2007-11-11: Augur


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Summary: Mohinder thinks he's found a way to target Niki's split personalities and, possibly, dampen them for good.

Date It Happened: November 11th, 2007


Isaac's Loft (Mohinder's Lab)


Mohinder is seated in his lab, taking a little breather. The gunshot wound in his leg has been tended to, but moving around is painful. The damage could have been far worse if Jack had of used a different type of round. Maybe he wasn't so out of his mind after all. An opened Fedex package is sitting next to the computer and earns a faint smile. He's not going to say no to the unexpected gift and it will be well used. There's just a slight problem with the issue of parking and where to keep this rather large present. He takes a drink of chai as he turns to look up at the clock, checking the time. It's still fairly early yet, and if Niki doesn't show.. well.. he'll worry about her health and safety.. and do what he must.

Niki does show, as it turns out. She can't be late; they didn't set a time. All the same, it took some time to get Micah and Cam to their schools and get over here. A light knock rattles the window on the loft door just before she tries it to see if it's open. The blonde hair, searching blue eyes and trim jean-clad form — less trim, where a sleeveless, white winter vest is worn over a grey sweater — should leave no question as to who Mohinder's guest is.

At the knock on the door, Mohinder sets his cup down and eases up from his seat. "Give me a moment," he calls out, hopefully loud enough to be heard by Niki. His movements aren't incredibly hampered by the wound, but the stairs don't make it easier. Soon enough, the locks are heard coming undone and the door opens. "Niki, I'm glad that you made it," he greets, letting the woman in.

If a person can look dismal and hopeful at the same time, Niki Sanders manages to do it. It's an expression she's perfected. "I'm not so sure I am," she admits quietly - but she obviously wants help, she's here. Totally unaware that Mohinder is anything except the picture of health, she doesn't waste any time, staring up at the geneticist. "Did you find some way to help me, doctor?"

Mohinder shuts the door behind Niki, locking it back up. "I've been working at it. It's a slow process, but I'm positive we can find a solution to your situation." He gestures for Niki to head down into the lab proper as he follows. It's a bit chilly in the lab, and the turtleneck Suresh wears does a good job at hiding the bruising left around his neck. (Thanks Jack.) "You said you mixed your medication. The side effects were unpleasant. What I did for another person to help her cope with an unpleasant effect of her ability, was to create an injection. What it does for her, is that it acts a bit like an anti-depressant. It targets the chemical reactions firing in the brain.." Realizing he's rattling off explanations that might be over Niki's head, he clears his throat and says, "Long story short, I think we can find a similar solution for you."

Niki watches only Mohinder and not where she's going as she heads down — but she steps down the lab blindly without trouble, one hand trailing on the metal rail at her side. She's hanging on his every word. When he makes his long story short, she looks momentarily seems left wanting, panicked that he's not explaining more — after all she's been through, a little talk of anti-depressants isn't going to slow her down. "Anti-depressant…" She turns at the base of the stairs in the lab proper, clinging to the end of the rail as she twists to face Dr. Suresh. "But the medication… depression was one of the side effects. You're saying you could… get around that. I could have no side effects."

Mohinder takes the stairs one at a time, holding onto the rail. He stops just a couple of steps up from Niki as she stands at the base. "I was using anti-depressants as an example of chemical functions in the brain and how medication is used to alter that. To make it normal, as it were." If only Niki's multiple personality disorder were of the garden variety sort. "Ordinary, prescribed medication has not helped you, nor has anything that the Company has devised. When you take the suppressants that we've given you, the side effects have been debilitating, correct? Leaving you with little energy to do day to day activities, let alone suffer from personality changes. What you want to achieve here then, is to keep control over the multiple personalities and still be yourself. I can't promise that there will not be side effects, but I'll do the best I can to minimalize them."

The blonde woman nods, her pained expression telling all. That's just it, that's what happens when she takes the meds — and it's somehow heartening that Mohinder understands the side effects, how debilitating they are. Even so… "Either it works, without— without consequences, or I find some other way," Niki says with newfound conviction. "…what kind of side effects?"

Mohinder spreads his hands in a slightly helpless gesture. "That I don't know. Every medication has a side effect, even if it isn't noticed. The side effects aren't even known until there are clinical trials performed." He descends the last couple of steps and limps around Niki, leading on into the lab. "I've been going over your file from Company records, just to save a little time. The part of your brain that lies dormant most of the time.. the part where Jessica is housed, along with other personalities.. I can devise a formula to target that area."

"So what you're saying is…" Niki follows, slower even than Mohinder's limping pace as she thinks all of this through. "It could be dangerous." If it's never even be tested before. Finally, she gently pries, "Your leg. Are you okay?"

"Yes, there is a risk involved. There's a risk in anything. Minor surgery, taking aspirin, birth control medication." Mohinder puts the explanation down to the basics so that it's easier to understand. "My leg? It's fine. Just a minor injury… Come on inside. Have a seat and we'll begin."

"No offense, Mohinder, but this sounds like it could be more risky than my birth control," Niki points out — a legitimate concern, but she manages a faint smile with the use of the scientist's first name. Shifting her weight uneasily from boot to boot, she wets already glossed lips and doesn't follow Dr. Suresh anywhere just yet. "Begin," she repeats, eyebrows raised high. "You're ready? Already?"

"We have to start somewhere, and the beginning is always a nice place. Or so I've found." Mohinder offers a slight smile in return. "Birth control does have serious side effects, I must point out. Like blood clots." He steps back out of the lab to see what is keeping Niki, then realizes why she's probably balking. "I'm not going to start injecting you with serums. Just start a few basic tests.. to make sure we're targeting the right areas."

The tension doesn't dissolve, and still, Niki looks unsure, but she nods wordlessly and strides, across the colourful mural of doom on the floor, toward Mohinder to follow him … into the depths of the lab or wherever it is he expects to do these tests. Sketchy.

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