2010-05-11: Battle Buddy Bashir (The Amazon)



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Date: May 11, 2010


The morning after the night before… the adventure continues.

"Log Title"


Night in the middle of the Amazon was… not very pleasant. With their medic gone, others had to take up the slack; Dee's night was spent between taking care of a very injured Jo Scott and trying to convince one of the area's natives to help them.

Said native? A jaguar.

Animals either trust, or they don't. Once Dee managed to convince the animal that they weren't going to harm it - and it took awhile, being that the jaguar had actually never seen people at all before - it was all on board for Dee's plan. First and foremost, guarding their small camp, and second… Getting one of their own out of the tree.

In the early morning light, the veterinarian approaches the tree where she last saw Cody. The jaguar, a young, strong creature, trails behind her, looking up into the tree with all the curiosity of a mischievous feline. Dee gives it a pat on the shoulder before calling, "Oi! Cody! You awake! I gotta plan!"

Four million birds startle and go flying in every direction - a beautiful rainbow of parrot feathers soaring into the sky.

Far above the flight of mosquitoes, Cody rested happily in a web made of hair. Until the first shower of rain… then she was pretty much miserable. She and the little monkey spent the night either yelling at each other to be quiet, or huddled under a mass of leaves to keep dry. What she wouldn't give for a power bar or two.

The woman could have gotten herself out of the tree last night but her reserves had been depleted in saving herself from the 200 foot plummet to the ground. Again. What she wouldn't give for a power bar or two.

The rise of the sun was breath taking, especially from where she and the monkey sat. While Cody spent the entire night envious of those in dryer terrain, all of that melted away with the first rays of morning. The canopy of trees glittered with morning dew and last night's rain. Stephanie Myers would have given her right leg to describe the brilliance of the diamonds on the skin of the Amazon.

"Cody, are you alive!?" Dee calls. The monkey confirms that the treed woman is alive. "Answer me, you lunatic," she mutters to herself. ANYWAY. "I'm sendin' up a friend. 'e'll getcha outta the tree. Don't be scared." Then, quieter, to the jaguar. "Aw'right, pretty. G'on."

The huge cat begins an extraordinarily easy climb up the trees. It's something that would have taken any of the people on the expedition hours to do, and yet, the jaguar does it in minutes. The first sign that something is coming for Cody is that the monkey screeches and vanishes into the canopy without ever looking back.

Should Cody turn around, she'll see a tan-and-black spotted face staring at her, yellow eyes eerily focused.

«Don't eat her,» Dee says.

«Not for eating?»

«No, for rescuing. Back safe on the ground.»

«I understand.»

The group didn't have much in the way of shelter, but even through the rain Jamie managed to sleep soundly through the night. (In fact, she seemed even more comfortable soaking wet than she did dry.) She's dryer now as she wakes with Dee's shout, though, sitting up and rubbing at the corners of her eyes a little as she takes in the situation. A giant cat climbing the tree after Cody, and Dee apparently sending it up. She stands up and makes her way over closer to the tree and Dee, "That is so cool."

If Cody hadn't been awake already then the Australian accented calls from below certainly would have roused her from her sleep. Peeking over the edge of her hairweb, Cody's short shorn mop is haloed by a sun beam and she looks like Anansi the god of spiders or something like that. "Calm down earth dweller! I am awake!"

It's about that time that the monkey screams and disappears.

It's about that time Cody's morning went downhill.

When she next turns her head, Cody is face to face with a gigantic cat. For the second time in two days, the woman's heart just stops. Then it begins racing as she scoots to the edge of the hairnet and nearly falls off the edge.


Yep, that's Cody trying to be calm in the face of danger. Usually she's a lot better at this but danger in the human variety is much different than ohmygodi'mabouttobelunch. Now she knows how all those little animals she's caught and taken a bite out of feel.

Dee turns long enough to smile at Jamie. "What's gonna be cool is if we manage t'get 'er out of the tree— without her falling. CODY, SHUT UP!"

The jaguar's head tilts as Cody scoots away. «It's acting like food.»

«No, just… Give me a while.»

"Settle down! Climb on his back and hold on! I was tryin' t'tell ya, but you weren't sayin' nothin'!" It's not Dee's fault if the jaguar got up there faster than she could explain!

The animal looks at the hair net. Stringy. Fun! It pokes at it, which will undoutably send the entire thing shaking. Poke, poke, poke.

«What is this?»

«Not for playing.»

«For eating?» Before Dee can answer, the jaguar bites at it.

"Can you hurry!?" Dee calls rather desperately. "He won't hurt you! I promise!"

Jamie climbs up onto the now settled plane wreckage, careful of anything sharp, to give a better vantage point for the rescue attempt. "Hope it works," she comments. After that, she quiets, so Dee can talk to Cody and the animal without interruption.

If Cody didn't think she was above the intelligence of the average animal before, she's certainly thinking it now. Witnessing the jaguar lean over and begin chewing on the large net, she clings for dear life. "Make it stop! Make it stooooooooooooo —- aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!"

The net breaks free from the tree the jaguar is on and like Tarzan, Cody swings down in an arc. Until she hits one of the other trees.

The good news is, the jaguar got her down about 50 feet. The bad news is, the net's precarious hold on the branches above it might make the other 150 feet a very quick trip.

«GET! HER!» Dee calls to the jaguar. This time, it's an actuall issued command. Dee hates making animals do things, but when someone's life on the line… Is it justified? It's something she might never be able to answer with any reliability. If she were more adept with her newest ability to essentially jump into the mind of the animal and drive it, she'd do that. For now, she's just going to have to settle for the jaguar's… sensibilities.

The creature looks up, grabs onto another branch, and hoists itself into the canopy, above the leaves and momentarily out of sight— Until it drops down onto the tree Cody is now against, claws scraping against its surface and sending bark dropping to the ground far below. Despite the animal's power, the straight-down drop is quite difficult to maintain.

It's close enough now for Cody to be able to smell the stinking carrion breath that all large predators have. Somehow, it's acting smarter now, following Dee's instructions to the letter. This time when it grabs the net of hair, it's to hold it steady, and not to chew through it.

"Climb onto his back, Cody! I'm not sure how long he's gonna want to 'old that in 'is mouth!" And Dee's not sure just how long she can keep such absolute control over the animal.

It's already looking at the monkey up in the tree above. That's far more appealing than a mouthful of hair.

«Katie~ Open your eyes~»

Propped against a large tree, Jo's eyes flutter open and she squints, trying to bring the world into focus. Nothing is focusing, it's blurry and she now has a splitting headache. Tightly she closes her eyes again and pushes herself up with a heavy moan only to collapse against the tree again, groaning as she hits the ground. A hand is raised to her forehead while the other is used to roll up both of her pant legs. Blinking hard she attempts to figure out where she is again, squinting to bring her eyes into focus.

She's frozen in place, despite Dee's pleading to get on the cat's back, there's that nagging doubt that drives Cody's senses into overdrive. "You know this wouldn't have been so bad if they'd've just sent up some damned power bars…" she mutters softly to herself. She can't fault Dee for the oversight, she can't really fault anyone for that matter. She wasn't on the ground, she didn't really know what happened during the night.

Gripping the failing net with one hand, her muscles strain to hold her own weight while she reaches out to the giant cat. She really needs to start keeping a diary because stuff like this is publishable. That and she really kind of feels like Lord Greystoke himself.

"Nice kitty kitty kitty…" she breathes softly. Cody's really not sure if that's going to antagonize it or not but it really makes her feel better. "Niiiiiice kitty kitty kitty…"

The jaguar grows lightly when Cody first touches it, but after that, the only sound is really the creature's heavy breathing. Its muscles are still tense under its own weight - and now Cody's - as it clings to the vertical surface of the tree. Once Dee gives it the go-ahead, it wastes no time in relaxing its grip, sliding almost too fast down to the ground. Just before they hit, it nimbly leaps from the tree, executing a perfect ten-point landing on the soft earth. It looks back at its passenger as if to say, 'okay, you can let the hell go now.

Dee gently rubs the big cat under the chin, which pacifies it. There's also a smile offered to Cody. Dee herself doesn't look too injured, save for some bruising and a good number of tiny lacerations - some of which she stitched up herself, and a bandage around her knee. But as for others… "That Jo… She's your friend, right? She's in pretty bad shape…" Looking behind her, Dee nods at the woman, frowning when she sees that Jo has moved in the last couple minutes. "We were a little busy last night. Couldn't getcha out of the tree 'til this mornin'."

Jamie, at the big cat's leap to the ground and such perfect landing, gives a small cheer. She hops back down to the ground from the plane, making her way closer again. "I said I'd climb up to help you, but didn't have any ropes to bring you, and I'm not strong like that cat."

Cody is relatively untouched by the crash, it's almost to the point of amazing. That is, until she turns her head to look at Jo and the cinch line of the safety belt is revealed. Marked in blue and purple along her shoulder, one can really only imagine how the rest of it looks. "She going to be okay?" The expression of concern that washes over the blonde's face is coupled by the furrow of her eyebrows.

The giant cat is still eyed warily, but once Cody's moved a few paces away from it, she's less tense and less likely to cause the beast to lash out. It is fear that makes that happen, right? She might have watched something on Animal Planet while flipping through stations a time or two. "Uhm.. tell it thanks… it was a once in a lifetime experience."

Frowning, Jo slowly pushes herself to stand again, this time more determined to stay vertical. Leaning against the tree she was propped against, she manages to stay up this time. She's concussed, not deaf and so she hisses back, "I'm fine. I don't know how he got me, but I'm fine." She glances around the area and she tries to remember how she got here. Again she raises a hand to her head and glances around the area before instinctively reaching to the back of her pants… for a gun that isn't there.

She sniffs disapprovingly at her own lack of weapon before glancing around the area again, finally focusing on the jaguar as she reaches down to her ankle for another firearm. It is also not there; a fact she should've noticed when rolling up her pant legs. Skeptically she glances from Cody to Dee and then back again. "What the hell?!"

Idly, Dee places a hand on Jamie's shoulder, giving the girl a little squeeze, if allowed to do so. It's gotta be hard for a kid here. Her expression says more than words do - Jo's in trouble. And when Dee herself takes a couple steps, she's certainly not in the best shape for moving, either. No one really got out completely unscathed, except for Jamie, which is kind of weird.

"I'm hopeful," she says diplomatically. They kind of teach you to be diplomatic whether you're a doctor or a veterinarian. She doesn't want to give false hope or completely eradicate all hope. "I mean, I did what I could with — "

Jo's standing again. "Hey— Hey, you're gonna pop your stitches! Sit back down, y'idiot!" The jaguar follows Dee as she approaches the rather delerious Jo. This is all a fun game for him. These people are interesting, even though Dee keeps telling him that other than the people here, he should never go near them. That's kind of boring!

Before Dee can stop the jaguar, it sticks its nose up to give Jo a good sniff.

Jamie gives a slight smile up to Dee at the squeeze, quietly. She definitely doesn't seem to mind. She looks to Jo standing up as well, and blinks, though giggles just a tiny bit at the cat's curiosity.

Looking over at Jamie, Cody doesn't seem the least bit surprised to find the girl unscathed. Even with everything that happened, the woman does remember the splash of water that hit the console during the crash. She says nothing but the giggling girl does get a grim expression.

"Hey Kid," she comments idly, "Careful, that thing is just as likely to turn and take a bite out of you as it is to stick its nose in your face." Not that she doubts Dee's prowess with the massive bit of muscle, it's just better to err on the side of caution when dealing with wild animals.

Sauntering a bit closer to Jo, she looks around the wreckage and sighs a little. "Jo, take the doc's advice." Sure Dee isn't a doctor, but she's the closest thing they've got in this place. Probably a bit handier than a regular field medic too.

The jaguar's sniff presents the perfect time to panic, but unlike Cody in the tree, Jo on the ground has tactical options. Theoretically. Maybe. If she wasn't concussed, confused, and more mobile than her current state. She wants to move quickly to grab a stick on the ground (hey, it's better than nothing), but when she bends, the pressure in her head essentially causes her to collapse against the pain. It feels like her head is being tightened in a vice very very slowly. And as she collapses to her knees, her hands clutching either side of her head (really, aggravating the pain more because she touches the goose egg on it), she yells, "WHY IS NO ONE FREAKIN' OUT ABOUT BASHIR?!"

Dee's eyes narrow. Perhaps it's better if the jaguar keeps watch elsewhere right now. "No one's freakin' out 'cause he's perfectly safe," Dee says carefully. She gives the creature - who now has a name, despite the fact that it's no name she's ever heard - a pat between the shoulders. Meanwhile, she looks at Cody. "I… thought everyone would have some sort of idea…" Maybe it's Dee who's confused. "Isn't this why y'asked me t'come along?"

But Jo's the more pressing concern. "A'aight, c'mon. Sit down. You aren't 'elpin' yourself walkin' around like this. Trust me." Taking Jo's shoulders, she tries to help the injured woman to the forest floor. "Y'don't remember the plane crash? There's parts all over th'place. Take a look." Speaking of taking a look, Dee gets a glimpse of the bump on Jo's head. "…Crikey. That's a beaut."

Jamie blinks at Cody's words, then a Jo's reaction to the cat. Indicating Dee, she says, "She saved me and my best friend once with a flock of birds. Any animal around when she is is friendly." She seems perfectly confident in this as she glances up to Dee, then back to Jo again. "Yeah, the plane crashed last night, really scary."

Frowning a little at the young girl, Cody just turns her head to survey the wreckage. Mark, Poce, Cory and Alexandra are nowhere to be found, neither is the girl's guardian. Though it's her first time being lost in the Amazon, it's not her first time being lost somewhere. Without an alternative leader, and Jo being a bit addled in the noodle, Cody places her hands on her hips and takes charge.

"Jo, sit your ass back down on the ground and make friends with Bashir. Right now, he's your battle buddy." This is the first time she's ever seen Jo like this… even when she was drunk. She lowers her voice and leans a bit toward Dee, "Sorry, not everyone knew… Uhm.. sorry… I didn't think something like this would come up. 'Sides, it's not my secret to tell." Straightening up again, she leans back and raises her voice to a more normal level. "Dee, you're in charge of people damage until Cory gets back." No, she hasn't been told about the field medic yet. "Kid, you're with me. We're going to dig through the wreckage and try to salvage as much of the gear as possible."

The marine calms considerably at the mention of the jaguar being safe. "I'm fine," Jo hisses again. Although at Cody's orders she finds herself sliding to the ground to sit down. "I've had worse. Like that one time in the middle east in the desert. And it was sooo hot. But man, I kicked their asses that time. AND I don't know how he got me or got all my guns. Lucky shot. Probably cheap." What is she talking about? "Vera was a present! In all fairness doc, I need to find that gun." Pause. "Wait…? Plane crash?" What plane?"

"Last thing I remember… I was in Maui taking names and kicking asses. And drinking pina coladas while doing it — and I was wearing this huge sombrero the whole time and Vera was still in reach — the back of my pants…" Last thing she remembers was her dream.

Cory? Oh, god. Cody doesn't know anything. That's right. "Cody, Cory's gone. 'e didn't survive the crash." It's a simple statement of fact. No time to say words over the dead right now. It's kind of like an episode of LOST where they're all finding out about each other, and soon, they're going to learn that Jo's some crazy convict or… something equally crazy!

Despite the fact that no one really seemed to know about Dee's talent with animals, all she can do is sigh and get on with things. It's not like the people here have anyone else to tell, and the cat's sort of out of the bag now anyway. Literally.

"I'm going to sedate you," Dee says. She won't; they have precious little medical supplies. She's hoping the threat is enough, and if not, she adds another. "Or I'll have Bashir hold you down 'til you shut th'ell up."

Jamie grows more serious again, as Cody gives her instructions. She nods quickly, though she adds, "My name's Jamie." She moves ahead of Cody towards the wreckage, while Dee informs her about the team's medic. She doesn't actually venture into the wreckage, though, until Cody catches up. When Cody does, she comments, "Hope we can find some other clothes, hate wearing dresses."

The news about Cory is taken in stride, maybe it's her training that's given her a cool head over loss. Maybe Cody'll just feel something later. With a solemn nod, she leaves Dee, Jo, and Jo's battle buddy to start digging through the remains of the plane.

With Jamie at her side, it doesn't take them long to find the main compartment of the plane, they're still within shouting distance of the other two but just in case… "Jamie, this is your job and it's probably the most important one of all." Pulling the watch off her wrist, she hands it to the girl. "Every minute on the nose, I want you to yell 'check' so the others can hear us. You got that?" It's a safety precaution, who knows how many more Bashirs are out there not under the control of the friendly neighborhood zookeeper.

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