2008-09-12: Arrivals and Departures


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Guest Starring:

Daniel & Janet Reynolds (thanks Sophie!)

Summary: Cam is reuinited with his parents after two years apart.

Date It Happened: September 12th, 2008

Arrivals and Departures

JFK Airport

John F. Kennedy Airport is rarely in a state of complete silence; it rarely lacks for a sense of movement. People need to be somewhere, either coming or going, at all hours.

The minutes are ticking past 7:45 AM, and Niki stares up at the incoming flight schedule where the digital numbers list the planes flying in from Asia. Stress lines worry at her forehead, blue eyes full of concern. It's early, but she's done her best to look presentable: grey dress pants and a blue shirt, though the similarly hued sweater she threw on to beat the morning chill keeps falling off her shoulders. She looks back at Micah, just behind her, and lays a hand on the back of the other boy, Cam, nearby. "It shouldn't be too much longer. How you holding up?"

Cam looks up to the board as well, and says, "They need better air conditioning for so many people." Though, today, it's more likely nerves rather than heat that's making Cam sweat. He hasn't seen his parents in two years, after all. And the last time he did, he'd run away.

The plane is a little late, how better to make a little boy sweat? But eventually, the number for the flight is called, and a stream of people start out of the door. Some are harried business people, road warriors with no time to socialize as they immediately head toward their meetings. Some are tourists, others coming home, and somewhere, in the mix, two who seem familiar to at least one little boy whose waiting. A middle aged couple, seem so ordinary, really, eyes scanning the area a little anxiously. The mother, at least. The father gives off a certain relaxed cockiness, even in these circumstances."

Niki tenses when people start emerging. She squeezes Cam's shoulder, gently holding him back: just wait. Though she desperately skims the crowd, the faces mean little to her.

It's Micah, not his mom, who recognizes Cam's parents. He's been over and over their information for his friend's sake. He comes up on Cam's other side, looking from him to the crowd, checking, perceptively, to see if he's caught sight of them, too.

Cam notices them shortly after Micah does. He would probably run forward if Niki's hand wasn't holding him steady, but he smiles brightly and starts to wave eagerly to try to get their attention. "Mom! Dad!"

Two heads turn at that sound, and Mom's face breaks into a bright smile, Dad too, a heartbeat later. They both move forward, Mom tugging Dad along with her as they rush toward where Cam waits.

Niki's gaze — ever-worried — lands on the man and woman now too. She warms, slightly, at seeing their smiling faces and hearing Cam's voice exclaim quite like it does, but she remains reserved. Guarded. Her hand stays on Cam, but she leads him ahead. "Hi," she says once they're all close enough, smiling brightly as she can — trying to look like the capable foster mom she tries to be. "You must be Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds."

Micah follows along quickly, not missing a beat. "Hey." He waves to Cam's parents, flashing a smile of his own but, like his mom, watches them closely with a sort of reserve, looking at Cam a lot.

Cam, as soon as they're close enough, rushes forward to grab hold of his parents in a hug. "I missed you so much, I'm sorry I ran away, I didn't…."

Meanwhile, an airport police officer has been talking to someone who came off of the plane with the Reynolds. He nods now, saying something into his walkie-talkie. Slowly, subtly, a large number of said officers start to move in to surround the group, not making any move yet but just trying to get in position without alerting their targets.

Mom immediately grabs Cam tight, hugging and saying, "I was so worried about you. You're alright, honey?" Dad, well, he shakes his head, settling for the manly back patting, and ruffling Cam's hair. He gets a little distracted from his son, as he keeps scanning the area, trying to be discreet. "It's alright, son."

Niki looks between the man, woman and Cam, trying to hide the unsettled feeling she gets from watching them by keeping her smile friendly. "I'm Niki," she cautiously tries to interject, but gets bolder after a moment by stepping in closer and holding a hand out. Pay attention to me, I've been a mom to your kid! "Niki Sanders. This is my son, Micah. My husband couldn't make it. We've been looking after Cam."

Micah's dark eyes pick up on the activity with the security. Eyeing that walkie-talkie, he gets his phone out of his hoodie pocket. It takes just a second of holding it before he tunes into the radio signal and lifts his phone to his ear to listen. It takes only a few seconds after that for him tug on Cam's sleeve, warning. "…Cam…"

Cam nods quickly to what Niki says as he steps back, looking up to his parents, "Yeah, they've been awesome. I…" Then he blinks at Micah's urgent signal, looking back, "What's wrong?" That's answered pretty quickly, though, as the cops tighten the circle and one steps forward. All have their hands on their guns, though not drawn yet. "Daniel and Janet Reynolds, you're both under arrest. Please place your hands on your heads and lay down on the ground." Cam just blinks, looking around.

Mother holds onto Cam tighter a moment, paling as she hears the words. She is actually in the act of standing up, probably preparing to cooperate when her husband, not quite as caught off-guard, smoothly grabs Niki's arm, tugging her in front of him to use as a human shield. "Slow down, guys. I just want to get out of here…" he begins, obviously thinking he's got some leverage, Cam forgotten by him for the moment.

Oh no. Niki's smile is banished and replaced by a slow, gradual heartbreak for Cam's sake. Once she sees the security guards approaching quite how they do, she knows what's coming. And when Cam's dad grabs for her? She sees that coming, too. But it's too late by the time his hands are on her. She spins around in his grasp. He's bigger than her, tougher, as far as anyone watching is concerned. Break away from this guy with ease and someone's gonna look twice. Instead, she grips hard onto one of his wrists — just holding on, incase — and carefully watches the guards. "Listen, maybe there's been some mistake…"

"Mom— !" Micah calls out, even though he knows his mom can handle himself. He bristles all the same, glowering at the father of his best friend. "Let go of my mom!"

Cam is just starting to shake his head, going to say something, when his father grabs Niki. After he'd so recently said how great she'd been to him. A look of betrayal crosses his face, "Dad!?" Still, suddenly angry though he is, he says, "Don't hurt him." Him? Yep, he knows his father can't hurt Niki, but that she's quite capable of hurting him. The police probably think he's talking to them, though, as they all draw guns now, a couple dashing in to try to pull Cam and Micah away.

Even Mom is a bit surprised by that. But, she redefines 'Stand by your Man', as she moves to her husband's side, "He won't hurt her.. just let us go." she says, nervously. Dad tightens his arm just enough to make it look like he means business, "I don't /want/ to hurt her." He glances, hearing Cam talk, "Sorry kid.. guess there was a little unfinished business waiting for me." with a grimace.

Micah is stubbornly resistant, fighting against the security guards. "Let her go!" he shouts.

Niki tries to meet Cam's gaze. Ironically, the woman being used as a human shield might be one of the least panicked people in this whole scenario. Her gaze is collected; she nods, subtly as she can, to Cam. She gets it. She won't hurt his dad. Unless she has to. "They're gonna arrest you." A wince follows, for Cam's sake. She chances a glance at the nearby face of Cam's father. "Holding onto me's probably not gonna help your case."

Cam, like Micah, struggles against the cop pulling him back, "Stop it…" The guard holding him suddenly yelps, pulling strangely frostbit hands back from Cam quickly. A flash of guilt crosses the boy's face, obviously it wasn't intentional, but he steps forward quickly in the opening, "Dad, just let her go, please!" The officer in charge extends an arm to hold Cam from getting too close, and he says to Daniel, "You know we can't let you go. Hurting her will only make the charges against you worse, and we don't want to have to take drastic measures to protect her."

Mom, with at least some maternal instinct, says, "Daniel, hon.. Cam's here. We can't let him get hurt. We'll.. figure something out." Daniel, well, he tenses a moment, but he sees his chances. They have a gun, he doesn't. He finally just releases Niki, raising his hands, settling them behind his neck. He knows the drill by now.

You'd think that Niki would waste no time in away from Daniel, but as his hands go behind his head, she only turns around. While she's still near Daniel and Janet, she looks at them with a sort of… understanding. Sadness. She could've been them, once upon a time. She practically has been. Taken away from her son in handcuffs. "I'll take good care of him," she says quietly before jogging the short distance to Micah and Cam. She hurriedly slides in between them, arms around both, but doesn't try to drag them any farther away than the security already has.

The cops come in quickly and guide the two to the floor, repositioning their hands to cuff them once they're on the ground, while one reads their rights. Cam watches, tears rolling down his face, leaning in slightly against Niki. The lead officer says to Daniel, "Thank you. I'm sorry we had to do this in front of your son." He is too. The others aren't quite so forgiving, but obviously he's the negotiator, the most empathic of them. He then stands and moves over to Niki, as Cam's parents are taken away, "We'll have to ask you some questions, but would you like medical to check you over first?"

"No, I'm okay," Niki reassures the security with a grateful smile. She leans into Cam as he leans into her, touching a hand to the back of his head.She watches the man and woman being taken away. "I'm sorry too, baby. I wish it didn't have to turn out this way."

Cam nods a little bit, and says softly, "Shouldn't've grabbed you like that." He can't really forgive that, not just this moment anyway. He just watches them go, then turns to hug Niki. The officer gives them a few moments. He'll ask his questions in a moment, though. He has a lot of them.

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