Anthony Shepard
Portrayed By Hugh Jackman
Gender Male
Date of Birth April 21, 1970
Age 36
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Aliases mp
Place of Birth New York City, NY, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Homicide Detective, NYPD
Known Relatives Scott Shepard (Father), Julie Shepard (Mother), Elliot Shepard (Brother), James Shepard (Brother), Lisa Shepard (Daughter)
Significant Other Joanna Shepard (Deceased)
Known Abilities None
First Appearance N/A

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Anthony was born to Scott and Julie Shepard in 1970. Anthony was the oldest of three boys, and learned responsibility early on, having to help his mother with the family, since Scott was working all the time as a beat cop for the NYPD. Julie worked often as well, an emergency room nurse. Anthony cared about his brothers, but did regret being saddled with taking care of them at such a young age. He balanced school life with home, doing well in grades. He was never as social as he'd wished, having to be home all the time took away from time he could've used visiting friends.

As the boys got older, the closer they became as well. The two younger brothers looked up to Anthony and he did his best to keep them on the straight and narrow. He did well in high school. he wasn't top of his class, but he didn't slack in grades. He was also a pitcher on his school's varsity baseball team.

After high school, Anthony had decided to take some time off from going to college and joined the Navy. It was a tough decision, but the the brothers, Elliot and James, were able to take care of themselves, and even help their parents out, as he had. While in the Navy, Anthony had specialized in law enforcement. The time he'd served had earned him credits towards a bachelor's degree in criminal justice. After four uneventful, yet fulfilling years in the Navy, he'd left to go to school to get his degree. While in school, he met Joanna, and the two hit it off well. She was a psychology major and, according to Anthony completely out of his league. The two spent all of their time together, and by the time each had graduated, they'd been married.

Shortly after their marriage, Anthony had been quickly hired by the NYPD, due to his military service and his education. He'd spent a couple years as a beat cop. On the same day he'd received his detective's promotion, Joanna had given birth to their daughter, Lisa. Everything was going well for the happy family.

Everything was going well. Joanna's practice was doing well. Anthony's work in Narcotics was yielding positive results, and Lisa was doing great in school. Anthony thought it was time for a change. He'd decided to transfer to homicide, and given his arrest record, his superiors jumped at the chance. Unfortunately Joanna grew ill. The doctors weren't sure what it was at first, and then they realized too late that it was cancer. The family did what they could to help. Jo had gone through treatment after treatment, but to no avail. By the time Lisa was 13, Joanna had passed. The blow was taken hard by both Anthony and lisa, though Lisa took her pain and focused it onto Anthony, blaming him for her mother's death. Anthony, not knowing what to do now that he was alone, took the worst turn and, instead of taking time off to heal things with Lisa, had decided to bury himself in his work. Lisa still resents him, but she's too young to go on her own. While Anthony is at work, Julie watches Lisa. The young woman is a handful and a hellion, but loves her grandmother dearly. Anthony had recently been offered a position at the downtown precinct, and jumped at the chance, moving Lisa and himself closer to the City.


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