2007-07-03: Banana, Banana, Banana


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Summary: Somtimes people falling out of the trees isn't the strangest thing you'll see all day in Central Park.

Date It Happened: July 3rd, 2007

Log Title Banana, Banana, Banana

Central Park-New York City, NY & Kitty's Apartment

There is never a time when Central park is empty, and there is always someone doing something a little peculiar. In this case, the person seems to be Felicity. She's reading. That's not unusual, although reading a book entitled "Biomechanical genetics and the Neanderthal Question" isn't THAT common here. But it is HOW she reads that is odd. She is hanging from a tree. A Sycamore. Upside down, with her knees hooked over a branch, and her ponytail dangling. Every now and then she lets out a grunt and does something akin to a sit up, then returns to reading. And speaking. "Fool! Moron! They have ritual burial sites in Bulgaria from fifty thousand BCE! Dunderhead!" And other such explosions. All in all, an odd way to spend one's lunch hour.

The afternoon sun glints off of the brand new black Lexus that pulls up to the curb by the sidewalk and a young man slides out of the backseat, tucking a roll of bills into his back pocket. His shirt looks a little wrinkled as if it just spent time on the ground being trampled on. He sticks his head back into the passenger side window and makes a comment to the driver with a deviant grin on his face. Shoving his hands into his pockets he casually wanders back into the park and sits down under a sycamore tree and lights up a cigarette, oblivious to woman reading in the tree. But people tend to miss out on the stranger sights in this city.

There are problems with treating a tree like this when reading. Distracted and in a book, Felicity cannot pay attention to the branch all the time. As a result of which, she doesn't notice it start to creak alarmingly. It's loud, and she just sin't noticing. Which is maybe why she suddenly lets out a yelp and is deposited unceremoniously onto the grass with a loud yell of startled alarm, a flurry of legs and hair and academic monograph. She then disentangles herself from the remains of the branch and looks over at the newly arrived man and sits up, trying to shake old leaves and grass out of her hair.

A plume of some trails into the air as Dorian clutches his smoke between his lips and he watches a woman fall out of the trees. "I thought the song was 'It's rainin' men'," he mutters as he stands up and offers his hand to the woman who fell to the Earth. "Are ya ok?" he asks with a startled tone as his manicured eyebrows quirk up over his bluish-grey eyes.

Felicity takes the hand and uses it to haul herself up to her feet. Her grip is strong enough to suggest she could have done it alone, however. She is smiling and apparently unhurt by the fall. it wasn't so far as to be neck-breaking. Apparently. Still, it LOOKED like it was a painful experience, or should have been. "I'm fine, thank you." Her voice is definitely odd. She then grins and says, quite chirpily "Mind if I drop in for lunch?"

Dorian smiles and shakes his head a little, "I guess not," he says with a light laughter in his voice. He looks up at the branches of the tree and back at the woman, "Ya know the benches work the same way, an' ya don't have ta worry about plummetin'." He quickly looks over the woman's body, not in the creepy leering way that most men do in this park, he seems to be double checking for any bruises or dents on her body, "You sure yer ok? 'Cause that was kinda a drop."

Felicity plucks a leaf from her hair "I'm fine. Sure I am. I know how to fall. One of the first things you learn when you start doing high-level athletics is how to fall and not break your spine. On the other hand, I am not the only one who fell, and a spine has been broken." She lifts her book and prods it "Ah well. The pages may start to fall out but it was a terrible theory anyway."

Dorian mouths the title to himself, "Well that's why you fell, it looks like heavy reading," he says, laughing at his own terrible joke. He scratches the side of his head, "What in the world is Biomechanical, umm, that," he asks pointing at the titles of the abused literature. The red glow from the cherry of his cigarette burns its way up the filter before he flicks it out onto a patch of concrete.

Felicity glances at the book. "Ah, well, the theory of evolution states that we couldn't have descended from Neanderthals. This book is trying to argue the case for that, then against it, and then sit on the fence conclusively. It's a mish mash of bad ideas and good plagiarism. Utter nonsense. it looks at biomechanical development as evidence without taking any of the socioethnica factors, geographic locations or cultural contextual variances into account." She shrugs it off. "As I said. Useless."

Dorian nods as if he understood everything that the woman just told him but refutes this illusion by saying, "Banana, banana, banana?" He starts to rub along the bridge of his nose and clenches his eyes, "That's all I heard," he says as he looks back up at her with squinting eyes, "What ever happened to gossip rags and trashy romance novels?" he asks as he plants himself back down on the ground. He pulls out another cigarette and lights it up before making an offer to the woman, "Do you often fall out of trees while reading, or better yet do you often read in the trees?"

Felicity folds her legs beneath her and sits, going straight down with grace and suppleness. "Oh no. I rarely fall out - I just got a little carried away and lost concentration. And I often read in trees in good weather. It's quieter up there. And it helps me stay trim. Although I do occasionally get told off by the park officials, if they spot me." She peers at the cigarette "That's awfully bad for you, you know."

Dorian shrugs as he takes a drag, "Suga, I can think of fourteen things I have done today that are a hell of a lot worse." He tilts his head up and starts to blow out small smoke rings followed with a cloud of smoke, then says, "Besides it's no more dangerous than fallin' out of trees." The chain smoking young man extends his hand, "I'm Dorian, by the way," he greets belatedly, then goes back to looking at the damaged book. "Last time I read a book that thick it got me into a world of trouble," he says picking up one of the loose pages.

Felicity takes the hand and shakes it. She then says, "My name is Flick." Yes, her speech impediment makes that sound like a decidedly rude word for sexual coupling. She can't help it, and is probably unaware of the way her name comes out. "Falling out of trees doesn't cause long-term environmental problems and unless I am unlucky and have someone directly beneath me, it doesn't hurt other people either. It's also a lot cheaper than tobacco, and the companies who make that have fingers in many unsavory pies." She sniffs and adds "It also doesn't make my teeth yellow or my mouth unpleasant to kiss. Unless I land face down on a puffball." She eyes the book and tosses it aside "balderdash. So what book did you read that cause so much trouble?"

Dorian smiles to show off that his teeth are surprisingly white, although a lot of that has to do with the whitening strips he keeps in his pocket. He bites down on his lower lip as he tries to remember the name of the book, "Oh it had something to do with evolution, some Indian doctor wrote it, umm," he says trying to think of the title, "That's it, Activating Evolution." He shrugs slightly, "If it weren't for that silly book, I would still be in Texas," he says as he reaches back and starts to rub the back of his neck.

Felicity laughs a little at this idea "Someone in Texas saw you reading it and the rednecks ran you out of the state, yes?" She wags a finger "That'll teach you to be brainy. But seriously, I know the book. I read it many times and it provided the basis for my own postgraduate thesis. I met Dr Suresh a couple of times - as a lowly researcher attending talks and so forth. I don't think I impressed him much. I've learned a lot since then. I wish he were still here; I'd love to talk to him about my theories and work. There are not many who can understand it."

Dorian shakes his head, "No I was ran outta Texas 'cause boys ain't suppose to like other boys," he says with a darker tone in his voice, that soon lightens back up. "I didn't understand a lot of it, but I was really interested in certain chapters, like the one about how animals are capable of releasing offensive and defensive scents, but most of it read like some hippie-Wicca-BS," he says as he inhales on cigarette, "Ya know like magic and flyin' saucers." He watches a fairly expensive Porsche slow down and he waves it along, making the driver peel out and head further down the road, "I wanted to meet him, the Doctor that is, but I never got around to it," he says with a shrug, "Oh well."

Felicity smiles in sympathy "I can understand that. I have a few friends who had similar experiences because their sexuality wasn't the 'norm' that is accepted. I never had problems over that stuff. I used to get a little teasing now and then from people over the way I talk." She taps her head "I don't know what you're hearing. Apparently I talk all funny. Human beings are very cruel to other human beings. That's life. And the book wasn't at all hippie nonsense you know. he was right. He just made the mistake of expressing it in a rather popularize manner. I am hoping to break through the scientific boundaries and prove theories he held. Evolution doesn't have to take thousands of generations. I think it changes pace according to the needs of the planet as a whole." She eyes the Porsche and remarks, "You seem to know some wealthy people. I guess leaving Texas paid off?"

Dorian laughs, "Well 'people' is kinda one of those subjective things, but I have met a few here and there," he says. He has tried not to comment on the "accent" that Flick possesses, but since she brought it up he figures it must be ok, "So are ya partially deaf or completely, 'cause I went to school with this boy who was completely who kinda sounded like you," he says, "He could read lips too, but when you live in the south and words get slurred together I guess it made it hard." He doesn't seem to pursue the evolution topic any further, either because it lands him in trouble all the time or because he just doesn’t know his lunch date very well.

Felicity grins at this "Completely. Wasn't born this way apparently. There was a … a bad accident. When I was a baby. Left me this way. I've never known anything else so I am used to it. Lip reading helps, and I use ASL when I know the other person knows how to use it as well. And it is funny you should mention smells and pheromones. The human sense of smell is much keener than people realize, and it is the sense most closely linked to memory. I knew someone at Berkeley who was working on that. They were trying to see if smell was something that could be used subliminally to help control those with psychotic tendencies. Interesting subject"

Dorian nods, "Trust me I know how powerful it can be," he says wiping his palms on the legs of his pants. "But how does smell stop psychos? I mean I can understand how sexual scents could confuse them or maybe even like how bees can trigger flight in their enemies, but how would it repair a broken mind?" This subject seems to really have his attention now; the look in his eyes is the same look that most animals get when they find a fresh kill.

Felicity shrugs this off "I got no idea I am afraid. It isn't my field. It was all a bit above my head at the time, I am afraid. Apparently it doesn't stop them, it is just a way of controlling them, pacifying them or suchlike. The right scent can be used to control people I suppose. I have no idea if he ever actually discovered how to do it. At the time I was far too busy working on my own career. Biomechanical Perfection through training becoming a genetic predisposition to superb physicality as an inherited trait. A sort of self-induced forced genetic mutation effect."

Dorian isn't as dumb as he looks and makes it known, "Kinda like how someone could fall out of a tree and break the spine on their book but not in there back?" A smile forms on his face as he starts to see pieces of the puzzle fall into place, as a matter of fact it seems like every time he comes to this park something weird happens. "So you think that people can work on themselves and become super fast or super strong, like in some kinda comic book?"

Felicity grins at this idea "Alas, not quite. I fell out of the tree and didn't break my back because I happen to have a black belt in karate and know how to do a proper break fall, as well as being an excellent athlete. Trust me, if I fell three stories onto my coccyx, I'd be as pulped as anyone else. But you're along the right lines. However, I don't believe that the comic books are really right. I can't see any human being ending up like Superman or the like - Batman maybe, or any of the 'perfect human specimen' types. I truly think that anyone who pushes themselves hard enough can achieve amazing results. What I am trying to research isn't that - after all, you can turn on the sports channel and see people with almost super-human physical capabilities. Look at the Olympic teams. No, my research is showing how people who had no genetic propensity to achieve those abilities can then pass the traits to their offspring. It’s like they have someone how radically changed their own DNA, so that appears in their own children through normal evolutionary processes. It is like they forced a beneficial mutation. I have theories about why it happens. Dr Suresh was working on some similar lines. He really believed this was more common than people think. I have only met one person I could even believe qualified as a candidate though, and even then I think they just happen to be very clever at what they do, not a superhero or supervillain. The comics are not in danger yet"

Dorian still looks confused, "There's more of that banana talk," he says, "But thank God that comics aren't in danger." He flicks away the smoldering butt of his cigarette, "I think Dr. Suresh might have been on to somethin' though, I mean if ya look back at history there are all kinds of weird things that science can't explain. And most of this stuff is past off as myth and fairy tales." He runs his fingers through his hair and bites down on his lip, he doesn't usually exercise his brain in to this extent, but he has never really had any reason to.

Felicity draws her knees up and rests her chin on them, arms wrapping around her legs where she sits with Dorian under a sycamore tree. "Maybe. But even now we have superstitions that in the future will seem really ridiculous. The human mind is forever making up excuses not to see what is really there. Usually the truth is mundane. Prosaic. Stil, I am sure he is right and if I can only get my hands onto the right subject i can PROVE it. But not many people have that sort of biomechanical excellence AND kids AND happen to be in my circle of acquaintances."

A smile stretches out across Dorian’s face as he spots Kitty wandering into the park, "This is New York hun, I'm sure there are plenty of freaks out there," he says, waving his friend Kitty over to the tree they are currently under. He scoots over some and pats the ground next to him, "Heya, it, this is Flick, she fell out of a tree."

Kitty just happens by Dorian and Felicity as she is taking a walk in the park. Been doing that a lot lately. She breaks into a wide grin as she sees her best friend. Kitty hurries over to the spot next to Dorian and sits down. As she looks at Felicity again she recognizes her.
"Dr. Rutherford! How nice to see you" She pecks Dorian on the cheek and looks confused for a second. "Fell out a tree? Ouchie" The young woman rubs her back as if she was the one that fell out of the tree.

Felicity grins up at Kitty "Good afternoon. And I fell out because I lost concentration. I was trying to read a piece of nonsense and work out at the same time. I failed at both when the branch gave way. I must be putting on weight. And you already know one another, I see. Dorian here was just pulling my theories to pieces. It's nice to get a fresh perspective." And if he can understand her theories he probably is either a genius, or very, very stoned.

Dorian might have been stoned earlier, but his eyes are clear now and they widen, "I don't think the truth is that mundane, I mean isn't the truth suppose to be stranger than fiction?" he asks. He wriggles his back up against the tree and pulls out a Snickers bar and takes a bite of it, "Well I don't know about offspring or things like that, but is it possible that people could be, umm, different without any parents involved?"

Kitty smiles and nods, "Well those two and a tree, tend to lead to falling out of a tree. But who am I to talk? I've run into two people the last couple weeks! Sucks" she chuckles and then looks at Dorian as she remember something, "I talked to that guy I told you about? His name is William and he is willing to meet you! Score!" Kitty speaks very fast and cheers in victory. She then takes notice to what the two are talking about.
"What about being different Dorian?" She lays her head against the tree and plays with a strand of her hair while looking towards the other two.

Felicity clears her throat and says delicately "Um…Dorian? Can you please not talk with your mouth full? It makes it very difficult to get an idea what you're saying. It's a bit like me mumbling when your lips are busy masticating." She then pause and rummages down behind her, pulling a small twig from the inner recesses of her shorts. "Ouch." She adds this quite matter of factly. "Well, that's a little like my point you see. Someone is born with normal human parents who are not in any way special - like me. And yet I am a superb athlete. I have two Olympic Gold medals, but my father can't even climb the stairs without needing to stop for breath. So what if I - or people like me - have changed our genes by becoming so perfectly trained? We've somehow managed to bypass general evolution to become more evolved in a vastly advanced timeframe, and pass those traits to our children? I alas have no kids, so I can't test the theory on myself. Not yet." She frowns "The last time I had a date Bill Clinton hadn't even diddled any interns"

Dorian looks at Kitty, "Is he cute or off limits?" yes Dorian is a boy with a one track mind, although it does derail every now and again. Then he looks between Flick and Kitty, "Yeah different, she has some theories and doesn't /know/ anyone to test them on," he says. Before he swallows he looks at Kitty, "Keep a lid on it," then with an empty mouth, "Well dates are a little harder to come by nowadays, for some at least."

"He is way cute and he is really nice and smart! I have to call him so you can set up a date to meet" she is so excited for her best friend. Maybe this will be the guy to help Dorian change.
"Olympic medal? Impressive" Kitty nods

Felicity looks a little sheepish "Well, Junior Olympics. I was asked to go for the Paralympic team but wanted to stay in research. But all the same, you see my point? And hey!" She peers between them "If dates are so hard to come by, how come you get one? I'm older! Surely age comes before beauty?" She then pauses "Um…youi don't think I'm mad? With my theories? Some people said Dr Suresh was clearly insane."

Dorian looks over at Kitty then back at Flick, "Well I wouldn't say mad, but there are certain things you should probably keep to yerself," he says. He takes a deep breath and smiles at Dr. Flick, "Maybe these people do exist, but maybe they know it is to dangerous to just admit it, like bein' a queer in the south, it happens but nobody talks about it.

"If there were people that are more evolved than everyone else. I think they would be scared that people would try to exploit them and possibly experiment on them right?" Kitty tilts her head to one side and hair falls into her face. Her blue jeans and red shirt, a relative plain outfit for the young woman today. She doesn't even try to mention that she has an ability. Especially now that she has heard of that guy who 'collects' abilities.

Felicity shivers and wraps her arms about her torso. "I am inclined to agree with you both - I can see that people would take advantage of it all. I don't know. I don't consider myself to be anything other than an athlete, when it comes to being what I am physically. I spent my whole life working hard to become this fit and I still work hard to maintain it. I suppose there are people with other more subtle abilities, like you say - from myth or legend. I'd like to meet them most of all, as they're the ones who can really prove my theories. But I wouldn't want to do experiments on them or expose them. As for hiding my work away..no. I can't do that." She sets her jaw firmly "Anyone at the cutting edge of any new scientific field expects ridicule and public opposition. Galileo. Copernicus. Vesalius. Pare. And yes, Darwin and Huxley are the most famous of all in the field of genetics and evolution. But they carried on and kept their work public and now they are hailed as a group of absolute heroes in their respective fields. Well, I won't let them down by running and hiding like a coward. I won't compromise anyone I talk to by revealing names and sources if that is their wish, but I KNOW my theory is correct. It takes up where 'Activating Evolution' leaves off, and I am sure I can prove that human evolution has accelerated as a response to the state of the global environment and species requirement as a mutative catalysis towards homo sapiens and our continued survival. Unusual manifestations of biomechanical aptitude are one example."

Dorian looks over at Kitty and shrugs slightly before looking back at Flick, "Ok, let's say you did run across someone who was different," he says using air quotes, "How would you be able to keep them safe from people that wanted to hurt them?" His body language changes some, making him appear a little more apprehensive than he did at first. He takes another bite of his candy bar and chews it slowly while he asks Kitty with a mouthful of chocolate, "What do you think, is she on the up and up?

"I agree with Dr. Rutherford, she shouldn't run and hide. She has something to say and she wants to be heard. The consequences of people finding out about your theories? Well those might be a little more than you can bare Dr. She smiles, in no way is she being rude. A squirrel runs past Kitty's leg as she takes a bite of Dorian's candy bar and responds, "I'm not sure, she knows an awful lot for someone that wouldn't be evolved, but Chandra Suresh, which reminds me that I need to buy his book is not evolved. Or so we think Rian" she shrugs and shallows the candy bar.

Felicity frowns at the eaters and remarks rather testily "Now you're just eating that on purpose to vex me. Look, I don't know how I'd defend the individual. I would find a way depending on what they work. You need to understand that I am on the level. I want to help these people. I want to find the truth and make sure that people do not take advantage. Some people will. You know there are those who will take advantage. I'd like to get to these new marvelous people first to understand them. hear what they have to say." She frowns deeper still. "My theories are there for anyone who wants to read them. I can handle myself. Maybe my athletic success is down to something similar. Maybe I got lucky. But there is a fact: you cannot hide away and cower from a threat you don't even know is there. I'd rather live like a brave person and be wrong than be right and hide from my own shadow."

Dorian stands up and turns around, pulling down his shirt slightly to reveal parallel scars then looks back at the Doctor and makes sure to annunciate his words, "Those people who want to take advantage are already out there." He sits back down and looks at Kitty, then back at Flick, "What if I told you I know for a fact that certain scents can make people do crazy things that they wouldn't have ever thought about? And what if I told you that these evolved people were all over the place and doing their best to survive?"

Kitty gapes at Dorian for a second and then chuckles. She might as well join in. "And what if I told you that some people can see the future and past by touching an object? We are out there and we just want to live, like everyone else. And not be played with like the Company does" She looks at Dorian as if to say that they need to talk later about some things.
The young writer/mechanic stretches her limbs briefly and puts her sunglasses on.

Felicity looks between the two people and remarks thoughtfully. "Psychometry? It's commonly recorded in a lot of psychic tests. It's in Jung, it's in the memoirs of Houdin. Well…I'd believe that. It's never been proven, but I'd believe it. As for the scents - I'd believe it. I know a person who does that through a different form of sensory input." She looks the scars up and down. "I am sorry. I would never do that to someone. As for your people who are hiding - yes. I believe it. Do you believe me when I say I do not WANT to hurt them. Er…Company?" She frowns for a moment. "I don't know anyone else working in this field. Dr Suresh was. I am. If anyone else is doing experiments on people then..I am against them. There are areas science should not go. The sanctity of human rights is one of those areas."

Dorian ears perks up some, "Do you really know someone that can control their pheromones?" he asks as if he was just told that Santa Claus really does exist. He looks over his shoulder and returns his focus back to Flick, "I don't know how safe it is to talk about this stuff in public, I mean you never know who is listening." He shudders some at the C-word that keeps popping up, "There are others out there that want to study us, er, I mean those people," he says trying to be slick although a four year old with ADD should be able to put together all of the clues.
Dorian's best friend on the other hand did not try to hide the fact that she was evolved. She nods at Dorian and Felicity. "Dorian's right, we do need to find a less open space. We do not want to be overheard" She stands up and shakes her head out and some of the bark that got stuck to her hair falls out.

Felicity rises and looks at the book in her hand. She casually tosses it with remarkable aim into a nearby trashcan. "Not smell. Voice. Person was amazed to find I was deaf and as such…untouchable. So where do you want to take me? I am sure enough about both of you to know you don't want to be exposed, and I want to ensure that never happens. So yes. Somewhere else. Somewhere with enough space to show you some interesting things."

Dorian looks at Kitty, "I'm sure you're place would be more exceptable than mine, I think I might have left a few things just layin' around," he says as he stands up as well, taking out another cigarette and lighting it up. He exhales a cloud of smoke then looks back at Flick, "Don't worry I think we can handle a lot, besides if I think for just one moment that you are about to turn us in, I'll see that you don't."

Kitty chuckles at Rian's over protectiveness. "My place isn't that big Rian! She said space, but if we have no other place to go then it's ok"

Felicity remarks pleasantly "I won't need THAT much to prove my point. If you don't have breakable china. Lead the way. I am, as the saying goes, in your power. So to speak."

[{>::::::::::::::::{Downtown, NYC - 606 - Kitty's Apartment}:::::::::::::::::<}]

Kitty's apartment is nice and the windows are cracked a little to let the air in. Her cat Tiger waltz up to Kitty and looks at her like the young lady had done something wrong. "I'm sorry Tiger! I've been gone all day!" She picks the cat up and nuzzles him before smiling at Felicity and Dorian.
"Dorian and Dr. Rutherford, this is Tiger!" She grins and lets the two meet her cat before she settles on the counter of the kitchen that connects to the living room. Her feet dangle and swing in the air. This is obviously her favorite spot to sit in the whole apartment.

Dorian makes sure to put his cigarette out before entering Kitty's home and flopping on the couch, "Well if it isn't my old nemesis, Tiger," he says with a bizarre mix of a Russian and Southern continental accent. He sticks his tongue out at the cat and smiles back at Kitty, "Any new games yet?" he asks as he moves one of the controllers to him with his foot.

Felicity leans down and says politely "Hello, Tiger. You are a very lucky Tiger to be here at this time. Owing to me being very fond of cats." She reaches out to deliver a scritch to the ears. "And I'm Flick, you know. Only Dr Rutherford if you're a student, and you're not on my class roster. So it's Flick." it still sounds rude. Someone should tell her.

Kitty snickers and shakes her head at the cat and person. She lets Tiger down and he pads over to Dorian and leaps onto his lap. "Nope just the two Halos and Gears of War! I'm stuck at the damn last level on Gears I'm going to need ya help later"
She smiles at Flick and gestures out to the space available for her. "You wanted to show us something amazing?" She winks.

Dorian looks down at the cat and takes a deep breath as he rubs his palm across the cat's face, with in seconds the cat hisses. Dorian continues to hold his palm out and Tiger leaps from his lap and runs into the kitchen to hide, "For some reason it's easier with animals," he notes as he rubs his palms into the legs of his jeans. He looks at Flick and rubs the couch next to him and starts to fan the air into the direction of the kitchen, which seems to lure the cat back out. Tiger leaps back up to the couch and starts to rub his face against it, "It's kinda weird and the affect is much cooler on a human, or," he says trying to convince himself that 'human' isn't very PC nowadays, "well people."

Felicity remarks at the cat's behavior "That's nice. Not terribly conclusive though - after all, it could mean that you have the ability to freak out cats. Scientists only work with what they see, when it comes to experimentation. Fortunately I take a much less empirical view of things these days. If you say you can manipulate people through pheromones, i believe you. but if I end up in bed with you because of it, I’ll break your clavicles." She grins. And is teasing. Perhaps. She then looks about the room and says thoughtfully. "To be honest, most of what I do is pretty…showy. I need wide open spaces. But there are a few things that I can do that are less likely to distract nearby Five-Oh." She then asks, very carefully "Do either of you have weak hearts? Or stomachs? Or problems with a nervous bladder?"

"Nah, I watch gory horror movies and eat at the same time. I'll be good. Tiger go to the room please!" But she realizes that Tiger is going anywhere and is staying right where Dorian is. "Sheesh! Fine stay there, but don't say I didn't warn you" Kitty says to the cat and snickers.

Dorian shrugs, "I'm hypoglycemic, why are you a hypo-phobe?" he asks laughing at yet another terrible joke, while rubbing his palms along his pants. He watches Tiger and shakes his head, "I could try it on you, Flick, but I don't think you would like the outcome very much."

"You're a brave man, Dorian. For all you know you might not like the sight of me naked even less." Felicity grins then walks across the flaw, then inverts. Not by leaning over. She just jumps upwards and as if turning on a pinhead she is upside down. And balancing. What is most disturbing is the way she appears to be balancing on two fingers. So what's bad about that? Nothing. And then she twists her shoulders and head round to what is undeniably a VERY unusual angle. Not humanly impossible, but almost certainly improbable and if any human was in that pose they'd probably be in a LOT of pain. "Now this is something I don't do very often. Owing to one, hurting like a bitch, and two, it wrinkles my lycra." And then she does the splits, and comments, "At this point any cat worthy of the name would jump on me, you realize."

Kitty watches in quiet fascination and yells as Tiger leaps next to Flick and hisses. "Tiger! Stop!" She rushes to the cat, but he bounds away. She ducks behind the couch and peeks to see Tiger who wiggles his tail at her and then launches away to the kitchen. "Why you-"
This seems to be a regular thing as Kat scales the countertop quickly and almost grabs the cat before he skirts away. She growls briefly and finally gets him in a corner. She grabs the car and chuckles as she pets him. "You are not supposed to hiss at people. Remember?" she scolds the cat and he yowls and then quiets, content in his owner's arms. For now

Dorian watches Flick maneuver her body into a position that even he couldn't get into, "Now that's impressive," he quips as he watches the agile doctor in the living room. He scratches the back of his head and asks, "So if it hurts when you do it, then why do it?" His eyes follow the cat as it tries to bolt past Kitty before being captured, "Guess he isn't used to bein' the most nimble in the house."

Felicity flicks back to stand upright and massages her neck "Well, that's a good question. i think 'because I can' about covers it. But that's just showing off. And not very well. I would need to go outside to show you the things i prefer to do. Sprinting for six hours at a time. Leaping from roof to roof. Leaping OVER tall buildings. That sort of thing." She then smiles impishly "And no, that isn't an exaggeration. You ask me whether or not comic book heroes exist? I say not. Half of them are aliens. I think humans can do just as well as they can." She frowns at the cat "Maybe he didn't like me moving so fast?"

Kitty snickers, "He is just jealous!" she hugs the cat, who in turns purrs and closes it's eyes in sleep. Kitty yawns and stands up with Tiger in her arms. "Guess it's time for a catnap. It was very nice seeing you Flick" she hugs the woman and then moves to Dorian, whispering,
"I know your pride might not let you but I've been getting" she can't believe she is going to admit this, "Scared for the past few nights since I learned of the guy that kills and steals our abilities. Would you mind staying with me for a while? Until this all gets resolved. I know you want your own place. But I can't ask anyone else"

Dorian nods his head to Kitty, "Yeah, why not, it beats starin' at the walls," he says as he stretches out on the couch. "Yeah, we will have to stay in touch," he says to Flick as he snatches up the TV remote and turns on the television. He seems to get lost in his own thoughts as he watches the pictures on the flat screen and wonders about the /actual/ state of the world.

Felicity clears her throat and adjusts her outfit "If you're going to crash I'd better go. I'll call round again if you don't mind? I think we have a lot to discuss. And your secret is safe with me. I hope mine is with you."

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