2009-12-21: Another Day in the Batcave



Date: December 21, 2009


KeLyssa and newfound memory Nathan discuss his children.

"Another Day in the Batcave"

Nathan Petrelli's Office

With his memory back, Nathan managed to regain a number of skills, including a number of computer skills, of course, memory-intact Nathan doesn't really need to examine his files the way Brayden did, but he does so just the same. He sent Simon and Monty on a flight home last night before getting down to work and reviewing the Alpha Protocol personnel list. The pair had begged their dad to physically fly them home because apparently he's Superman. He'd turned pale when they said what they did. But now he stares out the window, considering the AP and its implications. "Marilyn de Souza and the President are the politicos in this game…" he murmurs to himself. "Hmmmm."

Having not known the events that had transpired yesterday, with the memory being brought back while she was with children colouring and all, and the kids asking to be flown, KeLyssa just assumes that it's going to be another normal day at work. She's got a smile on her face and she's humming away. Walking down the hall to Nathan's office with a cup of coffee in hand, she arrives and knocks on the door.

The knock at the door causes Nathan to turn in his chair as he gently closes his eyes, summoning Brayden's essence as best he can, reflecting on the innocence he'd possessed only a day earlier. He pushes his burdens out of his mind and manages a light tone, and easy smile, "Come in." He's not sure who's on the other side of the door, but they're invited in regardless.

KeLyssa opens the door up and crosses the threshold. "Good mornin', Senator. Got you your coffee." An effort is being put into trying to sound formal. She's doing her best to keep the proper vowels and other sounds in, like saying 'Got you your coffee' instead of 'Gotcha yer coffee'. She smiles kindly to him, approaching the desk to place the cup of coffee on it. "Anything else I can get fer ya at the moment, sir?" Well…the main word here is 'trying'. It's hard to break talking habits that you've had your whole life. "Oh…an' b'fore I forget. I…your kids might go 'bout thinkin' you're Superman or something. In an attempt to help Miss Anais an' keep the little ones happy, I made up a story an' said that you were Superman. But I told 'em they had to keep it a secret." She smiles. "It'll keep 'em occupied anyway, as I think they still believe it. But…they've left now right, ya took 'em to the airport last night?"

"Good morning KeLyssa," Nathan says with a Brayden-grin. He's still pretending to be memory-ridden and that means displaying ultimate optimism and naivety. "Thank you. It's been one of those mornings, definitely need the coffee. Sent the boys home last night, but they'll be back eventually." He takes a gulp of his coffee that he promptly spits out as KeLyssa admits to telling his children he's Superman. Quickly he finds some Kleenex to mop up the mess. "Sorry." Beat. "You… told them I was Superman?"

KeLyssa smiles softly and nods. "I'd imagine that bein' a senator is a pretty tough job ta have." She says, not knowing the real troubles that plague her boss. As he spits out the coffee, she blinks in surprise. "Oh no! Let me clean that up fer ya." She takes a few of the found Kleenex and starts to mop up the coffee as well. "Yeah…it was jus' a story is all, ta help Miss Anais with 'em. She kinda asked fer my help. An' I asked 'em if they liked comic books, since I used ta work in a comic book store, an' then the story sorta jus' came out. I tol' 'em that you were Superman an' that ya were out fightin' crime."

"Why… why did you choose Superman?" Nathan tries to ask casually as he adjusts in his chair. He knows Monty thinks himself Superman, maybe that's where this came from? "Where did you get the idea to tell them stories?" He side glances his assistant before sighing. "I try not to give them illusions about what I do," or rather, he tries to convince them there are things that he can't do, "they wanted me to physically fly them home last night…"

KeLyssa smiles kindly and patiently. "B'cause, sir. Every kid wants ta think that their father is invincible and kin do anythin'. That's the long an' the skinny of it, sir. Ain't no other reason. An' kids like ta hear stories. They love it. An' if they get ta hear stories 'bout how their dad is Superman and that their dad goes 'round fighting crime an' makin' sure that the bad guys pay…well, that's a story that every kid wants ta hear." She speaks slowly, thoughtfully. "They may've wanted ya ta actually physically fly 'em home, but there ain't nothin' wrong with that. Ya ain't able ta, an' in time they'll grow outta the phase where they believe yer Superman. It's only a matter o' time."

Nathan hmmms at this notion. He doesn't like Simon and Monty thinking he can fly. "Right. I just don't want them buying into delusions that people can actually fly." He'd rather have them believing he breeds velociraptors or something. At least the government wouldn't have interest in that. "Honestly, I try not to let childhood fantasies be too fed for them. They need to stay in the practical." He doesn't actually mean it. "And you just arbitrarily chose Superman among all other heroes?" he finally asks. Yes, he's suspicious. Although, KeLyssa seems harmless in every way.

KeLyssa furrows her brow. "Sir, if ya don't mind me speakin' candidly fer just a moment, there ain't nothin' wrong with children usin' their imagination none. It's actually somethin' healthy fer 'em to use it. If children are forced ta be too practical an' too logical 'bout things, they'll start ta devalue the auspicious effects of fun an' relaxation." Never thought you'd hear her use the words 'practical, logical, and auspicious' all in the same sentence, did you? While this dear, sweet Southern Belle does give off an air of innocence, she knows more than she dares let on. She is suspicious of the government these days too…oh yes. "I suppose it was a bit of an arbitrary decision ta choose Superman. Yes. Not that I didn't think o' the other ones like Captain America or Spider-Man or Batman or the like. I just decided ta talk 'bout Superman."

With a sigh Nathan nods, and a very very small smile of relief(?) passes his lips for a very small instant. "Alright. You're right. I want them imagining things. Just try not to equate me with Superman. I'm not perfect or valiant." He raises his eyebrows, "In years to come they'll know that, and if they think I'm some kind of super hero —" He shrugs fleetingly. "I don't want them crushed." Or people snooping.

KeLyssa smiles widely as she finishes cleaning up the rest of the coffee, throwing the Kleenex in the garbage. She's definitely relieved that she's not in a bunch of trouble. "Every child realizes their parents ain't actually superheroes. But…that doesn't make ya'll any less special in our eyes." She says kindly. "They won't be crushed, b'lieve you me. In fact, sometimes a parent realizes their own children are a li'l bit more special than they are. I know I seemed to find m'self goin'…above an' beyond m'parents in some areas. So's m'brother." Like creating ice and fire respectively. You know, the usual 'genetic evolution' thing.

Nathan hmms. "Well, I hope their lives aren't as complicated as their father's. Better. But not more complicated." In fact, in his own way, he hopes they take after their mother's side of the family. The right side of his lip twitches as he leans back in his chair. "Crushed or not, I'd rather you not equate me with Superman of all characters. He's a classic Nietzsche Ubermensch, and something that doesn't exist." Pause. "Batman isn't nearly as valiant and makes more mistakes. I can be batman." And Batman doesn't fly.

KeLyssa smiles and nods a little bit. "Batman it is, sir. Should I get on buyin' ya a bunch of gadgets ya can use when ya go 'round ta D.C. an' have ta sit through long meetin's an' proposals?" She asks of her boss, with a slight smirk on her face. "I'm sure I kin get a couple of 'em for ya."

At this Nathan's lips broaden into a mischievous grin. "Maybe buy some gadgets for the boys when they come to visit — feed the illusion." With a dimpled cheek he sighs and then says, "Find something that passes as batman-ish."

KeLyssa grins a little. "Will do, sir. I'll tell 'em I had a bit o' mistaken identity with ya, an' that yer really Batman. Mind if I tell 'em that ya work with Superman? It might help a bit." She says in a little playful tone. "Well, I should probably get ta the phone b'fore it starts ringin' off the hook." She says kindly. "I gotta feelin' that it's gonna be another busy day in the life of Senator Nathan Petrelli's office."

"Yes. You can say that I'm close personal friends with Superman. We go way back," Nathan grins broadly exposing two dimples on his cheeks. "And yes, back at it. So much to do. So little time." The smile fades, "And I have plans to hatch. Thanks for the coffee, KeLyssa." At that, he redirects his attention back to the computer screen.

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