2008-02-19: Barking Up The Right Trees


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Summary: Sophie convinces Joule to get some fresh air to shake a bad mood. What they encounter there leads to possibilties for Sophie, curiosity for Joule, remembrance for Tyson and warnings for Amelia.

Date It Happened: February 19, 2008

Barking Up The Right Trees

Au Naturale Market

Joule is off between her jobs today. The documentary in defense of "Represent!" is finished and has been posted on YouTube and sent to the school board. Her other job doesn't seem to need her. And sitting around her studio seething is not doing anything except filling up her apartment with bad vibes and the desire to break stuff. So she's gone into the Village in search of something soothing. The Au Naturale Market seems to fit the bill. An organic grocery slash bookstore.

"Hm. Maybe this'll calm me down."

Sophie pushes open the door. She walks into the place. The name just sounds so interesting. She looks around, murmuring, 'They didn't have anything this back home. Not even in Chester."

Joule flips idly through the zines. Nothing grabs her interest. She flips through the cds. "Hm. Putomayo," she says, intrigued, and pauses to look more closely. Sophie's voice penetrates after a second and she looks up. "Hm? Somebody say something to me?"

Sophie looks over, then she blushes a bit. "Sorry, kind of.. talking to myself. This place… there's nothing at my old home like it."

Joule takes a second to remember where she knows the face from. "Ah! Conjunction Junction. How goes it?" She manages to dredge up a smile from somewhere, though it's a feeble thing.

Sophie tilts her head. She says, "Something happen? You look kind of upset."

"Man troubles," Joule mutters, shaking her head and waving Sophie off. "Don't get me started. I only just calmed down from my latest fit. I'm trying to stay out of stores where I can buy throwable crockery."

Sophie nods as she says, "Ok, we can talk about other things. How did the video go?"

"I popped it up on YouTube last night, and sent a copy to the school board as well, so we'll see if it gets through their bloody thick skulls, that what's been done is a good thing." Though this subject doesn't seem to be cheering Joule up any. "So mebbe I've saved his job, the ungrateful wanker."

Sophie ahhs, "THAT guy." she shakes her head, "Well, how about forget about him and have some fun or something?"

"You have something in mind, then?" Joule asks, expectantly, though she has picked up a CD she apparently plans to buy.

Sophie hmms, "I don't know. But this is New York City. There's GOTTA be something to do."

Joule smiles wickedly at Sophie. "That, my dear, is an excellent point." She pauses to consider as she comes up to the register with her CD. "So — what have you always wanted to do in New York but have been afraid to do, then? Time we do it."

Sophie hmms, "I don't know. I mean, the sights are cliche, and I haven't been afraid to go to the Statue of Liberty, or whatever. I guess… I want to see a show, I want to see Central Park, street performers, maybe a really cool underground club, because that's SO not me, and not where I came from. I know I need some more interesting clothes, hair, everything."

"Well, it's a bit early for an underground club, but we could hit the park, or catch a matinee. C'mon. My treat, since you were nice enough to be in my video and are trying so hard to distract me," Joule offers, smile warming genuinely now.

Sophie smiles at that, "Well, great! Lead on. Not like I know this place that well yet." she has to stop long enough to find some weird named band she has to get.. just because of the name. "I hope they're good, but if not, it'll be fun just to see that name in the collection."

"You're adventurous. I like that," Joule declares, pleased. "Let's hit the subway and see what matinees we can catch. Or we can dick around in FAO Schwartz until actual showtime begins. That's always good for a laugh or two."

Sophie oohs, "Like in that movie.. 'Big'? My mom loved it. They jumped around on that big keyboard."

"Mm-hmm. I'm not sure the one from the movie is still there," Joule admits. "It became quite popular after that movie, and was frequently damaged and needed repair because everyone wanted to do the same thing. But if it is, I don't see why not."

Sophie nods and she chuckles, "Well, besides my legs aren't long enough, and I can't play the piano the regular way. But it'd still be fun to see it its there."

"Okay, then. Let's get on with it!" She of course has her camera with her, and will take any opportunity that comes up for something to shoot. "Just the CD, luv," she tells the register person. "Cheers."

Sophie takes just her cd too, which fortunately fits in the pocket of her jacket. And, of course, the everpresent gloves. "Well, I'm ready to go!"

Central Park

Sophie hmms, 'No clue. You can totally surprise me. And yeah, I know. She really needs to work on that too, but she figures Randall has the police side, and kylyssa knows the friends. She just wants a chance.. to ask a few questions."

It is a sunny, though chilly, late winter afternoon. Too warm for any snow to be left on the ground, and there are people in winterwear ranging from parkas and snow boots to the 'too cool to look cold' crowd in skirts or board shorts, and hoodies, with boots, of course, since there's all that slush around. Sophie is in a long overcoat, long gloves, and turtleneck. A scarf in shades of grey and a hat cover most of her exposed skin. She is walking alongside Joule, still exuding that 'Look, I'm a TOURIST' enthusiasm as she takes everything in.

Joule's been here only a little over a year, so she isn't quite as enthusiastic about the touristy thing. In fact, she insisted on stopping for a chai at a Starbucks before they entered the park. "You know, right, all we're gonna see in the park is the Zoo and the kids skating at the rink?" She isn't trying, actively, to be a killjoy, but her mood hasn't quite made it up out of the infernal pit of scorn yet.

Decked out in his heaviest jacket and the scarf o'many blinding colors, Mohinder finds himself in Central Park. His presence in the park is a bit unusual, seeing that he's alone and his ward isn't in tow. He should be at work, but he hasn't been checking in with the Company. In their current crisis mode, it's possible his lack of presence there hasn't been fully noticed. So finding himself in between a rock and a hard place, avoidance seems to be the next best thing. To the doctor anyway. It just so happens at this moment, he's heading out the way the two ladies are heading into the park.

Sophie says, cheerfully, "Oh, but its still a park. With trees, and paths, and a lake. Wonderful!"

Joule gives Sophie a sidelong glance. "Anybody tell you you're a real chipper pollyana? Am I going to need a shot of insulin if I spend all afternoon with—" her question, playfully sardonic, is cut off by a handful of children rapping along with Lee to the "Represent!" song which has such legs that it's now playing on local radio station WNYW. Joule just sighs and pinches the bridge of her nose.

Mohinder looks up, seeing Joule with her friend entering the park. He moves aside on the sidewalk and says nothing. Let's see if Joule notices. Canting his head some, he smiles at the passing children. Familiar with the song, thanks to Joule, it's a good thing that they're learning. (Even if rap isn't something he quite understands or likes.)
Sophie laughs a little. "I'm sorry. I need to take my happiness where I can." she sighs, "There's so many unhappy people, and unhappy thoughts. I guess I need a kind of.. bank of happiness."

"A 'bank of happiness', eh?" Joule asks. At which point a straggler from the previous group of kids comes barreling into her path on rollerblades. "Oi! Watch it!" she shouts, leaping backward out of the way. Her balance isn't quite right. There's no snow, but there are still slushy patches of ice sufficient to throw her balance off. And with a camera bag to protect, she's concentrating on that, which tilts her fall toward Mohinder, who thoughtfully paused for the traffic.

Mohinder turns back to look at the ladies, and to finally speak up. Perhaps to say something about Joule needing to borrow from Sophie's 'bank'. Only now, instead of any witty commentary, he moves to catch his new assistance before she collides with the ground.

Sophie turns quickly to grab ahold of Joule, trying to steady her before she falls. She doesn't think, then she almost lets go, looking at her hands. There's a flash of visible relief as she sees the gloves, and she is able to continue helping.

"…" Joule blinks, as aid comes from both directions. She reaches for Sophie, gratefully, but isn't quick enough. But aid comes from behind her, and she is set back on her pins. "Cheers," she says to Sophie, and turns to repeat it to her unseen rescuer. But she spots who it is, and her face lights up like the sun coming out from behind a cloud. "Why, Doctor! How serendipitous you should happen to be here just now. Thanks for the save."

Mohinder is a bit oblivious to the nature of Joule's smile, yet he grins in return. "You're welcome and you should be a bit more careful when berating strangers on icy sidewalks," he says in a light manner. Making sure Joule is steady first, he nods towards Sophie in a hello.

Sophie quickly puts her hands in her pockets. She smiles, "Well, a pleasure to meet you. You're a doctor? You aren't sick, are you?" to Joule.

"No, no, I'm not. He's a research scientist. I'm his gal Friday, even on Thursday," she explains. "Doctor Suresh, Sophie. Sophie, Doctor Suresh." This may be the first time in weeks Joule's actually said Mohinder's last name.

"A doctor yes, but not that sort of a doctor," Mohinder says. About to introduce himself, Joule beats him to it. "Genetical research," he clarifies as he extends a hand to Sophie to shake.

Sophie slips one hand out of her pocket. Like a habit now, she still glances at it, as if making sure nothing changed, then she takes Mohinder's hand and smiles, "Nice to meet you, Doctor Suresh. Genetics research? Now that's way above my academic league." she laughs, "I'm going to eventually be a librarian, if my plans fall in line."

"My father was a colleague," Joule explains, by way of drawing a line between hellion British photographer quasi-rockstar and Genetical research. "They had a bit in common, and I'm doing right by dad's memory working with the good Doctor." She's schooled her expression again, now, and her smile is below the gigawatt level once more. "Freeing him up to concentrate on his work."

Mohinder smiles as he shakes hands with Sophie, "Good luck with that. Librarians are incredibly important and just might be in short supply these days." He glances towards Joule with a grateful expression, "And she's helped quite a bit." Even if he's playing hooky more than he should these days.

Sophie nods, "Well, I guess it's not that exciting a job, and it needs a Masters. I just love working around books."

"G'wan, he's just being modest. I type. I tidy. I cook a little." Joule actually blushes a bit as Mohinder speaks kindly of how helpful she's been. "I back up his files encrypted-like. Y'know. Nothing special, really." She glances at Sophie. "Pshaw. You give researchers a place to research, right?"

"Try not to sell yourself short Miss Dahanukar, you've bought me more time in a day just by doing what you do," Mohinder says, sounding incredibly appreciative for the help. "And yes, even with computers and the internet, libraries are still important, as are the staff that keep them running. More people should probably have a love of books and dedication to them."

Sophie nods, noting with a grin, 'I'm not much help there yet. I'm still an undergrad. Right now, I'm technically an English major, with the intent of getting a Masters in Library Science."

"How many times must I tell you, it's Joule," Joule quips at Mohinder playfully. "Still," she backs up her employer and friend, "The Doctor's right. You're on a good path. Some would tell you print is dead; but honestly, as long as there're schools, there'll be need for librarians."

"Print is far from dead," Mohinder states firmly and gives Joule a scandalized look. That's a bit of a blasphemous statement there! "I'm certain you're more of a help than you give yourself credit for," he says to Sophie as he politely ignores Joule's chastisement of using her surname.

Sophie nods, "So, is your research super secret? I suppose you can't talk about it. A shame, though. I mean, I'm sure it is fascinating."

Joule shrugs, insouciantly at Mohinder's scandalized expression. She wasn't agreeing that print is dead. "Fascinating," she agrees with Sophie. "Also a bit over the average person's head if you haven't got a grounding in the right sciences."

"Not exactly. I'm well published." If you know where to look. Mohinder then chooses to speak plainly, "Genetics in general, as well as teaching. I specialize more in theoretical genetics however." When he's taken seriously by the right people. "Miss Dahanukar, are you saying that I talk over your head?"

Sophie laughs a little. "Given your specialty, sir, I'm sure lots might think that. People can be intimidated by sicence, especially the pure or theoretical ones."

"Not intentionally, Doctor," Joule assures Mohinder with a wry smile. "I did warn you that I'm only my father's daughter in name and resemblance, and that some of the science might outstrip my own knowledge." She's intelligent, and can keep up with him sometimes — but always? Not so much. It doesn't seem to bother her, though. If he's happy having someone listen, she's happy to listen.

"Or science that requires a leap of faith to believe until you've witnessed it with your own eyes." Turning to smile and laugh a little at Joule, Mohinder says, "You did warn me and I do try to not get carried away. At least you can keep up and transcribe my recordings."

Sophie nods and smiles, "Good spelling, and enough of a handle on the vocabulary to help with word choice when you're uncertain would be what's needed, I imagine."

"You do well not getting carried away, Doctor, I assure you. Plus, a little learning never hurt anyone. I do a lot of reading on Wikipedia these days." Joule tilts her head at Mohinder affectionately. "Pretty much, Sophie, just that. I look up what stops and stalls me — which isn't much. I make a habit of being pretty near unstoppable."

"That's very much the case," Mohinder states agreeably at Sophie. As Joule mentions wikipedia, he blanches. "A user altered database is not the most reliable source of information. I can direct you to a more reliable place." Wikipedia is fun, but not 100 percent accurate! "Unstoppable, that you are. Even when you seem to be feeling down." He picked up on the woman's sour mood from earlier.

Sophie nods to that. "She was a little cranky earlier." she grins, seeming to not let things get her down. She says, curiously, 'Geneticist. So.. what sorts of things do you think are genetic? More than the environment?"

"No," Joule agrees, "But it's not a bad jumping on point for a beginner," she tells him gently. She mainly uses it for spelling and to follow the links used for citation which often are reliable. She casts her eyes skyward at how easily Mohinder is rattled. Of course, she's intentionally trying to rattle him sometimes, so it works out. "Oh — well, that. Nothing, really, worth bothering with." She glances sidelong at Mohinder. He noticed that, did he? Her face smooths out into a mask. But her eyes still tend to give away that something's on her mind. Being reminded of Lee was something she'd hoped to get away from. Between the song and Mohinder's innocent inquiry, that notion's been blown to smithereens.

"Miss Dahanukar, cranky? I can't even begin to imagine what that must look like," Mohinder states rather dryly, as he glances with an amused look at Joule. An amused expression that dies when he sees the look on Joule's face. Moving along then. "There are of course the basic genetic traits such as hair and eye color. Freckles, body type. Predisposition to certain diseases. Then there are certain other traits, qualities, that can be genetic as well. Certain 'talents' we could say based on the dormant areas of the brain humans never use."

Sophie tilts her head, "You mean like.. being a musician, or art, or being double jointed?"

"I'm an artist," Joule says, archly. "I'm a passionate creature. I experience all my emotions turned up to eleven." It's not so much a defense as it is a simple 'I am' statement. She falls silent, though, regarding Sophie speculatively as she seems to pick up on Mohinder's lead. The troubled expression in her eyes is replaced by a curious one.

"Yes, those are abilities that could very well be inherited from a parent, or even skipping a generation. Some people just have them to a greater extreme than others." Which is a great understatement on Mohinder's part. "Then there is what could be considered fantastical. Advanced healing, endurance beyond the realm of normal for humans, clairvoyance, flight." The list is endless. While he's speaking to Sophie, he raises a hand and lightly claps it to Joule's shoulder.
Sophie nods slowly. "Those sound pretty impossible, though. I mean, supernatural. You know, like mind reading and such. You think… that kind of thing's real?"

Joule smiles sidelong at Mohinder, eyes brightening and warming again at the touch. "Possibilities do exist. I mean, you've read the stories, no doubt, of mothers lifting cars up in the air to get the baby trapped beneath. Doctor Suresh seeks to quantify what most people would write off as flukes, inexplicable. Are such things impossible — or merely undiscovered is a better question, don't you think?"

Think? He knows it's real. Mohinder glances around, to see who may or may not be listening in, but chooses to proceed with caution anyway. He's made a few rash decisions which have gotten him into some hot water. "They do require a suspension of disbelief, yes. You ask if I think if it's real? Of course I do. I wouldn't be pursuing my research as relentlessly as I have, if I thought otherwise." He spreads his hands a little as Joule adds in her thoughts, "Ordinary people can pull off the extraordinary when there is a rush of adrenaline. I wouldn't write them off as flukes. We never know what we are capable of doing until we are pressed for action."

Sophie nods thoughtfully. 'Rush of adreneline? So, if people stayed calm.. then it may not happen?' which is a weird question to ask.

"Well, there are all sorts of controls one can master over one's own state if one stays calm. Yoga. Meditation. Kama Sutra. Caffeine. Herbal medicine. So what works for one might not work for everyone." Joule shrugs. "In my case, you'd imagine the sitting still and chanting — not so effective. I'm too much the livewire to settle like that. I have to burn off my excess energy if I want to slow down."

"Not necessarily. Using Miss Dahanukar's example of a mother saving her child.. The mother's power, her strength, could have been laying dormant until that moment when her child's life was in danger. The rush of adrenaline could have brought it to the surface." Mohinder is starting to sound like he's lecturing to a classroom. Sophie started it however. "After that initial rush of adrenaline? The mother could very well tap into that in the future regardless of situation. Sometimes these abilities, these gifts, they require that rush to manifest, to come to the surface."

Sophie nods, "So, they can't go back dormant again, you know, after. I mean, if someone wanted them to?"

"Good question, but the possibility exists. Only thing is, if something happened to remind them, it'd come right back. Y'know, how certain skills fall into the backbrain, but you remember them again if something comes up where you need to use them?" She glances at Mohinder. He's the expert. "What do you think, Doctor?"

Mohinder shakes his head, "Not necessarily dormant. Does it go away? Can it go away? Not that I've seen. Oh I've tried at the request of an individual and it did not work." Tilting his head slightly, he regards Joule, "Using super strength as the continued example. The person with it would need to exercise caution, to be careful, to try and not use it all of the time. The possibility of laying dormant can very from person to person and their unique talents, as well as their capability to hold back. To control the gift they are given."

Sophie nods as she says, "Just, well, wondering about the theory of it." she says hurriedly, glancing, again, at her hands.

"Is there something that you've found yourself doing?" Mohinder asks quietly, noticing that Sophie keeps looking at her hands.

Joule also noticed Sophie glancing at her hands repeatedly. To the point where she almost didn't reach to help when Joule started losing her balance. No harm done; the woman didn't end up on her hindquarters in the slush, and her beloved camera is safe and sound. But still, the question has been brought up.

Sophie looks up, quickly. "Me? I mean.." she shrugs, "Nothing.. I'm sure. I mean, it'd be ridiculous."

"Nothing you have to say will be found ridiculous by me, I assure you." Mohinder says gently. He's also not being polite about wanting to hear what is bothering Sophie. "I've studied and witnessed more than what can be imagined."

"If anyone is the person to be discussing any concerns you have about such things, you're talking to the right one," Joule pipes up. "But perhaps we should find a spot out of the cold and the public eye to have this conversation? "Or I could simply take out my camera and let folks think I'm working on some project."

Sophie sighs, "Well, it is so /stupid/. I mean.." then seemingly apropos of nothing, she says, "You ever see that show 'Family Guy'?"

Amelia has been busy with schoolwork for the past uhh… Several months. Yes, even during the holidays. Dumb professors. She now has some time off, however, and is back in Central Park. The last time she was here, a tree fell on her. Since then, she has been wary of coming here. Dressed in warm clothing, the college student walks along one of the paths, trying to find the tree that broke and nearly killed her and her new friend.

There it is! She pauses when she notes some people nearby. A couple ladies and a dark-skinned guy. She tries to stay out of sight for the most part, or at least not attract attention, as she casually steps off the path and starts heading towards the towering tree with one thick branch missing.

"Stupid? No Miss… I'm sorry.. I don't believe I got your name." Mohinder continues without waiting for Sophie's name. "Do not feel stupid if this troubles you.. 'Family Guy'?" A perplexed expression takes hold. So as far as that show goes.. this would be a no. "Warmer? Oh, yes, a warmer spot might be good," he says distractedly as Joule broke into his concentration there.

Family Guy? Joule has heard of it, she's sure. Lee probably kvetched about it, but Lee kvetches about everything and god damn it now she's thinking about Lee again. It's an effort for her to wrench her thoughts away from wringing his pencil neck, but she manages after a moment. "Um, no. I don't think I've heard more than the name," she admits. "Though if it's significant to the research, I can look into it."

Sophie says, "Well, it isn't really about research. Its a goofy cartoon aimed mostly at adults. In it, the family gets exposed to toxic waste, and they each get some kind of power. One gets strength, one gets the ability to move things with their mind. Even the family dog gets to move really fast. Then Meg.. suddenly she can make her fingernails get long. You know, weird, but totally useless."

Amelia can hear the voices drifting over, but isn't focusing on them that much. No, she's instead focusing on the maple tree in front of her. She puts her hand against the tree trunk gently, and abruptly gasps and jerks her hand back. She glances around to make sure no one noticed her, and then the young woman puts her hand back on the tree. In her mind, she can… 'See' the internal structure of the tree. The way it's rotting inside, falling apart… It's sick.

"No wonder you broke…" she says to… The tree? To herself? To no one? She shakes her head and backs away. What's going on with her? Is she just imagining things? She turns in a circle and looks around at the rest of the trees. She jogs over to another maple, and puts her hand on the trunk of that one. Sick. Dying. Just like the other. It's just like that report on the news said!

She forgets that there are people nearby as she runs past them to a different tree, non-maple, and checks it as well.

Mohinder blinks, then just goes with the example. If he watched the show, he might understand the hilarity of Meg getting something useless as a power. "Strength, telekinesis, super-speed. The last one you mention, weird yes, I wouldn't say it was entirely useless. But you use the show as an example.." he prods gently with his words to get Sophie to continue. As for Amelia's presence, he hasn't noticed her approach. His mind can be a little one track.

Joule, on the other hand, has noticed Amelia, and lets Mohinder monopolize the conversation, while she reaches for her camera.

Sophie is trying to keep her voice down. But one thing you can say, espionage is never going to be her perfect job. She sighs, "Maybe worse. Disruptive without being useful."

Amelia arrives at the non-maple tree, after passing the trio by, and presses her hand to the tree trunk. This time she can tell right away that it's healthy. Before she even touched it, really. She can just see the internal structure… The signs of growth, of age… But not of weakness or sickness. She soon turns and runs right back the way she came, getting excited. A smile is on her face, as she dashes by the trio again, and back to the original maple. All sense of others in the area is lost. This is amazing! What's more amazing is… She thinks she can fix it.

Amelia puts both hands on the huge maple, and then presses her forehead against the bark, and closes her eyes. She can see it even more clearly now. Some kind of virus or disease… She tries to will the tree to fight off the infection. To repair its structure. Maybe she needs to say magic words or something? She doesn't know, this is just way too new and weird. Almost like that guy she met who seemed to be multiples of himself for a moment. That was how he got them out from under the tree branch that fell. He just… Seemed to multiply himself. And how had she survived? She was pretty much squashed, but she had nothing broken.

"Come on, tree…" she mutters. "Come on, come on, come on…" she whispers over and over, as she focuses. Then the cellulose — the equivalent of bones or skeletal structure for plants — begins to… Mend. To heal, and radiate outwards from where she is touching. It becomes harder, thicker, and sealed off from infection. But only for a moment, and in a very small area, then her head starts to hurt, and she jerks away. Breathing hard, Amelia looks up at the sick maple sadly and backs up.

"I think I'm going to need a bigger boat," she offers glumly to the tree.

Mohinder frowns in thought as Sophie speaks, "How do you mean? What is it you're doing?" His tone is kind, patient, as he waits for further elaboration. "Whatever it is, I assure you, there's a purpose for it. It can't be useless." Sophie still has his attention, and Amelia's attempts go unnoticed.

Joule looks at the girl, through the viewfinder of her camera, and holds steady, switching to video, as the girl places hand and forehead on the tree. It's mending. How fascinating. "'Scuse me a mo, Doctor," she says quietly, deciding perhaps the little dryad girl may need someone to let her know she may not wanna be so overt in her Lorax act.

Sophie shrugs and she says, "I.. I'm still not sure what it is." she does turn to watch Amelia. In a way, they probably get more information as distraction stops her from being too careful. "Memories, I guess. I mean, I relieve other people's memories. Like I was there. But luckily, only if I touch them. Though.. I guess I did find out recently that other people can end up with the memories that I got earlier. Like I.. transfer them.'

Tyson is suddenly seen walking from behind another tree close to Amelia as she ran from one maple to another and looked to be meditating on it. He saw her and the tree clearly without even using his ability and what he saw just seemed to look… more than natural. Being the fun guy that he is, he decides to approach, calling out, "So, if you don't actually hug the tree are you technically a treehugger or a treeforeheadputonner?" If nothing else, he hoped the girl would just look at him weird instead of running away.

Amelia puts her hands in her pockets, because it's cold and her hands are cold and she doesn't like having cold hands. Why is it so cold here? Stupid cold. Frowning, she finally remembers to look around. When she spots someone pointing a camera at her, and the other woman looking at her, she blushes and smiles, nodding her head in greeting, and turning and walking around as though she hadn't just been dashing around like a loonie, trying to heal trees.

Really, she's just a normal college student. No reason to pay attention to her. Though now she's reminded for some reason of that one episode of Disney's Aladdin (the tv series, not the movie) where Jasmine is abducted by the King of Plants or whatever it was, so she could be told how plants feel abotu being cut down or burnt and so forth. Jasmine understood the plants' point of view. 'Does that make me Princess Jasmine!?' Amelia wonders. 'This is so awesome!' But then she remembers that the King of Plants got killed by Aladdin at the end, despite Jasmine's attempts in that episode. "Don't worry, I'm not going to let you—" she starts whispering to the nearby maple out of the corner of her mouth.

Then Tyson calls out to her, and she jumps about three feet in the air. "I, uhh, what? Huh? Oh, I was… Just… Uhh… Ahahahahaha!" She laughs suddenly. "I was just seeing for myself these maples the news said were dying. Thought I might get a better perspective if I was… Up close?"

"Mmm, Miss Dahanukar?" Mohinder asks without looking to Joule. She may as well have asked for Friday off, or mentioned it was turning colder. Sometimes the doctor just needs a smack upside the head to redirect his attention. And right now? That's what it would take to get him from staring at Sophie. ".. I see.. no.. that's not useless.. In fact I would say quite the opposite." Not to mention dangerous. "What about objects? Are you able to 'see' the history of an object? Or only see the memories of another person, and they see yours? Do you retain them?" The questions come right after the other as he visibly gets excited, wanting to pry further into what Sophie can do.

Sophie looks over curiously. "Stuff? No, thank goodness. Just people. Umm.. I guess I retain them, if you mean I remember them."

Joule's actually coming up on Amelia's other side now, as Tyson has gotten in front of her. "Oi. Curlytop cutie!" she greets him, remembering him from a conversation on a train some time ago. Then, she leans in to Amelia. "You might want to save your close looking 'til after dark, luv," she tells the young woman, sotto voce. "You never know who might be able to see you pulling the dryad schtick."

Tyson does his best not to look at the girl with any disdain or too much curiosity when she offers her piece, especially when she goes on about maples dying and her trying to see what was wrong. "Uh-huh… Well, it would definitely help-…" Then he notices Joule across from him and unintentionally drops his jaw at the shock of recalling her. "Oh…" He laughs nervously, not only remembering her but the aftermath of that event. "Hey, Miss. How's the awkward thing going for you?" Joule does get a curious look when she speak up, she was known to be random but there didn't seem to be a problem just looking at plants.

Amelia feels trapped between two people now, who are being weird. "I, uhh…" She moves away from Joule. She asks uncustomarily defensive for her, "Am I breaking a law or something? You have something against plants?" She glances towards Tyson, and then back to Joule. These two know each other, apparently. So she just mouths the word 'oh-kay' as she averts her eyes, and backs away, so that the two friends can talk to each other or whatever. She'll have to do some research on this whole maple phenomenon later, and plants in general. Maybe ask her biology professor. Minus the 'I can see plant skeletons' bit, of course.

"Yes, that is what I mean. Say if your hand were to touch mine, you would get one of my memories and keep it. Would it be taken from me?" Mohinder's curious about that aspect. Because the only person he knows of who can take memories, he takes them for good. "Miss Dahanukar? I think we should schedule this young lady for a mo.. Miss Dahanukar?" Finally, he notices that Joule has wandered off and looks around for her. It doesn't take long before he sees where Joule has gotten to, and that she's speaking with Tyson and Amelia.

Sophie shakes her head, "Oh, no. Not that I know of. Nobody ever said they were missing anything. And nothing happens with mine, that I know of."

"No, not breaking any laws," Joule tells Amelia, raising one hand to give Mohinder the 'one moment please' gesture. But she keeps her voice low, pitched just for Amelia, as she adds, "It's just you probably don't want the public at large seeing you can heal plants, is it?" With that, she turns on her heel, since duty calls. "I'm sorry, Doctor, you said you wanted to schedule Sophie for —?" She waits, camera exchanged for PDA, attentive.

Tyson just stares at Joule as she offers her two cents and decides that instead of hounding down after either of them that he should keep some distance to the apparent tree healer who was still pretty close to the tree he was starting to examine in case is started to change dramatically before his eyes, "That woman? I don't get. I mean, you were just meditating, right? Not that anybody would blame you for trying. I think there is some great human-nature connection, maybe you can? You know, heal trees…" He shrugs.

Amelia pales a bit at Joule, but doesn't answer. So she wasn't just imagining all this? This was real? "Too weird…" she mutters as Joule walks off. When Tyson speaks to her, she turns and smiles as best she can. "Yeah, that's it… Meditating. Trying to figure out how to help. I'm… Studying biology, so I was thinking of how the maples might have contracted their disease in the first place, how it spread… And maybe how to fix it." She shrugs.

Not exactly a lie. She was thinking about all that right now. But that wasn't what she was focusing on before. "And like they say… Humans use less than half of their total brain capacity. If we can potentially do stuff like… Uhh… Healing trees, then I guess it's probably in that other half we don't use." She hesitates for a moment and then says, "My name's Amelia." She offers a hand to Tyson. Joule didn't stick around long enough for introductions. She glances back at the camera-woman and… Doctor? Maybe he's here studying the maples as well? He could be a botanist! Maybe he can explain some of this to her? …Or maybe not. This still seems a bit crazy.

"I see," Mohinder says, turning his attention back onto Sophie. "That is a relief, and what you can do.. that is not useless. It has many possibilities for its application. If you like, and if you consent, I can help you get a better understanding of what you can do. I may be a little behind on the people I said I would help, but with Miss Dahanukar's assistance, I'm getting back on track. If you need time to think about it, I'll provide you with my card."

Sophie pauses, "I don't know. I mean.. I can think about it, maybe. But I still think its.. I shouldn't talk about it. I mean, I don't want to end up some kind of freak show, or lab rat."

"Soph," Joule says, a teense impatiently, "D'you think I'd work for some B-movie type mad scientist who goes MWAHAHAHAHHA?" Yes. She did the Evil Laugh to drive the point home. "If anything side-show-esque takes place, I've got your back, and the Doctor here will have a significant amount of explaining to do before I show him what I'm like when I'm angry." He hasn't seen her angry. He's only seen her playfully annoyed.

Tyson nods, reaching out for Amelia's hand and shaking it a couple times offering his own name as well, "Tyson. It's nice to meet you, Amelia." Letting go of the girl's hand and looking around at the group Joule was talking to. "Hm… You know? That woman seems nice, but if you ever have an awkward situation… is awesome to have around for making things that much more awkward."

Sophie takes a breath. "I guess I'm a little cautious." as she takes the card. She looks at it, "I have some things to think about. But.. I really should go." as she actually darts off quickly.

Amelia nods. "Nice to meet you too, Tyson!" The name 'Tyson' makes her think of hotdogs. And thinking of hotdogs leads her to thinking, inexplicably, of boys. And Mike Tyson. And now she has the mental image of Mike Tyson fighting this Tyson, and biting off his hotdog—AUUUUGGGH! Amelia blinks HARD to clear her mind of all that. Her day is weird enough without making it weirder. She laughs a little at Tyson's words as she glances back at Joule and crew.

"Thanks for the warning. Yeah, she was… Uhh… Odd. For sure." She shakes her head. "Well, it's nice to meet someone else open-minded about the possibilities of human potential."

Mohinder blanches just a little about the lab rat comment. "You won't be a freakshow. Know now that you aren't alone with what you can do. I," he falls silent at the mad scientist laugh from Joule, as well as the description, albeit brief one, in regards to her wrath. A card is produced and handed over to Sophie. He looks a little surprised to see her dash off so fast, but turns to Joule, "Should she call, just get her onto my schedule the soonest it allows for."

Joule is back to being calm and placid again. Well, what passes for placid in her world. "Of course, Doctor," she tells him. Wrath? She's not wrathful at the moment. "She's a good kid. A little shy. I'll talk to her."

"No problem." Tyson smiles, "Yeah, and if you ever manage to find out how to communicate with trees. You should totally make some kind of super tree." Pulling out his phone, he notes the time. "I've got to get going on that note, so, don't go giving up that Meditreetion. Cool?"

Amelia blinks. Super tree? Now she is picturing a tree's leaves turning gold and a big yellow aura around it, and the tree yelling all crazy, and powering up. What. "Uhh, sure! I'll keep trying!" She grins a little, and then says, "Nice meeting you!"

"No pressure, but with what she can do.. let's just say I know someone else who can do similar things. I don't want to see her fall into his position." Mohinder can see Sophie being used easily. Looking at Joule fully now, he asks, "What was going on over there?"

Joule steps up to Mohinder, glancing back at Amelia. She keeps her voice low and whispers into Mohinder's ear. "Another you may want to have a look at." She lifts her camera so he can see the brief bit of footage she captured — Amelia using her ability to heal a tree before Tyson started chatting her up. "See?"

Tyson nods back at Amelia, taking a step back in preperation for leaving only to catch Joule showing the man she was with a picture on her camera. With no way of knowing what they were talking about, he simply shrugs them off and gets on his way. "Peace out, Amelia." That done, Tyson starts sprinting towards Joule but not stopping there; simply waving at her and her male companion as he passed, not trying to notice anything suspicious because he doesn't know any better to leave a new acquaintance around Joule and someone he could only assume was of the same calibre.

Tyson leaves, and Amelia watches him go for a moment, before spotting that the trio has been reduced to a duo, and they are now examining a camera. The same camera that was pointed at her before. Uh-oh. Amelia attempts to flee the scene, by starting to walk off. She doesn't like weird stuff, and today has been really weird already. Maybe being Princess Jasmine isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Mohinder looks at Joule, and appears surprised to find her that close to him. He knew she was right there, but not right there. Clearing his throat a little, he looks down at the camera screen she shows him. "Replay that please.. did she just heal the tree?" Raising his head, he looks up at Joule, for just a little longer than necessary before glancing away, to see if Amelia is still nearby.

Joule's deft fingers work the camera with practiced and familiar speed. The file starts again from the beginning, showing Amelia bending to the tree, and the tree beginning to show signs of recovery — although they are small in cmoparison to the amount of damage the tree has suffered. She glances up, though, as Mohinder speaks, and meets his eyes.

"Cameras don't lie, Doctor," she tells him, still keeping her voice to that whisper. She turns when he breaks eye contact, to see if the dryad girl is still lurking about.

Amelia is presently jogging away! She is probably out of earshot, but she's not out of sight. She just wants to get away from all the weirdos here and get back to something normal, like her biology homework. Something about mitosis and midocardialinfarction or something. She'll have to check her notes. If she can escape, at least.

"No, they don't lie," Mohinder says distractedly. He could just let it go about Amelia, seeing as she's jogging away. Running after someone in New York isn't a wise course of action, it's just very tempting. "Do you know her?"

Joule shakes her head, glancing once more at Amelia, then shrugging and putting the camera away. "Afraid not, Doctor," she tells him. "I just thought it prudent to warn her about using her abilities in public like that, since not everyone will just want to observe and help. Think she's a bit spooked now. Which will hopefully make her a little more careful." She tilts her head this way and that, cracking her neck. "Well buggeritall," she sighs. "There goes my afternoon," she realizes, now that Sophie has taken off. "Need anything transcribed, then?" she asks Mohinder with a wry, resigned expression.

"Ah.. yes.. don't want to frighten her further. It was good of you to warn her. Even with such a subtle ability as hers." Mohinder says quietly, turning his attention from the departing Amelia to Joule. "Miss Dahanukar? Are you quite alright?" Obviously she's not, but the concern is still shown. "No. I don't have anything that needs to be transcribed, but I would quite like it if you would accompany me home. I was going to make naan bread and tikka masala." Maybe a good dinner and Molly's adorableness will help the woman's mood.

"It's just common decency, Doctor," Joule says, waving his praise off. "Honestly, she's only a kid." She smiles tightly. "Are you always this perceptive?" she asks, finding herself smiling a bit more warmly. Although the question is an echo of one she's asked before, the bad mood does not return with that realization. "And I'd be delighted. I haven't had good tikka masala in ages. But if I'm coming over for dinner, you really must call me Joule."

"There is that, yes." Mohinder can see the fascination in using abilities, letting them take over. It should be the other way around, the person controlling the power. Otherwise bad things happen. "Sorry?" He doesn't quite get what Joule means by his perceptiveness. "Ah, very well then, Joule." Of course it won't exactly be a normal, lighthearted evening at Suresh's. Molly helps though. At least the conversation may not be doom and gloom.

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