2010-03-19: Back in Touch



Date: March 19, 2010


Matt lets Janice know that he's not dead yet and is still working on their family reunion.

"Back in Touch"

We could tell you but then we'd have to kill you

It's taken Matt a little while to get settled in at the safehouse, given that he's supposedly dead, and so he can't risk going out on his own in case someone spots him. Not only might they haul him in again, but it could give away the others who have pulled the same trick.

What he can do is reach out and touch someone, thanks to the pay-as-you-go phone that Cody picked up for him during her last grocery run. Now he just has to hope that the number he's calling is still working. It should be, but most of this year has been seriously crappy to him so far…

Los Angeles

That's one thing Janice hasn't done. Change her number, that is. At the moment, her arms are full of groceries as she singlehandedly manages to bring in the numerous bags on her own. As the cellphone's chime goes off, she frowns, kicking the door shut as she hurries to the counter to set the bags down. Fishing through her purse quickly, she finds the phone. Naturally, the number isn't in her phonebook. Better not be a telemarketer. She presses the answer button on her phone. "Hello?" At least she's managed to catch her breath before she does so.

The caller ID says 'unknown number' - but the voice behind it is familiar enough. It almost manages to be relaxed even. "Janice! Good." Matt holds the phone with one hand, running the other through the hair at the back of his head. "Can you talk?" Translation: can you talk without anyone listening in? He dropped out of touch for two months without explanation; unless someone's been feeding her a story in his absence, she should have realized that something bad must have gone down.

The sound of the familiar voice causes Janice's free hand to find the counter to steady herself for a moment before she lets out a breath. "Yes, yes, it's fine here." She answers quickly before moving for the nearest chair, sinking down into it. "God, Matt… are you okay? I thought when I didn't hear from you…"

"You thought right— they tracked me down, hauled me in. Peter said they got their hands on the old Company files." Catching himself before he rattles off too many side details, Matt skips to the end. "Anyway… there's some people on the inside who don't like where it's going, they faked my death and got me out. Now I just gotta lay low until we figure out what to do next…"

More bad news. Janice rests an arm on the table, leaning her head against it. "But you're safe for now, right?" She questions, letting out a slow breath. "Even if that means you're hiding out for a while?"

Matt shrugs. "Safe enough, I guess." Even without the Protocols in the picture, he's spent a lot of years more worried about the safety of others than his own. "Listen, I shouldn't stay on the line too much longer— I'll try to track the kids down again, get them in touch with you. Can you pick them up?" From Germany, at last count, so it'll be a long haul; shorter if Charlotte's still in the picture, but she's sure to be busy with her own agenda.

Janice lifts her head from the table. "Of course I can. Just let me know where to go and I'll take care of it." She sighs, just a little. "Just… be careful, okay? You had me really worried."

"I've been trying, but… it's not always an option. I'll call you back within 24 hours whether I hear anything or not." With that, Matt hangs up and sets the phone down again, carefully tapping in the next number on his list.

Janice stares at the 'Call Ended' on her phone's screen, frowning for a moment before tucking it away. She'll just play the waiting game, again. She'd never been one to sit idly by the telephone, waiting for a guy to call, but in Matt's case, she saw no other choice.

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