2008-06-30: Another Lesson


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Summary: Cam and KeLyssa catch up, and KeLyssa gives Cam another lesson on his powers.

Date It Happened: June 30th, 2008

Another Lesson

KeLyssa's Apartment

KeLyssa has been occupied the last day or two, what with worrying about Kory and all. After opening the store today and working, she headed for home and started to play her fiddle, which is one of the few ways for her to relax these days. It's not too late, though, but she's already playing for an hour or two. She can play for quite a while.

Interrupting the peace of the violin music comes the buzzing sound of the intercom. Should KeLyssa answer, a high-pitched voice answers, "Hey, it's me. You said to come visit, now ok?"

KeLyssa does indeed answer. She has no reason not to. She recognizes that ever familiar voice. "Heya Cam. O' course. Come right on up." She answers the boy and goes to her door. When she sees, through the peep hole, that he's approaching the door, she opens it up to him and smiles widely. "Heya hon. I'm glad ya dropped by."

Cam steps in, giving KeLyssa a smile, "Hey." He's wearing sunglasses and a cap, in a way that does a good job of hiding his identity at a glance. He's wearing a tank-top and shorts too, and still looks quite damp from the heat. He pulls off his cap and glasses once he's inside.

Luckily for Cam, it's cool in KeLyssa's apartment. It has to be for her, as she is quite similar to Cam in that regard. Identical in fact. Closing the door behind him and locking it, she turns to face the boy and looks him over with a cool gaze. (Pun intended.) She ushers him into her living room and motions for him to take a seat on her couch. "Can I get ya anythin' ta drink? Water, juice, pop?"

Cam nods quickly and says, "Yeah, something… anything cold! It's really hot out today. Nice in here, though," he adds with a smile as he follows KeLyssa into the apartment.

KeLyssa nods in complete understanding. "Well, I'll getcha a good big glass of water with ice in it." She responds, pouring a cup for herself and Cam. Once in the living room and on the couch, having passed the water to Cam, she looks at him. "How've ya been, hon? I ain't talked to ya in a long while. What're ya up to? An' what's this 'boutcha bein' on the run?" She has a lot of catching up to do, apparently.

Cam takes the glass with a smile, "Thanks." He sits down beside KeLyssa, taking a big drink of the water. "Been ok. Bored a lot." Then he blinks and hesitates at the question, "You know about the List, right?"

KeLyssa has to really furrow her brows in concentration on this one. "Let's see…ya mean…the list o' people ta help with bringin' down Pinehearst?" That's the only list that she can think of.

Cam nods quickly to that and says, "Yeah, that one. Well, Niki was working undercover in Pinehearst. She got caught, and Peter helped her escape. The future Peter, the one that died. Well, Pinehearst wants to kill her now, and they'll probably wanna use me or Micah to get to her."

KeLyssa sighs and shakes her head. "Well, do ya need a place to stay? Ya kin stay here, ya know. There ain't no need to go runnin' about. Ya kin stay here as long as ya need to." She says pointedly. "I want ya to be safe. I care 'bout ya. Ya know that, right?"

Cam shakes his head quickly and says, "No, got a place to stay. At the same building as Kory. Just can't tell anybody not on the list about it, or it might get back to Pinehearst."

KeLyssa nods firmly. "Good. I'm glad. I don't wantcha gettin' caught none by the big, bad company. But when we all go in to help bring 'em down, you an' I are gonna work t'gether. An' I want ya there as my number one partner."

Cam grins again at that, nodding quickly, "Ok!" Then he adds, "Hope that's soon. Know it'll be a few days anyway, Niki's gonna go rescue Cass from wherever they've got her first, and Kory's gotta get better."

KeLyssa nods firmly. "Shouldn't be too long, none. But Kory'll need a few days as well ta get back in top notch. This loss really pained 'er bad. A lot worse than some things have in the past. She's real sad an'…an'…well, it ain't easy losin' someone ya care 'bout."

Cam nods quickly and says, "Yeah, for sure. Just wish I knew what to say and stuff." He leans back, taking another drink of his water, and says, "But, since I've been stuck in an apartment so much, been practicing my power a lot more. Still not much better, but been working on it."

KeLyssa smiles softly. "Sometimes it's a li'l hard to know what to say when someone's lost someone they care about so deeply. Sometimes there ain't nothin' ya can say, hon. Ya just gotta be there for 'em and let 'em know that you care 'bout 'em. Sometimes, they just need time." She says quietly and softly. "Been practicin' yer power some? That's good! Let's see what ya kin do." She asks of him.

Cam nods quickly and says, "Haven't had much else to do." He then nods again and holds out his hand, concentrating. He creates an ice sculpture in his hand shaped like a bird. There's no detail whatsoever, so it's impossible to tell what type, but it has the general silhouette.

KeLyssa smiles softly and watches Cam at work. "Very good, hon! You're comin' along quite well. Now, how 'bout changin' that li'l birdie there into a tree?" Ah, a test!

Cam hesitates, and says, "Alright." He puts it down on the ground, and touches it. It grows out round, until it's a trunk as wide around as the bird was, but he only gets a foot tall before he has to stop, catching his breath.

KeLyssa nods her head as she watches him try to change it and morph it. No easy task. It's something she prefers not to do herself, though she has much more practice than he does. She rubs his back lightly. "Try makin' it a small tree. Like…a toy tree."

Cam blinks, and then shakes his head, "I can't. I've never… I can't melt ice, only make it. Only way I can melt it is put it in the oven or something."

KeLyssa smiles. "What you can do is…well, what we can do, is make an' change ice however we see fit. With practice, o'course. I know ya kin make it smaller. Give it a try, but don't overwhelm yourself, okay, hon?"

Cam nods a little and says, "Ok." He concentrates on it, but after a few moments sits back, shaking his head a bit.

KeLyssa smiles at Cam. "It's okay. Just practice an' you'll get it eventually. I trust ya will." She says happily. She feels Cam's forehead, still noticing him being a bit warm. "Hon, this sun really ain't doin' nothin' for ya, is it." With the tiniest bit of concentration, she creates a little film of ice across Cam's forehead. "There, that'll cool ya down, some."

Cam smiles again at that and says, "Wow, yeah, that's nice. Thanks!" He leans back and says, "Really, really really hate how hot it is."

KeLyssa smiles softly. "Well, o' course hon!" She nods in understanding. "I know completely what ya mean. We had temperatures like this back home where I'm from originally. Mmm, it ain't the greatest."

Cam grins and says, "Glad I'm not from there! I've never left New York. The state, not the city, been outside the city with my dad a few times. But didn't have any powers back then."

KeLyssa giggles lightly. "No, can't imagine so. Temperatures got worse'n this at times too!" She sighs softly. "If it weren't for my family, I'd probably never wanna go back!"

Cam nods quickly and grins, "Yeah." Then he looks at a clock and says, "I gotta go, gotta get back 'fore Niki gets home."

KeLyssa looks at the time too. Oh, it has been a little bit. "Alright, sug. Well, don't be a stranger now, ya hear? I want ya to feel ya can come 'round here more often. I don't think they'll've linked you and me yet, so I think it's safe." She leans in and gives him a hug, if he lets her. "And don't ya worry…I won't let nothin' happen to ya while you're with me." She whispers. "Now get on, don't want Niki to be worryin' 'bout ya none." She says with a big smile.

Cam nods quickly with a smile. He gives KeLyssa a quick hug and says, "Bye!" Then he's putting hat and sunglasses on and running out the door.

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