2007-07-12: Asset = Liability


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Summary: Peter brings a present to Mara and discovers she's moving.

Date It Happened: July 12, 2007

Asset = Liability

Mara's Apartment

It's late. The sun's been set for a while. The streets of New York are less busy than usual. Still, Peter got dropped off in a taxi a few blocks away so he can stop into a store and get something. He hasn't stopped in in quite some time, hasn't seen her at all since the night he half forgot, and he can't help but get something. Luckily, he doesn't purchase alcohol, though that does happen to be one of the few things he knows she likes. The whole way, he tries to get something to work, but it doesn't… so when he knocks on the door there's a little brown stuffed dog in his hands.

About an hour to midnight. New York truly never sleeps. Mara doesn't either. She's sitting on her couch with a decent sized box between her knees, packed with clothes and a bottle in a plain, brown paper bag. On top of it all is a manila envelope. When Peter knocks, Mara looks up and stares at the door. She swallows uneasily and gets up to peer out the door. "Peter? That's really you?" She opens the door for him. Peter or not, it won't do any good to deny him entry. "Come on in." The apartment is more bare than usual. Not that it took much to pack up everything she owned and leave the apartment in almost the same condition it was when she moved in. "Is that for me?" she asks as she spies the stuffed toy.

"It's me," Peter says, waving the stuffed toy upwards. "In Monopoly, we both prefer the dog," he says with a lopsided smirk, that doesn't last too long as he steps inside and blinks at the blanked state of the house. Sure, they'd never gotten out to do the shopping with everything that was going on, but that doesn't really mean that he expected to see her place all packed up. "You're moving," he says with a hint of surprise, before he looks towards her. "What happened?" That smile he'd started to get is gone.

What happened? That's a question Mara isn't sure she wants to answer. She brushes the hair away from her face absently, revealing a dark purple bruise from her hairline to her cheekbone. "You may wanna sit down. Can I offer you a drink? I'm trying to get rid of what I've got."

"You were attacked?" Peter says, suddenly worried. He looks tempted to reach forward, but he keeps hold of the stuffed dog for a few moments longer, before he moves to sit down, "Yeah— whatever you got." It's been a long couple of days, but a few drinks won't kill him. Whatever the deal is with the dog, he's holding onto it still.

"Oh, this?" Mara realises what her face looks like. "Naw. I had a vision and I fell. Damn ability, yeah?" She nudges the box with her foot to scoot it to one end of the couch. "Don't touch the envelope unless you wanna be down for a few minutes. Just sayin'." She makes her way to the kitchen where she retrieves a two litre of Cherry Pepsi from the refrigerator and then a bottle of Jack Daniel's from a cupboard above the sink. She pours him a generous shot (maybe a shot and a half… or two) and then adds in the soda. "Here." She returns and holds the glass out to Peter. "I'm fine. Just… movin' out. Can't stay here." It's worth noting that she doesn't return with a drink for herself.

Continuing to attempt to do something despite distraction, Peter does notice when it finally works. The small stuffed puppy in his hands begins to change rather dramatically. Going from a fuzzy brown and turning into… well… gold. All of it. Even the insides turn into solid gold. Reason he notices is because it gets heavy and solid. Okay— there we go. "Took long enough— guess I had to hear about how your ability hurt you to get it to work…" He sets the now solid golden dog nearby and accepts the drink. "I can get you one for cuddling later, but I figured… it'd be a hell of a conversation piece." Solid gold doggie that's sitting up and looking just like a stuffed animal. Accepting the drink, he doesn't down it just yet. "What happened?"

"Jesus Christ." Mara watches as the toy turns to gold and she blinks several times. "Neat trick." And she knows where he picked it up from, too. "Thank you." Won't be worrying about money for a while, huh? "You can go check out the bedroom if you wanna see. But you might wanna finish that drink first."

"Figured- it made up for the apartment a little," Peter says, shrugging. One of the few good things he ever got from the Company, in his opinion- though he can't rely on it too often. After the first time he used it, he's more afraid of using it on accident. It took him thirty minutes to get it to work this time- definitely not something he can rely on in any kind of situation… and using it too often… Might make it happen more easily. Downing a good half of his drink in a few gulps, he moves into the bedroom to see for himself… and though there's silence, it's easy to tell he saw it when he steps back out, face pale. He downs the rest of the drink, before he moves across the room and puts a hand on her shoulder. This power is much easier for him, and she won't even notice. But it gives him a chance to look around knowingly- and she'd still be able to see him. "Do you know- know where you're going to go?"

"I'm goin' to Hartsdale for a few days. Stay with a friend. 'Til I find another place in the city. Nathan says I just need to keep movin' around. Makin' it interestin'." She rests her cheek against the hand on her shoulder. "Buying time. That's all I need is time, yeh?"

"Guess my visit might kill two birds with one stone, then," Peter says with a grimace. "Won't ask who you're staying with, but… You should know how to contact him, since you've mentioned him recently… Came over today because I need to talk to Mohinder." He continues to hold onto her shoulder, while he scans the area.

Mara smiles gently. Yeah, that definitely kills two birds with one stone. "Everybody and their mama needs somethin' from Mohinder lately. What can I do for ya, Pete?" She steps away, breaking contact so she can go get herself something from the kitchen. She's startled when he immediately disappears. "Peter! You have to warn me when you're going to do that." She gropes about for the invisible man for a moment before her fingers find his shoulder. "You lookin' for him?"

"Sorry," Peter reaches down to take her hand instead, so that they can move about and he can walk with her. "Figure at least this way we'll both know, right?" It just feels better. He can't stay forever, but he can at least walk with her to the kitchen. He has a glass to put away. "Needed to see Mohinder because of— the girl who was living with him. Molly. I'd wanted to do it before, but they moved her and then she was kidnapped… but if I can figure out how she does what she does… I could find him." But he had other reasons for this question, but her problem matters just as much as the reason he was going to visit her to ask about Mohinder.

"Yeah. I'll ask if we can arrange a meeting of some sort. I'm sure that won't be an issue." Mara's fingers lace tightly with Peter's. "You sure you want that ability? That's a lot of responsibility. It can make you into…" She sets his glass aside and pulls him in for a hug. "If— I just don't think it's a good idea, Pete. It's handy, sure. But you've got to worry about who's going to want you to do for them. It's an asset, but each asset has to match with some sort of liability." Head resting on his shoulder, it seems Mara's grateful for someone to lean on. "You could be used to find every single one of us."

"At this point… think there's very little anyone can make me do that I don't want to," Peter says with a shake of his head, reaching an arm around to hug her against him a little more tightly. His eyes still cast around, trying to make sure that nothing is going to be popping out of the shadows at them. In some ways what he just said might come off as more confident than normal, but there's also a darkened grimace in his voice. As if he's recently been given a view that… he doesn't necessarily like. "I was almost too late to save someone a few days ago. If I could have found them on my own… it wouldn't have mattered. If I can use this to find— find Gray— or someone I care about the next time they get taken— then it'll be worth it."

"All right. I'll set it up. Just… don't tell anybody about it, okay? When you find people, claim it's some sort of gut instinct. The last thing you need is Gray takin' you by the throat and askin' you how to find everyone." Although it isn't Peter's throat she's worried about. Gabriel Gray's too smart to threaten Peter directly. There's much better ways to coerce the younger Petrelli. And the detective almost hates herself for thinking that way. "Can you do me a favour, though?"

It's not his throat either of them are worried about. Peter would gladly die to protect people— but even if Gray threatened to kill someone if he didn't talk, he has enough tricks up his sleeves now he'd probably take the chance to save them, rather than give into the hostage situation. It would depend on how it happens. But he does nod. "I can't say I won't tell anyone, but— I understand." There's some people he'll probably still tell, at least in terms of saying it's an ability. But he doesn't have to explain how it works. "What favor?"

"I need a place to stay tonight. I'll drive to Hartsdale in the mornin'. I don't feel comfortable drivin' out there by myself at night. And I can't stay here." And she certainly can't stay with Nathan. Mara leans back to give Peter her best pleading look. "Can I just stay at your place tonight? You don't even have to be there. I'll even sleep on the couch if ya prefer. I just can't stay here and I don't want to be at some motel." Unfamiliar territory.

There's a pause, then Peter nods, "Sure. You can stay at my place tonight." Least he can do after burning down her last loft apartment. It won't cause much of a trouble. "Going to leave your stuff here until morning, or leaving it in the car?"

"I'll just leave it in the car and take off in the mornin'. It'll make it easier." The redhead smiles faintly and pats Peter's cheek. "Thanks. I owe you." Though they do tend to return favours just about as soon as they incur them. "I promise I'll call you just as soon as I arrive in Hartsdale and get settled in. I'll let you know what I hear from Mohinder, too." She tips her head to one side, "You want another drink for the road?"

"Drink for the road works," Peter says, pulling away as he fades back into visibility. They can always do this a few times on the way there, but he's pretty much verified the place by this point. After the drink, they'll make their way to his apartment, and he'll make sure she gets to bed.

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