2009-11-14: Back Into The Grind



Date: November 14th, 2009


Fresh off the plane from another expedition, Mark is slapped in the face with reality.

"Back Into The Grind"

Dulles International Airport

“Mr. Lane. Welcome back to the US.”

“Mary.. Good to see you again!” Mark declares with enthusiasm as he comes off the escalator into the baggage claims area. The older woman, dressed in a gray pinstriped suit, her fake blonde hair pulled into a tight bun, looked stunning next to Mark's scruffy appearance. “Dad sent you I take it?”

“Yes, Mr. Lane. Your father wished me to brief you on what the company has going at this time and to express his wish to talk to you straight away.” The woman doesn't seem capable of cracking a smile as she eyes his attire with disdain. Worn and dusty jeans, brown hiking boots, with a bright yellow shirt peaking out from under a ratty leather jacket. “And may I say you look like a vagabond. Your father will not be pleased.”

“Aw, Mary… that cuts deep.” Mark comments rather brightly, pressing a hand to his heart, as he steps past her, the woman taking a step back as if he smells offensive. “It was a long flight.. lots of little planes… some time on a yak.” He lifts and arm and sniffs. “Explains the smell…. Anyhow, I haven't had the time. He'll just have to deal with me like this.” A few military grade duffles are snatched up as they trundle along on the baggage belt.

“Well, you know your father has very little tolerance for your little expeditions, I do suggest you take a side trip to your apartment and grab a shower at least.” A well manicured hand lifts to lightly pinch her nose with a hand not laden with a thick day planner. “You do rather reek. Did you roll in yak urine or something?”

“I don't know, I kind of think I should stay like this.” The words are bland as he checks of the conditions of his bags. Duffles as hefted onto his shoulders with a grunt, before Mark glances at her with brows lifted. “Shall we?”

“Mmmm. Just stay down wind of me.” Is all Mary offers as a comment when she turns to lead the way to the vehicle no doubt waiting outside the airport terminal. “I do hope you got you fill of mysteries for a time, there are some bids in place that could keep the company.. and you very busy.”

There is a soft groan from behind her as her words sink into Mark's brain. “Are you kidding me? What happen with my brother taking on some of the work?” Marcus Lane the second was very unhappy with his wayward son's hobbies, and often did things like this to get his eldest son back on track.

“Your brother is on the west coast dealing with our interests over there. You may have given up your CEO claim, but you are still apart of this family and must do your part.” The older woman's words are sharp, making Mark feel like a bad kid rather then the forty year old adult that he is, his head hangs down, lips pressed together as she continues. “And as such, he needs your help with the dealings on the East Coast.”

“Fine…” Comes the soft acceptance from Mark, followed by a long sigh. “Lets get me by my place, I'll get cleaned up and then you can tell me about what is on the boards.”

“Good… I do hope your trip went well.” Mary sounds much happier with the concession, though a smile does not even come close to showing itself. She is all business this one.

“It did! I totally found….” Mark starts his mood brightening, but he trails off as Mary holds up a forestalling hand.

“Not really interested, just a yes or no will suffice.” The cold words do wonders to destroy this good mood.

“Fine… Yes, it was great. Whoopie.” The is absolutely no joy in those words as they wind their way through the terminal, Mark practically growls out the words.

After that there is no other conversation between Mark and the aid. He had been pretty happy to be home again, but with just that conversation, Mark found himself wishing he could turn around and get back on the plane.

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