2007-03-09: Bailed Out Again


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Date It Happened: March 09, 2007

Summary: Cass comes to the station to bail out an irate Lachlan after he is arrested for attacking Sakura. This log is just ten poses long.

Bailed Out Again

Police Station

It's probably not the phone call anyone ever wants to get, and most especially not from a guy that one has been dating for less than a few weeks: "I'm in jail, can you come bail me out?" Lachlan did his level best to explain rationally over the phone, but he's never been very articulate when he's flustered or upset, and boy is he flustered and upset now. There was talk of Elena and a Japanese girl and a weapon held by the Japanese girl /pointed/ at Elena, and then a tackle and now he's been arrested. After being booked and processed for assault of a minor, Lachlan got his phone call, and now he sits sulking in one of the holding cells. He's currently seated next to a smelly and drunk homeless guy who has probably been left here to "sleep it off". There are a few others in the cell, but they remain aloof and off in the corners. He's lucky he's got a technicality; Sakura isn't a minor. Still, with the trouble he's had with the law lately, this isn't looking too good. In his lap, he fiercely clutches a tuxedo still on its hanger and in its protective plastic bag.

Indeed, Cass never expected to get a call from Lachlan asking her to bail him out. While tempted to let him stay there, she's in the area after having just gotten out of her talk with Mohinder. Plus, she's willing to hear Lachlan's side of the story to see what it was that got him tossed into jail. Again. Oh, she remembers that newspaper article from before. The book seller is led over to the holding cell where Lachlan is being kept and the two are watched over while one police officer takes out the keys to let Lach out. "Okay, so, I'm hoping this is a really funny story," she tells the Scot.

As soon as Cass and the officer appear, Lachlan fixes the former with an almost ashamed stare, and the latter with a glower that could rend steel. He slowly rises to his feet, scowling deeply and holding his rented tux like some sort of trophy or precious memento. He rented it. It is /his/. He doesn't say anything until the officer has opened the cell to let him out. He slumps out with his head down slightly, looking for all the world like a beaten dog. A very angry and /insulted/ beaten dog. With a tuxedo. "'S no' wha' they're sayin' it was," he grumbles bitterly, shooting the officer another dirty glare. "Tha' bloody girl had a fuckin' /gun/ an' she was gonna shoot Elena, but when I went in an' stopped 'er, they fuckin' nailed /me/." Granted, his method of stopping Sakura was a little rough, but still. He's totally the victim. "Jack an' … I dunno his bloody name. Some kid. They were there. They saw it."

"So, not a funny story then?" Cass keeps her ground and watches as Lachlan steps out of the cell. Holding…is that a tuxedo? "I…why do you have a tuxedo?" In a jail cell. It doesn't really compute for Cass yet. "Wait. Some girl had a /gun/ pulled on Elena? Who was it? And /what/?" Now is when she gets actually into the story. Anything that starts with an attempted assault on her friend is going to grab her attention. "Why did they think you were at fault if you were stopping that?"

Right now, Lachlan would probably take a sound beating and tasering from the guards over even a /hint/ of Cass' anger. However, it also frustrates him even /further/. He was in the right. He /knows/ he was in the right. It's the first time he's ever really /done/ anything right and heroic on his own. The fact that nobody else can see this is enraging. "Yeah, she had a bloody gun!" he snaps in a voice that is much harsher than he had intended. "I dunno who the fuck it was. An' they though' I was the bad guy b'cause they're /brainless bloody bastards/— " the last is directed to the side at the police officer who stands by "— who canna see a /Goddamn thing/." /Growl/. /Huff/. He doesn't know why he's in jail, honestly. He was the good guy for once.

Rule number one should be never to snap at someone who's about to bail you out of prison. Cass has had a long and trying day of verbal sparring with Mohinder. She doesn't want to get into a fight again, but her patience is wearing thin. "Don't talk like that to me, Lachlan," she snips right back. "I'm here bailing you out of jail. The /least/ you could do is give me an answer and not try and yell at me while you're doing it. And /don't/ yell at him. He didn't arrest you." Cass squints over at the officer escorting them back to the proper desk so they can get things squared away. "I'm sorry, sir." Turning back to Lachlan, her face shows just how displeased she is with this situation.

That snippy retort is more than enough to quiet Lachlan, who stares at Cass in first disbelief, then shame. He locks his eyes on the floor in front of him as he walks, gripping the tuxedo so tightly that the plastic squeaks in protest. It will probably need to get ironed later. After several long seconds of silence, he finally manages to speak again, even if it is in a very tightly restrained voice: "They 'rrested me b'cause I spear-tackled tha' girl in the middle o' the bloody mall. She was tryin' ta run away an' I dinna wanna let 'er get away. Only I'm guessin' the cops dinna see the part where she was attackin' Elena." There. Rational. Calm. /Good Scotsman/.

More than willing to wait for Lachlan to calm down, Cass remains quiet as they find themselves standing in front of the desk to sign Lachlan out. And for Cass to fork out some money for that to happen. Picking up a pen, she sighs and nods her head. "Okay." She frowns for a moment and then smiles weakly at Lachlan, leaning over to give him a reassuring kiss. "Thank you for saving my friend." See? Doing good things gets rewards. Turning back to the desk and the officer who is rolling his eyes at their display, she writes out a check and hands it over. Then, she puts the pen down for Lachlan to do his signing. "Why do you have a tux in jail?"

It's really hard to be mad when Lachlan gets rewarded so sweetly. He does his very best to cling to his angry and brooding scowl as he takes up the pen and signs the appropriate paperwork. "Wanted ta look pretty fer ye when ye got here," he remarks sarcastically — but it sounds playful. A little. Somewhere under the grumbly growly mood. He's trying. After he's crossed his T, he shakes his head with a shrug. "Was gonna take ye ta tha' charity thing Tuesday." But, uh. Who knows how feasible that will be now?

Cass looks over at the officer and makes sure that there's nothing more needed from them before leading Lachlan away. She doesn't want him getting into a fight and being tossed right back into his cell. "Well, just holding it doesn't really improve your look," she replies with a smirk. She's being just as playful. Reaching out to take his hand, she tilts her head in the direction of the door. "Really? That sounds nice. I'd like that." Even after having bailed him out of jail. She'll remain optimistic about the idea of them attending. "Come on. I think after this ordeal we need a drink. You can get the first round."

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