2007-08-08: Back to School


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Summary: As Evelyn goes back to John Kennedy and prepares for the upcoming school year, Gene attempts to get some normality into his life, only to find there's no going back. Despite their original goals, they still find time for a short chat.

Date It Happened: August 8th, 2007

Back to School

The Bronx - John F. Kennedy HS - First Floor

There is a rather odd silence as the older secretary looks over the files from her desk in the office. Faded green eyes look up to tense blue, the fifty-something part-time help tilting her head as she tries to wrap her head around what is going on. "According to your paperwork, Mr. Kensing-"

"Gene. Call me Gene." The interruption is given earnest as the young man leans over his head, the cheap plastic chair leaning up somewhat from the sudden movement. Only giving the chair a second's notice when it clatters behind him, the brown haired boy stands up with his hands behind his back. Considering he is dressed in a dress shirt and black slacks, one would think the lad was attending church or a funeral.

After jumping a little in her own chair as the other falls, the secretary resumes where she left off. "/Gene/… You are trying to get admitted to this high school for your senior year. Is that correct?"

"Yet according to the paperwork that's submitted, you've already graduated a couple of years ahead of schedule."

"That was according to the state of Virginia. The same standards don't-"

"A high school diploma is nationally recognized, no matter where in the US it came from. If this is truly a special case, you'll want to try the principal. Considering all that is going on right now, you should likely wait until next week."

"But I wanted to register before the school year began!" Gene offers, leaning forward with a bit of desperation in his eyes. His hands clamp against the side of the desk. He isn't even sure he should be trying this.

"You should have thought of that BEFORE you decided to graduate from another school. Good /day/, Mr. Kensington."


"Good DAY" is the firm reply as the file folder is closed and thrust back toward Gene.

Sighing, the teen takes the files offered to him, stopping to leave only to set his chair back up. Once they are secured in his hand, he just opens the door from the school office, making his way into the hallway, his eyes cast downward. Public School System - 1, Gene - 0.

As Gene steps out into the corridor, the three girls walking past pause and look briefly his way, before continuing on to the sounds of heels tapping on the floor and earnest whispers of teenage friends reconnecting after a summer apart. Comparing schedules. Trying to trump the others' vacation stories.

Evelyn isn't one of them. In her usual black shorts and dark-toned tee — pine green today — she seems quite occupied with studying the slip of paper in her hands. The plastic bag hanging from one wrist looks like it holds more papers. It isn't until Evelyn draws close that she realizes there's someone standing in front of the office door; looking over at him, the teen seems rather surprised to see a familiar face. The pause to recall the name that goes with it isn't too long. "Hey, Gene," she offers politely.

"Evelyn?" Gene's voice is clearly surprised as he looks up to see a familiar face. He blushes faintly at the sight of the girl, not expecting to see someone he knew so shortly after his failure. "Didn't know you went to school here," he offers awkwardly, glancing around to see who’s around as well as avoid eye contact. His grandfather raised him to be somewhat socially aware, so he knows he has to make eye contact as soon as the girl speaks. Until then, he's got a 'Get Out of Shame Free' card.

"Yeah," Evelyn replies, shrugging slightly, the plastic bag crinkling as she does so. "I'm a senior this year." She doesn't sound like she puts a terrible amount of significance on that fact. "Didn't know you were here, either." Clearly, she didn't hear the conversation in the office; without that knowledge, it's a reasonable assumption to make.

Rubbing the back of his lightly gelled hair, Gene ruffles his hair a bit, loosing that slicked back look he worked at in the bathroom awhile to get. "I don't. I was just checking in to see about signing up for their tutor program." He looks around at the floor, as if trying to read a teleprompter from the reflected lights at his feet. "I graduated last year, but decided to work a year. You know, to take a break before going to college. And um… stuff."

Eyeing Gene sidelong, Evelyn doesn't look entirely convinced by his explanation. "Uh-huh." She doesn't /sound/ convinced, either. But… she doesn't challenge it. After a moment, the girl shrugs. "A lot of people do that. Take a break. I don't know if I will." More feet can be heard coming down the hall; the student in question looks like he wants the office door behind them, and Evelyn steps away. "We probably shouldn't block the door," she points out with a slight, lopsided smile.

The geek is sure that he's found out. Now she likely thinks that he's creepy or something, but the truth is an option only for last resort. Moving to the other side of the hallway as Evelyn does, Gene gives a weak smile in return, leaning against a poster claiming that 'Tobacco is Wacko'. "I guess not, because we make a better door than a window." There is a short beat before Gene realizes his folly. Follow his grandfather's advice, just move on and hope she doesn't notice. "So, um, what classes are you taking this year? Calculus, biology… Metal Shop?"

Door… window… you know, whatever. Evelyn chuckles at the suggestions he puts forward. "Well, I am taking biology this year. But I finished my math." Sorry, Gene; no Calculus. "I have…" Glance down at the paper in hand to verify. "AP Literature, Honors Art History, Personal Finance, Biology, some individual sports class to fill out my PE req, Creative Art, and Band," the teen concludes, brushing back the hair that's fallen forward into her face.

The young inventor winces a little at the mention of Art History and PE. Still, he tries to appear interested in the stuff that isn’t seemingly against the essence of his very being. "Been doing band long? Most people do it all four years so…"

Evelyn shakes her head. "Only the last couple years. I took private lessons for a while, and started the actual class after we moved out here." She shrugs one shoulder. "I'm not that good, but I passed the audition, so." So it is.

"Well, if you took private lessons, I'm sure you're good. You seem like the sort of girl that underestimates herself and stuff." Gene pauses before he realizes he should add something else to that. Thankfully, this time he doesn't stumble over himself quite as badly as he has in times past. "Humility is a nice thing to have in a place like New York. Important to keep your respect up since it's important to know you're important. But if you make yourself like the world revolves around you" He pauses to look to where he last heard the trio of giggling girls in the background. "…You know."

Evelyn follows his glance over to the corner the trio disappeared around and chuckles briefly. "Thanks." She'll take the remarks in the spirit they were meant. Looking back at Gene, the girl raises a brow. "I would think, if humility is 'nice' here, it'd be 'nice' in places other than New York, too." That particular comment just seemed to stick out.

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