2011-02-18: Be Cool



Date: February 18, 2011


Breaking parole rules puts Ivory on thin ice.

"Be Cool"

Johnny Drama's

Bars. They're the underbelly of America. Especially those that aren't exactly high class. Like this one. It's nice, but it's not 'fancy' nice. Johnny Drama's is a good place to just come and unwind. There's a few people around tonight, being a Friday night. While it's Ten o'clock, KeLyssa Gallagher is, in fact, just getting in. But, the night is still young, of course. There are plenty of bars to hit, and plenty of fun to be had.

The twenty-three year old blonde, who is wearing a small leather jacket that is too small to be done up, a low-cut white shirt, a black leather skirt, and high heels, makes her way up to the bar and takes a seat. Waving down the bartender, she gives him a sultry smile. "Gimme a whiskey sour, hun. And make it a double." Her southern accent is unmistakable.

There's something to be said about a man that wants to change but can't seem to figure out how in the hell to actually make those changes. The person in question, at this particular moment, would have to be a man by the name of Ivory Wynn. He, perhaps, shouldn't be in this bar right now. But the man has just got out of prison. He needs some kind of fun in his life. And right now, fun happens to be… doing shots?

Ivory is not far from the bar at all. There's a small crowd of people that are gathered around the table with him and they all are throwing back what is probably their ninth or tenth shot by now. Taking a look at all the upside-down shot glasses on the table will probably assist with making that speculation a true reality.

Ivory shakes a little from the alcohol hitting his system and he's smiling. "IT'S NOT OVER, BABY! WE'RE DOIN'ANOTHER ROUND!" One of the Wynner's Circle passes out, falling away from the table and hitting the floor! BAM! Ivory has to keep from laughing. "MOST OF US ANYWAY!"

Drunks are nothing new to a bar. And neither are they something new to KeLyssa. After all, she's done plenty of work as a stripper and strip clubs are FULL of drunk people! Well…mostly drunk guys, really. As the bartender returns with her drink and she throws down her payment to him. She turns around to view the other patrons of the bar. One, in particular, stands out. And not just because he's loud and possibly very drunk. Taking a long sip of her drink, her eyes go wide. She knows who that man is!

Keeping the sultry grin on her face, KeLyssa slowly makes her way over. "Why, if it ain't the cutest guy this side o' who knows where!" She slings an arm around his shoulders while still standing. "Ya'll havin' a lil drinkin' game, are ya? Looks like one've yer party decided to take a lil itsy bitsy nap?" She giggles softly.

Ivory has no clue on the face of the Earth who this is that is talking to him right now. Especially because he's not really used to people just walking up and throwing arms around him. Not recently, anyway. The closest thing he came to that was getting in headlocks while he was on lockdown. But apparently this girl has recognized his amazingly handsome face from the television, the news or who knows where else his face has been plastered since his release. So he's not going to turn down the opportunity to make some new friends. He's going to need them.

"I know where. If you want, I could take you there." comes his response to the girl. Okay, that's a lie. Because her top is low-cut which has decidely made it very obvious that Ivory is talking to cleavage and not exactly this woman's face. He's just that guy. Or he's that drunk where he doesn't care that he's talking to breasts. Oh well.

It isn't until she points out that his friend has passed out does he look towards the empty spot at the table. "Congratulations! You just earned his spot!" He turns and waves at the bartender, while pointing right at his new friend. "Yo! This fine ass white girl wanna' play Catch Up! I need a Curtis Jackson for her right now!"

Drunk guys and looking a cleavage. It goes with the territory of the Girl In Bar. KeLyssa chuckles. "Well, I could go with ya, sugar pie, but ya have to make me wanna go." For the moment, she doesn't make mention of him staring exclusively south of her head. "Catch Up? Oh my god, how'd you know I wanted to play that?!" She laughs and downs her whole double drink and taking a seat in the now emptied chair. "A Curtis Jackson? Ya may need ta 'scuse me for bein' a southern gal, but what's a 'Curtis Jackson'?"

"Oh, I can make you. Even without Curtis." Ivory says this with about too much potential for foreshadowing. Especially considering that he has decided to actually look her in her face with that particular statement. So maybe there's something to this flirting thing after all. However, he doesn't really seem to be acting threatening, so much as he's just smiling as if he's already won her over. He doesn't even need to explain what he's talking about either, as the bartender comes over with a tray of shot glasses. Nine of them. If this girl is up on her hip-hop references, she'll get it once the tray has been set down in front of her. "I like Southern Gals, though. So this is your lucky night." Oh Ivory.

With a little chuckle, KeLyssa smirks. "Oh, you can, can ya? Mm. Well, I'd certainly b'lieve that in a New York Minute, hun." She gives him a playful wink and looks down at the tray as it's placed on the table. "Curtis Jackson…nine shots…oooh! Well, ain'tcha just clever. I ain't've thought of sayin' that! Not in a plugged nickel of a year!" She says softly. "Well well now, I ain't never felt so lucky to be a southern gal, then. Ain't it just a good lil thing that I decided ta come on down to this here bar tonight, hmm?"

Ivory is even to the point of licking his lips with hunger that cannot be contained at this point. It would be creepy if he wasn't so damn hot. Or if he wasn't Ivory Wynn. Currently, though, he's focused on the fact that this girl has nine shots in front of her and that she's actually flirting back with him. It is a nice change from all the crazy stalking and what not he had to deal with growing up. "Lucky is definitely one way of putting it." Ivory quips, still cracking as much of a smile as he can muster up on such a quick and spontaneous occassion. "Now. Catch Up." Ivory points to the line of shots awaiting consumption. "Then we'll see if you can still stand long enough to make it to my place." Oh snap. He already is assuming he's got this in the bag. Confidence!

Having been a stripper has taught KeLyssa at least two important lessons: How to take a shot from another girl's cleavage, and how to hold her liquor a little bit longer than other girls her size. "Oh, m'gonna be catchin' up, don'tcha worry none, pretty boy." The first shot is taken and downed like nobody's business. And then the second and the third and the fourth. After the fourth, she stops for a moment. "Gotta pace m'self." She says with a little laugh. "After all, it wouldn't be fair none if I downed 'em all at once. It'd hit me a lot harder'n it hit you!"

"That's the point. You late to the game, you play by our rules. Right everybody?" Ivory's words are tossed out to the rest of the table, but they are all too drunk to do anything but agree with whatever it is that came out of Ivory's mouth. He's the one who is paying anyway. Which is how he works on trying to get the Southern Gal to get back to drinking. "Besides, I'm payin' for these shots. And if you don't mind, I'd like to get you as drunk as possible, as fast as possible. So I don't have to buy this entire bar another six rounds." There's just a bit of honesty in his drunken explanation.

"Tsk tsk, Mr. Chocolate Sauce. Tryin' ta take advantage o' the sweet lil Southern Belle." KeLyssa says with a little giggle. "Well, I guess I better finish up these here shots ta catch then, hmm?" And one more shot down. And then a second. "Wooo! The party is only jus' gettin' started!" She giggles. Three. Four more shots down. Lifting the final shot into the air, she gives Ivory a little wink. "Well, here's to you, sweet cheeks." And with that, she downs the ninth and final shot that was placed before her. "How's that for drunken drinkin', hmm?"

Chocolate Sauce. Ivory kind of likes that one. He's going to have to see if he can't remember it after he sobers up. Which is definitely not in the cards for any time soon. He's too focused on making sure that this girl is trapped beneath a drunken stupor like everybody else. "Haha. The Southern Belle thinks she's pretty hot stuff, huh?" Ivory is laughing at this point and figuring that there needs to be some more action going on. "I think this calls for a Drink Off." Ivory looks back at the bartender, again. "Six Beers! Six Shots! And a stretcher for this girl."

KeLyssa can be really imaginative…if she wants to be. "Hmph. Thinks? Oh, no honey. I know I'm hot stuff. Ain'tcha seen what I be wearin'? I'm the hottest stuff 'round this joint." She says saucily, winking to Ivory and looking at other people around the table. "Well, looky here folks. It's lookin' like ya'll'll be seein' somethin' New York's famous for! A drink off!"

As the liquor is brought to the table, Ivory is shoving his friends away to make room, as he stumbles around to the other side of the table. It makes things easier for him to stare down his opponent as much as humanly possible. Three shots and three beers are lined up in front of both of them, before the bartender explains that the first one to pass out is the loser. Ivory smiles. "Ladies First." Which is the easiest way to win, it would seem. Especially considering that she just took nine shots of some hard stuff only a few moments before.

An eyebrow raised and a smirk given as KeLyssa nods a little to the bartender. "Thank ya kindly good gentlemanly sir." She giggles at that, glancing to the man who has stumbled to another part of the table. "Oh, I'd be more'n happy ta start, but I must say, it only makes sense for you to start the contest off, as you're the one who wanted started it. It only makes sense!" She says as she adjusts her shirt slightly, making her boobs a tad bit more visible to anyone who may be viewing. When it doubt, play the boob card.

"Ah, but I am at a disadvantage. I've been here drinking for hours. Before you even came in." Ivory is attempting to play his own card. It may or may not be working for him at this particular moment. Even if he's distracted by boobs. A little. "It's only more fair that you go first as I'm already quite drunk." Which is very true. Because he had to hold onto the table and stumble his way to the other side in the first place. "Yeah! He's drunker!" "Stop tryin' to cheat!" And other phrases come from Ivory's fan club. Which is always nearby.

"Tsk, I really do like ya ever so much. But, I've just been workin' all day. I'm a stripper, ya see. I used to work at this place called Therapy, right? Little place. But now, since it closed, I been workin' at this other lil place. Let me tell ya what, sugar pie, if you go first, I might throw in a lil somethin' somethin' for ya later. How's that sound to you, hmm?" KeLyssa throws a wink his way.

"Chicken! Chicken! Chicken!

There's a chant that comes from Ivory's Fanclub, even though Ivory is holding up a hand to see if he can't stop them from doing it. In fact, they start to quiet down and everything proceeds to get a lot more silent than it was originally. Ivory leans onto the table, almost seeming to sober up for a moment. His eyes narrow and he peers across the table at the Southern Gal. His eyes don't blink as they search for hers. His lips move slowly. His voice comes out much deeper. Calming. Even though all he says is one word: "Drink." it may come off to the girl across the table as something… more commanding.

KeLyssa smirks at the fan club, but most of her attention is focused on Ivory. When he catches her gaze, the drunken hypnosis master's command doesn't fall on deaf brains. "I'm gonna drink now…" She says without too much emotion. She starts downing the beers and then the shots. "Oh…" She blinks a few times. "Oh, goodness gracious me. Wow. I really have drunk a whole bunch in a lil bitsy time, ain't I?"

Apparently, Ivory has a way with words because there's just no way he would've been able to get this girl to drink without being so damn hot that it hurts, right? "Have you?" is asked, though his vocal tone is still as deep and calming as it was a moment ago. His own beer glasses are pushed across the table towards the blonde girl, as if he's just wanting to see if she'll keep it up. "There's more." is explained, because maybe the 'drink off' has become something else entirely. Even the fan club is watching with bated breath to see how much this Southern Gal can take.

Immediately, KeLyssa drinks the other booze too. "Oh, deary me. Wha…you're…mmm." Placing her hands on the table to steady herself, as she has gotten quite good and drunk, the area around her hands start to get shinier and her eyes widen.
"Oh…no…no…this…ain't…that ain't right. Umm…" She lifts her hands quickly, but they start to get shiny as a clear substance seems to crawl over them and encompass them fully.

Ivory is raising an eyebrow and not really understanding what in the hell is happening. He does, however, seem to be paying attention to those eyes. He has seen that before. And that's when his eyes are getting wider and he's already sobering himself up as much as possible. Ivory Wynn knows that look all too well, considering certain ex-lovers. "Stop! Okay, you win!" Ivory is using his normal voice at this point, as if hoping that will make sure she doesn't do anything too drastic. "You beat me! See?" He points at the only drinks left on the table… his three, untouched, shots.

A little drunk hiccup escapes KeLyssa. "Oh…*hiccup* dang it!" Hiccup. She wiggles her fingers around a little bit, flexing. A few flakes of ice fall off, only to be replaced by more of this shiny ice substance. "I…*hiccup*…" She stares at Ivory and then back down at her hands and then back to Ivory and once more to her hands. "I gotta…I ain't…" Drunkenly standing up, she makes a little stumbling motion toward the door. If her ability is somehow manifesting and she can't get control of it, she's screwed.

"Oh, I do not need this happening here." Ivory is muttering to himself as he stumbles around the table himself to get close enough to KeLyssa to make sure she doesn't completely fall. But he sure as hell ain't going to be touching her. Not like this. "Come on. I'll get you some place safe." Which is probably his place, considering that he still wants a little piece of Southern Hospitality right now. He shoves at whomever is in the way of the door to move them and get it open. So she doesn't have to touch anything, obviously.

KeLyssa jumps slightly as Ivory makes an offer. She eyes the man. "Stay away from me! Or else I'll…I'll…turn you into a POPSICLE! Ice Man!" She squints at him. "Drunk ice man!" She stumbles slightly, falling into Ivory, laughing. Her whole being feels freezing. As she uses her hands to push off of him, they feel like they're ice packs, right out of the freezer. "I…I gots a lil safe place fer m'self, misser. A coooool place!" She giggles.

"I'm aware." Ivory says, managing to try and keep himself as close to the Southern Girl as possible, without getting turned into a POPSICLE. "Believe it or not, I know exactly what you're going through." Which may not be something he needs to be broadcasting. So he takes his voice down a little notch or two. "Which way?" He's not even sure as to where he's escorting this girl to. But it doesn't matter. He needs to make sure she'll be okay enough to be his alibi, just in case.

Looking around as they get outside, KeLyssa turns her attention to Ivory once more. Whether she heard him or not, is something to be determined. But for now she smiles brightly. "Wanna see something 'cool', popsicle man?" She whispers and holds out her hand, palm up. Looking around, to make sure no one is looking, a blob of ice forms in her hand. "Hey…that was supposed to look like you! Stupid ice!" She throws it, quite weakly, away from them. "Where were we? Oh yeah…safe places. Uh…ummm…coooool. You gotta hot tub at yer place, Mister Chocolate Sauce Popsicle? I could really not use it. Sssshhhh. Stuff that's too hot makes my body angry at me!"

"Okay, no fair turning me on while I'm trying to turn you off. You're gonna' have to call me Ivory." Wynn is trying his hardest to not fall to the temptation that is this girl and her pet names for him. Nor will he fall for the ice sculptures of fail that she tries to make. Even if it does make him smile or something because it was a cute attempt. "Yes. We have a hot tub." Ivory is then reaching out for the girl's shoulder to see if he can't start leading her to the car. "And a walk in freezer." Hint, hint!

"Noooo. I'm not turnin'…am I turnin'? Are you on?" KeLyssa winks at him. Okay. Maybe she had a little too much too fast. Which has thus caused a bit of silliness on her part. "O' course yer Ivory…no wait. I though I was ivory an' you were ebony!" She giggles at her little drunken joke. "Yer Ivory Wynn. You used ta own Therapy. I was one've yer dancers. But then ya left and the place shut down an' I had ta dance somewhere else! Even though I was a sexretary…thhwp. Haha. Sexretary. Secretary to a politician. Nobody wants a person who's been a political secretary once they've been a stripper! 'Specially not one who can turn things to ice!" She goes wide eyed. "Ooops! I don' usually tell people that. Sssshhhhh. I'm jus' a regular person!" She clears her throat. "Why'd I need a walk in freezer? I'm a walkin', talkin' walk in freezer!" She giggles.

Ivory is not exactly sure how he's going to fight through all of the silliness that's going on at this moment. There's just so much of it. To the point that he's going to have to do something that he's probably not sure he should be doing. He steps right up to KeLyssa and he reaches out to plant his hands on her shoulders… careful to make sure he's touching clothes and not her skin specifically. He can still feel the chill, though. "I do." is the response to her whining about nobody wanting a stripping political sexretary. "I want you." And now that he knows her face is familiar for a reason, he can tack on another phrase, "Back."

There's more blinking on KeLyssa's part. "Did you jus' quote an 'NSync song? Duuuuude. That's like, totally wicked '90s." She giggles, thinking he quoted the 'I Want You Back' by 'NSync. "So, Mr. Popsicle, what do we do now? Ain't we gonna be 'Gone'? 'Cause, ya know, 'Got must've spent a lil more time on you'. This ain't no 'dirty pop'. All I really know, lil doggy, is that it's 'the music of my heart' ta be as cool as a cucumber!" She giggles.

The next thing even Ivory knows is that he's rolling his eyes. He really shouldn't be listening to this girl add NSync songs into his mind from her drunken stupor. "I've got an idea." Ivory smiles a little bit and squeezes her about the shoulders. "Listen to me…" His tone is back down a few octaves. His silence is what he's hoping will make this entire process that much easier. That's right. Hang on his every word…

"Listen to ya? I thought we was listenin' ta…ta…Justin Timberlake bring sexy back!" KeLyssa giggles again. "Ya know what we should do? We should go an' buy Justin Timberlake. Or freeze 'im an keep 'im in yer freezer! We could charge people ta see 'im! Like…fitty cents ta see 'im!" She giggles. Placing her hands on Ivory's. They're literally freezing. They are actually starting to freeze Ivory's hands, as ice starts to form over them.

Ice is not nice when it comes to dealing with Ivory Wynn. He yanks his hands free and just attempts to see if he can't take a couple steps back, while his hands go into his backpockets to see if he can't get those damn things to melt a bit. Cuz ow. Fighting against the wince, Ivory tries another approach. "You really should sleep." Ivory is attempting to see if there was enough of his hypno-skill left to plant such a hypnotic suggestion. Maybe if she falls asleep, her ice won't be all over the place… and him. That happens to be the plan, anyway. "Sleep. Sleep. Sleep." Hypnotic echoing at its repetitive best.

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