2007-11-21: Back in Town


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Summary: Sharon is back in town and stops by to visit a friend.

Date It Happened: November 21st, 2007

Back in Town

Kitty's Apartment, NYC

It's been a long month, and that's just with the mundane stuff. Sharon has been pretty hard to find over the last few weeks, but apparently she's back. It's evening, and the woman figured she'd try to stop by in-person instead of making a phone call or three. So, tonight we find Sharon reaching out and knocking at Kitty's door. Wow, she hasn't been back here since they high-tailed it from the Sylar fight all that time ago. She's dressed in a thick black coat, a pair of earmuffs, and a blue winter cap on her head. A pair of black gloves are worn as well. She would almost seem overdressed, even with the New York Winter coming up.

Unlike Sharon, Kitty isn't really dressed for the upcoming winter dressed in a long white skirt that falls to her bare feet along with a long sleeved white shirt. She pads to the door and before opening, "Hey Sharon." She says loud enough for Sharon to hear and then opens the door, did Kitty have a vision? She quickly envelopes the other woman in an embrace and smiles. "Missed ya."

Either that or there was a peephole on the door? Sharon smiles and returns the hug. "Hey there, Kitty. Thanks. Had a bit of a family legal emergency back home that had to be taken care of, and you know how mountains can be when it comes to cell phones," the woman says. Reception and the Rocky Mountains really just do not mix well together. "How've things been here?" she asks.

"Crazy." Kitty says simply as she makes her way to her couch and then proceeds to sit on the couch crossed legged. She motions for Sharon to take a sit and Tiger soon peeks out of Kitty's room and he jumps on the couch and purrs as Kitty rubs his back. "Met the acid lady from the dream. /Twice/. The first time she burned my face pretty bad but Peter healed it." Kitty runs a hand through her hair.
"Had a vision of a huge tragic event that happens in the future, and I've been helping Peter with the virus." Kitty's tone is candid and she grins at Sharon, "Some month huh?"

"Twice more since when we fought her at the store?" Sharon asks with a frown as she does come in and sit down. "I got cleared and noted to not have the virus, at least according to one of Peter's friends he's got working on it too," she says. A frown. "What event?" Tiger is seen, but Sharon lets the cat be. The cat is, of course, the one who runs the apartment.

"No the same time the first time, but the second was at Target of all places and she was captured. So we don't have to worry about her anymore." Kitty explains to Sharon and Tiger then decides to hop onto the part of the couch behind the two women and prowl there, he soon comes right behind Sharon and he nuzzles her softly, meowing. "It's some bomb event that happens in the future. It was pretty scary." Kitty shivers as she thinks back to that event.

Reaching back to scritch the cat, Sharon nods. "Bombs now?" she asks. Those are never pleasant. "Can't say I know a whole lot about explosives, to be honest with you," she says. "A bit more about them than a virus maybe, but that's not exactly saying much. I'm guessing it's right around here?" Sharon asks Kitty. "The city, I mean". Isn't it always NYC?

"Central Park to be exact." Kitty says and then lays her head back and closes her eyes. "I don't know what I should be doing. Then I met this time travelling guy the other day, he was pretty awesome. I got to see the whole city from the statue of liberty, as in we were on the balcony that the torch is on."

"Time traveling guy?" That gets a raised eyebrow from Sharon. "I…I suppose that's possible, but I guess I didn't think there'd be anyone moving through time. Though couldn't he do quite a bit to help with this bomb?" she asks. Then there's a whistle of appreciation. "Nice, a view from the torch. That'd be something to see alright".

"It was and I loved it!" Kitty says and smiles softly. "Maybe he could help, I'll ask him about it." Kitty ponders and then looks to Sharon, "So nothing new with you really?"

Sharon smiles. "You wouldn't believe the legal mess if I told you, but lets just say when your father owns a small cabin on a mountain, and there's an avalanche, it's never pretty. Especially since he put it in my name once as a gift," Sharon explains. "They thought there were people who were hurt, which is why I had to fly out so suddenly. Turned out to be just wrecked property though. But it was a mess to sort out as some climbers had gone missing in the storm".

"Ouch, that sucks." Kitty rubs Sharon's shoulder and then looks at the TV though the screen is currently off. "Once you get involved in all this stuff, with abilities and such. How the hell do you pretend and go on and act like life is normal when it clearly isn't?"

"Life is life," Sharon says, turning to face the blank television as well. "It's got some new wrinkles to it, but if you don't make it a point to enjoy life as well, then what's the reason to face down acid-wielding women or try to figure out how to deal with bombs from the future?" A small smile is given. "But then again, I might be a little crazy at times. They say lack of sleep affects the brain".

"There is nothing wrong with being crazy, I'm told that I am often. Guess having visions can do that to a girl." Kitty chuckles and then Tiger hops off the couch and then looks at Sharon and Kitty as if he is trying to say 'Don't mess up my home!' as he pads off back to Kitty's room, most likely to get into some kind of trouble there.

"Normal is overrated anyway," Sharon says. "But if you sit down and think about it, you have a leg up on any politician. Anything they do, or if they don't do something, they have to weigh the future consequences of it. You have a vision of what'll happen if things aren't done". She watches Tiger pad off before the woman pauses. "Of course, I just compared having powers to being a politician, so that might not be the most flattering comparison".

Kitty laughs and smiles at Sharon, "I'll hunt them all down if they don't lower taxes like they say!" she says with a mock serious expression and then winks at Sharon. "I use to want to be normal, until I got my ability under control."

"I suppose I had it a little easier there. Not sleeping is pretty easy to control. Doesn't take a whole lot of effort until they start hitting you with elephant tranquilizors," the woman says. "Then it gets a bit more tricky. I don't know if I'd be able to handle visions as well as you do though. Just the one shared one was plenty for me". Sharon frowns at that memory.

"After awhile it gets easier, but there are always the ones the still knock me out or give me a massive headache. If I didn't need sleep that would be so good for me and homework" Kitty smiles as she thinks about all the sleepless nights she had while studying.

"Got me through college pretty good. And not getting tired is a great boon when it comes to training. Doesn't make drills any less repetitive though," Sharon admits with a laugh. "So, how'd you do it? Getting the visions under control, that is".

"Well at first I wore full fingered gloves for a year and didn't dare touch anything bared handed until my stepfather taught me a lesson even though he didn't know he was and I decided to practice my ability, I had plenty of fainting spells and my grades suffered because of my frequent headaches and need to sleep but soon I was able to touch things and not be assaulted with a vision." Kitty explains to Sharon, "It was not easy at all."

"You definitely handled it better than I would have," Sharon says. She frowns a little bit at that. "It's good you've got it under control now. Being constantly assaulted with them". Sharon shakes her head. "So. Other topics. Anything else interesting been going on around town lately?"

Kitty shakes her head and looks upwards, "Not that I can think of now, probably because I'm tired." Kitty says absently and closes her eyes gently. She is just closing her eyes!

Sharon does tend to show up when it's a little late. The fact that time doesn't mean as much to her. "Seems logical. I might have to check out that fighter's tournament I saw some fliers on. Seems like an interesting way to spend some time". She smiles. "Though I should probably get moving then, if you're feeling a bit on the tired side. I'll try to stop by sometime when it isn't evening," she adds with a laugh.

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