2007-07-29: Another Delivery


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Claudine and Orion meet Rafe, who stumbles across one of their havens within the tunnels, Realizing that the boy would probably be safer at the orphanage, they take him to Kitty.

Dark Future Date:

July 29th, 2007

Another Delivery

The Underground Tunnels, then Kitty's Orphanage

There's so much going on as of late. Testing the new company agents with a little 'friendly' attack had proven to be quite interesting. It seems the human agents are either incompetent, or the young woman has grown more competent in her martial skills.
As such, she had escaped, though she was followed by Marcus to one of the resting areas within the tunnels, and as he was the one who told her where they would be, even going as far as to cover for her, she let him remain.

He had just left not that long ago, going up one of the more straightforward paths, leaving Claudine alone in the chamber to think. The candles flicker alittle as a the few air vents created for this resting place brings down some fresh air, circulating what would otherwise be rank, stale air. She lays on one of the few creature comforts in the chamber, a twin sized bed for naps looking up at the ceiling. It seems she's got a whole lot on her mind.

In the shadows, Orion lurks. It's not clear how long he's been there, watching and waiting. Honestly he probably hasn't been there long, Marcus would have noticed Orion if he had been there when Marcus was. Granger waits, watches, and quietly ponders the imponderable nature of the universe in standing meditation. There is little else to do when the person you are waiting for is apparently asleep.

There are footsteps — somewhere a little ways away in the tunnels. Erratic ones — whoever is coming is not coming very /purposefully/. Step, step, stop. Stepstepstepstep, stop. Somewhere in the tunnel, there is a person, drifting closer to Claudine's chamber, and though footsteps are audible and approaching (semi)steadily, there doesn't immediately appear to be any /person/ attached to them.

She was only lost in thought! For a few moments until she eventually did fall asleep. All she was doing was resting her eyes initially. Honest! However she does feel vibrations. More and more vibrations, seemingly head towards her way. This wakes her up from her slumber and spies Orion, yawning a little as she wipes a little drool from her chin. "You're here..still. That's odd.." she mutters as she heads on over to her backpack with some bits of jerky in it…

Orion doesn't immediately respond to Claudine save a small nod. The tall man slips further back into the shadows as he listens to the footsteps. When they start drawing nearer, he closes his eyes. A moment later, metal sweat starts to pour from his flesh, slowly starting to encompass his face and hands. His loose street clothing even starts to swell with the gellid metal.

The footsteps get closer, closer, closer, and then stop, a few feet from the entrance to Claudine's chamber. Rafe appears very /abruptly/, wide-eyed and looking anachronistically formal, considering he is running around in tunnels underground: the teenager is in full white-tie dress, tailcoat and gloves and top hat and cane: he even has an /opera cloak/ draped around his shoulders. (Most of his outfit is black and white, but his bow tie and waistcoat are striped in rather appallingly loud shades of purple and green.) His head tips back, and he looks over Orian with fascination. "Duuuuude, you should totally get that checked out."

Now isnt that the strangest sight she's ever seen. She blinks blankly at the rather well dressed teenager and she wrinkles her nose a bit, canting her head as she examines the boy. "Who are you? How did you find this place?" Claudine thought she had secured all the tunnels, but she could have left some open. Perhaps it is because of his youth that she isnt trying to kill him right now.

The metal continues to stream from Orion's pores. Even his hair, both atop his head and on his goatee abruptly seem to disappear into a sea of liquid metal. Granger fixes his metal-tinged gaze on Rafe, head tilting slightly to one side as he studies the young man, his clothing seemingly done bulking up with substantial amounts of gellid metal.

"I will just as soon as you fire your tailor."

"Hey, I put really hard work into --" Rafe blinks, and frowns down at his outfit. The boy tie and waistcoat shift into /just/ as appallingly loud pink-and-blue plaid. "There. That's better, I think." He leans on his cane, rocking slowly from heel to toe and back, dark eyes flicking between Claudine and Orion. "I was looking for a new tailor," Rafe says earnestly to Claudine. "Do you have any down here?"

"I can sew, and do basics.." Claudine says softly, trying to humor the boy. She raises her brows as his clothes shift and she wrinkles her nose, heading on over towards Orion, whispering something in Tagalog. Hopefully he remembers his Filipino lessons well enough to understand at least the gist of what she's saying.

Orion senses: Claudine whispers, "You think his powers made him like this?"

The tall, metallic man shrugs at Claudine. He doesn't take his eyes off of Rafe, perhaps because he doesn't trust kids that can change their appearance from one garrish color scheme to another in a matter of moments. Orion shifts his weight back and forth thoughtfully as he studies the kid.

"So to what do we owe the pleasure of your eye-searing presence?"

That question inquired, Orion leans slightly toward Claudine and whispers back in broken Tagalog.

Orion whispers: That depends on how you mean your question.

"/This/ isn't eye searing." Rafe sounds puzzled — and then, abruptly, the brightly-coloured clothing lights on fire. It is quick, the flames wreathing his body and neck for only a moment before they die out. "See, /that/ would be eye-searing. But I don't really like to — sear. I didn't know there'd be anyone down here or I'd've gone somewhere darker." He tips his head downwards, lips pursing as the other two whisper between themselves. He whispers his next words too, though it is a hoarse stage-whispers. "Secrets aren't polite, you know."

"We were just wondering about your clothes.." Claudine says matter of factly, running her fingers through her hair as she cants her head to the side and peers curiously at the young boy. "Definitely an interesting fashion sense.." trying to make small talk for a bit. "Might I ask your name? And how you found this place?"

Orion watches Rafe and Claudine interact. For the moment, he remains quiet. Dine is the one with social skills, Orion is just the killer. His metal eyes shift back up the tunnel from which Rafe came for just a moment before looking back to the strange, strange young man.

"I made them myself. I could make you clothes, too, if you wanted." Rafe continues to rock from heel to toe and back, hands folded at the top of his cane. "I'm Rafe. Was this place hidden? I followed Elsinore down here. /She/ said it was safe."

Another person found this place? That's certainly a cause for concern and Claudine chews on her bottom lips a bit, lost in thoughts for a few moments. She then remembers his question, "No…I have plenty of clothes, thank you. But who is Elsinore? How did she find this place?" She looks over to Orion with a bit of alarm on her features..if the tunnels have been found, then a lot could have potentially been compromised.

Orion's expression remains neutral. At least, it seems to have remained neutral. Claudine's known Orion for a long while now and to her it looks an awful lot like Orion is trying to hold in an awful lot of aggravation. The metal makes it easier for him to hide it all, but he's still peeved.

The metal man slowly makes his way toward the tunnel that Rafe came from. He looks up it thoughtfully before looking back toward Rafe, the metal peeling back from Orion's eyes.

"Does anyone else know about the tunnels besides you and Elsinore?"

"She's my friend. She finds things. I don't know. I think it's just us. I just wanted somewhere quiet so Elsinore could sleep." Rafe turns to peer back down the tunnel as Orion moves towards it, eyes squinting off into the darkness. "Be careful! She's down there still. Sometimes she bites. I bet she could even bite through /you/." He doesn't sound /entirely/ certain of this last, though, as he looks at the metal-covered man.

At the mention of the possibility that Elsinore is actually present, Claudine closes her eyes, taking a deep breath as she tries to not trust her usual five senses, but goes even deeper. She's looking for any vibration that she can feel, other than those present, but comes up empty. She seems confused and hrmms, not sure if the boy is more powerful than he seems and is blocking her own abilities or not

She peers up at Orion, seeing his aggravation and twitches a little. She doesnt want him to beat up a young boy afterall. "Perhaps, you should go find Elsinore and we can offer her some food? Surely she's hungry?" Then, to the taller man, she speaks to him in Tagalog once more.

Orion senses: Claudine whispers, "I didnt sense anything else down here but us three."

"Maybe she can. Maybe she can't. I don't think she or I would much enjoy testing that hypothesis," replies Orion to Rafe. He tips back from the tunnel entrance, stepping into the chamber proper again and leans against the earthen wall. Granger nods to Claudine, just the once. His aggravation subsides tangibly.

"You hungry, kid?"

"I'm always hungry. I think she's always hungry, too, but — only she's a vegetarian so I don't think she'd want to bite you. I guess metal is vegetarian, though." Rafe puts two fingers in his mouth and whistles, two sharp short notes. It isn't long before there's another sound in the darkness — the soft pad of paws against the floor, and a quiet slithering. The creature that emerges from the tunnel is a strange hybrid of animals — the lithe black-furred body of some sort of big cat, the segmented stinging tail of a scorpion, the heads of a goat, a lion, a dragon. Large feathered wings are folded over its back. It stalks over to Rafe and sits by his side — the dragon's head watches Claudine and Orion vigilantly, while the lion yawns and blinks. The goat starts chewing on the sleeve of Rafe's coat.

Her mouth goes agape as she blinks blankly, not quite sure what she is seeing. However, she senses no vibrations at all in the tunnels, so that only means one thing. It has to be fake. Working in the Company with a master illusionist helped her determine some things afterall.

«It's not real. The boy must be like Candice..» she says in Tagalog before turning her attention back at the boy. "I see..well, she is a fearsome creature.." Claudine says, trying to humor the boy as an angry illusionist can be quite terrifying. "We do have some things down here..care for some beef jerky?"

"Chimera. Interesting," replies Orion. He nods to Claudine's assessment, trusting it implicitly. The tall man studies Elsinore and Rafe alike, waiting and watching for the moment. "So you were just wandering and Elsinore suggested coming down one of these tunnels? You weren't being chased or anything?"

Rafe's head shakes, and he nudges the goat head away from his sleeve. "People don't tend to chase me for long," he says, tone musing. "Anyway Elsinore and I were just looking for somewhere quiet." His brow creases abruptly, and his gaze flickers between the other two people again. "She was /totally wrong/ it's not quiet down here at all! — Do people chase /you/ a lot? /I/ wouldn't chase you, you look sort of —" He squints at Orion contemplatively, eying the metal. "Tough."

A sigh of relief escapes her lips as she seems to relax upon finding out that he's only here by himself. "Well, if you need someplace quiet to hang out or rest, then you and Elsinore are quite welcome in these tunnels, as long as no one else finds out about this place.." Claudine says firmly and resolutely.

At the question, she chuckles softly, grinning a wry grin towards Orion before turning her attention back to the young boy. "He doesnt get chased very often, but I do, I'm afraid."

"I get that a lot."

Orion sighs slightly, the metal of his flesh flexing a little bit before Granger starts drawing the metal inward. His silvery, metal-colored hair is the first thing to re-emerge from underneath. If it is an illusion, metal won't stop it from hurting. At least, he doesn't think so. Orion sighs again, the metal continuing to slowly draw back into his body.

"It is usually quiet down here. You just caught us by surprise. Sorry to be so noisy. Take a seat or hop on the bed or whatever."

"Elsinore would protect you if anyone was chasing you," Rafe says seriously, and pats the lion on the head. "She's a good guard —" He frowns. "Dog." At this, the creature changes — three heads, still, but all of them canine, her body shifting to match — a Cerberus the size of a small pony. Rafe moves into the chamber, taking a seat not on the bed but beside it, and the dog curls up next to him. "I didn't mean to surprise you. I surprpise people a lot. Why do people chase you? I wouldn't tell anyone. I don't spoil /other/ people's hiding places. They're hard enough to find."

Well, he is tough, so Claudine isnt surprised that Orion gets comments like that often. As he's relaxed, she's more relaxed now, and she reaches out to take his hand, letting her fingers entwine with his own as she approaches the boy, offering him a bit of jerky in the end.

"It's sort of complicated. I made these tunnels as a hiding place..for people who dont wish to be found. I just had never expected anyone to really stumble upon them. You must've gotten lucky, or are very good at spotting the small and subtle signs I place around here.."

A bit of metal gets stuck on Claudine's hand, but it oozes back to Orion's body as the last of the metal disappears into him. The tall man lets out a final sigh, following after the Fillipina. He studies the kid and his dog again, feeling a faint sense of Addams Family meets Norman Rockwell ticking at the back of his mind. For the moment, he leaves the parental inquisitioning to Claudine. She seems to be good at it.

"I'm good at not being found " And with that, Rafe and the dog wink out of existence, though they both reappear a moment later, the boy's head pillowed against the giant canine's side. " but it's harder when I sleep, so it's gotta be somewhere safe." His eyes narrow, expression suddenly suspicious, though it isn't either of the two other people his look is directed to; his eyes wander around the room searchingly. "It /is/ safe here, right? I only make places safe when I'm awake. Though I've learned to wake up pretty quick."

"These tunnels are a labyrinth. We're the only ones who can navigate them, and most others, if they ever found the hidden entrances would be lost. It's difficult to find this chamber as I use it for sleeping and resting as well. I can always make another chamber, but you can have this one, if you need someplace safe to rest.."

Claudine beams brightly as her maternal instincts take over and she hrmms, thinking for a few moments. "If you need someplace safe to stay..where there are others your age..I do know of a place. If you like, I can take you there.."

"This is one of the safest places you'll find. I guarantee it," replies Orion. He squeezes Claudine's hand gently, watching her and Rafe interact. He has that feeling like he's going to get The Talk again. And it's not the normal The Talk. It's the long term boyfriend-girlfriend The Talk.

"Really?" Rafe perks up, and the dog perks all three heads up, too, looking at Claudine curiously. "'cuz I don't know all that many people my age and — well." His face falls, and he slumps back against Elsinore. "People tend to be scared of me sometimes I don't know why. — You /made/ this chamber?" He looks around it again, with newfound interest.

"Yes really. You might have to hide Elsinore though. I think she might frighten the other children, but I do know of a place that you would be well taken care of, protected and such." Claudine offers with a bright smile as she looks over to Orion, beaming the entire time. Yes, he might have to have that TALK, as her instincts are definitely taking over.

"And yes, I made this chamber. I made all the tunnels actually. It took a while, but I'm still expanding it to make it bigger and more confusing for others."

"You and Elsinore can still play, you know. But you might have to make her look a little more friendly to the other kids. You can do that, right?"

Orion crouches down a bit to look at Elsinore and Rafe curiously. He can sense The Talk and dreads its coming. This is not the world for such a thing. Besides, it would be Gimli and as awesome as Gimli is, the world is not ready for him.

"How did you make it? I make things sometimes." Rafe sits up straight, and the dog shrinks, changes — soon she is a small black kitten, who rolls on the floor and bats playfully at Orion's hand. "It musta taken a long time to build /all/ this."

"Six, seven months or so?" she says, looking over to Orion for confirmation as she really didnt keep track of how long it took her to dig these tunnels. "And well..just like you can do things, and like Orion can do things, I am not without my own special little talents.." she says with a mischevious grin, waggling her brows a bit.

She then looks over at the little illusionary kitten and giggles impishly, "I think that answers that question. We really should bring him to Kitty. She'd protect him like one of her own.."

"Six months, three weeks, four days, twelve hours, twenty-one minutes, forty-seven seconds," replies Orion. His voice is deadpan serious, but there's something about his expression that suggests he's being goofy. The tall man gently plays with the illusory kitten for the moment, teasing it with his fingers.

"If he would like to stay with her, I'm sure he'd be welcome to do so."

"Everybody's got talents. It's not safe not to." Rafe flops down onto his belly, watching the kitten as she pounces on Orion's fingers, wrestling the man's hand with mock ferociousness. "Who's Kitty? Do people chase her, too?"

"No. She's a friend of ours. Takes care of kids like yourself. Very protective..she could be called lioness when it comes to the kids.." Claudine says with a wry grin as she snickers softly as she's being mocked. She looks over to Orion with fondness, watching himinteract with the kitten before looking back over to Rafe.

"She's not being chased. She has a huge house and there's lots of kids and you'd be safe there. Wouldnt have to worry about not being safe even. Would you like us to take you there?"

Orion continues to play with the kitten, lightly sneaking in a tickle at the feline's illusory sides with one hand while it is trying to pounce on the fingers of the other hand. If he's not careful, he might train it to be a terrible, imaginary killer.

"Cool! I used to have a house once. There were lots of kids." Rafe gets to his feet, strange formalwear shifting to baggy jeans and a t-shirt as he shoves his hands into his pockets. He frowns down at the ground. "That was a really long time ago, though, and then the world exploded." Elsinore, meanwhile, continues to play with Orion, squirming and moving back as he tickles her sides, and then slinking (SO STEALTHILY) forward crouched close to the ground to pounce again.

"Then, you can have a house again, and there will be more kids with you and you shall be well taken care of."

It seems that Claudine has reached a decision and she looks over to Orion, giggling once more as he plays with the kitten that really isnt there. "Let's go take him to see Kitty.."

Orion starts to say something, likely making a pun of 'Kitty', but he trails off. The tall man stands up slowly, ruffling the make-believe kitten's fur lightly before he stands up straight again. Granger smiles to Rafe and nods, "Come on, kiddo. Let's get going. I think you'll like it there."

Rafe beams brightly, and the kitten shifts again, this time into a small black-and-white mouse; he stoops to put his hand out, and the mouse scurries onto it and then up his arm to perch on his shoulder. "Okay! Elsinore promises to stay unscary."

"Okay! Let's go then!"

With that said, she offers a hand to both Rafe and Orion, giving each of their hands a gentle squeeze in the end as she heads towards one of the tunnels that leads directly to the orphanage..

At the orphanage…

Glancing over to the little girl, Portia can't help but frown a little. She glances to little Toni, leaning in close. "You know what makes you better? You don't have to cheat to win. That makes you a better person. And don't ever let anyone tell you that they're better than you just because you can't run like they can. You're fine the way you are." All of this is said with a quiet, conspiratory tone. She might not say it outloud to the 'adults' of the room, but the children she's fine with confiding in. That said, she folds her arms across her chest.

"Ok" Toni says brightly and bounds off to play with the other kids, but not before hugging Portia. "You have a way with kids" Kitty comments and then looks to Jane. "What has you all amused over there?"

The ground around the orphanage rumbles. It's a slight earthquake, nothing of real importance, as it tends to be common around these parts. All that means is a certain young Filipina has yet another delivery…

When the ground moves, she raises an eyebrow. It's a familiar thing, observed just the night before. It causes her to pause briefly in reading before moving on

"That's cause I should still be one." Portia murmurs, watching the girl head off. Her gaze flickers over to Jane, a small smile tugging at her features. "Sounds like someone did something right."

There is a dog — small and black and scruffy, some kind of terrier, perhaps, that emerges first. Quick in her wake is Claudine's new delivery: short and skinny and dark, a teenager dressed in black jeans and a black t-shirt. Rafe follows the dog out of the entrance Claudine created and into the orphanage, but there he stops, hands in his pockets, looking around with interest. He doesn't introduce himself, but the dog is eager in her exploration of the room, tail wagging furiously as she sniffs around.

Out of the hole next comes Orion Granger. The tall man is in his scruffiest of scruffy clothing and his goatee, practically a signature for the past year, looks like it could use a little trimming. Perhaps he's just been up for a long time and hasn't had a chance to shave yet.

Orion adjusts his orange shirt, gripping it over the kanji on its front, before he slides his hands into the pockets of his blue jeans. His eyes swivel slowly around the orphanage, looking for someone… Presumably Kitty.

And the last to emerge is the young Filipina, dusting herself off as she let the boy and her beau go first, cause well, she was too busy trying to seal and hide the tunnels that lead to the orphanage.

She wrinkles her nose a little as she looks around at her usual drop off point before looking over to Rafe. "Dont be scared kay? Everyone here is really nice, and I'll make sure they'll take care of you.." definitely stuck in mom mode. And while she's in mom mode, she waggles her brows at Orion. "And we…need to talk later." Uh oh! It's the TALK!

"That sounds like something right is going on Tia" Kitty smiles and then stands up as the earthquake sounds. "Claudine has a new arrival for me" She stands and waits for them to appear as they do, Kitty nods in greeting to everyone, "What have we here? Evolved or Human?"

Glancing over to the dog, Portia looks at it for a moment before she leans back where she's sitting, arms folded over her chest quietly. The earthquake doesn't disturb her, really. After she saw what Claudine could do the other night? Not to mention all the stuff Portia's seen over the last two years… it takes a lot to really surpise her. The young woman then spots Rafe shortly behind the dog, taking a moment to study him. "Not so much grass anymore." She states.

"You're just not looking in the right places," Rafe tells Portia with a shake of her head. "Grass and trees and flowers and —" His hands turn up in front of him in a shrug. "They're everywhere if you just fix your /eyes/." The dog trots over to Portia, and there is, suddenly, a large bouquet of calla lilies, deep red and a purple so dark it is near black, in her mouth. She drops them at Portia's feet, tail still wagging. (Rafe doesn't greet anyone else: he is rude, maybe, or maybe just scatterbrained.)

She's still snickering at the articles in today's newspaper about part of the President's desk being eaten. "Remember the old ads on tv for Mastercard, that talked about how much things cost, then commented on something else being priceless? Well, that fits here." Jane looks up from the paper when the building is entered by others in a seeming procession, making note of the people. Each of them is briefly looked at before she returns to reading. Her intention is not to let on in any way having observed Claudine's activities from the night before, but the large man with the Filipina holds her attention for a bit longer than the rest.

When her attention does make it back to the printed pages, Jane finds the article about a raid and a capture. After scanning it, she glances over at Claudine, then back to the paper. Innnnteresting.

Glancing down at the dog, Portia smiles, just a little, at the flowers. She gently reaches to pet the dog, touching the blossoms gently before she looks to Rafe. "Don't think I even have eyes anymore." She murmurs. It'd been more than two years since she saw him, but she's remembered that entire conversation they had. "Let it all get me, I guess."

Kitty knows not entirely sane when she sees it and she studies Rafe, "Hello there, I'm Kitty" She stoops down next to Rafe. "What is this nifty trick called?" she looks up to Claudine the question directed to her. Illusion? Object relocation? "You know him?" her head tilted towards Portia.

Quite amused at the antics of the young boy, Claudine snickers a little as she takes Orion's hand, giving it a gentle squeeze. "He's a smooth one isnt he..smoother than you were at that age I bet.." she teases him before looking back over to Kitty.

"He discovered the tunnels and was looking for some place safe to sleep. I immediately thought of you, Kitty, so that's why we brought him here." she explains while taking a deep breath, bowing her head to Portia and Jane in the end. Yes, she had escaped, thanks to the intervention of the tall scruffy man next to her.

"And from that little display, I think you the answer to your own question.", motioning for Kitty to try to pick up the dog or the flowers. Dine knows it's not really there, but that's cause she cant feel vibrations from the puppy pouncing around, but in the end, his powers may just be what this orphanage needs.

Orion remains quiet, gently squeezing Claudine's hand right back when she takes his. He offers a small smile to Kitty and Portia, his eyes flicking toward Jane for a few moments. She seems, rather distantly, familiar in that 'I think I saw you when I was doing something important' sort of way.

After Claudine's explanation, Granger adds, "I'd call it Psychic Sensory Manipulation." He pauses a moment, coughing slightly into his free hand. "Illusion Projection, I guess." Old habits die hard.

"I make places safe," Rafe informs Kitty with wide-eyed earnestness. "Only not while I'm asleep. Elsinore protects me while I'm awake, though." He points to the (very small and entirely unthreatening) scruffy dog who accompanies him. (She wags her tail eagerly and rolls over onto her bag, whining for belly-rubs.)

While the others speak, Jane remains quiet as she continues reading through the paper, her mind from time to time returning to the question of Claudine, the raid, and its interruption. She'd thought it might be her and she got away, but it says she was captured and yet here she is, the next morning just past ten. Maybe the government lied about the capture. Maybe she escaped somehow. Maybe it wasn't Claudine at all. Questions, questions. And it's too busy to ask. Yet.

"Elsinore's a pretty name." Portia murmurs, scratching at the dog's belly with a small smile. Her gaze shifts momentarily to Kitty. "I met him a few years ago. He used to play music." She isn't sure what anyone does anymore, simply because of how complicated things are. She focuses instead on the puppy. There's a lot going on in her head right now.

Kitty nods and smiles at Rafe, "Would you like to make the outside of this building look like it is an abandoned warehouse and not full of kids?" she asks gently and lays a hand on Rafe's arm. "I have, had a cousin. Tamara, she was like you. Except I always understood what she was saying" she says this because when she touches Rafe. She sees Rafe and Tamara meet. After the vision, Kitty has tears in her eyes and she ducks her head so that nobody can see. "That is a neat gift. There are other kids here like you here"

"I /still/ play music!" Rafe insists, "only just someone stole my instrument — but I play anyway." His hands slip into his pockets and he closes his eyes, a slight smile playing on his lips. The room fills with sound — not loud, but lively, an upbeat jazzy tune on saxophone and piano. He opens his eyes again to look at Kitty, head tilted thoughtfully to the side. "The building looks like whatever it needs to look like. Is that what it /wants/ to look like? Did you ask is?"

Claudine bows her head at Kitty and she heads on over, letting go of Orion's hand before ruffling Rafe's hair playfully. "This one is spunky.." she tells her friend, letting out a soft chuckle as she sighs, running her fingers through her hair. "take good care of him, he's a good kid.." she says with a soft sigh and chews on her bottom lip a bit.

It's only now that she really notices Jane though and blinks blankly. "So..you know Kitty I see.."

Orion crouches down by Portia and the puppy once Claudine lets go of his hand. The tall man rubs Elsinore's belly for a few moments, taking a moment or two to enjoy petting a dog. For some reason, Orion always feels like puppies have died out in the past two years. Stupid Petrellicalypse.

That accomplished, Granger stands up straight again and moves off to the side. He shifts his weight uneasily, hands stuffing themselves into his pockets while he waits. For as disciplined as Orion is, you'd think he'd have more patience for things like this.

The young woman can't help but smile at the way Rafe can just make things happen. "I'll get you a new one sometime." Portia murmurs, mostly to herself. She takes a moment to study Orion and Claudine, whom she's never really run across personally, but then she hugs her arms, glancing around at what kids might be nearby. Her expression is hard to read.

Her attention is drawn by the Filipina's statement, eyes move to rest on Claudine. "I know lots of different people." Jane doesn't elaborate on that. She simply folds her paper up and rises from the seat she occupies, headed outside to where she can perhaps catch some air, or talk with someone privately. Who knows? But it doesn't seem she intends to leave the orphanage altogether yet, given she says not a word in that regard to anyone present.

"Of course I asked it! What kind of person do you think I am?" Kitty says and you would think that she was talking down to him but she is not, she is being completely sincere. She grins at Rafe and pets the dog before standing, "He will be safe" she says to Claudine and looks after Jane, "Something is on her mind" she mutters to herself and goes back to looking at Rafe.

"Probably.." she says with a soft chuckle under her breath, ruffilng Rafe's hair once more. "You be good here, kay? I'll come and visit you often, promise.." Claudine chirps brightly as she heads back over towards Orion, sighing a little. "You..me..talk.." she says firmly and resolutely. Whatever could that mean?

She then looks over towards Jane and nods, "I kinda figured there would be, but she likes to keep her mystique, so I'll let her have it." Then she peers at Portia, raising her brows a she's studied for a few moments. People staring..how awkward.

Rafe's eyes widen as Jane gets up, and the music shuts off abruptly. "Oh no! Is she allergic?" His brow creases, deeply worried — for all of the three seconds that he can stay on one topic. And then it is back to the matter of The Building, and his face scrunches up a moment, and though nothing changes inside, he looks satisfied after. "Okay. The building changed clothes. But it'll change back when I sleep." Over with Orion, Elsinore is ecstatic at the attention. If she were a cat still, she would be purring; as it is, her tail thumps against the floor and her leg twitches. She rolls over onto her belly when he straightens.

Aw hell. Orion was afraid of this. The tall man slouches his shoulder a little bit, like a scolded teenager. He smiles down at Elsinore and asides to Rafe, "Be sure to give her an extra biscuit for me, kiddo." Granger then looks at Claudine again, glancing toward the leaving Jane for a few moments before shrugging and moving in that direction.

Tiger leaps onto Elsinore and meows. The cat seems to be happy to have a playmate. Kitty smiles at Rafe, "Not allergic. Just thinking about stuff" She reassures Rafe and looks to Portia. Wanting to say something, but she seems to think better of it. She doesn't tell Portia that she has been looking for people that have been presumed dead for a long time. That she has days when she touches everything and gets a vision as she tries to find Tamara and Desiree. But she hasn't been able to find them.
You paged Orion with 'Up for more RP or do you gotta go soon? I just wanna see if we're o time constraints.'

Outside, Jane waits for whomever might join her there, with that paper in hand. She's refolded it to start with a lighter topic first, one some might get a laugh from, but her mind is very much on the business at hand and the questions it's raised.

"So shall we then?" Claudine asks Orion gently as she looks back over to Kitty and Rafe quite fondly. "I'm sure I'll be back soon with more deliveries. Speaking of which, asides from people..do you actually ya know..need stuff? I can always stop a supply vehicle and bring back stuff for the kids if you want. Toys? Medicines? Anything of the sort?" she asks curiously.

Portia looks away from Claudine, her expression neutral before she looks back to Rafe. "Don't worry about it." Her arms go back to being folded over her chest as she gets to her feet.

Elsinore looks up as she is pounced, and in a heartbeat, she is a cat herself, sleek and black, and she pounces right back at the other. "I'm good at getting supplies," Rafe offers as well, brightly. "Nobody ever sees me if I don't want them to."

Kitty doesn't let Portia leave without at least saying something, "Tia, listen to me. I love you and I'm here. You know that. Come by whenever you need to, the door is always open" she touches Portia on the cheek and smoothes back her hair before stepping back and leaning against the wall. "Toys and some books for the children would be nice. Now that I think about it"

"We shall," replies Orion. The tall man wraps an arm around Claudine's shoulders protectively.

He nods his understanding to Portia, glancing toward the door for a moment. "We'll try to bring Christmas in July then," remarks Granger to Kitty.

"And I'll bring chocolates, cause ya know..I like chocolate!" Claudine chirps brightly as she rests her head on Orion's shoulder, letting out a content sigh as she heads back towards the spot that leads to her tunnels. With but a wave of her hand, the ground opens up and she jumps in..

Before Orion steps into the tunnel as well, Granger tips an imaginary hat to Jane and Portia alike. And then the tall man is gone, falling into the hole in the ground.

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