Fly By Night Cocktail Bar

A two-storied, ritzy cocktail bar located in the Midtown East of New York City.

Fly By Night Cocktail Bar
Owned By Unknown
Business Function Bar
Opened July, 2005
Hours Monday to Thursday - 4 pm through to 2 am. Friday/Saturday - 6 pm through to 4 am. Sunday - CLOSED.
Employees ???

Establishment History

  • Opened in 2005, this establishment was originally known as Blach, with a reputation for moderately priced drinks. Since then, it underwent a transformation when put under new management, catering to a higher price range and changing its name to a famous cocktail featured there of the same title, Fly By Night. It has seen much more success since then.

Interesting Information

  • As mentioned, the place is named after a cocktail created by staff of Fly By Night, a rum mix that is quite a popular choice.
  • There doesn't seem to be any set age range of people who come to Fly By Night - if you can afford to have a good time there, you're welcome to come by. The ambiance of the place does tend to attract a younger crowd, however.
  • It is said that former congressman Nathan Petrelli and his wife, Heidi, visited this establishment quite regularly.
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