking." The taller of the two flashes a half-smile and a chuckle.

Not completely unusual. Sharon takes the woman's hand and gives a firm shake. "Well, I'm sure we can work something out," she tells the woman. "What are you looking for specifically? Do you have any goals in mind? Running the mile in a certain amount of time, a certain level of flexibility, or quicker reaction time, like martial artists?" Sharon asks. She's generally pretty confident that the goal can be achieved, though it takes work. Rochelle looks like the type who will be fine with hard work though.

"Reaction time and balance is what I'm looking for in the end. I'm not looking to be running track and field, I just need to combat my slowness and intermittent clumsiness." Another smile flickers up on her face, but Rochelle keeps to the point. "Martial arts of some kind would probably do the job, provided I could train with it and not fail miserably in the same day."

"Well, I practice mostly Eskrima. Have for the last twenty years or so," Sharon tells the woman. "I'd be willing to work with your schedule to get you some training," the woman tells you. "If I recognize you correctly, you're a powerlifter and bodybuilder, right?" Sharon is pretty sure she's seen the woman before. She does follow the powerlifting and bodybuilding names, given her profession.

"Yeah. I am." It's uncommon to do both at the same time, so those who pull it off are a minority within the minority. She might not be outspoken, but Rochelle still has a face, after all. "Though…the purpose of this is for what constitutes as my wrestling career." The woman says this at least one volume bracket lower than before, as if it were something need-to-know. Perhaps it is.

Having some idea how wrestlers like their secrets, Sharon gives the woman a nod. "That should be doable. You're going to need flexibility there, too, to get out of some of those holds. Eskrima has some holds and techniques that should serve you well also," she tells the woman. "How often were you looking at the training?" she asks. Some athletes go for twice a week, some more. Depends on what they need.

"Keeping a hold on me is harder than it sounds." Rochelle keeps the smile on this time, even half-winking along with it. "But flexibility is always good to work on." Some things are just true, you know. "Eskrima is Kali, right? At least on this side of the ocean, I suppose. A couple times a week is what I can probably manage." Blue collar Work is slow, besides.

"Yes, from the Philippines," Sharon explains. "It's both a hand to hand and weapon style at the same time, and there are subdivisions of it," she tells the woman. "Sounds good to me then. I don't have my schedule up here, unfortunately, but I know that they've got it in the computers downstairs. You lifting tonight?" she asks Rochelle, gesturing at the weights.

"Was thinking about it. If I do come to a gym, it's usually when hardly nobody else does." Rochelle motions around the room with a tilt of her head and a quick scan with her eyes. "Usually I stick to home unless I need help. Like now." Heheh.

Sharon nods. "Well, if you want to do some heavy lifting, I can spot you," the woman tells Rochelle. Either way, Sharon has a workout of her own to get done. She has to get her own training in sometime!

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