2007-08-05: BatPortia


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Summary: Jane and Portia talk while looking for someone, and the teen exhibits Batmanesque behavior.

Dark Future Date: August 5th, 2009


Times Square, NYC

She's out wandering alone, a few hours before dark. Her pace is slow and careful, Jane is scanning the street ahead and fronts of buildings as she goes. The anger normally in her eyes is still present, but there's something else in them and on her face too right now. Worry. Whatever, or whoever, she seems to be looking for isn't being found and it's getting to her. "Where the hell are you, Ali?" she mutters to herself darkly. "I can't find you anywhere, you've not been on in days…" She's becoming volatile. If she can't locate Ali soon, or if something's happened to her, she may lose it.

There's something about the way that Portia can just appear and disappear that happens to be a little creepy. She considers it a little like Batman. One second he's there, the next second he's not. So it's of no surprise when Portia is suddenly just /there/, nearby. "Jane?" She asks, stepping out of the shadows and falling along side.

And she isn't surprised. Not after knowing the declared woman can do this for two years and change, and so recently having found her following when she and the Broadcaster crossed roofs by board bridge in this very region. "Portia," Jane greets. The question follows immediately on the heels of it. "Have you seen Ali?" She keeps walking forward, searching.

"No." Portia's suddenly on edge. She looks to Jane. "Is she missing?" That causes her some concern. "I can ask with others about her, if you'd like. I have connections. I can find out if anyone's heard from her. Or hell, I can look for her."

Her voice is kept quiet, the words for Portia and Portia alone. "She's not been on the air for a few days and she's not at the zoo, but there's no news reports about a female pirate radio broadcaster being captured either, so I've no idea where she might be. Got some connections of my own," Jane states, "and I'll go to them soon, but I'm going to hunt on my own for a bit longer." Silence settles in as her feet keep moving, until about half a block later she stops and lets her eyes wander.

Portia follows after Jane, giving a small nod. "I'll look for her too, then. I'll check the harder to look in places. See if I hear anything, too. Maybe she's laying low somewhere.. got into some trouble so she's keeping cover?" She's definitely concerned. "We'll find her."

"Who're your contacts, Portia?" Jane asks, remaining where she is for the moment. The eyes continue to scan. Sure, it's probably a fruitless thing doing this, but a friend is missing, possibly alone and injured, or worse. Her mind flashes back more than two years before, to when she huddled in agony and shaking with withdrawal, all alone in that apartment, and it's this which drives her now. No matter how pointless this may all be, she just has to do something until she can manage to make contact with someone who can give assistance.

"I can get in with the Saints. Ramon, Elena.. they're both in there. They'd help me if I asked." Portia nods. "Manny might have heard something too." She looks around again, pursing her lips. "I'm sure they have other people they could contact."

"I'd hope they'll do the same for me too," Jane replies. "Do you know where their headquarters are, Portia?" Maybe she knows, maybe she doesn't and is asking to see how much the teen knows. "I saw Manny a few days ago." That last is spoken somberly.

"Yeah?" Portia grins at that. "He's always looking out for me, now." She nods. "Kinda nice having a brother looking out for me again." She looks back, noticing the somber look. "I can find out where it is. You alright..?"

"I will be," she replies simply. "People close to me in potential danger sets me on a knife edge. Remnants of something long ago I can't completely let go of." The eyes focus somewhere in the distance while she speaks. "Got to keep busy until I can talk to someone, anyone, get some backup or learn if anything is known." A pause is taken, during which her eyes sweep over to and study Portia. "I look out for you too, best I can. If something happens to you, I hunt just the same as now."

"I'll ask Elena. She'd know. She always knows." Portia offers a warm smile. "And.. thank you. It's nice to be worried over. I'm sure Ali's glad someone's worrying over her right now." There's a more serious moment, however, when she looks to Jane again. "Started playing again. People seemed to think I should. So I did. Wanted to find Ali anyways.. been writing some stuff I want to see if she'd like to play on the radio. Some stuff sad, some kind of inspirational.. stuff to really just help people cope."

"Tell Elena I'd like to see her too, or better yet, set it up so we meet with her together," Jane requests. "Thank you. And you're welcome, Portia." The news of her Invisibleness playing again draws a fleeting smile up. "Excellent news. I'm one of those people saying that. And… I might have met a drummer recently. Still need to test her out, see how good she is. Can you play bass guitar?"

"Yeah, I can actually." Portia smiles. "Ramon kind of likes the habit. Keeps buying me instruments. Wanted me to come stay in his penthouse where I'd be safe. So I did. Couldn't say no when he said please. Ramon Gomez /never/ says please." She grins. "We should play then. I think people could use some hope, you know?" Another grin. There's still some youthful exuberance left in Portia, even if she is older and much more of a woman. There's still the old Portia in there. "I went to see someone the other day.. he was one of the few people I played for, back then. He'd wanted to see me play again.. well, I found him again, he'd had.. well, there was something that caused him to be mute. Not-so-nice stuff. So I went to see him. Discovered he knew French." She laughs. "So I sang to him. In French.. and it was good. I remembered this song I learned back in Paris.. and I realized it was exactly what he needed.. you know, what people needed to hear and stuff. The only problem is that not enough people know French."

She's still concerned about Ali and needing to find her, the realization it can't happen right now, she needs support, has her badly in need of distraction. Something to do, to talk about, and get her back to rationality, which Portia's just provided. Jane takes her time framing words to reply when the younger one is finished speaking. That exuberance draws out another, less fleeting, smile. When she breaks the silence, the language used is French. "It's good to hear you found him, and played. I was thinking, between you and I and the drummer, if she's any good, could make a band of sorts. You and I could trade off playing lead and bass, do the same with vocals, make it an equal thing." She studies the teen's face, to gauge her reaction to the idea.

"I didn't know you spoke French!" Portia replies, in French. "That sounds like a lot of fun. We could do it. I'll have to show you some of my lyrics.. we could play some of them." She looks back. "It would be nice to do that again."

"We've got time to think that over and come up with something," Jane answers. "Right now we need to focus on Ali. Go check your contacts, try to set that up with Elena, and I'll work on digging up one or two of my own. You've got a phone? Mine is 283-2260."

"Yeah. I'll do that. And the number's 283-3364." Portia replies, looking over. "I'll call you as soon as I hear from Elena, especially if she says something about Ali."

"It's been a while since she and I talked," Jane muses. "It'll be good to see her again and catch up some, if she's not too busy." And she turns away, to resume her foot and street hunt for Ali, the one she knows is just keeping herself busy and killing time until something effective can be done. "G'night, Portia."

"Night, Jane. I'll let you know 'bout Elena." With that said, Portia moves back to the shadows.. and subsequently is gone. Like Batman.

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