2009-11-27: Bad Romantic Comedy



Date: November 27th, 2009


Tiago and Jade sit around the house, play some Halo, hatch a scheme, and argue about diaries.

"Bad Romantic Comedy"

Sydney's Apartment

Thanksgiving was a very anticlimactic affair in the apartment. Chalk filled with dramatic breakdowns and the like, it culminated in an uneasy observance of the Thanksgiving Day parade in the comfort of the living room all the while eating specially made Thanksgiving day pizza.

With all that activity going on, can anyone really be surprised to find Tiago bunked on the couch after having rigged up his X-Box 360 and playing a spirited game of Halo? Seeing as Sydney had escaped prior to his waking, he is sans shirt, as he absence means that he can revert to his usual semi-nudist ways. Beside him in an empty plate covered with a few crumbs of the cold pizza h had engulfed before this match. And Lena? She's in the closed guest room, napping away for all that Tiago knows. The air mattress in the corner of the living room, Jade's surprisingly comfortable make-shift bed, is quite empty for the time being.

"What? No - no no, retard, get back to your post!" The giant child screams at the television screen with a roll of his eyes.

Even a girl who was hiding out from people who may, or may not, be watching her with ill intent had to get out of the house every once in a while. No matter that the apartment was by far the nicest home she had ever been in, it was still her prison, and Jade needed to get away. Thankfully, Thanksgiving hadn't exactly been a depressing affair, as it had never really been anything she had gotten to celebrate since she was fourteen or so. Other than some halfway decent food, it was just another day on the calender, same as Christmas and New Year's.

The front door swings open, revealing the teenaged freeloader in all of her glory. She was all but swallowed in a new jacket she had procured from a thrift shop, bulky, needlessly long, and with a fur-lined hood that protected her face. Other than the height difference, she could have passed for fourteen. A jumbo-sized cup of coffee labeled 'Starbucks' in her left hand revealed where she had gotten off to.

The door is nudged shut behind her with her foot, trudging through the entry way only to spot the half-dressed male with his game station. She looks blandly at him, then at the television, then back. "Well there's a sight. What are you, five? Aren't videogames for kids?"

Tiago does not glance upwards even once, preoccupied as the lad is with the flashing lights before him. As his fingers fly across the controller, his brows furrow and he even proceeds to stick his tongue out in concentration. "No! No, the grenade, damn you! The grenade!" Beat. "Oh, and mornin', Jade. I dunno what you're talkin' 'bout, videogames are for everyone. Plus, I aint never had one when I was a kid." And this explains his perpetual immaturity.

"Yes…yes…yes!" As the words 'You Win' flash across his screen, the man lifts both arms in an expression of victory, allowing a bright laugh to escape him in addition to a smile to spread over his features. It's only /then/ that he dares shoot the newcomer a curious look, brightening considerably. Eyeing the cup, he perks up. "Didya get me somethin'?"

"Yyyyyyyyyeah. I never had one when I was a kid, either, doesn't mean I'm in a rush to recapture my missed preteens. Weirdo."

Pushing down the hood of the heavy coat, Jade eyes the television and it's flashing victory screen with an expression of dubious distaste as she leans forward and sets the flimsy cup down. Beginning to unbutton and shrug out of the outer garment, she gives the male a skeptical look, with the words 'what do you think' written all across her face. As she tosses the garment onto the back of sofa, she shakes her head.

"Did you give me any money?"

With her rhetorical question delivered, she tugs down the hem of her cotton t-shirt, then tucks her hands along the backs of her thighs as she sits down, preventing her skirt from riding up. She crosses one leg over the other, then leaves over, snatching at the controller. "Is this what you do all morning long? Shouldn't you be out playing commando with somebody's neck or something? So how do you play this thing?"

"Well - I didn't know you were goin' none! I was still asleep and like…I mean aren't we…augh. Nevermind." Realizing that Tiago cannot win this fight, he rolls his eyes and sinks back into the material of the couch. "You don't gotta recapture your preteens none. You're still livin' 'em." This is his sullen attempt to get her back for her thoughtless shutting him down. It would've been much more effective if he wasn't sulking through the delivery.

When she snatches the controller away, the Brazilian's eyes grow large, and he turns to stare at her in surprise. "Oy!" He complains, although its weak, and he ends up curling the corners of his lips in amusement. "Shit. I gotchya now! You always do the opposite of what ya mean. You complain about the game, and that was jus' ta hide how much you wanted ta play it. Kinda like how you make fun of me so much, but really like me on the inside. Anyways, ya move with this and this, and ya shoot here, and jump here. Tha's all ya need ta know." He leans over, pointing to the appropriate buttons all the while grinning up to the dark haired girl. "…How d'you play commando with someone's neck? Isn't goin' commando not wearin' your underwear?"

With an arched brow, Jade graciously allows the preteen comment to slide, instead choosing on staring at the screen as she navigated the menu to select what kind of game she wanted. She didn't understand exactly what she was getting into, but menus were easy enough to navigate. It's once her character shows up that she stares at the controller as if it were some kind of alien artifact designed to frustrate and manipulate her. And of course, that whole 'liking' thing couldn't be left unchallenged.

"You got me, Cheech. I'm just a bundle of contradictions. You know, every time you talk," She looks over at him with a too-warm smile, a harbinger that nothing pleasant was about to happen. "I just feel like hugging you." Predictably, she doesn't give him a hug, instead raising her hand to make a light slap at his cheek, hard enough to make a sound, but only sting a little.

She's just starting to use the buttons, and get a feel for looking around, when plasma fire drains her shields, then her life, in short order, and pretty soon a dead Master Chief is shown on the television. Possessively, the teen clutches the controller to her chest. "That didn't count! Do over!" She presses the continue button, glancing at the Brazilian. "My god, did you smoke your brain cells retarded? Commandos knife people in the neck. Or stomp on them. I don't know, you're a prepubescent guy, haven't you ever watched action fli- GOD, this game is impossible!"

Someone had just learned that you could walk over cliffs.

"Oh, c'mon. I don't even talk all that mu- ow!" Predictably, a pout appears on Tiago's lips the moment his cheek begins sting. Slowly, he lifts a hand to massage at it, before it begins. With that strike given, he reverts to the ancient biblical principle - an eye for an eye. Without further ado, he reaches over to slap her back, as equally weak.

When she argues for another try, the man rolls his eyes before grumping back into his seat. "You're such a cheater. A cheating cheater, but whatever. I'll give it ta you this time, 'cause you need the extra help. And I aint /retarded/, okay, I aint never seen no commando stomp or knife no one. You're /weird/." When she dies again, however, he can't help it. "Ha! Ha, okay, my turn - lemme show you how it's done!" And with that, the lad lounges towards her, hoping to rip the controller out of her hands.

The look of shock and outrage on Jade's face at the return slap would have been a lot more convincing if she wasn't currently trying to press the continue button again and sneak in another try. Unfortunately, it seemed not meant to be, as the controller is pried from her grip by the male's superior upper body strength. As it slips from her fingers, she makes a note to start working out to make it harder to take things away from her.

"I'm not a cheater! I'm just new at it, so you should be nice. I'm probably the only person in the world willing to put up with you long enough to play a game. This should be two-player or something. And why does it have so many damned buttons? I remember games used to just have A and B, and most of them were two players."

Pulling herself forward by means of a hand on the arm of the couch, she snatches up her still-warm, half-drunk French Vanilla frappa-whatever and takes a few warming sips of it. "Besides, what kind of guy doesn't watch action flicks? I thought it was part of your 'code' to watch guts and explosions. …You know, at first I thought you and Lena had this gross brother-sister relationship going on, but then, I thought it was some kind of weird reverse parent-child thing. Now I see it for what it is: You're really just one of her girlfriends. With benefits."
"It /does/ have two-player. Y'just stole my controller instead of grabbin' the other one! Go. Go grab it." With this instruction given, Tiago nods over towards the floor, where the lone controller lies, unused. "We can play versus. It'll be great, 'cause you can try ta kill me like you do in real life sometimes, and always fail!" This is a bright point for the Brazilian, and he is highly amused by the thought of it. "I'll tell ya what, too. I wont even shoot. Since ya like knifin' people so bad, I'll kill ya every time by knifin' you."

When Jade begins to explain her suspicions as to the nature of his relationship, the man blinks. Not once, but twice, express confusion written on his features. "…S'that some sort of crazy psychiatry mumbo jumbo? 'Cause I jus' thought I was her boyfriend, I didn't know I had ta have 'things' to it. Who was the kid in the parent-child thing? And that aint even true! I'm all man, I jus' don't watch movies. It's a waste of time." Beat. "Although…if she /had/ a girlfriend with benefits, I dun even know if I'd be pissed or not."

The dark-haired teenager's eyes are drawn towards the second controller, mild surprise registering on her expression, as if it were the first time she had noticed it. She takes another healthy gulp of her coffee, then scoots off the couch and along the floor until she has it in hand. Rather than crawl back to the sofa, Jade lies on her stomach, controller in hands, pressing the giant X button in the center, her feet swaying in the air behind and above her.

"So what do I do? I can be different colors? I call yellow. Do we have knives in this game?"

At the loading screen, she casts a narrow-eyed smirk over her shoulder at the Brazilian on the couch, before rolling her eyes and turning back to the screen. "You are such a guy. What is the male fascination with nailing two women at the same time?" At about this time, the screen clears and Jade begins running around in circles, with her gun pointed at the floor. She has to look at her controller, each time she switches between aiming and moving, and, after but a few seconds, she finds the grenade button and manages to blow herself up. She turns to shoot Tiago an expression of outrage.

"That's not fair! What'd you do!?"

"Oy, I wasn't sayin' that I wanted ta nail two women at the same time. I would have settled for watchin' 'em do it too." Tiago comments, a wry smile appearing on his face as he makes this teasing (…kind of) protestation. "You're so weird. Weren't ya callin' me a girl like, five seconds ago? Make up your damn mind. Am I a horndog or a prissy boy?" Just so that he can continue bothering her, he reaches over with his foot to nudge her legs idly.

And then, she proceeds to commit pixilated suicide. Letting out a bright laugh, he cackles to himself, before narrowing his brows slightly. "Y'wanna know what I did? I /lived/, baby. Man, I knew you were a depressin' one, but I didn't know you wanted ta kill yourself so damn bad. Tryin' ta steal Lena's emo crown, are ya? Okay, here. Ima not even /touch/ the controller. Come get me!" To further taunt her, he reaches over to place the controller beside her on the floor, only to straighten himself up and scratch idly at his chest.

"Can't you be both?" Jade snaps, responding to the foot prodding by kicking at him with the toe of her shoe, though she doesn't look back at him when she does so, so her chances of striking his shin are slimmed considerably. When he comments about Lena, however, she does look, her second kick a bit harder, and much better aimed.

"Lena's not emo, you cad! I'mma tell her you said that. Of course," She smiles in her usual smug, malicious way as she turns back to the television as her character respawns. "I'll embellish. Just a little." There's a frown tossed at the controller as it's placed next to him, and she commences to muttering as she glares at the screen, moving about her immediate area on the level.

"Why are these things so big!? There's only two of us, this is so stupid. I can't even find you!" After about a minute of getting herself lost, Jade turns to take another look at the other controller. She then proceeds to press on the joystick until Tiago's character was looking at the ground, then presses the grenade button. "HA! This game is dumb. That must be why you like it."

"Nah, I can't, I…actually, I guess someone /can/ be. But, I aint gay, so I can't be some fruit." Tiago reasons out, eyes wide as he stares down at the girl. The first hit barely fazes the lad, and in fact prompt a snort of amusement - one which the second hit subsequentially quiets when he replaces it with a yelp of pain. "Ow! You - stop that!" He whines when hit once again, and he curls his legs away from the girl. "What're you talkin' about, yeah she is. She /says/ she is, even. Y'can tell her, I aint scared."

Wait for it. Waaait for it…

"You wouldn't…Don't. Please? Ah, hey!" Immediately, he throws himself onto the floor after Jade cheats once again, messing with his controller, and he begins, once again, the process of ripping it away from her. "God! It aint dumb, you're jus' too stupid ta play it without cheatin' like a cheater McGee. I shouldn't even let ya play!"

"You don't have any other friends to play with, stupid! So you're stuck with me."

Jade doesn't fight as the second controller is taken away from her, in fact, she snatches her arm back before it can be ripped off by the overzealous Brazilian in his efforts to save 'his guy' from dying another forced suicide death. She snickers evilly, holding her own controller up to hide her mouth, before she proceeds to running around once more. She's finally gotten the hang of not having to look at her controller just to move and look at the same time, but her aim could use some work, as she was often overshooting her mark and, as a result, spending a lot of time looking too much at the ground or the sky.

After a few more moments, shooting at a rock, before finally commiting grenade seppuku again, she abandons the controller on the floor and pushes herself up to a sitting position on her hip. She braces an arm against the floor, brushing her hair behind her ear as she frowns. "Has Lena really been down lately? I mean, I know things're so super shitty right now. God, I haven't even been able to talk to Randy yet! But… y'think maybe we can do something for her?"

"Yeah I…shut up!" This is Tiago's ingenious response to the quip about him having no friends. Suddenly on the rampage, the man furrows his brows with concentration and rolls over, until he ends up on his stomach beside Jade, maneuvering his little man back and forth until she's close enough to creep up on. His next action is quite definitive - he takes off towards her in a run, eventually getting close enough to effectively knife her in the stomach and reclaim the life she made him lose.

His cry of victory is cut short by her most recent question though. He finds himself sobering quite quickly, and reluctantly he places the controller away from himself, sighing as he props himself up onto his elbows. A furtive look is tossed down the hallway of the apartment, to the Guest room door that's still closed.

"Listen, she's…well. It's been rough on her. I don't want ya ta think that I go 'round talkin' about her troubles and shit, 'cause I don't, but…she's not doin' well. And nothin' I do is workin', and I'm fuckin'…I'm worried." Beat. "She's…she's got it stuck in her head that she's some sorta horrible person, 'cause of some shit that happened before. Like she's the worst person ever. I mean, she thinks she's so bad that /I'm/ a saint in comparison. She don't like…realize that feelin' guilty and shit proves that she's a real good person, and she keeps comin' down on herself so hard." He perks slightly, turning to peer at Jade curiously. "Do somethin'? What d'you think? I'd like ta."

"Oh come on, it's just me here. It's not like you're gossiping with the totally hot babe with the biceps at the kiosk down the street." Jade pauses at that, looking off to the side and grinning widely at some memory only she knew about. Her cheeks even turn a light shade of pink. But she's soon enough burying the grin and focusing on the problem at hand. "Yeah, she does seem the kind that's done some pretty bad things. But, she doesn't do them anymore, right?" She looks suspiciously at the Brazilian for a moment. "She doesn't, right?"

Pushing herself up more fully, she sits on her rear and pulls her legs into herself, sitting back on her heels. "Okay, so she feels she has past mistakes to make up for. So we can't just take her out and party our faces off until her spirits lift. We have to do something that helps her feel like she's making a difference, like she's making up." The dark-haired teenager's fingers twine and twist together as she frowns down into her lap. "These people, like this Sydney, who has a great place by the way, they're on the good side, right? Maybe we could encourage that, and support her hanging out with them more. I mean, if we point out that she's fighting to save other people, maybe she'll put more energy into that, than into feeling sorry for herself."

"It's not like I'm - wait, what?" It's clear that Tiago is confused. Very, very confused. For a second or two, all of the problems he happens to be facing disappear, and all he can do is squint at the young girl. "What's a kiosk…why're you smilin'?" He's an intelligent lad. Intelligent enough to know that whenever Jade is grinning, he is probably going to end up hurt.

However, when she comments on Lena's 'sordid' past, the last stiffens a little uncomfortably, narrowing his eyes a bit more. "She aint done nothin' that I haven't or wouldn't've done. If she's bad, then I'm worse." He defends strongly, pushing himself off of the floor to sit up and draw himself to his full seated height. "And she…she doesn't. Not on purpose, at least…it wasn't her fault none, she was tased and mind fucked and shit. Anyway."

"Yeah, I guess we can't…I've been tryin' ta, to be honest. And that's like…a good idea. Maybe if she feels useful and like her power aint a horrible thing, she'll be better. I'll…I know. We were /goin'/ ta sell her power ta them, so that they could knock people out if they needed ta. Maybe I can convince her ta give 'em them free of charge. So…so she can feel like a hero again." Beat. "Maybe we should stage like, a robbery or somethin'. An' attack, and she can save us all. It'd have ta be random though, 'cause if she thought somethin' happened 'cause of her, she'd get even more emo."

"No, no, no, what is this, a bad romantic comedy? How the hell would we wind up staging a robbery? And if we did, and whoever the fake robber was ended up in a coma, she'd feel even worse. Might even go off the deep end."

Jade is shaking her hands and waving her hands in front of her throught her entire shutdown of that idea, though to her credit, she doesn't go out of her way to insult the Brazilian for what she thought was a bad idea. For once. "We gotta play this straight. She's a tough chick, so she'll bounce back with just a little support. I like that first one, actually. Huh." She pauses, an exaggerated look of wonder crossing her face, her finger to her chin as she stares at Tiago. "Something intelligent came out of your mouth. Your mouth. Wow."

Waving a hand momentarily, as if to shoo the thought away, she gets back to the topic at hand. "Yeah, let's try to get her to help them out for free. But don't be stupid and just come out and tell her. We should, like, hint at it. She's not stupid, and she totally won't go for it if she knows it's contrived by us. Tell you what, you mention that you feel kind of bad for fleecing these guys after they help you out of a jam and stuff, but don't say anything else. If she doesn't pick up on it then, and offer her help for free, bring it up again in front of me. I'll be like her Jiminy Cricket."

"It…well, it was an idea." Tiago offers, sulking slightly. "A bad romantic comedy? Damn. I don't…well. Okay, I guess. I guess it is. It'd be kinda funny, though. If it happened and we could do it. It'd be a good story ta tell…" Ahem. Clearing his throat, he smiles brightly when she admits to enjoying his idea, though when she expresses a bit /too/ much surprise, he ends up rolling his eyes and giving her a definite, playful shove to the side, grunting his displeasure. "I'm /smart/. I swear it. I aint jus' all good looks."

Pulling his hand away, he ends up running his hand through his hair before glancing up to the ceiling. "I think she'll be okay, y'know. I think she'll be all for it. I jus' want her ta realize that it's goin' ta be alright. Is all. It's like…not fuckin' fair, you know? All this shit. Why's it gotta go down like this? Why's it gotta happen all at once?"

"Thank god. If those looks are all you got, well, let's just say you got the short end of the genetic stick." As she's mildly pushed, she swats at his hand like an ornery Catholic School nun castigating a misbehaving student. Fortunately for the Brazilian, Jade didn't have a ruler handy. "Relax, Cheech, she'll figure it out. She's probably just feeling guilty because it's affection everyone around her, and she feels like she's dragging you through the shitstorm with her. We just can't let her catch you and me worrying about anything. She probably already feels bad enough without adding on us worrying about her or wanting to go home."

Scooting off to the side on her knees, Jade reaches the coffee table, plucking up her drink off of it, bringing it to her lips. After just a moment, she pulls it away, grimacing. "Yuck, it's all cold now." Holding it out from herself, as if it was a smelly piece of meat she didn't want to touch it very much, she sets it back down, not bothering to take it to the trash can.

"You know how it goes. When it rains it pours. We've all been in those situations where everything seems hopeless and all you can do is cry all day. Have you tried letting her know how much you need her? I mean, when I was way, way down in the dumps, I didn't have anyone that even knew I was alive, and it was a lot harder because of that. Hey, did you ever manage to get my cash n' diary yet?"

Tiago pulls a face, and he can't help but to stick his tongue out at the younger (by age only) woman. "Y'know, you're gettin' real bad at that. That lyin' thing, obviously. 'Cause I /know/ you're damn lyin' about that. See - look at this." And he proceeds to stick out his arm and flexes for her, sticking his chest out and sucking in his gut to make himself look as appealing as possible. "Heh? See?" A few more bicep curls and then he finally drops back to normal, grinning broadly. "How badass is that, huh? Y'cant deny that!"

With a sigh, he settles back, using his palms to hold him up. His attention is fixed on her, and he licks his lips gingerly. "Really? Huh? Well…y'dont think that way now, d'you?" Beat. The man approaches the question with much trepidation. "You're…you're okay, right? Oh! Oh, yeah, I got'm! Frankie dropped by yesterday with the X-box and shit - it's in my room! I'll be right back, yeah?" And with this, the lad jumps up, already bounding down the hallway.

"Whoa, that is pretty amazing." Sounding genuinly impressed as Tiago goes about his flexing, Jade raises her eyebrows appreciatively. "I mean, before I just thought you were an pea-brained musclehead. Now I know it."

At the almost concerned act, though, she sighs somewhat belaboredly, as if having to drop her malicious act was a seriously painful procedure. She shakes her head mildly. "No. I mean, it sucks. But I woulda helped you guys out even if I'd known I could get dragged in. Well, we don't even know for sure if I am or not, and I guess in the back of my mind I knew, but never really thought about it. Anyway, I'm not fifteen and stuck out on the streets, so… Yeah, this is actually a lot better. Still sucks, though."

She watches as Tiago hops up and leaps away, a single, snort of a laugh accompanying the exuberant behavior. "I swear, it's like he's part puppy. HEY, YOU BETTER NOT HAVE READ IT!"

The thumping softens as Tiago creeps into his room, fussing about until he produces the small book. He smiles faintly, peering at the money sticking out of the side, heading over in her direction. Eventually, he chucks it over to her. "Make sure it's all your cash. If it aint, I'll get the rest for you." It says something about his faith in her, the fact that he doesn't even consider the fact that she might lie. "And, shut up, yeah? I remember ya mentioned that you /like/ pea-brained muscleheads. So, I mean, you can talk all the shit you want, but whatever. Don't worry, though. I didn't read it. I /really/ wanted ta. But…I like little Chi more than spyin' on your shit. So I didn't none."

She catches the book awkwardly, showing off her lack of atheletic prowess as she fumbles it, the small, weathered, beaten tome falling open and spilling the money out onto the floor. She closes the book and sets it next to the cooled coffee on the counter, picking up the bills. There's plenty of them, as it's a few hundred dollars, mostly in tens or less. With a shrug of her shoulders, she begins to count it, separating it into little stacks that equal a hundred dollars each.

"I don't remember exactly how much I had, since I just kind of kept it stuffed under my mattress, but if it's about three hundred, that'd be about right." She looks up briefly, shudders, then goes back to her counting. "Ew, don't say creepy things like that. Liking you would be like liking my cousin. Besides, I wouldn't do that to Lena. But I will tell her you wouldn't quit comign on to me while she was in the other room."

Finished with her additions, she folds it up into a tight little wad and jams it into her pocket. "It seems okay. Anyway, why do people want to read other people's private thoughts? I think I mentioned you in there a couple of times. But you wouldn't like what I wrote about you~." Looking smug with her cryptic teasing, she plucks up the journal from the table, pushes to her feet, and moves over towards her staked-out 'bedroom' to deposit it.

"I didn't mean you were like, /likin'/ me, freak. I meant you can't pretend like I aint good lookin'. And, what? That makes no sense, I aint even related ta ya!" Tiago protests, arching his brows in clear confusion. Lifting his hand, he begins to scratch at the back of his neck, before proceeding to collapse onto the couch. "What? No! I aint hittin' on you! If I was, then you'd know man. And she'd know I wasn't comin' onto you, so go ahead, tell 'er." Beat.

Again, wait for it…

"Okay, yeah, don't. She's fragile 'nough as it is, you know?" He can't deal with her brand of PMS directed against /him/ at the moment. And, well, if she can freak out about him commenting on the hotness of some abstract athlete, then she'll freak out hearing that he was supposedly hitting on Jade. "And…okay. I jus' wanna see what you wrote 'bout me." He perks up, quickly arching his brows and leans over to her. "Hey! Hey, what didya say? What d'you say 'bout me?"

As she slips the tiny book with the battered cover under her pillow, she laughs, taking her money out of her pocket and stuffing it under the mattress. "Hell no! You'll just have to go on wondering forever what I really think of you. Do I hate you? Do I loathe the very fiber of your being? You shouldn't be so curious."

As she straightens away from her makeshift bed, with it's messy collection of sheets, Jade saunters back to the table, picking up the coffee she no longer wanted to drink cold. "If everyone knew what each other was thinking all the time, nobody'd be friends with anyone. I mean, sometimes you just need to vent, right? To say things you don't really mean in order to let out your frustrations. So if you read it, you might not like it, and then I couldn't pretend to be your friend anymore. Isn't that how it works?"

Even more cryptic message delivered, she seemed to be taking delight in being as vague as possible, she walks around the couch and towards the kitchen, in search of a trash receptacle. "Hey, where's the trashcan in here? Oh, a microwave. Does reheated coffee still taste the same? I paid four bucks for this, I don't want to just throw a third of it away."

"S'it…s'it really that bad?" Tiago comments, after all of her cryptic 'you might hate me' talk. Needless to say, he's rather subdued. After all, how bad can it possibly be? For a little while, even after she runs off from her corner, he stares at the pillow. Eventually, he finds himself letting out a faint sigh and making his way to his feet, sauntering over into the kitchen with dragging feet. "It's inside the cupboard beneath the sink. Got it? And, yeah, there's a microwave. She's got sweet diggs, man. This place aint ghetto like we're used ta. As if to highlight this, he makes his way over to the fridge, where he pulls out a beer can and proceeds to crack it open. "I gotta question for ya. What d'you /do/ all day?"

"Hey! I had a microwave back at my place. You just probably couldn't see it because it was doubling as the place where I stacked my plates and bowls." Defending her 'digs' rather heatedly, she moves to the microwave, pushing the button to pop the door open, sticking her not-so-microwave-safe cup inside of it and pushing the thirty seconds button. Jade figured it was worth a shot trying to salvage it before she simply threw it away. After a moment, she raids the pantry for a bag of bagels and then search for the toaster.

"Do? Well, I haven't gone to work, so Randy's probably fired my ass three times over by now. I just kind of mope around here and go for little walks down the street. Hang out in the lobby a little bit. You know, there's some really nice neighbors in this building. Except for this one old biddy on the third floor. Ew, that chick's about as snooty an ass as they come. Why, what do you think I should be doing?"

"Ha, yeaaah. I figured ya had to have one. You aint never made nothin' ta eat in there, I don't think. Anyway…you haven't talked ta Randy none? Not even called him?" His brows arch slightly, and his lips purse before he brings the beer to his lips. "You…prob'ly should. Like, for real, man. I dunno if he'll fire you, right? I mean, he prob'ly understands, if he's a super or whatever himself. I was jus' askin', too. 'Cause…I never have shit ta do. And you were makin' fun of my videogames, so I wanted ta know what epic shit /you/ did, ta make my games so lame."

After a while, he falls silent, a surprisingly thoughtful expression on his face. "Hey…d'you…d'you ever wonder if you have a power too? D'you ever like…wish you did?"

Just as Jade pops in two halves of a bagel into the toaster and presses the button, the microwave lets out it's shrill cry of being done with her coffee. She pops it open and pulls out the overly-hot cup now, grimacing and making small 'ow ow ow' sounds as she manuevers it from hand to hand. She sets it on the counter and nudges the door closed, blowing on the tiny hole through the lid to cool the liquid.

"I know I should call him. I'm just… Ugh, I know the longer I wait, the more he'll worry, but if I tell him I'm hiding, he'll worry more. And I guess I've just been putting it off. Whaddaya want from me, I'm not perfect. Though I am pretty close."

Judging the liquid cool enough, she brings it to her lips, sips, then upends the cup over the sink and dumps it with a 'blegh'. "Me and super powers? Geez, you sound just like Randy. Don't know why you two aren't BFFs. I guess, though. I'd like to be able to teleport or something. I'd never have to worry about being late for work, I could sleep in later on cold mornings and still make it on time. I wouldn't have to worry about airfare to get to Europe, either. Just 'poor', I'm there. You ever see that movie 'Jumper'? I'd love to be able to do that."

Tiago leans casually against the refrigerator, idly crossing his arms over his bare chest as he peers to Jade. He seems almost a little subdued at this point, tragically held down by this uncommunicated burden. He's not going to grill her about her situation with Randy, seeing as he doesn't harp on it any longer. "No, I don't…" Sigh. "I meant like…everyone I'm meetin' lately has some sort of power. Everyone. They can all do these amazin' fuckin' things, like go invisible, and fly, and get people high and…" Trailing off, he frowns to himself, looking to the floor.

"When I met Lena and found out…I thought it was jus' her. I though she was jus' special, somethin' else, and I thought I was s'posed ta go ta her, kinda like…team up and shit. So we did. But…But, fuck - /everyone/ has a power now. It's like I'm the only one that doesn't. And it's…I mean. How d'you fuckin' stand up ta that? How do I combat it?"

Dumping the now-empty cup in the trash can, Jade snatches up the blueberry bagel halves, once again playing the hand dance, 'ow ow ow'ing all the way until she sets them down on the counter and leans down to blow over them. Of course, she pauses as her conversational partner begins to do his own little impression of Lena's current emotional state.

"Lena's still special. I mean, I've gone my whole life and never met anyone with powers. Then I come here and meet a few. So they're still the minority, right, or they wouldn't have to hide. And you're not the only one without a power." She points at herself, picking up her bagel. She takes a large bite out of one half, and holds the other one out, wiggling it enticingly. Not a girl who was huge on proper etiquette, she talks with her mouth full.

"Look at you. At least you're a guy. I mean, you're strong, you know how to defend yourself. If someone came after Lena, you could club 'em over the head or something. I'm an oversized sack of useless baggage. And these people're on Lena's side now, so you don't have to fight them. Put you male ego away. Just because you're not the biggest kid on the block anymore doesn't make you any less important to her."

Tiago narrows his eyes towards Jade, his frown growing in appearance. Darkly, the crossing of his arms becomes highly defensive. "Dude. Shut up. It ain't about my ego or whatever - and…you jus' don't understand. You haven't really /seen/ all this shit yet." Sulking, he casts his gaze away from her, looking off at some obscure point. "You jus'…don't understand." Isn't this what Lena says all the time? For the time, he'll just ignore his hypocrisy.

"I think…I need some air or somethin'. Or ta get out here, it's like a fuckin' prison in here!" And off he goes. To dress, then flit out.

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