2007-09-08: Anytime At All


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Summary: After a busy summer, two friends catch up.

Date It Happened: September 8th, 2007

Anytime At All

Outside Enlightenment Books , Manhattan, NYC

She hasn't been to Enlightenment Books in a while. Truth be told she had been avoiding the bookstore since that unfortunate incident with Lachlan, but all embarrassment aside, Elena figures it was time to move on and be able to laugh about it. Besides, she had been starting to after a couple of nights in Cass's place anyway, though it was honestly time to start seriously looking for an apartment. So she's carrying a cup of Starbucks coffee in one hand, and a paper in the other, scanning the classifieds. She wrinkles her nose at the ads she's already circled. Ugh. How the hell is she going to find the time to visit all these?

The slightly taller and paler one is headed toward the bookstore from another direction, with that customary guitar and backpack across opposite shoulders. Clothing for the day is athletic shoes, dark green shorts, and a blue with white lettering t-shirt featuring the word Yale. A phone with earbuds is at her hip, and one hand carries an instrument case. Things are on her mind, like continuing that last conversation she had with Cass about her abilities and some other things. Like how Ali can be helped, and that girl she met in the tornado zone. Nearing the bookstore entrace, she stops at the sight of friend with newspaper and coffee. "Hola," she greets in Spanish with a smile breaking out and arms opening to offer a hug.

"….." Elena looks up at the greeting, and blinks a bit. Seeing who it is, she smiles slightly, and uses the arm holding the newspaper to give Jane a one-armed hug. "Hi," she says, lowering her arm after a while. "New York gets smaller by the minute, how are you doing?" Clad in a button-down, sleeveless blouse, a fitted, black jacket, and a long, brightly-colored skirt, she seems to have ditched the usual sneakers-and-jeans look she usually prefers today.

She steps back after the embrace, answering "I'm mostly good. Hoping to meet up with Cass and cover some things. And you?" Jane looks Elena over, focusing on the newspaper and the clothing. An eyebrow raises. "Job hunting, Emma?" Her head tilts in curiosity.

"Oh, no. I'm still with Evosoft. Just apartment hunting. Papa finally decided that I can move out of the house," Elena says. "Now that….things with Dezi are going so well for him, I figured he can afford to let me out of the nest." She waves the paper a bit, and takes a sip of her coffee. "Over some things with the…?" She doesn't continue it, Jane would probably know what she means.

"Evosoft." She chuckles a little wistfully at the mention of it. "You looked really good in the papers, Emma. Is he still chasing after you?" Jane's eyes roll a bit, thinking of what she read, and she looks slightly hurt still for a moment. Her fingers lift the iPhone from her hip and check the time with it, then return the thing to its resting place. It says 2:30. The jPhone she had is gone. "I checked out the area where the most recent destructive winds were, early in July, and met a girl I think did it. She didn't admit things directly, but she said there'd been some drive-by gunfire and she was scared. So I gave her my number, then told Cass and Peter. Pete got some fragments I collected from the scene too. Haven't heard from her, though."

"It was all Eric's idea," Elena tells Jane ruefully. "Gene and I weren't even supposed to be in the photoshoot. It should've been just him and Jaden as the new princes of Wall Street. But apparently that wasn't enough for this crazy photographer Eric's guys hired. He kind of reminded me of Robin Williams actually. So they dragged us into the photoshoot, and then some press people were covering it…..that's how the Queen stuff came about." She gives Jane a resigned look. "He's my boss. Professional conflicts of interest reasons aside, I just….he's great. I think Jaden's awesome and he's a genuinely good guy, and I'd do almost anything for him. But…I just….I honestly don't see him in that way." She rubs her face. But when Jane goes to the girl in the ruins, she nods. "So what makes you so sure the girl did it?" she asks. "Did she do something?"

"Is he?" Jane asks quietly. "He says he loves me, talks about long term, then suddenly I find him in bed with the Doublemint Twins, and within two weeks he's apparently putting the moves on one of my friends. I… I know you don't see him that way. But he looks at you like that." She draws in a deep slow breath. "Even after how things turned out, I still can't stay angry with him. Just… wish I'd been able to keep him happy. And feel stupid I didn't see it coming."

A few moments are taken to collect her thoughts. "I went to the area where the winds were to look things over and collect samples so Peter and someone else I met could try psychometry," she relates, "and found the girl there. She looked about sixteen. She was watching me, curious about what I was up to, and we talked. She seemed nervous, and I started talking about hypothetical things. The possibility of someone with powers like Storm has. It just had the feeling of someone being guilty, and she told me she'd been there that day, told me about the shooting which didn't make the papers. She didn't look at me like I had two heads or something, which made me wonder more. It fits, there was shooting, inexperience and lack of control, fear on her part. So I didn't come right out and ask if she did it, didn't accuse. The last thing I wanted was to freak her out, you know, and cause another episode. So I just left her my number and passed word along." Silence reigns for a few beats, then Jane snaps her fingers. "Oh. I think she also wore colored contacts."

"It's Jaden," Elena says slowly. "He looks at a lot of girls like that." To this day she has no idea whether he actually liked her for her, or liked her because she was pretty. But she's willing to give Jaden the benefit of the doubt - despite appearances, he was a young man with a heart that was almost too big for his wallet sometimes. She had been fortunate to see a different side of him in Spain. It didn't change the fact, however, that he was still her //boss/ and even if she had wanted to, pursuing things with him would've been completely inappropriate and unprofessional.

When Jane launches as to how she figures it was the girl, she rubs the back of her neck. Colored contacts. Peter never mentioned that - did she get rid of them in the future? It would explain why the girl she had talked to could remember her eyes and that it was unusual. Finishing her coffee, she ditches it in a trash can and slides her hands in the pockets of her fitted jacket. "Did you get a name?" she asks. "Or any contact information?" She's still not sure, as she had stated before, lawyers worked with circumstantial evidence while scientists worked with hard facts.

"I didn't press for anything she wouldn't offer," Jane begins. "Hadn't wanted to risk spooking her out there at the place it happened and causing another disaster. That's what the fragments were for, to get a more complete picture, hopefully. And I reasoned the Company would certainly also be on her trail. I made mention of needing to stay under the radar, there are people who would use anyone with that ability as a lab rat. That sometimes a leap of faith is needed, and sticking together." One hand rests at her own neck, rubbing lightly over the marks she carries. "Now there are two possibilities for the thing in that painting. The girl who was with Agent Salonga, and this one."

And there are lighter things to cover. Celebration worthy things, even. "Congrats on stepping out into independence, Emma," Jane offers with warmth and enthusiasm. "Want help with hunting? And, and," she adds, smiling, "I'll review any lease you get. No one cheats my friends."

"Yeah…" Elena murmurs, suddenly looking concerned. "….if there are two running around…" Because she certainly didn't see the contacts-wearing girl when they had run into Claudine and her troupe, who else has that kind of power? Sylar now….and chances are he probably snagged Claudine's sister's power. So still two, but….what did that mean? The future said Evelyn did it, but what if they changed that already just by knowing what Peter knew, and Fate decided to mess with them and pick someone else? She wished she knew just how to get in contact with Hiro. He's done this before. She doesn't know how his space-time thing works!

She rubs the back of her neck and grumbles. "Between school and everything, I don't know when the hell I'm going to find the time to find an apartment." She sighs. "Maybe I ought to just take Peter's offer and have him put in a good word on his landlord for me. But yeah…once I've got a lease, I'll let you know. Thanks a lot as always, Jane." She rubs the back of her neck and sighs. "Anyways, I should get going. I need to pick something up before I head for class. You stay safe, okay?"

"That's why you need help," Jane replies, "cuts time down and all that." And with Elena saying she needs to run, her features droop a bit. Her voice turns solemn, quiet and laden with sincerity. "You really have to run, Emma? It's been too long, and… I'm both glad and sad you're still in New York. Also, I wanted to tell you, you know if something's going on, with you or your family, dangers coming at you, I'll help watch your back. No matter the risk. With everything we know, we have to stick together. My friends come before my own safety. You deserve no less than that."

And another thought strikes her, with Peter being mentioned again. "Have you seen Pete lately? I… we don't talk so much anymore since things ended with Elle. I think talking to me reminds him of how it went, and…" She trails off, silent a few moments before stating "He never did get in touch to tell me if he found anything on the samples I gave him."

"I know, Jane. As always," Elena says softly. "But I do. I need to pick something up, and then head right for class." She groans. "The professors are starting their tests early this year." She rubs the back of her neck. "On top of Organic Chemistry I still have the cancelled Shakespeare test to write today too, so…. I wish I could, but auditions are coming up soon too." She exhales a quiet breath. It just started but it's already looking like one long semester. She takes a step back, and rubs the back of her neck. "But I'll definitely let you know about the apartment thing." When Jane mentions Peter, she blinks, and fidgets. "Oh yeah….he was gone for a month. He just came back from a trip actually. I'm sure he'll tell everyone he needs to talk to about it." If Jane had been involved in the beginning, he probably would. It wasn't her tale to tell, and if they had been exchanging information, it would be best if Peter talked to her. "I actually have no idea where he is now but…you should go check out EB. I think Cass gave him his job back despite being gone for so long."

"Maybe I'll just call him," Jane states quietly. "Worst that'll happen is we won't talk, which is no different from right now, nothing to lose." Her eyes close briefly. "NYU's a snap for you, Emma. It might seem enough to make you nuts, but you got into MIT. And better than that, I think you're Yale material." Because to her the Ivy League, and her alma mater specifically, is even better than MIT. "I hoped you'd go there, even though I'd miss you being around." Another quick hug is attempted, after which she steps back. "Knock your classes dead, chica."

And with that she faces the street, places two fingers in her mouth, and lets out a sharp piercing whistle of the sort which never fails to snag a cab. It's good to be capable of such high pitches. When one stops, she gestures to the latina. "That's for you. Get you there faster."

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