2010-05-11: At The Library



Date: May 11, 2010


KeLyssa and Jayson happen to be at the library at the same time. And wow, they both happen to have an effinity for plants, or at least she does, for today

"At the Library"


It's late afternoon, and KeLyssa has taken to dropping by the library before she has to go on to work. The library is quiet today…or rather, even more quiet than it usually is. Sitting in a far corner, back in a part of the library that few usually venture to unless they have a school project, she reads about plants that are believed to have been around in the ice age.

One of those, who are the few and far between in the area about plants is Jayson Kim, a quiet Korean teenager, is sitting on the floor, a book on plants found in the rainforests. Having apparently heard on the news about the plane that went down and just, for the heck of it, tries to see what the survivors 'if any' will have to deal with. A few other books on the Amazon and Brazil surround him as well. As he works and tries to figure things out.

KeLyssa sighs to herself and plops the book down on the table heavily. "Manzanita? What in the world kinda plant's that?" She murmurs, flipping to the back of the book, trying to find it in the glossary. "What kinda book like this don't got a glossary?" Sighing again she leans back, rubbing her eyes. "Ya'd think this'd be easier than it is." She murmurs to herself.

Jayson sighs and rises, gathering his things and heading for a table.. the floor is a bit of a pain and the laptop screen is a bit too far. The table happens to be KeLyssa's, when he spots her, "Oh, hi.." he says softly, with a bit of a smile. "Mind if I join you?" As he tries to half juggle the books and laptop. He did hear her too, and that's a new one to him. "Manzanita… hrm…" he murrmers and tries to think on that one a bit.

KeLyssa gracefully waves a hand at the table. "Go right ahead. Ain't like nobody else is gonna use it." She says absently. "Yeah. Manzanita. Ain't got no clue what it is, but the book…" She motions to the one in front of her, "mentions it numerous time an' it don' say what a manzanita is. Ain't that jus' chummy?" She says, her southern accent as prevalent as ever.

Jayson smiles and settles his stuff on the table. Then takes a seat. "Oh wait, I think that's just a common name for it." He might beKorean, but American born, so other then the looks, he even sounds American. Though possibly more Maryland, then a New Yorker. Below the Mason Dixon, so a hint of the southern accent is present. "That's a type of evergreen. More west coast. North West usually, but there is a species of it that grows down in California and Mexico too." He tells her. "It blooms winter to early spring, and in late spring and early winter has edible berries. Well, depending on the species." Geek!

KeLyssa scratches the back of he neck as she leans back once more, listening. "Well…okay. Good ta know. Leastways now whenever I'll read the name, I ain't never gonna be confused 'bout it none at all!" She says giving a little smile. "How's it ya know so much 'bout it, eh? Ya study it or somethin'?" She asks, curious.

Jayson smiles, "Well, plants are pretty much a hobby of mine, and I'll be taking courses on that and horticulture and such in College and well.." he looks around still unsure how 'safe' it is to reveal himself.. so he just says, "Basicly I'm a plant geek. And not just the local stuff." he smiles back at her and idely flips through one of the books he has. His father would not be happy with him, if he knew he was even thinking about talking about his power.

KeLyssa nods a little. "Well, ain't that somethin'." She says casually. "Ain't nothin' wrong with likin' somethin' an' learnin' 'bout something. Leastways, I wish I'd continued with my studies in college. I thought about psychology. Or somethin'. Maybe biology. That sorta stuff's always interestin'."

Jayson smiles, "Yeah, and with that sort of experience I could get into a few places. I am actually thinking of a science carreer. You know, finding new uses for the plants. Though I am already discovering new uses for them as it is.." He says, looking about the room, to see if there are any plants to possivbly demonstrate, without too many people seeing, but none within view.

KeLyssa smiles little, nodding. "Already discoverin' new uses eh? Yer volunteerin' at a lab already? Well, it's a good way fer ya ta get extra credits an' get experience in the field. So I don' exactly blame ya fer doin' that. An' ifin yer in a lab that's discoverin' stuff, well…that's a mighty good thing to put on yer resume, ain't it?"

Jayson bites his lip a bit and shakes his head, "No, not yet. Just up.. still in Highschool, for another few weeks anyway. No I am discovering them on my own." He does spot a plant, that's nearly dead "Hold on a sec.." he says, rises and grabs it. Right off the windowsill. Ignoring the Librarian that's scolding him for it.. but on the way back to the table, it's already looking aliive and full and in bloom. Some pretty easter flowers, that just hadn't been taken care of. Look better then they probably had the day they were purchaced.

KeLyssa tilts her head slightly as the Jayson takes down the plant. Although the plant seems to become more vibrant and alive the longer he holds it, KeLyssa pretends, for the moment, not to notice. "So, what're ya gonna show me? We don't got no microscopes an' we don't got no other scientific equipment, so we ain't able to perform experiments so that ya kin show me interestin' stuff.

Jayson smiles and settles back at the table, and sets the pot, that even when he lets go, holds it's new look. "Well, one I really can't do yet. My dad wouldn't be happy with even that." He thinks a moment as he tries to make the vines appear.. but not going to happen. Much to his dissmay. "That girl who was on TV last year… talking about powers." he keeps his voice really low.. "Well I am one of those.."

KeLyssa furrows her brow. "One…what?" She asks, sounding confused, leaning forward a little. "That girl…ya mean the one who turned herself inta water?" She chuckles. "Ya know, I heard that computer specialists discovered that that was fake. They said there ain't no more truth ta that clip than claims that people've been abducted by aliens." She says, rolling her eyes. Despite the fact that she knows that her own words are false, and that there are people with abilities and that she is one of them, she can't help but be a bit more guarded these days. After all, since her experience with the Alpha Protocol, she has learned that it is wise to be wary. "I hate ta burst yet bubble somethin' awful, but ya can't be like one've 'em, 'cause they ain't real."

Jayson nods, "Yeah her, Jamie something or other." He shrugs though.. "Though, not many can do that." The plant is already at full capasity, even though he tries to make it grow more and get more blooms on it possibly. Apparently already using his power too much. Since it weakens. "Works better with trees.. Stopped a purse snatcher in the park once. Back when I probably shouldn't have used it at all."

KeLyssa shrugs and crosses her arms. "An' what kin you do, if not turn inta water? Control plants, then?" She smiles. "Look, sug, I know it's wonderful ta think ya got a power of somekind, so ya kin be a superhero or somethin'. But it probably ain't it's all cracked up ta be. I mean, in the real world. What if people were afraid o' what ya kin do? What if they wanted ta hurt ya or keep ya locked up? That wouldn't be no good."

Jayson nods, "Yeah, I can control plants." he looks to her, "Dad already calls me a freak for it." he finds something in one of the books he needs and types on the laptop, rather quick. He then looks to her again, "I know it was happening. I know I also plan on just using it for good things. But you got a point. As it is, if dad finds out I used it or even talked about it, even for a moment and I'll be in trouble. At least until I get into college, I should worry about what he says about it. I just wish I could get help, controlling it and seeing what else I can do. If anything."

KeLyssa shakes her head. "I ain't gonna call ya a freak 'cause I ain't really seen ya do much of anythin'." Is said calmly and gently. Though, of course, she's pretty sure he made the plant more alive. "Ya know…I seem ta recall comin' 'cross this book once. I didn't give it much credence 'cause I thought it was a bunch o' hooey, but if ya insist that ya've got this ability, than it might be good fer ya ta read it. It's called 'Activating Evolution' by Dr. Chandra Suresh."

Jayson smiles a bit, "Thank you." he says to her, for not calling him a freak. Though with his power being used a bit too much, he's already a bit weaker.. and the plant is dieing again. He raises a brow, "Interesting." Adding it to his notes, somewhere else on the computer untill he is able to look for it. "I'm sure that's not something I'd find here, I'd probably have to order?"

KeLyssa shrugs once again. "No need ta be thankin' me." She offers nonchalantly. She frowns. "Ya doin' alright? Ya ain't lookin' so hot." She asks, concern riddling her voice. Shaking her head to the question, she says, "Nah, it got popular fer a while there. Ya'd probably be able ta find it here in the library some." She says with a kind smile.

Jayson nods, "Yeah, I will be. I just can't use it anymore today anything beyond three or four times right now is too much, or I'll be passing out." He at least knows he has a limit. "I'll just have to sit here for a bit is all, maybe something cool to drink.." He does here her talking about the book. "Ahh ok I'll have to look into it then, when I am able to move again." Sure enough, it's not long and the plant is as dead as it was when he pulled it from the window ledge. "Is there any formal kind of lessons, that you know of? Maybe an extra curricular non credit course will help."

KeLyssa nods a little bit. "Well, don't strain yerself too much, now. Don't wantcha ta hurt yerself." She says kindly. "As fer lessons…ha, I doubt it. Ifin people've got these here abilities, they ain't exactly broadcastin' it all o'er the place. They don' wanna be called freaks, much fer the same reasons as you don' wanna be called a freak probably."

Jayson nods, "Yeah i know, I just wish there was a way.. you know. So I can control it better anyway. Longer. Get that vine one to work, it did once." He agrees though, "Well my dad is weird, but then our ancestry has a lot of myths and stuff that Western Cultures and the more modern day society even of my wn people find freakish and odd."

KeLyssa nods a little bit. "Well, you go an' do 'er and practice an' I'm sure you'll find a way ta hone yer skills if ya really, really want to." She says, clearing her throat slightly. "An' what kinda 'myths an' stuff' do ya have in yer ancestry that's strange an' odd like?"

Jayson nods, "Yeah, I think I will. I might not show them to everyone, but if I can help out and not be, you know.. seen. Or something. I might take and do some of that when I go with my father on his one buisness trips. I'll just have to find a way to sneak off. He's trying to get me more into a normal job, as he calls it and out of scientific, geeky stuff. Hoping I'll change majors, before I start college." He shrugs, "Well, Koreans have Buddhism, Confucias, They tend to talk to animals. There is one about this woman who sold rice balls for a living and met a talking tiger and the chaos that followed."

KeLyssa shrugs a little. "Western culture ain't any less strange, ya know. witches an' walkin' forests with livin' trees an' ya ever hear the one about Merlin the Sorcerer? He was supposed ta be so powerful that he was timeless. He could go forward an' backward in time at will! Not to mention he 'trained' King Arthur, who was the only one able ta pull a sword outta a stone. How it coulda got in a stone in the first place is beyond me."

Jayson nods, "I was born in America, I've watched those things and read up on it. So yes, I know about it." he says with a smile, he is resting and though he doesn't have a drink, feeling a little bit better. "My grandfather came here once, and told me that anything not western culture to the people in the west, is wrong. And that they force us into their ways." he shrugs, "I don't see it like that at least."

KeLyssa chuckles, shaking her head. "Them crazy British. Though all myths kin seem a li'l crazy, eh?" She grins. "And dragons did, in part, evolve in western culture without the aid o' stories from the east. Dragon myths ain't unique to only Asia." She smiles. "But maybe yer granddaddy didn't know that none." She says with a nod. "I do a lot o' readin' on this sorta thing."

Jayson nods, "Yeah, and the Natives here even, have their own myths and stories. Which sort of parrallels some of the Eastern ones." He nods, "Yes, dragons are strong in our culture, though I believe stronger in China then Korea." Though he's not positive. "Probably not, they are still somewhat behind with things in the village where he lives. The plane trip pretty much freaked him out. Though he had round trip tickets, we had to drive him to San Diego, then got him a ticket on the first ship out. He wasn't about to fly back."

"Everyone's got their myths, they do! Ain't no one special like that." KeLyssa states simply. "It's jus' the way things are." She chuckles. "Well…yer granddaddy really ain't used to modern society, is he? Must've taken him a good week or two ta get back there!"

Jayson nods, "Yeah, pretty much, and most find other's myths, odd." Then at her words he stiffles a chuckle, after all, they are in the library… "No he isn't, I haven't been there to visit him since before I started school, but from what little I can remember it's very far behind. More so then most. They have to travel a bit to get to a phone, but yeah, pretty much. A long trip. I'd rather take a plane."

KeLyssa chuckles a little. "Well, m'sure glad I ain't livin' in no place like that. I don' think I'd be able ta do it none…not fer long, leastways." Smiling softly she says, "Looky here…I gotta be goin'. Gotta get ta work. It was certainly nice talkin' to ya though." For what it was worth. "Jus'…don't get too hooked up on the idea that ya gots an ability none. People might think yer a li'l weird if ya tell 'em about it." She nods. "Well, see ya 'round." With that, she gets up and starts towards the exit.

Jayson chuckles and nods, "Yeah, other then the plants there might be cool to check out, I don't think I could handle it any either. Fuiji I think would be better for that too." He nods, "Oh, sorry for detaining you. Have a pleasent day and it was nice meeting you." Then remembering his manners, he does have them. "Oh, names Jayson. Perhapse we'll meet again, one day and I will remember what you have told me." Watching as she heads out before gathering his things and looking for that book to add to his collection, though he might actually go buy that one.

KeLyssa turns around quickly as he introduces himself. "The name's KeLyssa. Jus' be sure ta 'member what I said, like you say you will, an' 'member that book I told ya 'bout. Who knows. Maybe you'll probe me wrong." With a little wink, she's off again.

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