2007-11-06: Auditions


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Summary: Tyson is auditioning new fighters when Beck and Ian show up.

Date It Happened:November 6, 2007


Bronx, NYC - The Brawler's Headquarters

There is a pretty good crowd tonight dispersed among four of the five rings with the middle ring left unoccupied, Tyson is ring side at the closet ring on the left currently doing side work while a teenager with an athletic build went up against a man with large muscles who looked to have much experience in this area. It might be a fair fight, but even if it wasn't, it was the kid's first time and if he was going to be any good, they needed to just test it out…. It had been Tyson's job to oversee the fight and make sure he didn't get /too/ hurt…

Beck isn't quite sure why he came this way. He'd seen a poster or two and heard word from the guy he works with on the morning shift - apparently this friend of his really loves the place and competes regularly. Beck isn't much of a fighter by the look of him when he enters, looking about to try and take it all in while keeping out of the way.

The older man with a stocky build and guarded his torso and head as the young buck bobbed around him trying to view all weak spots before finally rushing in to take shots at him; seemingly to no avail as the man blasted the boy with a straight right jab at the boy's chest, hard…

"I told you not to take it easy on him, Jacko." Tyson called out, shaking his head at the man as the boy stumbled back to catch his breath.

"I did!" Jacko answered back innocently.

"Bull! Go for the face or you won't get paid…." Tyson threatened uncaringly.

"Stupid kid, coming in here and taking over…" Jacko muttered under his breath taking steps towards the boy again ready to do what was asked of him. The kid looked scared but comitted to sticking the fight out, if it-… well, not if it /killed/ him… but still, he wouldn't give in…

Beck makes his way towards the ring. Perhaps drawn by the shouting. His hands are in his pockets and he's doing his best to sidestep anybody who might not think to step out of his way - he's not looking to start a fight, after all.

Tyson lets out a sigh of annoyance at what he had been asked to do, but he knew it needed to be done. Turning his attention outwards from the ring, he examined the faces of the gathered crowd to see who all else was supposed to be auditioning- It was then that he spied a familiar face, not that he remembered the name… did he even know it to begin with..? Nonetheless, Tyson hopped down from the ring and pushed his way through the crowd towards Beck, "Hey!" He said in recognition, hoping he would at least recognize him back.

"Oh, hi," Beck answers when he spots Tyson, lifting a hand out of his pocket to wave before promptly depositing it there again, "Nice place." Although the way he says it, he doesn't seem entirely convinced that it is.

"Yeah, I'm not surprised there was something here like this, but I'm /really/ glad." Tyson admitted with a mild shrug as he looked back towards the fight to see the boy actually getting in a gut shot followed up with an uppercut that made the man take a step back, spit out some blood before reaching for the kid's neck and oblique as he rolled backwards to fling the kid across the ring. "Don't be afraid to fight anyway you want, kid!" Tyson offered as advice, quickly adding, "Just no nut shots or going for the eyes!"

Beck clears his throat a little uncomfortably when he hears that particular gem of a rule fill the air, nodding his head, "Yeah … " He can't quite think of what else to say to that.

Tyson looks back at the man after hearing his response, "Yeah… so… I'm guessing you're not here to brawl?"

"Me?" Beck says, shaking his head, "I'm not much of a brawler."

Tyson examined the guy a moment longer before taking another look back at the ring. The boy was down again and man was standing over him, pounding down on him. "Yeah, it's your own choice, you probably don't want to end up like that kid up there; but I should go take care of him. I'll be back soon." With that, Tyson was back by the ring deciding whether or not to call the fight off.

Nor is Ian really much of a brawler. He's apparently there to spectate, dark eyes wide. Pretty much got the whole tourist thing going on, minus the huge camera and the stupid looking sunglasses. He's in fatigue pants, gray hoodie, combat boots, hands in the capacious front pocket of the hoodie, and intent expression pasted on.

Beck seems to be subconsciously leaning away from the ring, as though trying to keep from getting hit by any flying fluids - blood, spittle or whatever else these fights produce.

Tyson looks on at the fight where the boy was on his back on the ground while Jacko pounded on him with powerful fists. "What are you going to do,…" He looked at the clipboard in his hands, "Jeff? Do you have anything else in you?" His tone becoming more provacative as he stared into the fledgelings eyes.

It's right by Beck's side that Ian ends up. "This is like Fight Club," he says, in his best idiotic college student chirp.

"Hm?" Beck seems shaken out of his own thoughts when he hears Ian talk, glancing over towards him, "I suppose it is … although if somebody based this on that, then I think the might've missed the point."

Everything stops when Ian says what he does, even the fights, so when Beck articulates it is picked up clearly by just about everyone in the place. A hard moment of silence set in while subtle murmurs began to pick up. "Who said that?" Tyson asks, peturbed.

Well, they don't have a pin-spot swing over to pick him out of the crowd, but otherwise, nearly that bad. Ian's left blushing like a schoolgirl, before he lifts his chin and says, distinctly, "Me,"

Beck arches his eyebrows at the silence and whoever might be looking at Ian, glancing sidelong at him but not stepping away or pointing at him to make an accusation.

When Ian claims it, that pin-spot comes on catching both him and his accomplis in its solitary light amidst dark crowd through which Tyson moved, recognizes both of them; Beck obviously, but almost not recalling Ian when he finally made his way through to them. Luckily this was the case, in opposition to what he had been instructed. "You obviously haven't read the Brawler's Code… have you?"

Ian admits, utterly sheepishly, "Uh, no."

"It said this is not Fight Club … doesn't mean it can't seem like it to the casual observer," Beck folds his arms over his chest and does his best to appear tougher than the collective brawlers.

Tyson winces, "Oof." He shakes his head and sighs. "Well, that's a problem; however logical your point…" From the crowd someone shouts:
"Get'em in the ring!"
"Quiet down!" Tyson retorts, looking back at Ian grimly before looking back at Beck. "The thing is… whenever someone says 'this place is like fight club' they make you fight…? Because really, this isn't like fight club because they were rebelling against society by collapsing its infrastructure of corruption, 'money'. We are using the system to hold a venue where people can be entertained, paid, and just have a good time. Still though…" He sighed one more time. "… One of you have got to fight…"

Oh, he's going to get pounded into pulp. Pulpy bits. But Ian squares his shoulders, and narrows his eyes. "Okay, then. I'm game," he says, staring at the ring, though he casts a quick glance at Tyson. He's already stripping out of his hoodie.

Beck nudges Ian's shoulder to say, "You know, you don't actually have to do anything."

Tyson smirks a bit when Ian complies and starts getting ready; especially so because he knew who he was going to set him up with…. Looking back at Beck when he offers his two bits, he can't help but nod at the logic. "You know, you're right? He doesn't, technically. The only thing is- And this isn't a threat, is just that some people get really insulted when other people say things like that… sometimes, they get violent and break rule number three…"

"I'll go. It'll be worth a laugh, anyhow," Ian says, with the air of a man about to be given his last cigarette and sent before the firing squad. And he does, stripping down to his shirt and clambering into the ring.

"Really?" Beck frowns as he looks around at all the people, obviously reading it as a threat all the same, "Well, excuse me if I don't shake in my shoes." For an easy going guy, he doesn't look pleased at all. He nevertheless keeps a keen eye on Ian.

Seeing Ian's enthusiasm, Tyson couldn't help but get hyped, it being funny that this was how things would turn out from just meeting the guy a couple days ago. He shakes his head in laughing disbelief a moment before sighing and taking it in joyously. Before taking his spot in the ring, he looked back at Beck one last time, "So, I take it you don't want to fight him…? I mean, the rule only says for one person to fight, regardless of fear or whatever else… but… If you keep having an attitude, someone's going to have to escort you out."

"You want me to fight him?" Beck asks, glancing towards Ian, "I mean, whats to stop me going easy on him?" Although he doesn't appear opposed to the idea, shucking his jacket as he walks towards the ring.

Nor does the unfortunate Ian, for that matter. The surfer's in the ring, having taken off his boots, bouncing a little on the balls of his feet. He's not swaggering, far from it - he looks grim and resolute.

Tyson seems disappointed for a second before thinking something else and cheering up. Bounding up to the ring, he takes his place next to Ian, "Don't you want to fight? I mean, you were talking about your martial arts training the last time… were you lying just to be cool?"

Beck hangs his jacket up in the corner of the ring, although as he does it he stares daggers at one of the spectators.

Ian tries not to bristle at Tyson. "No," he says, firmly. "Had some kung fu training, done some sparring. I should be okay," So much for boasting and bravado.

"Well," Tyson began with enthusiasm let's give our outspoken guests a hand for following Brawler Code… now nobody has to jump them outside." Members of the crowd clapped and murmured mischeviously as things got back to their usual momentum, special interest being paid to ring number one. "It seems both of them are eager to welcomed brothers in our traditions. Let's have them introduce themselves before we get heavy. You know me, I'm your moderator, Tyson." That said, Tyson turned to Ian and Beck to give their own bits."

"I'm a disagreeable foreigner," Beck says plainly, his accent surfacing in his voice for the first time since he got here. He doesn't have any interest in playing to the crowd.

"I'm an idiot," Ian says, and grins like a fox. "That aside, I'm Ian. Nice knowing you guys," He's apparently abandoned that grim air, at least for the moment.

"You heard 'em, folks!" Tyson seemed to speak out towards each person in the crowd. "We've got ourselves Ian the Idiot and a disagreeble foreigner… almost sounds like a movie title… but that is not the point…" He stopped walking and looked at Beck and then Ian, "Somebodies going to get their ass kicked!"

Beck looks towards Ian, stepping over in that direction and speaking in hushed tones with the hope that the crowd won't hear it, "You know, we could just split … I've got a plan."

Ian is in a ready stance, but he cocks a brow at Beck. Clearly, he's listening.

"Ian. Would you rather fight one or both of us. You're choice seeing as you're the one that really said it…? I mean, I think you've got the attitude, but for your first fight… I think it's probably best to fight someone closer to your age range…" He looked over at Beck a moment, curious, "Are you sure you even want to fight? You said you were more the spiderman type…? Granted he did get his start like this, but… if you're more like wolverine, we can have you get down with the rest of us…"

"Actually, I think we'll be leaving," Beck says, taking a step towards Ian and looking at the rest of the group, "Or else I break the fifth rule … nobody calls the cops." He nudges Ian with an elbow again and murmurs, "Can you run fast?"

"I can run like a bitch," Ian confesses, with no readily apparent shame. "Usedta do track. But we can fight. We can sock each other around a bit, pull punches?" he suggests, brightly.

"Not a, uh," Beck says, tugging on the sleeves of his shirt, "Not a good idea."

"Fine then, buzzkill; you can sit out while me and Ian get down to it. It's fair…" Tyson's energy got others excited as well, they just wanted to see some fighting.

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