2009-12-08: Another One Bites the Dust



Date: December 8, 2009


Merrick comes for an appointment to talk and gets more than he bargained for.

"Another One Bites the Dust"

Hope Hearth

Dressed in her grey pant suit, pink blouse, and hot pink pumps (which honestly are probably too high for work), Sydney sits in her office on her office chair, biding her time while she practices her signature with the word "Doctor" in front on her favourite notepad. She beams at the look of it and circles the one she likes best. Tara, the receptionist, knows to just send the therapist's next appointment in.

As he knocks at the door, young Merrick waits for the doctor to say come in. He looks a little pale and out of place yet waits to be call in by Sydney.

And sure enough, Sydney perks up from her 'work' and chimes, "Come on in." She stands to her feet and motions towards her couch with a broad grin. "Merrick, right?" She places her pad on the table next to her therapy-chair. "How are you? I had hoped you'd call the office…" She grins.
As he nods slowly, Merrick smiles weakly and moves to sit on the couch. His knees locked together and his hands folded into his lap. He looks rather tense and uncomfortable as he says, "Yes ma'am." He forgot to give his fake name to her when he met her by chance in the book shop and is cursing under his breath still about it. "Thank you for seeing me. So…so this is all confidental from this point on. I get like the doc…ya know patient thing."

"Unless I think you're going to harm yourself or others, everything you tell me in here is purely confidential," Sydney says brightly with an easy smile. "And no problem. I like to help… and even if I have no advice, talking it out is always a good thing." She offers him a toothy grin. "So… what seems to be troubling you?"

As the young man looks into his lap, "I am…an outcast. You see I am rather intelligent for my age. yet I am what girls consider the hot smart guy. This is what Suzi Oteri in my dorm once called me. In fact, I am double majoring biology and physics at NYU. The problem is not that I am smart…but that people want to harm me because I am different. I have a secret, doctor and I just want to tell someone who is…" He looks around the room, and shakes his head. He sighs, his body language does not show the means of a killer. His body language is rather conflicted and lacking confidence. He takes out a hand full of change and says, "I have been branded a criminal and a terrorist because I can do this." As the change begins to float in the air and slowly move in a circle.

Sydney listens incredulously as she puts everything together. Her lips curl into a bit of a frown. A very slight frown. It's not that she doesn't believe this is happening. It's not that this is impossible in her mind. It's that no one's problems are straightforward anymore. Her lips twitch a bit as she studies him silently. "People are always afraid of what's different," she answers quietly with a suppressed sigh of her own. She swallows as she glances over at him. There's a pregnant pause as she tries to think of the best way to phrase her next question, "Have you told anyone you're close to about what you can do?"

As the change floats to his hand, he shakes his head and says, "No…I have not told anyone in my family if that is what you mean. Yet…well no offense doc but I kind of been thrown into something and…well that is why I needed to vent to someone. You see I met…well I call him the seer. He told me the government was coming for me because of what I could do. So he helped me flee and I joined a group…I need to keep who they are secret…no offense. I helped them and traveled with them for awhile. Yet I don't think Ma…Matlock we will call him liked me. I don't know then I met…" His body gets a little more relaxed, "We will call her Lotia. She caught a mates eye but…well she has other things on her mind. This awesome mate named….Riot. This hot MILF named Hope and I helped build this a giant UFO as a distraction and save the kids." He takes a breath when he relizes he was not breathing and says…"Sorry."

The story makes little sense to Sydney, even with the explanations about the group and their descriptions. She tilts her head a bit at the end before shaking her head, "You have nothing to be sorry about." Pause. "I'm not sure I really understand what's going on though…" She smiles weakly while shrugging fleetingly. "OKay. So you met a guy who told you about the government and the trains," she doesn't even realize that she's mentioned the trains when Merrick hasn't, "then you joined a group who also were like you? Where you still felt like an outsider, even though you helped rescue some children?" She wrinkles her nose, "Am I right?"

As he nods slowly, "The only ones who made feel at ease was Hope and this insect dude…good fellow. So Lotia has an eye for Matlock, and Riot discovered of something that the government is working on to stop our abilities. I know I can stop it so I decided to sneak back into the country and…" He suddenly stops and Merrick's eyes narrow. "I never said trains…" The young man is on his feet as he is looking around the room. He says softly, "The chair your sitting in I can bind you with before you can dial any number…" The air before Merrick is humming as if it were humming with magnetic power. "How did you know about the trains…."
Sydney nods through Merrick's explanation, but her eyes widen slightly as he gets defensive about the trains. She curses silently in her head and closes her eyes to try to retain her emotions. "Chocolate… drinking… dancing… singing… laughing… smiling… Remembering something that makes me laugh…" the tone is calm and it's certainly not outwardly or obviously for Merrick.

After she feels like she's gotten her own anxiety under control she speaks quietly, "I had a friend who helped stop them. She can… move the ground… and…" she tries to meet his gaze, "I'm an empath of sorts…"
Merrick 's eyes widen as the air shimmers and fades away into nothing. He is still standing and says, "Everyone in this bloody town one of us now?" He cocks his head looking at the woman and says, "Empath…you sense my emotions?" Merrick is feeling very nervous and his heart is racing a mile a minute.

"Not at this second…" Sydney admits rather quietly. "Been threatened a lot lately and when my adrenaline peaks I tend to just give off my own… I think." She shrugs a little. "I'm still figuring it out, but I have this…" Beat. "…friend who's helping me learn to control it. It's been an uphill battle though. When emotional states are particularly intense I pick up on them more. So… if I'm angry or scared, most people around me feel the same… BUT I have learned that touch allows me access to anyone's emotional state, even without intense emotion. I think if I practice enough I'll be able to do that from affair…"

She frowns slightly. "I'm sorry. This isn't supposed to be about me…"
A soft growl escapes his lips, "Listen doc. I just happen to meet a doctor who by chance is in a bookstore. The same time I am questioning my own abilities as a scientist and person. You offer your help and then when I am telling you my story. You happen to know exactly what I am talking about…so excuse the fucking me if I ask you a question or two. I am more nervous now then when I walked in your door."

"You're allowed to ask questions. I'm not allowed to ramble. I have a tendency to do that once I start talking — " Sydney's cheeks flush a pale pink. "As far as the nerves are concerned… um…" She stands up to sit next to him on the couch and holds out a hand to touch his shoulder, "May I? I might be able to help if…" All she can do is try. She takes some deep soothing breaths and can sense that feeling of calm over her.

As he sits back down and his eyes narrow at her, he can't help but be curious as he allows her to touch him. Merrick watches her curiously and says, "Will this hurt." He is rather tense and very much on edge right now as he watches the woman.

"Not at all," Sydney soothes back as she manages to find that inner peace. She passes it along to him as best she can in a strange sense of stillness about everything going on… assuming it works. She lifts her hands seconds later and quirks an eyebrow, "Any better?"

His heartbeat has slown down, and his body is calmer as he looks at the woman, "That kind of was…odd. It felt as if the world got still and the…it was like watching a fish tank on fast forward. I am more at ease." He frowns looking at Sydney, Merrick asks, "Well seems we both have a secret. Now what?"

"Good," Sydney sighs with relief as she stands from the couch and opts for her chair again. "I'm glad I could help. I mostly stress people out… or…" strained smile as she thinks better of explaining in too much detail "… other things." She shrugs a bit, "I'm not sure what's next. I've been helping people like us where I can. I've been fortunate enough to fly under the radar so I've been trying to help others where I can. A therapist who empathizes with people isn't exactly uncommon. And most don't realize that their mood tends to match mine…"

Merrick nods and asks, "So your bound by law and your therapist oath to keep what I have said between us. Right?"

"Y-es," Sydney answers easily with mild suspicion. "I'm not going to tell anyone if that's what you mean. And I certainly won't be turning you in or anything. That's… a ridiculous thing to think… you could turn me in just as quickly…" She hmms before adding, "I wouldn't do it anyways. I've had people admit to actually committing crimes on my couch before, and I've certainly never turned anyone in…"

As he brings his fingers to his temples, Merrick takes a few deep breaths and says, "I need to think on this some…before I decide if I can talk to you some more. All I wanted was to talk to someone who was not….well a part of this and now I have learned you are…this is alot to take in doc. Can we reschedule for next week?"

"Of course… we can end if you need to…" Sydney offers him a very small very weak smile. "I'm sorry… I wasn't going to, I try not to talk about myself. It just kind of slipped." She frowns. Her therapy skills need work these days. "I want to help you, but I spoke more than I ought to have." Beat. "I'm sorry."

As he blinks and Merrick looks at Sydney, "No doc no need to be sorry. I have to have some kind of bond if I am going to trust someone. I just was not expecting you to know exactly what I was talking about and the fact your…well like me in your own way. That kind of makes it hard for me. I don't think that makes sense to you but it does to me." Merrick stands and runs a hand through his long mane and says, "I swear I will not tell anyone of your…talents."

"I wouldn't call it a talent; more like a curse — makes little in life real. Although it's coming in handy lately," Sydney quips back with a still-strained smile. "I'd like to help if I can." But she'd understand if he didn't come back. She barely trusts her ability, how is anyone else supposed to?

As he leaves Sydney walks over to the couch and lays down. And another one bites the dust.

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