2007-02-27: Bailed Out


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Ling comes to pay Lachlan's bail and learn about the events leading up to his arrest. They pick up Padfoot from the pound.

Date It Happened: February 27th, 2007

Bailed Out

Prison; then Ling's limo

After having spent the night sedated in the hospital, then being arrested and charged for drug possession, Lachlan Deatley is definitely not looking too hot. The jail time, he could handle; the sedation, hospitalization, and arrest are manageable. What's really destroyed him most of all is the loss of Barguest. He, essentially, murdered his own dog and friend last night. The Scotsman is dressed in usual prison garb after being booked and processed earlier in the day. It's been hours since he was locked away, but he's been informed that he has a visitor already. As he's led into the visiting room — a low-key room with pale walls and a few long tables — by the guard, he squints. His left hand is still wrapped lightly, and his head has been re-bandaged since his stay in the hospital. The swelling and bruising has gone down on his face, though it's hardly noticeable beneath the bandages.

The familiar click clacking sound of heels on the tile floor should give an indication as to who has come to visit him. There stands a rather disappointed looking Ling and she sighs a little while sitting down in the seat across from him. "So..it seems while I was trying to take care of a certain person…you got into trouble? So, do inform me of what happened, so I can decide whether to put your bail on my tab or not.."

There's nothing but a dour scowl from Lachlan as he takes a seat, resting his cuffed hands on the tabletop. Once he's settled, he lifts his eyes briefly to stare at Ling, then directs his gaze to his fingers. "S'no' m'bloody fault," he growls lowly. "Fucker attacked me. Had a gun." Once again, he looks at Ling, and the expression is very bitter indeed. "Thought this wasna gonna be a prollum."

"Well then..do tell me what happened? I dont exactly have all the details.." Ling whispers softly while crossing her legs to get a tad bit more comfortable in her seat. "And I was just joking..I will bail you out and you shall have access to my lawyers, who are some of the very best. It's what I do afterall. Just remember, that you will of course..owe me.." Oh dear,it's like making a deal with the she-devil.

Again, Lachlan looks at his hands, clutched together on the table. His expression becomes withdrawn, angry, and cold. "Bastard busted down m'door," he relates in a near-monotone. "Attacked me. The cop was there fer somethin' else. She pulled a gun, he left. Dogs went ta the door, the guy was hidin' 'round the corner. The cop went ta the door. Guy shot Barguest." The last is said with no more emotion than the rest of the recount. "Dunna care wha' I owe ye, just get me the fuck outta here." When he raises his eyes again, his expression has taken on a bit of concern and raw worry. "D'ye know wha' they did with Padfoot?"

"I believe he is in the pound, but as I know how much your pets mean to you, I have made sure that they wont put him to sleep.." Ling says matter of factly while idly running her fingers through her hair. "And who attacked you? What did he look like? Was it Mr. Carmichael? Or perhaps his associate?" she asks curiously as she hrmms for a few moments.

News of Padfoot being sent to the pound seems to deeply affect Lachlan, who grimaces and lets out a soft growl of frustration, cursing softly beneath his breath. It takes him a moment to focus on the other questions, but he manages to bring himself out of his thoughts after a moment and nods. "Yeah. Big guy. Metal teeth."

"Jaws then, ala James Bond?" Ling quips with an amused chuckle under her breath as a wry grin curls onto her lips. "Well,isnt that interesting. You are not the only one who has been attacked." With that she leans in and whispers so that no one else hears, "I, too, was attacked, but they have been disposed of.."

"Yeah, like Jaws." Lachlan doesn't sound amused. He's starting to sound a bit distant again, and his eyes glaze over a moment as he gets lost in his own thoughts briefly. However, he's brought back again when Ling leans in, and he blinks, staring at the far wall as he listens to her whisper. His brow furrows. "Who was it?" he asks in an equally soft voice.

"Just a few goons. As to why they attacked, I still do not know, but all I know is that they were able to get into my suite.." Ling says with a bit of anger under her breath before she leans back and sighs once more. "Either way..I shall figure things out later..for now, we shall get you out of here. You definitely need a shower.."

And a good stiff drink. Or twenty. That is definitely top on Lachlan's list of Things To Do When I Get Out Of Here. He nods quietly and says nothing. The sooner he gets out of this place, the better.

Ling eases on up and stretches her arms into the air as she calls over to one of the guards. "I am done here..and of course I have his bail. Make sure he gets all his things of course? My limo will be waiting outside for you.." she says in the end, turning back to Lachlan with a curt nod. "I shall be waiting as well..I want more details about what happened.." and with that she starts click clacking away once more…

With another nod, Lachlan remains where he sits until the guard comes to collect him. Then, he's led back to his cell to get ready for release.

It takes a little while for everything to be processed, but the Scotsman is soon walking out of the building on his own, dressed in his jeans from the previous night and a shirt and pair of boots the police brought to him from home after his arrest. As soon as he's climbed into the limo and settled into the seat beside Ling, the first words out of his mouth are: "Wanna swing by the pound an' pick up Padfoot." It's not up for debate.

"Of course..I know the two of you are close.." Ling says matterof factly as she nods to her chauffeur who starts making his way towards the pound. "So..now that we are not surrounded by the police, care to tell me, with a bit more detail, as to what exactly happened?" she asks curiously.

It is indeed a lot easier to go into detail when not surrounded by cops, and after popping the vertebra in his neck, he sighs. "Yeah, a'righ'," he says. "Called the cop over b'cause o' the necklace an knife I tol' ye 'bout. Figured mebbe she'd be able ta get some infermation. We were talkin' 'bout it when Jaws busted down the door. The cop was at the door; it hit 'er inna face, busted 'er nose up a bit. I went fer the knife on the table, Jaws grabbed me. Cop pulled 'er gun an' shot at 'im. Dunno if she hit 'r no'. Jaws backed off an' went out, then the dogs went ta the door an' the cop went with 'em. Like I said, he shot Barg an' the cop. Sounded like a shotgun." But he knows it was a pistol. He saw it, but there's no way for him to explain that. "I passed out. Woke up when they were loadin' me inna ambulance."

"So you were involved in an altercation where you were assaulted,and yet somehow, you ended up in jail?" she asks rather curiously while shaking her head. "Did you happen to have any of those pills on you?" she asks curiously, wanting to make sure that the latest test batch she gave him is still safe and sound,or well..she'd be pissed off, and that's never a good thing of course..

"Nah, nah. I dunna keep m'big stashes in the 'partment." The pills are quite safe and sound in a box somewhere. "They made me on a bit o' pot an' some crack tha' I had in m'place. Canna prove I was gonna sell it. Wasna a lot." Lachlan glances out the window, resting his chin on his palm and his elbow on the armrest. "Got lucky."

"Uh..huh.." she says with her brows raised once more, still not believing allof it,but they're just trivial details anyway, so she doesnt press the issue. It's then that the two arrive in front of the pound and Ling motions for him, "You can pick up your dog now…they should have him ready. I believe he also had worms, but that was taken care off.."

Worms? This concerns Lachlan, as he's extremely good about veterinary care. Thanks to his latent abilities, he can usually pick up on symptoms long before the dog starts manifesting them outwardly. It must be something that developed very recently. He shoots a puzzled, troubled look at Ling before he steps out of the limo to head into the pound. He hates going into pounds. They give him major headaches. However, he'll gladly go through hell for his dog.

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