2007-04-18: Battle Of The Blondes


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Elle comes to Pamela's house to bring her in. Pamela doesn't want to go. Soon there is a boot to the head, a burst of electro-zap, vans flying through the air, houses on fire, and a roadtrip to Las Vegas. Yaaaaaay, Vegas!

April 18th, 2007

Battle Of The Blondes

Queens - Hall House/Dojo

Pamela had to jog across half the city in an improvised bikini made of the shreds of her already meager clothing she had been wearing >before< she tore it to pieces. Lots of people saw her, and while it was embarassing, she is at least alive, which is better than what could have happened in that fight. This whole thing is so… Unreal. She can grow into a giant? So can some random guy she has never met before? And then that Adam guy healed really fast… Is she some kind of freak? If so, what of the other two?

As Pamela sits on her bed in underwear and a loose gray sleeveless t-shirt, looking at her bandaged left hand, she tries to resolve this feeling of her entire world being turned upside-down. "What's going on, here?" she murmurs quietly to herself. Does everyone in the world have some secret power like a comic book character that for some reason she's never witnessed before now? Or is this a new development, and she just >somehow< managed to coincidentally meet up with two others with these bizarre… Abnormalities? Pamela sighs. She's never been much of a philosophical thinker. She had to learn a degree of philosophy as part of living in Japan for eight years, but it was hard not to just push ahead and not worry about the complicated stuff.

"Maybe I can make some money with this ability…" the blonde chuckles to herself. Focusing, she tries to force herself to change again, simply by concentrating. It doesn't work. No matter what she does, no matter how hard she grits her teeth, nothing happens. What made her change last night? Was it… Anger? "Geez, what am I, the Hulk?" Shaking her head, Pam stands up from the bed and closes her eyes, trying to focus on that same sense of frustration, of anger, that she felt the night before. At first there is nothing, but then slowly it begins to build. Her rage that she's kept locked up inside of her for so many years, boiling to the surface, almost >eagerly<. Like a living thing. Then she feels herself growing heavier, feels the changes in her body as her muscles swell, and opens her eyes to see that the floor seems to be a bit further away than before. She's only grown a few inches, and her muscles have grown as well, but she isn't the same raging monster she was before. As soon as she loses her emotional focus, she starts to shrink again. Soon she is back to normal.

Knockknock on the door makes her whip her head up. Her nephew calls out, "Aunt Pam, I finished cleaning the garage." Pamela clears her throat and says, "Alright. I'll be right out." Then she quickly puts on a skirt, and leaves her bedroom, walking through the house, and opening the front door. It's nice out today. Best to let some fresh air in.

It's rather embarassing, how easy it is for the Company to get certain information. Once the camera phone pics started making the rounds, word ricocheted upwards till it reached the main office, and in the evaluating of it, Elle spotted the little matter of her boyfriend, mostly-naked, along with some blonde floozy, mostly-naked. It didn't take a whole lot for her to decide that she was going to bring this one in. Alone. She pulls up out front in a van…after all, if they're going to bring in giant-girl, they'll need a vehicle to do it, and some people to do heavy lifting. But when she gets out of the van, it's just her, as her heels click out a beat on her approach to the front door. She's in a ladies' suit, and…then the door opens. Convenient.

The short blonde looks back at the tall one. "Pamela Hall?" she asks, and briefly flashes a badge. It's not real, of course, but it -looks- real. "I need to have a word with you."

Pam blinks as she sees the van out front, and Elle approaching. Looking a bit suspicious, she eyes the badge and says, "Yeah, that's me. If this is about me nearly streaking across half the city, it wasn't my fault. My clothes were wrecked in an… Accident. I'd have bought some new clothes on the way home, but my wallet is missing." She scowls a bit as she remembers that. She cancelled her credit cards already, so no one should be able to use them, but there was cash in there, and her identification, and it'll be a nuisance to get all of that replaced.

Pamela's neice comes up behind her and says, "Somethin' goin' on, aunt Pam?" Pam turns and says, "It's nothing, Julie. Just talking about a…" She looks back to Elle, peering slightly. She's never been brilliant or anything, though she's not dumb. Still, it's a bit amazing that she manages to put together the fact that maybe this woman is FBI or something and is here because people witnessed her transformation. Is she going to be abducted by some X-Files agent? "…A fight that was witnessed. Go get things set up for the movie. I'll be in when I'm done."

Julie eyes Elle but nods and walks off. Pamela steps out on the porch and closes the door behind her.

The "agent" looks back at Pamela. There's a smile, but it's as fake as a "would you like fries with that?" at McDonalds. "It would probably be better all around if we spoke inside, Ms. Hall. There are some issues we need to discuss that might not be best broadcast to your neighbors." She doesn't make any move in any direction yet, but she's actually hoping for an excuse to do things the hard way.

Pamela looks around and says, "I have a dojo in the backyard. We can talk there." The hair on the back of her neck is standing up, and she has a very uneasy feeling about this for some reason. 'Great, am I psychic now too?' she thinks sarcastically before turning and leading the way around through the side yard, assuming Elle follows, and then into the dojo building. It's not fancy, has hardwood floors, a few narrow windows high-up that no one would be able to look through without a ladder, and though there's some stuff on the walls from when Pam used to live in Japan, such as scrolls with wise words on them, her first gi (which looks so small now that there's no way it would fit on the towering blonde after eight years), and similar things — well, there's not much in the way of ornamentation. The purpose of this building is training, not looking pretty. Once she's inside (unless she was stopped by Elle), she waits by the door and says, "Please remove your shoes when you come in." She'll close the door if Elle comes inside with her.

"So… What's with the cloak and dagger stuff?" she asks casually, arms crossed over her chest. "We're alone, so you can spit out whatever this secret purpose of yours is for visiting me." A bit disrespectful, but she's distinctly uncomfortable around Elle for some reason.

Elle looks very dubious, but she steps out of her heels, which takes her from short to OMGWHOAShort. The "agent" in question says "We got some footage of the little display yesterday. And we need to run a few tests." She has a smile now, but it's not -entirely- a pleasant one. Elle's going to get to hurt someone, and she likes the thought.

Grunting slightly, Pamela narrows her eyes, and says, "So you're FBI, then? CIA? KGB? If you want to explain to me what's going on with my body, that's one thing. But if you want to dissect me or something like some kind of alien, you have another thing coming." She takes a step forward. "Not to threaten, but I notice you're here alone. If I refuse to come with you, and you try to force me… Well, let's just say I'd rather not hurt you, but I will if I have to. I have to take care of my sister's daughter and son, and don't have time for this gestapo bullshit, and I certainly don't need to get them involved in things that will ruin their lives."

Elle looks back at Pamela, seemingly unintimidated by the taller woman. "Who I work for…let's just say that's classified." Still playing up the government angle. "And as far as forcing you…let's just say that we can do this the easy way or the hard way. And if you really don't want to ruin your niece and nephew's lives, you'll be smart and pick easy. Though she really, REALLY hopes Pamela picks hard.

Grunting, Pamela thinks things over. Government agents don't do this stuff. Men In Black are fiction. Or Women In Black in this instance. They identify themselves, unless they really are so high up the chain of command that they can't afford to reveal their identities. Can't afford to—Wait. There's an idea. Pamela nods and sighs resignedly. "Alright. Am I going to need a change of clothes? I'd like to get some shoes on before we leave either way, but if this will take more than a few days, having something to change into would be nice." She steps over to the door, and reaches for the handle.

Once she has a hold of it, she leans forward and throws one leg straight back, aiming a back-kick at Elle. The heel aims for her face, to hopefully cause enough pain to distract her, so she can then open the door and run for it.

WHAM. That would be what we call an ouchful moment. Pamela has surprise, height, and reach all on Elle, and sure enough, the kick slams into Elle's face. It doesn't break her nose…barely. But it does split her lip, and blood starts to flow. Needless to say, the shorter blonde is knocked on her ass, HARD. Before? There would have been banter, Elle likes toying with people. But now? What was already anger is pure red rage. As Pamela yanks open the door, Elle raises a hand, and a searing blue beam arcs out of it at the taller woman.

Pamela is certainly on her way out the door after that, not wanting to stick around, but the bolt lashes across her back and shoulders, sending her stumbling forward with a cry of pain. She staggers, trying to reach around to investigate the scorch mark on her back with her hands, simply out of reflex, not because she thinks she can actually do anything about it. The smell of burned skin and fabric, and smoke, waft in Pam's nose, and when she realizes that 'cooked' smell is coming from her, she nearly throws up.

She manages to keep her stomach from emptying, however, and while she now realizes she's dealing with either a person with some kind of super-taser, or else another one of the 'freaks' like herself, she doesn't know all of what this woman is capable of. And she'd honestly rather not find out right now. As her neice and nephew appear at the back door, opening it and asking what's wrong, Pam yells, "Get back inside! Lock the doors!" And manages to straighten up even as she continues to hobble forward. It hurts to stand straight, but she can run faster standing than hunched over. Thus, as soon as she is sure the backdoor is closed and locked, she takes off, trying to run through the side yard and get around the corner of the house, into the front.

It has already been noted that she is not exceptionally intelligent. So her plan is simply, at this point, to try to lure her attacker into sight of the neighbors. Elle might be more reluctant to throw around electric thing-a-ma-jigs if people are watching her. Or so Pam thinks. She may well be completely wrong. In which case she has a backup plan: Beat this government whacko into a pulp.

So if she manages to make it around the corner of the house, she waits with her burnt back to the wall, just around the corner. Surely, Elle would think she was running for it, and wouldn't stop until she felt safe. What kind of moron would stick around with a lightning witch after them? Well, Pamela, obviously. So if Elle comes around that corner as she expects, she'll throw a knee-thrust up and under her opponent's jaw — or try to — and then attempt to bring down both fists at once in an axe-handle attack. An attack that can crack someone's skull if she hits hard enough, pinning head between knee and fists. Thus, why Pam calls it the 'nut cracker'.

If Elle is more cautious coming around the corner, though, then she may be prepared and the attack attempt would fail before it even started.

Even angry, Elle isn't stupid enough to go running close around the corner behind someone who's taller, stronger, and has the ability to become more of both of the first two. Instead, she calls out "Don't be stupid. My van's out front; you can't go that way without the men inside having the drop on you. -I'm- back here. And your family is inside the house. You've got nowhere to go. Step out…slowly…and I promise they'll be okay. Take the stupid route, and they'll be the first ones who suffer."

Pamela, is torn. The implication of harming her neice and nephew, even if she isn't as close to them as she could be, is a potent one. On the other hand, what government agent would do such a despicable thing? That means who KNOWS who this woman really is, and what she's capable of. Further, it means she can't really be trusted. This whole situation is pissing Pamela off. She just got in a fight yesterday! Why does life have to be so crappy!?

Does she have a choice other than to step out and get blasted/arrested/abducted? Damn right she does! It's time to see just how far her powers can go. Drawing on her pain, and her anger at circumstances, she breathes hard and fast, practically hyper-ventilating as veins pulse in her forehead. Her pupils shrink and her skin flushes red. Then Pamela attempts to channel her powers. If it works, then her muscles swell, popping all over her body, and she grows in height first by inches, and then by feet, clothes tearing, skirt seeming to shrink, to the width of a belt, almost, though it is really the wearer that is changing size.

How dare this bitch come out of nowhere and threaten her family! How dare she try to pull this black ops bullshit and take her to who knows where! HOW DARE SHE! If this works, though not quite as big as she was yesterday, stopping at about seven a half feet, she is still buff enough that when she charges at the black van with a cry of rage, she may be able to pick up the vehicle, with any occupants within still inside, carry it with lurching steps over to the sideyard, and then THROW the vehicle at Elle. What better way to make sure her family remains safe than by disposing of all threats? Of course, if she fails to activate her powers, then she is just raging there around the corner, yelling, "HOW CAN I TRUST YOU!? YOU'RE THREATENING KIDS JUST TO GET TO ME!"

Elle actually sees the van come flying over the house, and her natural reaction is to run forward, away from it. It puts her a few steps away from the dojo when the van hits it, and then explodes. The shockwave pushes her forward, though she manages to stay on her feet…thank goodness she'd taken off her heels earlier, though there's a pair of Jimmy Choo's now crackling happily in what's left of the dojo. "I warned you!" she shouts. She raises her hand at the power lines that run to the house. She did this to her Grandmother's house when she was eight. Without trying. Now? It's cake. The electroblonde fires a massive surge into the lines, to overload them and cause the house wiring to burst into an electrical fire.

Pamela gets even more angry when she realizes she missed her opponent and destroyed her own dojo, but the sight of her house catching on fire, and the cries of surprise and fear she can hear from within penetrate her haze of fury. She hasn't learned how to consciously maintain her bulked up state without the use of anger, yet. But this is a matter of life and death. Can she focus enough to retain a degree of strength, without either losing her rage and turning to normal, or going overboard on rage and being useless except for smashing things?

If she can, she will try to tackle the burning outer wall of the house, right through electrical circuits and pain and OW OW OW, probably breaking bones regardless of if she succeeds or not, in order to rescue her neice and nephew from the inferno. Or at least make an opening with her body big enough for them to escape. Even if she's in no condition to the same. It's her fault that they're in danger. So what if she doesn't escape too?

Of course, if she can't just burst through the wall all, 'OH YEAH!' like the Kool-Aid Man (or Freshie Man depending on if you're a Martian or not), maybe she can still go for the longer route, and go through the door. Which… Would… Be… What most intelligent people would do, instead of trying to use an untested power in a way that will injure themselves and might not be at all helpful. Wow. Even when they're tall and muscular and can kick your ass, sometimes some blondes really are dumb. Well, we'll see in a moment what course is taken!

Elle is not willing to risk brawling with giant girl. Not when giant girl can throw cars around. And not when her car…and her goons…are all squished and on fire. Elle takes the opportunity to get the heck out of Dodge, till a more opportune time presents itself. Next time she'll shoot first and ask later.

The kids eventually unlock the front door, and Pam runs the heck out of there with them, even as police sirens and firetruck sirens go off in the distant, steadily coming closer. She'll have to leave them at a friend's house. A friend in Las Vegas. That should be far enough away to avoid these goons, right? She isn't sure whether she can stay with the kids after they get to her friend's house… If possible, she should try to get tickets to Japan, but she simply doesn't have that kind of money. Especially with her sister's house on fire. There IS a total creep who has been wanting to get with her for awhile now, that she knows of… He has the money she needs. But hopefully it won't come to that. For now, she just gets in the car, with nephew and neice, no clue where Elle is, and not really caring as long as it's not-here.

Las Vegas, here we come!

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