2009-12-23: Arbitrary Laws



Date: December 23, 2009


Persi and Jo meet in Central Park… they don't really get along…

"Arbitrary Laws"

Central Park

So! Christmastime is fast approaching, and that means two things! One: everybody's thinking about Christmastime! Two: It's really damn cold. As such, Persi's found herself a nice, thick trenchcoat to keep herself warm during the day; at night's another question, but she'll deal with that later. For now, she's also found herself a classic red-and-white Santa hat and stands out in the busiest pathway in Central Park she could find ringing a bell and holding out what looks to be a de-labeled coffee container, all while endlessly repeating, "Donations for kids! Kids need presents, I need donations, think of the children." The weird part is that she neither looks nor sounds the part of Christmas charity person, partially because of her flat, monotonous, unenthused voice, partially because, well…she just doesn't look it.

Bundled up in a black trenchcoat, black pants, and a black scarf, Jo is a stark contrast to the various Christmas lights and decorations around Central Park and area. Her eyebrows furrow as she approaches Persi. Skeptically she raises an single eyebrow as she crosses her arms over her chest. "Your coffee container looks real legitimate there, luv." With a hmmm she peeks at the jar. "Which kids are you collecting donations for, anyways?"

Persi narrows her eyes a tad in annoyance at the fact that somebody would actually dare to question her coffee container and responds in that same monotone, "The kids that don't have presents for Christmas, the hell do you think I'm collecting for? I'd say to move along if you weren't gonna donate, but I'm afraid it might be a little unethical to take donations from the dull, doncha think?"

"And which kids are these, exactly?" Jo asks blandly, arms still crossed over her chest. She's not remotely thrown by the comment of her being dull, in fact, she just studies the other woman, the can, and the park.

Persi stops ringing her bell now and gestures vaguely with that hand, "You know, the poor ones in…Suriname. Are you gonna donate or are you gonna ask questions? These kids are hoping for something real nice for Christmas and you're sorta blocking my action here, lady. That's gotta be some kinda sin, obstructing the efforts of a charitable individual such as myself."

"Kids you know personally?" Jo asks, still skeptical about the entire charity case. "And no, I only donate to registered charities, which clearly you are not considering you took a strange pause." She chuckles mirthlessly at the notion of sin though, "I'm pretty sure I've done worse things in my lifetime." Her lips curl upwards into a wicked smile, but only for a moment.

Persi gives the skeptic a look now that's clearly annoyed and lets out a sigh, "Geez, is there a stick someplace you'd like me to help remove? Why d'you feel the need to impede my business? I'm not hurting YOU, now am I?" Grumbling a bit more under her breath, Persi sticks her bell in one of the coat's many pockets, then empties out the coffee can in another, deeper pocket.

"But what you're doing is illegal. And highly unethical," Jo says simply. She's not law enforcement, else she would've busted Persi already. She sighs irritably before adding, "When you break the law, you hurt the public. That's why laws exist." A glances is given to each of the pockets, but she says nothing else.

Persi can't help but grin and wave her free hand a little to add to the mockery when she responds with, "Oh no! Not the public! I wouldn't /ever/ want to hurt the public." That said, she tosses the coffee can into a nearby trashcan andwidens her grin, "Anyway, who're you gonna tell? Just forget about it and go on your little way, why doncha?"

"Well who are you to break the law? Above the rules, are you?" Jo narrows her eyes before tightening her jaw. "And I don't forget about things. Letting things go isn't exactly my style, luv." Now she actually smiles. But it's a wicked smile.

Persi crosses her arms and raises her eyebrows at that and keeps grinning, as if it's some kind of contest, "And who are you to tell me to OBEY the law? And who are the legislators to make the laws? And what are the laws that I must obey them? Sounds to me like my thinking myself above the law is only as arbitrary as the laws themselves, doncha think?"

"Laws are far from arbitrary. Lawmakers exist to protect the people — voted by the people for the people." Jo's tone is lazy, detached even. She buys into what she's saying, but clearly doesn't expect to change Persi's mind either. "There are checks and balances in place to help people like you go behind bars." She chooses not to answer the question about her identity, instead quipping, "You haven't revealed anything about yourself other than you get money by inventing charities and praying on the innocent. I have no reason to reveal anything else about myself."

Persi raises her eyebrows a tad and tilts her head to the side, "I never said anything about working for a charity, now did I? And anyway, who's to say that my purpose isn't to do exactly what I'm doing? I mean, once you start talking about purpose and rights and all that, you're just getting way into subjective territory. Suffice to say that you're you and I'm me, and if you don't do anything to screw with me, I won't have any reason to return the favor. Makes sense, yeah?"

"You don't want to screw with me," Jo smiles although the smile lacks warmth. Her eyes are directed back to her path as she drags her feet. "Don't let me catch you here doing this again." That said, she continues on her way, still altogether calm and collected.

Persi rolls her eyes at the threat and stuffs her hands in her pockets before calling after the other woman, "Way to be unfriendly! Why such a grouch?" Of course, since Jo's walking away, she trails off after that and wanders off in her own direction, likely to spend her ill-gotten gains.

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