2007-03-05: Another Day, Another Test


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Summary: Mohinder oversees Claudine's testing and notes her progress.

Date It Happened: March 5th, 2007

Log Title Another Day, Another Test

A small private hospital outside New York

Another day, another test and that means controlled environment, monitoring equipment and such. A table has been set up for this latest test. Sitting on it are previously shaped earthen samples. Rough in design and by no means aesthetic in quality. Along with these items is am imperfect diamond. True to his word, Mohinder is sitting in on a test with Claudine. In fact, he's calling the shots with this one. He's seated on one side of the table with the girl's file and fresh paper for new notes.

Claudine's dressed in a similar fashion as she was before: a simple white tanktop and a pair of pajamas bottoms. It seems that her being barefoot helps somewhat..maybe it enhances her connection to the earth, or something nonscientific mumbo jumbo like that. She wrinkles her nose a little before idly running her fingers through her hair. "So um..what do you guys want me to do?" she asks softly.

Mohinder would prefer to do this in his own lab, but Company rules in this case. He smiles encouragingly at Claudine and looks straight at her. "You've done remarkably well these past couple of days. I thought today I would see if you could refine your control a little more in shaping and formation." He picks up the crystalline horse that she formed earlier in the week and sets it down in front of the girl. "Can you change the makeup of this horse? Say from crystal to some other natural substance?"

"Without altering the form you've shaped it into," the doctor adds.

"Um..I guess I can try? I've been trying to do the stuff with coal, and I made a lot of imperfect diamonds. From what I've read, it's simply under going a phase change from one polymorph to another.." Claudine says as she bows her head a little as she picks up the crystalline figurine.

Once it's in her hand, she stares at the figurine rather intently, squinting her eyes as she focuses on the crystal. If Mohinder looks closely, her pupils dilate and her naturally dark brown eyes starts to change color, becoming dark and almost fiery red. She continues to focus intently, and time passes. Five, ten, and then fifteen passes as she's in an almost trance like state as the crystalline edges of the figurine starts to smooth out, becoming almost glassy.

The figurine becomes wobbly as it changes but soon, it's stable and standing strong once again. Her eyes go back to normal and she lets out a sigh of relief as she hands back the now amorphous pony back to Mohinder. "Um..I hope that's what you wanted?" she says while wiping some beads of sweat from her brow. Instead of quartz, it's now lechatelierite, amorphous silica.

Mohinder leans forward in his seat, note taking forgotten for the moment. He's too caught up in watching the display of power. The change in the girl's eye color is noted. Minute changes in vital signs within the body are recorded, so he only pays attention to the physical. He reaches to take the pony from Claudine, a look of amazement on his face. "Incredible.." The pony is examined for several minutes before he sets it down in favor of scribbling his notes on the change. Others may be jaded, but this is still relatively new to him and he remains idealistic. "How are you feeling? Not tired physically or mentally?" he asks as he takes down notes.

"I..I am okay.." Claudine says,bowing her head once more as she squints once more, the whole world almost disappearing her as she was so intently focused on the pony and the task at hand. "I dont feel too tired..it..it was kind of..well..easy in a way.." she admits ruefully, as all she did was add disorder to the crystal structure to the point that the material was no longer crystalline. A feat, that well,seems to be easier than moving around large chunks of earth.

Her vitals are still normal, though she did have elevated body temperature during the first experiment. Perhaps it was because of what she was doing..maybe her body needed to absorb the 'heat' produced by whatever she was doing to the sample..who knows?

"Alright.. your body temperature has risen some during this test." Mohinder notes as he hands Claudine a bottled water. "Go ahead and take a few drinks. I want to get your body temperature back to normal before we try the next task." He is curious as to what caused that to happen. "I'm trying to not have you repeat anything you've already done before. I see that Mr. Granger worked with you earlier this week already and I've got the notes there."

Claudine nods slowly as she takes the bottle of water and chugs at it for a bit. She is rather thirsty now for some reason as she takes a deep breath and wipes the beads of sweat from her brow once more. Slowly but surely, her body temperature is back to normal, as shown by the various electrodes and other such gadgets attached to her at the moment. "He..oh..so that's his name. I never asked.." she says, her cheeks flushed slightly as she should have asked, but was too caught up in the moment. "But..I, I think I'm good to continue on.."

Mohinder notices how much water Claudine just downed, so asks, "Did that make you feel thirsty? As if that act had dehydrated you some?" Because in a way, that does make sense to him. Her body temperature rose, and quite possibly she did lose water. "That's alright, I'm sure he understands that you didn't ask. There are a lot of faces in and out around here."

"I..I wasnt actually sure if I was suppose to know who they were. I mean, I dont even know where I am.." Claudine says with a soft chuckle under her breath to try and keep sane while being kept in captivity. She sighs once more and puts the bottle of water back down and stares at a few pieces of coal. "Um..think we can save those for last?" she says, sounding slightly worried.

Mohinder smiles, some amusement reaching his eyes as he leans over and says conspiratorially, "I feel the same way actually." He was just about to move on to the coal actually but nods. "We can save those for last. Is there anything in particular you would like to attempt next?" He's supposed to be the controller here, but he's interested to know what Claudine wants.

"Those piles there.." Claudine says, pointing over to the mounds of dirt and sand along with the various slabs of different sorts of rock. "I want to try those again.." she says, having repeated the same sets of experiments in front of other Company doctors (off screen of course) over the past couple of days. "I think I'm getting the hang of those things.." she admits ruefully.

"Please, by all means then. Show me what you want to do with those." Mohinder gestures for Claudine to have a go when she's ready. He goes through the notes for comparing what goes on today to previous tests. "That's good then, the more control you have, the better."

Past experiments have shown that there's a definitive limit in what she can shape before things go awry. And when the notes say awry, it means that they have to explain a few things to the earthquake monitoring centers. With that knowledge, Claudine steps on over towards the piles once more and chews on her bottom lip, muttering a soft prayer hoping it'll work once again.

With that, she stretches her arms out and this time, the dirt and sand swirls, responding more quickly to her mental commands. Soon, chunks of marble and granite are incorporated into the swirling until a hand is formed, with a clenched fist.

She giggles with glee, before a sudden lapse in concentration makes it fall apart and she curses under her breath as it all falls apart with a loud thud. An apologetic looks goes to her face as she purses herlips and looks back over to Mohinder, "Um..sorry about that.."

Mohinder glances between Claudine's progress and what's on the notes. The giggle of glee has him grinning broadly along with a look of complete praise for this progress. "Wonderful! That's better than what you've done so far. Relax, have some more water please. Do not apologize!" He gets up from his seat to go get a closer look at what's left. "Your concentration is not going to be perfect. It will take a lot of practice as you explore your full potential."

"I well..I thought I'd just ya know..well, never mind.." Claudine says with a slight shrug of her shoulders before she beams proudly towards Mohinder once more. She heads on over and polishes off the bottle of water this time, as during that whole incident, the monitors indicated a rise in her temperature and her blood pressure as well. "I..just give me a few moments and we can continue with the testing.." she says softly before slumping down into one of the chairs as she's sweating rather profusely now.

"No. We're not going to continue. Other doctors might want to push you further, but I think it's time we get you back to your room for a rest." Mohinder says insistently as he looks at the monitor results. "You're sweating far too much and if you lose too much moisture we may have to put you on an IV to stay hydrated." He also doesn't say it, but too much reaction like this, and she may have to stay longer. Another bottle of water is procured and handed over. As he calls an end to the test, someone who might be considered a nurse comes in to assist with removing the electrodes and monitoring equipment. "I want you to drink more water and to rest awhile."

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