Aspen St. James
Aspen Vessley
Portrayed By Lauren Cohan
Gender Female
Date of Birth ???
Age ??
Zodiac Sign ???
Aliases Melissa Johnstone-Hemmingway; Nina; Penny many more.
Place of Birth London, England, UK
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Company Agent. SUPER SPY.
Known Relatives ???
Significant Other Michael Vessley (husband dearest)
Known Abilities Getting locked in closets kicking Michael's ass
First Appearance Too Good To Be True

Rich and reclusive, not much is truly known about Aspen and most of what is known is a well-crafted lie. At least … some of it.

The public image of Aspen St. James Vessley is this: NYU alumni with a Psychology degree, originally hailing from London, England. Lives a private, upscale lifestyle, married to Michael Vessley. Brainy. Sharp-tongued. Exceedingly British. Done. Next?




Wouldn't you like to know!



  • "It is your own bloody fault that I locked you in the flipping closet!"
  • "They don't hire me for being honest and good, but I like to pretend."
  • "Oh, you thought that was the real me? Muffin."
  • "If you see someone waltzing in to kill you, do press your emergency button next to the bed. No one will get to you in time, though."
  • "Wounded angry puppy is a good look for you, I'm sad to say."
  • "Is that a challenge I hear?" (pause) "Mm. No. That's just the sound of your impending failure."


  • Was partnered at the Company with Michael Vessley, curiously breaking the "one of us, one of them" rule.
  • Also went to college with Michael. There was an incident involving a closet.
  • Has worked with The Haitian.
  • Knows a lot about spy gadgets.
  • Has worked with respected New York psychologist Dr. Eames under the guise of interning as a student. In actuality, they both work for the Company.
  • Aspen is a good fencer.
  • On-screen disguises: College Girl Aspen (hates it), Socialite Lesbian PTA Member Melissa (hates it), Geek Girl Nina (hates it). Total: 3


~ Yeah Yeah Yeahs - "Mystery Girl" <Play>
~ Queen - "Killer Queen" <Play>
~ Vera - "Run Baby Run" <Play>
~ Boomkat - "The Wreckoning" <Play>

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