2007-04-01: Back into Battle


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Summary: Parkman is out of bubblegum. Damaris is out of excuses.

Back into Battle

Shhh! It's still a secret!

Mara is waiting by the door for Matt Parkman. So when the detective approaches, she opens the door and peers out between the gap that the chain on it allows. This is routine for her by now. Always checking to make sure the person at the door isn't bringing doom down upon her head. "What stuffed toy did Mohinder give Molly when he returned from his last trip?"

(An elephant,) comes Matt's voice, not spoken, but inside Mara's head. "You never know who might be listening," he says as he comes into view, a faint smile on his face. "Can I come in, or do you need to know my social and my mother's maiden name first?"

Mara rolls her eyes and shuts the door long enough to pull the chain off before she lets Matt into the apartment. "No, that'll be sufficient." Once he's inside, she closes up the door and locks it again.

"I'd switch that out for a thick steel one, if I were you," Matt mutters once he's inside. He's come here to deliver news and chew bubblegum, and guess what he's out of? "Molly and Mohinder are safe." Which ultimately means only one thing.

"I… I know." Mara almost didn't have the heart to tell him, but he should know. She leans heavily against the door, rather than propping herself up with her crutches. "Mohinder called and woke me up this morning to tell me… It's only a matter of time now, isn't it? He's coming."

Matt shakes his head and sighs. "There's no telling who he'll go after first. But I'm sure it's pretty crowded at the top of his list." Namely with Molly and Claire. Matt doesn't know about Damaris' vision, and so he narrows his eyes a bit. "You know, you /could/ be out there helping us."

Mara gestures down to her injured knee. "Just tell me what I need to do, Matt. I'm not as useful as I used to be." As much as she hates to admit it. But the prospect of helping? That's always a good one.

The gesture draws a frown from Matt. "Hell, I don't know. But I'm sure you could /find/ something to do if you were out there and not locked away in here. What would happen if we all bunkered ourselves, Damaris? Sylar'd just sit like…" but metaphors fail Matt. Dammit. "Well, he'd just /sit/ there, waiting for people to display abilities like ours and then he'd…"

"And if I don't hide, he'll find me. Would you put Molly out there? Tell her to go 'do her part'?" Mara instantly regrets the words that tumble out of her mouth. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean that. She's just a kid, she doesn't need to be involved in this, abilities or not."

But Matt's face remains tight even after the other detective steps over the line. "She can help from safety. You aren't like her." On many counts. With a deep breath that doesn't do much to lay his proverbial spikes back down, Matt starts toward the door again. He's done his duty.

"What am I gonna do, Parkman?" Clearly they're back to a last name basis. "I can't even walk on my own. You find something I can do to help you? Then let me know. Until then, I'm not going to put myself out there and make it any easier for him." Mara shakily moves away from the door. She won't stop him if he really wants to leave.

"Start by growing a spine," Matt says over his shoulder as he fiddles with the chain and lock. "You're a sitting duck where ever you sit, but if you get to him first, then maybe you can ease that itchy finger."

"I'll think about it. Call me if anything happens. Changes. Whatever." Mara glances away. He's right, of course. She should be out there, doing what she does best: Catching the bad guy. But what's she doing? She's hiding. Like a goddamn coward.

All Matt does is nod and grunt in reply, then he's out the door. It bounces off it's hinges and hangs partway open until Mara decides to close it, giving her a view of her fellow detective walking away - back into battle.

"Be careful!" Mara calls down the hallway after him.

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