2007-11-22: At The Ice Rink


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Summary: Kiri is getting her skate on while Tyson happens upon her while taking a break from patrolling Central Park.

Date It Happened: November 22nd, 2007

At the Ice Rink

Uptown, NYC - Central Park

Kiri is seated at a bench beside the ice rink (Wollman's), having one ice skate already on and working on lacy up the second. She occasionally glances up to watch the people skating about, seeminly taking her time, readjusting the lacing as she goes.

Being around noon, and being more or less tired from patrolling the park up until now, Tyson decides to plop down on the bench next to the ice rink. Sure, he has no intention of skating, not even having skates, but watching other people have fun was just as nice; especially since the fun he was usually acquainted with got people hurt… At any rate, he didn't figure anything would pop off today, but if they did he'd be ready for it. Looking around, specifically at the bench he was on, Tyson, finally, notices a girl next to him putting on skates and decides to be cordial, "Hello there…" He began nonchalantly, not even certain if the girl would hear him the way he said it, "Nice enough day, so far, eh?" This he says with more clarity.

Glancing over at the man, Kiri pauses lacing up her skate. "Sure looks like a good day so far, if the weather holds, anyways." Dropping her attention back to her boot she adjusts the lacing once again for tightness before beginning to lace upwards again. "You're not going to skate?"

Glad she was actually going to make conversation, Tyson shakes his head at her question, "Me? Skate? Oh, no… I was just walking around and decided to stop here. Really, I like having traction under my feet." He shrugs, "Going out on a limb though, I'd have to bet that you are going to skate?" Of course she was, he was watching put her skates, still, he asks with an oblivious tone that might even suggest he is joking.

Kiri wraps the excess lacing around and around the top of her boot before tying it off, glancing once again at the man nodding and tossing off a smile, "Yes. I am going to skate." Stomping her feet lightly she stands up on the thin blades testing the fit of the skates balancing easily on the thin blades. "You're afraid of ice? Traction. Traction. So you don't go out in the rain? What happens if it snows? You have those grainy things in your shower too, huh?" She glances down at your feet to see what you are wearing with an oddly curious expression.

Tyson eyes the girl carefully as she stands and makes her accusations and notices when she starts eying his running shoes, great for traction. Offguard but not ready to give in, he admits, "A little, yes. You start slipping and sliding on ice and nature takes it course. You're going down and it's going to hurt. Rain is fine, snow sucks, and shower's can be a very dangerous place if you spill some liquid soap or something…" He stands as well, "But you know what? Let's just find me some skates and I'll show you that I /can/ do it, IF I wanted to." He stands resolute, urged on by… something… probably testosterone…

Kiri points offhandedly at your running shoes. "Well. If you wear those, yeah physics, not nature is going to have a bit of fun." She takes a few steps towards the rink, looking over her shoulder, "Sure, grab some skates. They are better for dealing with ice." A few more steps towards the rink and she begins watching the people sliding by, some fast, some lazy - looking for an opening. "And if you've never skated before, maybe some elbow and knee pads and a helmet." She offers the last with a bit of a shrug as she steps out onto the ice and immediately accelerates with some easy swinging strides to bring her up to speed with the small group she's joined.

Tyson's eye twitches a little at all the fun he assumed the girl was having at his expense. Instead of shouting something back at her over the crowd, what he thought of as awkward, he just turned and started walking towards the skating rental muttering to himself. "This girl is goofy… cooler than the ice she's skating on… Size Elevens, please."

On the closest bench he quickly undoes his shoes and replaces them with the skates. "A little loose… but it's cool." He speaks outloud, tying them and thinking it best to copy the girl's way of tying them one last time around the top of his skates. "Maybe you need kneepads and a helmet?~ Right… though it's not like I've ever skated before… Hm…" Originally declining the offer, Tyson now thinks it might have been a good idea. Getting another thought, he stands and hangs his shoes around his neck by their now tied together laces, eying the ice intently, "I wonder…" At any rate, he steadily makes his way toward the rink and waits for the girl to come back around before actually heading out on it.

Having kept an eye on Tyson with the few revolutions she's made, she turns around and slows herself down skating backwards a bit, gliding gracefully, moving closer towards the edge of the rink where he's looking to get onto the Ice. "You've skated before." She assumes anyways, seeing no protective gear. "Or just plan on going slow?" The expression changes to a genuine curiously puzzled expression which dissipates as she gets nearer. "That must be it." Which, isn't clear.

"Listen, it's nothing I want to brag about, but I know I can take much worse than anything I'm going to deal with on the ice. My not wanting to skate was just me saving all my damage taking for the ring." He shrugs, stepping out onto the ice, he takes a moment to get his bearings while holding onto the waist high barrier between the land of much traction and the slippery hell he was about to experience. "But yeah… I've only skated a couple times before when I was little…" Thinking about those times filled him with some dread for this, but he wasn't going to let that slow him down as he pushed himself out from the wall. "You seem to be a pro, though. Do you skate a lot or are you just some embodiement of an Ice Queen?" He pauses, but continues to move, "You know? I think I've seen you on Ice Skating competitions on ESPN2…" He's obviously poking fun at her, despite her being able to skate backwards…

Kiri says, "Skate a lot? No. I haven't been on the ice in at least two years." Using her backwards position, she crouches and applies some speed to make a small loop into the inside of the rink and back around nearer to you facing forward in the process. "Guess it's like riding a bicycle. Then again, I am from upper state. It's all snow and ice half the year." She looks you over. "You doing okay?"

Tyson drops his jaw a little at all Kiri was doing. It was like he was some ant and she ws toying with him over and over, even if she wasn't doing it intentionally. "Yeah, like riding a bike… I'm doing great though." He was doing all right, his speed wasn't that impressive, but he probably wasn't going to fall over… "It's like I thought, the loss of friction sucks, but you just have to know how to operate in the space." Even as he was saying this, he seemed to be moving more fluidly.

Kiri turns around once again to watch you occasionally glancing over her shoulder so as not to run into anybody. "Mmmm hmmm. Doing good. You have skated before." She turns around again to navigate a small gaggle of people. Calling over her shoulder she inquires "So what's with the fascination with traction. People always chasing you?"

"Well…" Tyson tries to pick up his pace to catch Kiri, not that it's really all that possible if she wanted to evade him. He just doesn't want to go out shouting things that had a controversial connotation, still in ear shot, more or less, he states loudly enough, he hopes, "I'm a fighter," He subsequently starts speaking louder, "Being able to catch myself without slipping is kind of a necessity. Besides, if anyone was chasing me, it wouldn't be like that for long if I had any say about it."

Kiri slides off to your right and drags one skate by the tip, slowing herself to a more casual pace. "Fighter?" She slips ahead just a tad turning around to get another look at you, "Win any prizes? Aren't you a bit young. Don't you have to be 18?" She shrugs as she turns back around a puzzled look on her face, "And what does that matter outside the ring, the slipping thing."

"Technically it's called Brawling…" Tyson shrugs, "but yeah, there's prizes, money. About the age thing… I'm really just the Junior Brawl Commissioner, but I've got the task of auditioning new fighters before they get into the ring. It's my self-imposed duty." He smirks, until he remembers something and then sighs, "But the age thing does keep me from participating in any publicized fights, like the tournament that's going on in December… It's whatever though, if there's enough of a youth turn out I might have a Juniors Brawl. At any rate, traction/slipping, it's important regardless. If we were slipping around all the time, how would anything get done?"

Kiri says, "I guess we'd have to ask the penguins. They don't seem to mind too much." She begins angling for the edge of the rink towards one of the off ramps. "Come on. I want a hot dog." Listlessly dragging a skate being her she slows to an easy pace and simply walks off the rink glancing back to make sure you're following. "You don't mind hot dogs, right?" She seems serious in the question."

To say the least, Tyson was thankful when she decided it was time to get off the ice, if only for a while. "Sure, hot dogs are fine." He follows her in his wobbled fashion until he gets the break to step onto a less slick surface. This, however, doesn't go as smooth as he hoped as slips on the exit, landing on his butt and knocking a cluster of people down as a result. He sighs, "It was bound to happen, we kept talking about it. But do you really know penguins like the colde and ice? Maybe their cursing all the time?"

Kiri frowns slightly at the commotion before stepping over and holding onto the railing with one hand and offering the other to you. "Well. If they are cursing all the time, when they really get mad, I wonder what that's called?" Keeping her grip on the railing she leans towards it to help pull you up. "I don't think I've ever seen a made penguin though?" The last is almost a question.

"The problem is, how can you tell?" He stands with the girl's help, pushing himself up to his feet with his other hand. "Sorry about that everybody, this boy just can't help knocking people down…" He laughs nervously looking back towards the girl whose name he still didn't know. "I'm Tyson, by the way."

Kiri lets go of your hand once she's sure you're stable. "Tyson? Let me guess. Do you bite ears?" She giggles slightly before turning and heading towards her orignal goal. A hot dog vendor. There's a small crown around it either eating or waiting their turn. "Tyson. Right." Turning around she asks "What kind of hotdog do you want? Drink? Fries?"

"Funny…" Tyson sides, chuckling a little, not having heard that before. "But yeah, regular hot dog, I guess… root beer is fine. I'll pay." There's no deliberation about that, as noted by his tone. Then his phone rings. It's a simple phone ringer, not some fancy song or awkward voice, but a ringing. "Excuse me," He turns off to the side and starts speaking, "Yeah? … Hey, Francis, what's the-… … … Are you serious? … … Then we've got to call the CDC and have them dispose of the meat. I'll be there soon."

Tyson ends the call and turns back towards Kiri, "Turns out the Gemini Meats are infected with some mutated virus… that's where we get our meat from… I've got to go make sure everything's okay…" He coughs… pauses… and takes off, not even waiting around to get the girl's name.

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