2010-01-09: The Battle of the Gs



Date: January 09, 2010


After laying low after Zelda's death, Gabriel shows back up at Gene's apartment.

"The Battle of the Gs"

Gene's Apartment

When Gene was told that a certain someone was coming, the young man was surprised. It wasn't since that fateful encounter that they last spoken. A talk over the phone was out of the question, and after an all too brief exchange, Gene's residence was agreed upon. After a little talking, Gene was able to get both of his other roommates to leave the apartment, allowing Gene and his guest much needed privacy.

The apartment is only somewhat cleaner than usual, most of the gizmo parts placed in a pile in the corner of the room. In the corner closest to the door, R2-D2 resides as he seems to be doing sentry duty for whoever comes in. Gene himself has a utility belt laided out on the kitchenette counter, and is dressed in his Prometheus get up, minus the biker helmet. At the moment, he is putting in various gadgets and needed items. Lockpicks, USB flash drives, pistol magazines, mini-blowtorches… You know the standard stuff for your average 21 year old. With the help of surround sound speakers around the studio apartment, he sings along to the music, which is Phil Collins. He's off key, but not enough to make it painful.

"o/~ I can feel it coming in the air tonight…. Oh Lord. I can feel it coming in the air tonight…. o/~"

Once the phonecall was made, Gabriel didn't spend much time waiting around to go see Gene. No sense in making it wait, sitting around and brooding about it. He didn't even have to say goodbye to Zelda… but then he hasn't talked to her in a few weeks now. Leaving his apartment without even bothering to lock the door, Gabriel makes his way down to street level, his eyes pointed to the ground in order to avoid anyone who attempts to catch his eye or make small talk. He doesn't have time for that.

A cab ride through the city ultimately places him on Gene's doorstep, his hand poised to knock on the door. With one final look around to make sure nobody is around, he lets his fist bang against the door in three even, dull thuds.


The knock on the door causes Gene to lift his head. Well, there he is. Moving toward the door and leaving the belt behind, Gene opens it with a small smile that seems worn with his 'war' against the Government. "Gabriel… It's been awhile." Despite their past history, Gene still seems a little on edge. Like most that know too much, he knows of Sylar and his past crimes. For unsaid reasons though, he is willing to welcome and even trust the man. After all, if it wasn't for him, he wouldn't be alive today.

"You want anything? Juice, water?" the Geek God inquires, waving a hand around the house to invite Gabriel in. The music continues to play in the background. "To be honest, didn't expect to see you around for awhile. Not with everything that is going on. But I figure you'd know about it."

Nodding at Gene in greeting, Gabriel slowly steps through the door of his apartment, making sure to close the door behind him. Once he's inside, he locks the door behind him as quietly as he can, hoping not to catch Gene's attention. Turning back to the other man, he watches him for a few moments, his brow furrowing slightly.

Slipping his hands into his pockets, Gabriel shakes his head. "No," he responds, shrugging slightly. No juice or water for him. He pauses for a few moments to take a look around the apartment, turning on his feet, before he finally comes full-circle and is looking at Gene again. "I'm sorry," he says, though it might not be clear for what— it will be. Suddenly bringing his hands out of his pockets, Gabriel does something he hasn't done to a friend for a long, long time: he attacks them. Lifting his hands up and pointing the left one at Gene, keeping the right one back and ready just in case he needs to use both, he taps into his telekinetic ability to hopefully pick Gene up right off of the ground and slam him hard into the nearby wall.

The locking of the door gets Gene attention, but he doesn't question it verbally. Maybe he is just being cautious. Gene himself does that to ensure FBI have to at least bust in before making their entrance. A quirked brow is given, and remains as Gray speaks.

"Sorry for wh-AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH-ow."

The geek doesn't have time to reach or think, finding himself painfully colliding against the wall. After a split second of struggle, he knows that he will not break free. If he had time to consider, maybe he would say some words, try and befriend Gabriel. But all Gene knows right now is that an extremely powerful (ex?-)killer has him pinned against a wall without logic or reason. The fight or flight reflex is a powerful thing and right now, Gene cannot flee. But as Gabriel will learn, a prepared Gene can always fight.


At his command, Gene's most faithful and lovable defender doesn't beep or chirp, instead letting a couple of small metal darts fly right for the killer. Or at least if he was still standing by the door they would be aimed there, Gene lacking the time figure out the angle in which to fire from. If they do not hit or the powerful Evolved's reflexes are too much, perhaps R2-D2 can at the least serve as some sort of distraction. If released, Gene will run for the counter before leaping over it, trying to grab his belt as he takes some cover. If the darts hit and release their current (which is roughly three to four times the usual amount for a taser), Gene will still make a beeline for his belt.

Of course, there is always the Path C, which means that Gabriel just take the hit like a man or he can handle Gene AND his droid, in which cause, another one of Gene's tricks may have to be used.

The Battle of the Gs Begins.

Once Gene is slammed against the wall and he has a hold on him, Gabriel takes a few quick seconds to take another look around. He didn't see anyone before, and as far as he knows, Gene is the only person here, but years of being a killer have taught him to always make sure the prey doesn't have backup. They're so much easier to take if they're alone, and he doesn't want any unforeseen distractions suddenly appearing out of nowhere in the form of Peter Petrelli, or someone else like that. Peter already took Zelda from him, he's not going to let him take this one, too, even if his purpose with Gene is much more nefarious than his purpose with Zelda.

While he doesn't spot any other Evolved, or human, in the apartment, Gabriel doesn't expect the Artoo unit to actually defend Gene. So when the darts come flying out, they hit their mark, slamming Gabriel in the hip with a whole lot of electricity. Grunting, he staggers to the side, his body jolting with spasms as he falls to the floor, losing his telekinetic hold on Gene. Shortly after that, regeneration kicks in, and begins to push the darts out of his skin, which is fortunate for the other man in the room, as it gives him time to make it to his belt as Gabriel begins to push himself up off of the floor, his body still twitching and not exactly responding the way he wants it to from the electricity.

Leaping behind the counter, the young genius attempt to make conversation as he straps on the belt. Of course, to someone thinking with only logic, Gene is only revealing his position, but the young man tries to give the monster the benefit of the doubt, even now. "What are you doing, Gabriel? This battle is pointless, your ability is a more advanced verison of my own and I'm fighting the only people that want you dead right now!"

After his appeal for reason and friendship, Gene pulls out a small .22 pistol from the kitchen cabinet as he looks around. The burns from the electricity are swiftly healing… Either Gene forgot or was not made aware of the healing factor that Gabriel now possessed. Of course, if he has this, this means that lethal force isn't exactly something he needs to shy away from. That means that he can still keep up the dialogue while filling Gabby full of lead. Perhaps there is something wrong with talking to someone as you try and 'kill' them, but hey, welcome to the world of Evolved!

Picking himself up off of the floor as the last of the burns fade away, Gabriel takes a deep breath, and begins advancing on Gene. All he knows from what he saw is that he leapt behind the counter— talking will give away his position, but even Gabriel doesn't need that. The only thing he needs is the sound of Gene's heartbeat, which is pumping away at a dull roar in Gabriel's ears. Superhuman hearing has its benefits. With it, Gabriel is able to pinpoint the location of Gene, and he begins to head that way, each beat of the other man's heart a reminder of what he's here to do, and the damage and pain he's going to cause to both Gene, and their tenuous friendship.

"I have to," is the only thing Gabriel says in response, and he says it just in time— because the next thing he knows, Gene is shooting at him. The sound of each bullet exploding from the gun is like an icepick being stabbed into eardrums; his ability to hear was tuned high up so he could pinpoint Gene's heartbeat. Now, his ability has backfired in Gene's favor. Only a couple bullets are able to leave the gun before Gabriel can tune the ability down, but by then it's too late. Each bullet slams into him, forcing him a back a step with each one, the range from which Gene is shooting them making them even more deadly, until he finally falls to one knee, breathing heavily as blood drips on the floor.

Much like before, regeneration begins to kick in almost immediately, slowly but surely pushing the bullets out of his body, the flesh sealing itself and healing over the wounds, but that doesn't stop the other bullets Gene continues to shoot from putting him right back where he began.

The healing is not a surprise, but the fact that it is working much better than Peter's is. The man did warn that Sylar was skilled with each gift his received, so again, but seeing it and dealing with it is something else entirely. It doesn't take a supergenius to know that this fight isn't going to end well for Gene. Not having the secret to finishing Gabriel (as well as the desire), Gene begins the put the getaway plan into motion. "Artoo, get in the car!"


The killbot makes his way out the door, only to bump into it a few times. …Okay, that didn't work out as well as expected. Time to cover the retreat of his killbot. He reloads with a fresh clip before he moves toward the door, shooting at Gabriel while he is a sitting duck. He isn't sure exactly why this is so easy (seeing as Peter made Sylar a much more dangerous man than he seems to be).

"Why? Gabriel? You are one of the most powerful men on the Earth! You saved my life and now you want to end it? I thought you were supposed to be all about the logic?" Gene shouts over the gunshots, over the ache that throbs in the back of his head. After unloading a second clip, he moves toward the door, trying to unlock it as the droid pulls back. Hopefully, he can get it open before Gabriel is in any shape to stop him.

He's almost ready. While Gene is reloading his gun with a fresh clip, Gabriel's regeneration continues to do it work, the apartment filling with the small sounds of bullets plinking off of the floor as they escape Gabriel's wounds. Only a couple more left, and even as his abilities work their magic, Gabriel stands from the floor, ready to attempt another go at Gene. Raising his arm, he pauses for only a brief second, hand held out in front of him, poised to attack.

"Because I have to," Gabriel responds, bringing his hand up quickly to slam Gene into the wall few more times and hopefully knock him out. But then the second round of bullets come, and while Gabriel could easily swipe most of, if not all of them, plus Gene, away, he inexplicably lets his hand drop. Even as Gene's words echo off of his ears, Gabriel takes the bullets to the chest, each one forcing him back just like before, blood splattering onto his shirt, jacket, and the wall of the apartment as he falls down again, his chest a huge, bloody mess as he hits the floor. Watching Gene as he makes his way towards the door, Gabriel weakly drags himself in that direction and after Gene as his regeneration works to get rid of the new bullets and wounds. A war is raging inside him: subdue Gene, get him down and out, and do what he needs to do. The other side is screaming at him to let Gene go, and that side seems to be winning.

"It's clear that you don't…" the young man begins as he unlocks the door. "But, I have to assume from this that you are not able to use your abilities to the fullest or you have to put on a realistic show. Make it seem like you tried but you could not," the Geek God states as the door is opened. R2-D2 slides through as Gene offers his final line to the bloodied blackmailed Gabby. "Because I care… You have thirty seconds. Computer, run Final Countdown." With that, the door is slammed shut to break line of sight if Gabriel has a 'change of heart'.

The surround sound speaks begin to blare Europe's the Final Countdown… If Sylar's super hearing can mute out the sounds of the one-hit wonder, he will hear ticking from various locations from the building. Being the sort of man Gabriel is, there is only one likely conclusion to come to… Gene's set the entire studio suite to blow. Well, it's one way to ensure that the government or Sylar doesn't take your stuff.

"You don't know," Gabriel says, more to himself than Gene, as he struggles and begins pushing himself off of the ground, blood dripping from his chest onto the floor. He looks up just in time to see the door slam. Gene is gone, but his final words aren't definitely aren't. Wildly looking around the apartment as The Final Countdown begins, Gabriel pushes himself off of the floor, tripping at first but managing to find his footing as the last of the bullets fall from his chest and land on the floor. He certainly hears the ticking. It's barely there, but it's different enough than the beat of the song to warrant suspicion. Coupled with Gene's last statement, he has a pretty good idea that this place is about to blow.

Gabriel has no idea how exactly much explosives are wired to the place, but he's betting that Gene used a pretty good amount. With only thirty seconds left (which is now at about ten seconds, giving him so very little time), there's really only one thing he can do. Running as fast as he can, which isn't very fast given that his body is still finishing up the last touches of healing itself, he launches himself through the closest window and out into the alley beyond.


The remorseful killer may find himself flung down the alleyway, the explosion mostly focused toward the windows and occuring as he breaks through the glass. Pieces of metal and glass from various sources rain down upon the alley, the nature of the blasts focused outward. It's clear Gene did something to give the destruction some direction. It's a good thing too, as only only rooms sharing a wall with what was one the hideaway apartment was affected. Car alarms in the area go off, people are already starting to race toward the sight.

R2-D2 is loaded up in the trunk as Gene looks up to the destruction he caused, fire trucks and police cruisers are already on their way by the time he is ready to leave, the blaring sirens overriding the screams. If Gabriel was here, it is likely the government would be coming shortly there after. He was on the list and likely one of their primary targets, after all. The place was comprimised and now… it doesn't exist at all.

"Until next time," Gene admits softly before he turns on the car and makes his way out of dodge, narrowingly avoiding some police and perhaps some undercover FBI as he speeds away.

The force of the blast makes Gabriel's journey to the pavement even quicker— in all reality, though, the trip maybe only takes two to three seconds from the moment he jumped through the window to the point his body slams into the ground with a sickening thud. He lies completely still, metal, glass, and pieces of the apartment raining down on him from above, littering the ground around his body.

After a few moments he begins to move, a groan escaping his lips as his bones begin to crack and snap as they heal. He has to push some of them back in, much like a cheerleader with regeneration, in order to get parts of them to fully heal. The side of his face, lacerated with cuts from his crash through the window, also begins to heal himself. The sounds of sirens making their way towards the destroyed apartment spur Gabriel to get up, limping slowly and painfully away from the building as his body continues to heal itself.

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