2007-03-13: "Anybody Home?"


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Summary: In the search for Nathan Petrelli (and as an afterthought, Hiro Nakamura), Elle and Peter Petrelli stop by the apartment of Mohinder Suresh, specifically in search of Molly, the young girl with the ability to find anyone.

Date It Happened: March 13, 2007

"Anybody Home?"

Suresh's Apartment

Having stayed at a friends house after school, Molly has only just gotten home. She was dropped off and walked to the door, like any good conscientious parent would do for a friend of their child. However, when the girl got inside, there was no Matt or Mohinder to be found. They have been working extra hard lately, so it's possible their time was just overlapped. Not terribly worried about it, she locks the door behind her and goes straight for the contraband ice cream that Matt sneaked in for her while Mohinder was out. Might as well make good use of alone time!

And that would be fine except that the alone time is about to be cut short. There's a knock at the door, followed by a pleasant enough sounding: "Hello? Anybody home?" There's silence for a few seconds and then another leisurely knock.

Well, there /is/ someone home. But that someone is an eleven year old girl without her guardians present. Molly keeps a hold of the pint of ice cream as well as the spoon she was using to eat it right out of the carton. If she's going to be doing something wrong, she might as go for the whole kit and caboodle. Cautiously, she moves to the door. "Hello?" she says through it. She can't see through the peep hole, but it doesn't /sound/ like Sylar. After all, it's a woman.

The voice on the other side of the door, the nice pleasant sounding female voice says, "Hi. Is this Mohinder Suresh's apartment? My name is Elle Bishop. We used to work together… I know what you can do and I really need your help. We're trying to find my f…" Pause. "My boyfriend's brother. He was taken by some bad people."

Hm. Well, Molly can't keep saying nothing since she already let them know that she was in here. "It is. Who's your boyfriend?" she asks curiously, still through the door, but now the voices sounds even closer to the door. Putting her spoon inside of the ice cream carton, she opens the door just a bit - the chain still in place - to see who it is that's here asking about what she can do.

Hanging back a few feet, glancing back down the hallway towards the staircase, as if suspecting someone else, Peter glances sharply the young woman in surprise when she says 'boyfriend'. Not a disapproving glance by any means, but still surprised. Otherwise, he stays quiet, until she asks who this 'boyfriend' is. That's when he steps forward and speaks through the door, "That would be me…?" Sounds almost like a question, really. Elle gets another brief glance, even if the girl on the other side of the door can't see it. "Peter Petrelli."

Well for one there's a blonde, who quickly takes a knee so she's about on level with Molly's height. She smiles at the girl and says, "Peter." She indicates the man standing next to her. "His brother is Nathan Petrelli." The aura of genuine sincerity she's given off is practiced, but hopefully effective. "Do you think maybe you might help us? I promise we won't bother you again." Unless they need her, in which case of course they'll bother her again. But Elle doesn't /say/ that.

"Peter Petrelli!" Molly squeals and slams the door shut, which might not seem promising, especially since it doesn't open immediately again. But that's because she's short and is having trouble getting the chain off with her other hand holding a pint of ice cream. Finally, the door opens again and Molly stands in the door frame in all her little girl glory. "I know you! You're the glowing man! I found you for Claire! What happened to Mr. Petrelli?" She doesn't seem to mind being bothered.

As the young girl slams the door, Peter blinks and looks worried for a moment, glancing towards 'girlfriend' knelt down nearby. When the door reopens though, and the young girl comes fully into sight, he still doesn't quite recognize her from the Square. He'd only really glanced in that direction once. "You found me for Claire?" he asks, still standing up straight, and definitely surprised. Though— "It makes sense. It sounded like they teleported right into the room I was in before…" he murmurs softly, before he leans down a bit too, like Elle. "My brother went— missing while getting me out. We're not really sure what happened to him. That's why Elle thought it would be a good idea to see you."

"I… wish I knew all I had to say was Peter Petrelli," Elle quips softly, grinning at the girl's reaction to Peter's presence. It's hard not to. Molly is cute. It's infectious. She takes a step back then, since Peter seems to have drawn the girl's attention. She only interjects with: "I hope you can help us, Molly. Peter's trying to find his brother." Then she adds a sentiment a little more sincerely felt: "I'm sorry people keep asking you to use your power like this… Believe it or not, I know how you feel." What? She may be a sociopath, but she can empathize.

These are people she sort of knows, so Molly lets them inside. It's where her atlas is, anyway. "Yeah. She was worried about you," she answers Peter. "Do you guys want some ice cream?" Yes, it still has the spoon in it indicating she was probably eating straight from the carton, but it's polite to offer what someone has. Realizing this, she quickly snatches her spoon and rushes to put it in the sink. And the ice cream back in the freezer should no one want any. She frowns about what she hears, though. She doesn't like hearing people being missing. "It's okay. I don't mind finding friends. I do it by myself a lot." She turns to face these newcomers who she hasn't actually properly met and wonders aloud. "How do you know about what I can do?"

While Elle talks, she may or may not notice the long and serious look that Peter's giving her. Not the upset or sad serious, or even the worried serious, but something much softer than that. There's even a hint of a smile, perhaps thanks to Molly's enthusiasm. As she lets them inside, he straightens and follows, toying with the cuffs of his newly bought coat. "Thank you. You have no idea how grateful I am." As he gets deeper inside the room, hearing that she uses her power to find friends a lot, the corner of his lips quirks into that hint of a smile, "We should also see if you can find Hiro while we're here, too." Sorry, Japanese guy, but you're almost an afterthought.

Elle catches the end of that look Peter was giving her and her eyebrows go up as she mouths: 'What?' at him with a smile. Following Molly inside, she says, "Thanks for offering, but I'll pass. This time. Don't let us stop you from enjoying your ice cream time, though." She settles herself onto one of the available chairs, folding her hands in her lap. Molly's last question is answer now: "Mohinder and I… used to work together. We don't anymore though." It's sort of true. Basically. "Hiro Nakamura? That little guy just keeps cropping up everywhere."

"Hiro?" Molly now looks worried. "What happened to Hiro?" The idea of him being hurt or missing does not sit well with her. After all, they just brought him back from the dead. "Oh," she replies to Elle's explanation. It makes sense to her, so she doesn't question it any more. "Lemme get my atlas," she tells them, holding up a finger to tell them to wait. She's not sure where exactly it is since she went scrambling around to grab things in the mad dash to get away from Sylar. "Um, feel free to get something to drink if you want!" Then, she goes scrambling away in search of her trusty book.

Last time he was in this apartment— it had a lot less stuff. Peter's eyes slide around the room, seeing scars on the wall from the glass that Sylar used to try to impale him, but also evidence that more people live here than before, including a young girl. A lot can change in five months. He also glances at Elle, not answering her mouth question, and instead looking curious at her answer. He might need to ask about that later. "I'm pretty sure Hiro had been helping Nathan when he went missing— so whatever happened to him might have happened to Hiro." Getting a drink doesn't seem to be proirity, though, as he follows deeper inside, looking at the walls. "No, I'm fine, thanks. How long have you been living here? I— knew Suresh— Mohinder— a few months ago, and…" No cute little girl in apartment at the time.

Elle just nods to Molly, Peter's handling the questions at the moment. When the girl goes to find her atlas, she scans the apartment with a critical eye. Lowering her voice, she whispers harshly to her potential boytoy: "If Mohinder comes home, we are so screwed. I don't think he liked me all that much."

There's the sound of hurried footsteps coming down the outside hall. Mohinder's just a little behind it seems. The plan was to be home by the time Molly was returned from a friend's. Eleven might be old enough to stay at home alone, but not when you're a clairvoyant child overly protected by two men. Please don't let him be behind schedule. Which is indeed the case as he readies to unlock his door when he hears voices on the other side. A frown forms immediately, until recognition hits. His eyes widen for many reasons before he tries to reign in his surprise as he opens the door. "Molly, sorry I'm late.." He looks straight at Peter and Elle, failing miserably in hiding surprise. "Peter Petrelli.." Sorry Elle, he's a little stunned to find Peter in his living room. After the whole debacle of the past week or so.

It takes Molly a little longer than she would like to find her Atlas. Finally, though, she finds it slid between her bed and the wall. It must have fallen down there in the rush to grab what was necessary and get out. "For a couple of months," she calls out to Peter, clinging to her atlas as she comes back into the living room/kitchen. That's about when Mohinder comes home and she goes flying at him in a hug greeting. "Mohinder!" she says happily, totally oblivious to his surprise. "Look! Peter's here! And Elle. She said she used to work with you. We're going to find Peter's brother. And Hiro."

Talk about timing. Almost as soon as Peter hears Elle's whisper, around the same time as Molly's answer to his question, he's glancing towards the door to see Mohinder Suresh. The surprise doesn't seem oblivious to him, and neither is Elle's warning. Whether he realizes it or not, he actually shifts to move between her and the doctor, not so much offering a place to hide, but definitely a protective gesture. "Mohinder," he responds with an incline of his head, raising his chin briefly in greeting. It's not as tense as it could be, but something about /him working with Elle/ has caused some worry to form. Worry, and confusion. Even then… he still sounds mostly genuine, if more subdued when he adds, "It's good to see you again."

Hahahaha speak of the devil. Elle's eyes go wide and she's definitely got an 'oh crap' expression on her face. Fortunately for her, she's able to turn the surprise into a pleasant smile for the man. Looking between Molly and Mohinder, she says, "Kids these days. So cute, huh?" As surprised as she looks, she doesn't look the least bit nervous. Nope, she just reclines a little in her chair. There's not a lot the Doctor could do right now that wouldn't damage the little girl's sense of home.

Stunned. That would be the appropriate description for Mohinder at the moment. He stares around the room briefly in shock before shutting the door behind him. His bag is removed from around his shoulder and set aside, in time for him to be met with a flying hug. There's an audible 'umph' from the geneticist as he returns the girl's hug. "I see that he's here and Miss Bishop too.. I didn't know they were missing." It's a lie, about Hiro anyway. He just can't squelch the surprise. "We thought you were dead.. I'm glad to see those rumors were highly exaggerated."

Well, now it's hard to not tell that there's some sort of tension or weirdness in the room and Molly doesn't like it. "Yeah. That's what Peter says." Unlatching herself from Mohinder, she heads to the table and drops her atlas on it. "Hiro and Nathan were helping each other and now no one can find them." Other than her, that is.

"Doesn't tend to stick, does it," Peter comments, a hint of a lopsided smirk showingup, even as he follows the young girl with his eyes. They're going to find them now— which is exactly what he wanted. Though he can't help but glance towards Elle, as he says, "We haven't been able to yet, at least," he adds on, just to make some clarifications to that. Then again, he hasn't called his mother since early this morning. There might have been some new discoveries, but for the moment…

Elle pushes up from her seat. No, she's nowhere near as tall as Mohinder is, but it has a certain intimidation factor nonetheless. She continues to give doctor that same smile. "Doctor… can we talk privately while Molly does her thing? Unless of course, you have any objections." Just give her a reason.

For the briefest of moments, Mohinder is on the verge of confessing. Something sticks in his mind at the last minute, and he drops a hand to tousle Molly's hair affectionately after following her. "Of course you can." He makes the mistake of looking at Peter, and the smile that should form at the man's humor turns more into a grimace. Fortunately, or unfortunately as the case may be, Elle distracts Mohinder's train of thought. It derails quite nicely as he looks at the young woman then nods. "Of course Miss Bishop..I trust Molly with Peter, so no objections." He gestures for Elle to follow him into his room. The office isn't terribly private, so they're left with his room or Molly's.

While Peter, Elle and Mohinder are talking, Molly is already flipping open her atlas. All those other discussions don't really concern her for the moment. She closes her eyes to start concentrating, but Mohinder tousles her hair, causing a distraction. Grinning at Mohinder, she watches him go off with Elle and then closes her eyes again. She doesn't need a picture to focus on as she's met Nathan before. Used to people being found in New York, the page is already turned to Manhattan so it takes even less time for her pushpin to start cruising down the colorfully printed streets. When it stops, the pin isn't pointing to Kirby Plaza, nor on any other Company facility. It's on the Petrelli Mansion.

With the two making a move to leave them alone, Peter approaches the atlas to watch, even leaning down to get a better look. Watching every move she's making with an intrigued look, he follows the flipping pages, and the pin, and when it goes down… She'll hear a laugh. Or at least a hint of one. It's almost as much a gasp as a laugh, a exhale that carries an oddly amused and surprised sound. "That's my mother's house. He must have gone home." The smile that forms actually knocks some of the constant haunted look out of his eyes. Yes, it would seem he's been made a very happy young Petrelli. "Thank you, Molly." It's funny. He would have found him anyway, when he called to check in tonight, but— that doesn't make him any less grateful for the young girl.

Mohinder's room it is. Elle trails after him and point of fact, shuts the door after they enter. Once they're out of range of the straights, she drops the smile and stares at Mohinder, jaw set unpleasantly. Keeping her voice low, she says, "You're going to behave and keep this little visit to yourself and I won't tell Molly and Peter what a disappointing little sellout you are."

Mohinder stares at Elle, his gaze hard, and he keeps his voice low. "Obviously, Peter didn't need the help of people half in control of their abilities to break him out.. He was held for a reason and you know this." Then his eyes narrow on Elle, "You must have been listening in on your father. I should have known." His eyes dart from Elle to the closed door as if seeing through it. ".. I'm this close to telling Peter myself, I've been kicking myself since saying anything, but you know as well as I, what would have happened if I had not of said a word about that meeting. Fool's errand.. now see where it's gotten people." His hands raise to drag through his hair, oh he's taking Elle seriously. "It was very foolish for the two of you to come here. I'm most likely being followed. Did you think of that? That your father's men are keeping watch here?" He reigns in the anger and anxiety before hissing out, "I'm relieved to see that Peter is alive, and quite well.. as for being out of Company hands, is he in control of his abilities? Can he prevent himself from causing a disaster?"

Molly opens her eyes and looks curiously at Peter when he gives a sort of laugh. Well, at least that's a good response, right? "You're welcome. I'm glad he's safe at home." She's found that place before, so she knows exactly what it is. "It's a nice house. Really big." This is coming from a girl who lives in an apartment in Brooklyn. Keeping the page open on Manhattan, Molly closes her eyes again. As far as she's concerned, she's not finished. Now it's time to find Hiro. The push pin jumps a bit and only takes a few more moments for it to land right on Kirby Plaza. Another place that she knows well. "Hiro's where you were."

If they'd have kept anyone of the two he knew came after him, Peter figured it'd be Hiro. Dangerous abilities and all. Getting him out of there definitely won't be easy, but… "Thanks," he says, sounding a little less pleased with this one. But what else can be expected from that. "You know, I think I just figured it out— Back when I went to Kirby Plaza a few months ago, Noah said that they had a tracking system, and that's how they knew where to go. That was you, wasn't it? You're the one who found Sylar in Kirby Plaza that night." What's going on in the other room? Oblivious.

"He's controlling them just fine," Elle states tersely. "And if worse comes to worse, I'll take care of it before it becomes a problem." Eyeing Mohinder as a hungry cat might eye a bird, she pokes a finger at his chest, "For now I'm helping Peter, because he helped me. And because I care about what happens to him. And as far as those other people? You did them a real favor by selling them out, didn't you. Get off your high horse, Mo." Poking his chest again, she turns and starts for the doors, but pauses and says, "By the way… we had a run in with Gabriel Grey at the Petrelli Mansion. He was trying to kill Claire. I'd be extra careful not to let Molly out of your sight if you care about her life." Now she opens the doors again and steps out, smile back in place, "Any luck guys?"

Mohinder inclines his head in a nod. "You do that.. I honestly like Peter and I don't want to see anything bad happen.." He cuts himself off as Elle pokes him in the chest. Ouch, not the finger jabbing, but her words. Which take a backseat when Sylar's mentioned. "Damn.. I should have known he would have gone after her first." The sting doesn't fully leave when Elle paints that smile back on her face and leaves the room. He tries to hide his guilt when he follows after her.

Sometimes Mohinder has to talk to people alone. Molly's gotten used to that being the ward of the geneticist, so she doesn't mind or wonder where the two have gotten off to. The mention of what she used to do at Kirby Plaza doesn't really phase her that much. "Yeah. The Company took care of me after my parents…" she doesn't really like to talk about it, so she just sort of glides right over that topic. "They asked me to find people for them so they could help them. And then I got sick, but Mohinder came and made me better." A short history of Molly, abridged, for Peter. The two returning get a smile from Molly. "We found them," she informs them.

Being talked about as he may be, Peter keeps eye contact with Molly as she reveals something unknown about her parents, which he gets the idea is bad. He doesn't pry, just nodding empathicly, and offering a warm smile, At least she seems happy, living with Mohinder in this apartment. Better than the cell they had him in, at the very least. If the Company still uses her— at least she's getting to be a child still. Glancing back towards Elle and Mohinder as they appear, he seconds Molly's smile, actually rather bright in comparison to his normal ones. He is a human sponge, after all. Molly rubs off on people. "Nathan's at the house, my mother's house. He must have gone home after I called last. Hiro's— back where I was."

"That's awesome Molly… thank you so much," Elle says with sincerity. It'll make it easier on her and Peter's searching. "We should probably get going, Pete. Visit your brother and then figure out what we're going to do from there?" She lays a hand on a PetrelliShoulder and gives it a squeeze.

"That's wonderful Molly, I knew you could," Mohinder says, his smile not fully meeting his eyes. "I'm glad to hear that about your brother, Peter." As for Hiro.. Maybe he should just leave the room. Oh phew.. it's not that he doesn't like Peter, just, here is not a very good place to be.

Finding people is what Molly does and knowing that it helps other people and makes them happy makes /her/ happy. Closing her atlas, she pulls it closer to her on the table. "You're welcome," she smiles. "You're going to help Hiro, right?" That's directed at Peter and Elle. Because she knows that Hiro was trying to help Peter, so that means they should help /him/.

In a very Petrelli gesture, Peter takes a step closer and touches the young girl on the shoulder, a tactile thanks as well as a nod to the ones they've given. "I'll do my best to help Hiro out. If he doesn't get himself out of there before I figure out what to do, at least." It comes off as a joke, but at the same time, it's genuine. He bets the time traveler could pull it off, if anyone can. "I'm glad you're all right, Mohinder. I hope to see you again soon. You too, Molly." Those farewells made, he reaches up to touch the hand on his shoulder and gives a agreeing nod. "We can leave now. Thanks, Elle." This had been her idea, and it worked.

"We'll need to be discreet," Elle urges Peter as he indicates readiness to leave. She reaches across to tousle Molly's hair much the way Mohinder did and says, "We'll get Hiro out of there, one way or another. Thank you, Molly." Smiling, she turns on Mohinder who gets a cooler look as she adds, "Remember what we talked about. See you later, Doctor." And off she steps for the door, holding it open for Mistah Petrelli.

Mohinder watches Peter and Elle leave, words failing him. He doesn't need Elle's reminder to keep his trap shut. "Take care, the both of you," is about all he can manage to get out.

There's tousling of hair and meaningful hands on shoulders and all of it is making Molly feel pretty good about her help. As is the fact that Hiro now has people who are going to help him get out of Kirby Plaza. Of course, him trying to get Peter out is what got him there, but her thought process doesn't quite make it that far. "I hope I'll see you again soon, too, Peter. Elle. Bye!"

The last time that she dropped a hint, Peter ignored it. He learned to regret ignoring it. Or at least he regretted not realizing it'd been there in the first place. When she says discrete, he entwines his fingers with hers, and consentrates for a few long moments before the two of them become transparent, from feet up, as they continue out the door. It closes behind their invisible forms. And off they go to see his brother. o/`

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