2009-11-30: Bad Girls



Date: November 30, 2009


Lena meets up with her mentor again, and Dex uses extreme measures to give the punk her next lesson.

"Bad Girls"

Greenwich Village, NYC

Today is Dex's day of relaxation, or it was until she received a call from Lena. Her day of lounging on the roof with the pigeons and talking to nothing is now over and it's time for business. Instead of her usual black attire, Dex is dressed in a pair of blue jeans and a white tank top, her hair spills out over her shoulders and it's obvious that she hasn't had a haircut in a while.

Her eyes travel around the area as she looks for her pupil, her arms crossed and the look on her face, one of pondering.

Lena is more interesting than pigeons anyway, right? The girl's decked out in faux-urban combat gear, complete with black tac pants, a black turtleneck shirt underneath her bulky winter coat, and newly dyed black hair. Ordinarily she'd be wearing gloves too but today her fingers are bare. Only the scuffed red Converse sneakers on her feet ruin the look. This time, she's taken to arrive about two minutes before their appointed meeting time but there is a decided lack of Tiago as she locates and sidles up to her sensei.

"Hey…how've you been?"

"My my.. someone's got some control hmm?" she says with a raise of her eyebrows in greeting to her student. Dex walks over to a nearby bench that isn't empty and she looks at the woman that is sitting there.

Suddenly, the cup of coffee she was sipping has somehow been thrown onto her clothes, the woman shrieks and bats at her clothes with a napkin, swearing as she gets up from the bench to walk away. "Have a seat." The telekinetic's accent heavy today, maybe she is tired as she crosses her legs and puts her hands in her lap.

"I am pretty well, how's lover boy? What have you two been up too?"

"Well…the practicing's really helped, you know? I got to use that thing from last time a lot more than I thought I would," Lena remarks, summoning a crooked smile and wriggling her fingers at the telekinetic woman. But when she walks away, that smile fades a little. The casual and potentially dangerous method used to claim the bench are enough to cause a prolonged hesitation before the teen follows after Dex. "Uh…"

But eventually she does trail after her mentor, sinking onto the other end of the bench and giving the woman an openly wary look. "You could've really hurt that lady." Lena, Master of the Obvious! Maybe she's been taking lessons from Chi.

Speaking of… "He's okay. We've been keeping busy, you know? Practicing and…and hooking up with other folks like me. People trying to fix things, help folks who got caught like you did." The girl pauses again. "You kinda look like you haven't been sleeping so well."

"I didn't want to ask her to get up, we're in New York. They aren't so nice here." Dex can be obvious as well. "I am really glad that you have learned more control." Her eyes flutter and she looks towards Lena.

"Who needs sleep.. when you have to run from people that want you because of how you were born?" Dex snorts and runs a hand through her hair, yawning softly.

"People?" The older woman says and she says something under her breath in French, "How do they think they are helping?" she asks the other woman. Her eyes are lidded as she looks at Lena. "Think they've got themselves an army to fight the masses, eh? Fight the Man?" her head tilts and her hair falls into her eyes.


Lena's brows knit down over her eyes as she stares down at her linked fingers. "You could…I dunno. You could maybe come check them out, if you want. They're good folks," she insists, tone getting a little defensive. "I dunno if it's an army, really. But they're trying, not just running, right? The more of us there are, the less they can do to us, I figure. Running is…well, you know. It sucks hardcore. Wears you down."

A blue-eyed glance is stolen at Dex, a quick study of the other woman's profile.

"Maybe…you need a pick me up or something? I could just give you a little bit, wake you up?"

It takes a moment of pondering before Dex nods her head gently, "Sure, let's do that. Set up a meeting and I'll promise that I'll try to be on my best behavior." Her lips curl up to a dangerous grin and she holds her hand out to Lena, "Do your best little one." She says and pets her knee with her other leg. "Just don't make me crazy, or I'll have to kill you." Who said that Dex wasn't crazy already??

The telekinetic closes her eyes, "Sometimes.. you just have to run.."

"Okay, I'll talk to…um, them about it. I know they'd like the help and you're seriously…badass." A brief grin is flashed at the older woman. It's a short-lived glimpse of amusement, however.

Sometimes you have ideas that you know are bad, the instant they're suggested. Such is the case with Lena's offer of dosing Dex with a little somethin' somethin'. Her eyes hood, uncertainty hidden behind the guise of concentration before she reaches out for that hand. "It won't make you crazy, it'll just make you feel like the world's okay. Like you have energy, too…I dunno if you ever took E before, but…" Here goes.

"That's why I'm with these guys. They're…serious good guys, but…you don't have to run if you've got people beside you, right?"

"Why thank you Lena, one day. You'll be just as badass." The Dex teases lightly and closes her eyes again, leaning her head back, as the human drug works her ability, Dex's eyes snap open and she sits forward, "Thanks.. there.." she says and smiles brightly, "Handy hm?"

Her hands twitch and her eyes grow dark as she makes a nearby trash can levitate and she then slams it into a taxicab that is driving past them, the taxi honks it horn and the bird is given out of the window but it doesn't stop. "Now this.." Dex stands up and runs a hand over her face and then stomach and body, "Is what it means to feel good."

"Hey…hey! Jesus!" Lena is startled, and guilty; her gut had warned her but there was a part of her that expected Dex to react the way most kids rolling on E do. Peace, love and happiness, man! Of course…what counts as happiness for the escapee…

The teen decides the wisest thing to do is stand up and turn to fix anxious eyes on the other woman, shoving her hands deep into her pockets. "Look, I've been trying to stay out of trouble. I made a lot of bad shit happen, the last couple of weeks…I know it feels good but…cmon, I thought you were gonna teach me how to do more stuff?" Not destroy public property!

"Yes, we will. Are." Dex says lightly and begins to walk away again. "We must leave this place before we are thought to be evil women with a plan." She says this in all seriousness. The dark haired woman walks and trails her fingers on the wall as she does, the energy of her ability calling to her. It's then that Dex pulls Lena inside of a alley with her and then she winks. "How about we take this party a little higher eh?" with that, her hand is thrown out at Lena and Lena would feel herself being thrown upwards and then pushed over onto the roof of the short building next to them.

Laughing wildly, the woman takes her power within herself and begins to climb the fire escape and when she reaches a good enough height, she leaps out to the middle of the alley, using her ability to push herself up a few more feet so she can grab the ledge and then roll over onto the surface of the roof, her eyes are pitch black as she then throws her hands out and catches Lena in midair, cradling the woman and bringing her gently down to the roof with her telekinesis. She snickers and shakes, "Hahahahahaahahaha!" she says and then stops abruptly, snapping to a forward sitting position, she crosses her legs.

"Ok, time to work." She says softly.

Okay, this is bad. Even before Lena finds herself sailing through the air, without control of her trajectory, she knew it was going to be bad. It's just that look, that tone of voice. That energy.

"You know, maybe I should—oh my fucking god!"

It's an automatic reflex that has the teen's arms locking around Dex's neck; even with the slightly more controlled fall in the older woman's arms still counts as falling and the brunette is shaking like a leaf by the time ground is felt once more beneath her sneakers. Dextris might be all insane composure but Lena chooses to fall to hands and knees, head hanging as she fights to remind her lungs that they're supposed to be breathing.

"I think…I think…jesus. Minute. Need a minute." When she lifts her head to peer at the telekinetic through a wild tangle of hair, it isn't difficult to see that the punk is frightened. It takes a little while for the tough front to return. "No more fucking drugs for you, I swear to god! Warn a girl next time!"

"Oh don't be such a puss." Dex chides and then folds her legs underneath her. "Close your eyes and breath slowly." She says to Lena as she does as she just told the woman. Her eyes closed and her head tilted to the side. "Meditation has helped me so much with my ability.. I can't believe that it wouldn't help with yours."

The telekinetic begins to levitate in the air and the wind knocks the hair back from her face. "I want you to reach down within yourself and find that spark.. the spark of energy that is your core.. draw from it.." Dex says and she tilts her head back, a smile on her face. Still feeling the effects of Lena's gift.

"Your ability.. can trigger things in people's bodies." She starts as she still levitates and floats around the roof, around Lena. For someone so harsh and brutal.. she can be oddly sage like at times.

"Perhaps you can even trigger the fight or flight, an adrenaline rush of sorts that can help you or other speed up and react faster.. the chemicals in the body that are associated with that.. I do not know. I'm not some chemist after all." She says with a light chuckle. "Flood the system with energy, push it past it's normal capabilities, that's the wonderful thing about our gifts.. or curses.. they cause for the ordinary to become extraordinary."

"I'm not a…" Okay, maybe she is being a little wussy. Lena grumbles under her breath as she shifts from hands and knees to her rump, forcing her legs into something close to Dex's lotus pose. There is no levitating, however. In fact, Lena's feeling downright grounded and grimy at the moment, still suffering from a slight shake. This is hidden by curling her fingers over her knees and closing her eyes, swallowing hard. "Yeah…yeah, I can do that, I think. I hit this kid with it. Some punk in a copy shop."

She breathes out slowly, breathes in again, and opens her eyes to track the floating yogi's progress around the roof. "I was…I was pretty pumped myself, so he got some of what I was feeling. Like I could jump a building all by myself."

As Dex listens to this, she nods and then is cut short when a man bursts up onto the roof from the doorway leading to it. "Hey! Get of-." He is stopped short as his body is held still and his lips locked with Dex's ability. "Hush, I'm teaching." She says to the obviously scared and freaked out man.

"This man.. has been beating his wife for a while. I've seen him when I pass by in the night.." she says softly and looks to Lena. "Care to stop him without killing him?" her eyebrows arch and she grins darkly at Lena.

Lena scrambles to her feet, her first instinct upon being caught at anything being to run. But when the gentleman interrupting them is summarily frozen by Dex's ability, the girl freezes too. Her eyes, wide and startled, flick from her mentor's face to that of their victim. "Jesus, Dex, you can't just…"

But she pauses there, squinting at the fellow. A frown claims her expression, making her eyebrows knit together and her forehead to rumple.

"I can't…you mean it? Seriously, he hits his wife?" The frown clears when Lena looks helplessly at Dextris. "I don't…I mean, I could knock him out but that's just gonna stop him for now. And…and maybe you got the wrong guy, right? I don't want to…I promised Chi I wasn't gonna hurt anyone else. I almost knifed that kid."

"Yes.. terrible man.. isn't he?" Dex says and then she uncurls her feet and settles to the ground, standing up. She strides up to the man and looks at him with a pondering expression on her face. "You like to hurt people.. Tommy? Isn't that the name your wife yells as you slam your fist into her stomach?"

"I've seen that look in your eye.. the one you get when you hit her.. you like it don't you." Dex says and as she does, his shirt is ripped off and thrown over the side of the building. Her eyes glint in the sunlight.

"You…" the man begins to scream with his mouth shut.. from what? "Are.." Dex steps closer and her fists shake, "Disgusting.." her body shaking now and she's gritting her teeth as the man's arm bends in a total unnatural way that it shouldn't. Tears run down his face and she grins darkly, "Remember when you bruised her face and broke her arm? I dropped by the other day.. acted like a missionary." She cackles loudly at the thought of her as a missionary. "She said her arm was broken in three places.. because she fell down the stairs!" she roars at the man and he whimpers as Dex circles him. "Lena.."

The teen is given a look, "Knock him out." She says simply.

With Dex occupied by tormenting the helpless fellow, Lena is left to stand and stare. She looks ill at first, going downright green at the sounds escaping him through clamped lips. But when the woman continues to describe what the man, Tommy, has done…well. Suddenly, the arguments about how she is a good person made by her friends and loved ones just don't seem as close as the memories of bruises that she used to have to hide.

When Dex looks for Lena, the girl is standing there at her elbow, having approached while Tommy's arm was being put through its unnatural paces. Her face is pale, still tinged green around the lips, but those pale blue eyes are flat.

"Nah," she says quietly. "Nah…Jose used to drink himself unconscious, after he beat me. It never stopped him from doing it again."

Then the brunette reaches out and almost gently frames Tommy's face with her bare hands. The whimpering fades at first, but when her forehead furrows in concentration, it's replaced by a gargled scream and his eyes roll back in his head.

A shocked expression crosses Dex's face as she backs up a pace, not use to seeing the look of non emotion on Lena's face. With a soft exhale of breath, she watches as the man is subjected to Lena's ability. The revelation of her pupils past relationship makes her growl and her fist tightens as she watches. "Good.. Lena.. that's good." The young telekinetic says and she folds her arms.

"This is for you.." she says softly, while looking up towards the sky. To who exactly is she speaking too?"

Even as Tommy twitches and howls with that clenched jaw, Lena keeps her hands pressed against his face. It's only Dex's quiet dedication that draws her away from torturing the fellow by giving him the very worst of her hallucinogenics. Her hands fall away, returning to her sides, and she turns to look at the other woman. That tell-tale shaking has returned to her fingers and there's a suspicious sheen in her eyes but the tears are blinked away.

The man is ignored. The teenager asks in a voice that is not entirely steady, "Who's it for? Are you talking to God? Chi talks to God sometimes…when I've given him more than I should. I…god. I dunno if I should have done that."

Dex watches as she throws him into a wall, sliding down it, he doesn't move. "He deserved it.." Dex says and then she begins to walk towards the doorway, "You ever done that before?" she doesn't seem like she's going to answer Lena's question but since Lena revealed something about herself.. "Someone very close to me was brutally killed once." Is all she says and then she kicks the door open, beginning to walk down the stairs. "Come on. He'll be fine.. one day." She says softly and coldly. Her expression lifeless and her eyes hooded.

"N-no." Lena actually flinches at the sound of the man's body connecting with brick, practically dancing in a cringing sort of way to fall in behind Dex. "Oh god," she mutters, arms curling protectively over her stomach. Do not hurl. Do not hurl! "I…what? They got killed? Jesus christ…I'm…I'm sorry, I didn't know." Which is about the lamest thing one can say, but hey, at least it's pulled her attention back to the older woman. Her sneakers thud clumsily against the stairs as she descends as well.

"He's not dead, is he? You're sure? I never killed anyone, I swear to god." It's almost babbling, that flow of words. "He…he did deserve it. I never did anything to Jose when he hurt me. I fucking should have but I didn't, I was so stupid."

"He'll live." She saw his chest moving up and down, he was breathing. "His wife will be an idiot and come and find him at the roof, she'll get him help. He'll live to hit again, but at least he'll have to do it with one arm.. it'll make things more difficult." She says to her student.

"I think you've just discovered another aspect of your ability, hmm lady?" a toothy grin crosses her lips, behind it her eyes are still.. sad? Something Lena has never seen before. "You can go and brag about it to all your friends.. or not.. it's always good to keep a few tricks up your sleeve." Dex would know, nobody knows the full capabilities of her ability to move things with her mind. Neither does she.

"Being locked up.. gave me a lot of time to practice my ability.. to perfect it.." she explains, thought who knows if she will keep going and tell Lena more about her life.

"I…I have nightmares about it, sometimes. Being locked up. I don't even know what it's really like but it's there in my dreams," the girl confesses quietly, growing more steady the further they get from the roof. "I don't think I'll tell anyone, either. Having something like that…maybe you're right, it's good to have stuff no one else knows about, right?" But a trace of guilt lurks in her tone, a hint of unease at beginning her resolution to be a superhero with secrets kept from allies. Who knows if she'll be able to carry through?

When Dex glances up to meet Lena's eyes, she attempts to summon a smile. Whether it's intended to reassure herself or the other female is difficult to say. "Thanks for…showing me. I'm sorry I screamed in your ear, it was…I didn't think you were gonna throw me around, you know? You're…" Pause. "Well, you're like seriously hardcore but…but I like knowing what you teach me."

"Don't worry.. you won't be locked up." And the firmness in her voice let's Lena know that it won't happen as long as Dex is around to say something about it. The telekinetic snickers and ruffles her hair and then pushes the door to the street open. "Me.. hardcore?" As if she doesn't already think it and know it. "Don't worry, you'll get there soon." Being hardcore she means, "And there is oh so much more to learn." She promises Lena and grins at the woman. "This is our little secret. I don't want you getting in trouble with your friends."

Dextris plays with her fingertips as she begins to back away. "Give me a ring when this meeting with these 'friends' of yours is going to go down. See ya suga." The woman says as she continues to back away.

"And tell Lover Boy I said hello!"

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