2009-12-07: Be Kind, Please Rewind



Guest Starring: Trenton Hawthorne

Date: December 7, 2009


Trenton is renewed, and calls to apologize to Hallis. Plans for a wacky double date ensue.

"Be Kind, Please Rewind"

Trenton Hawthorne's penthouse/Hallis's apartment

Promises. They're so pesky in that once she makes them, Emily does feel the need to go with them. Now, usually they're promises of doing less-than-admirable things; the other day, of course, it was to do something good. Namely, that involved releasing Trenton Hawthorne from his week-long vegetative state, before the parents could decide to do anything drastic. All in all, it didn't take much to get into the hospital and free him…just show up during visiting hours, give a fake name, and let the system work the way it should.

Trenton's been free since Friday…at the very end of visiting hours. Left with his body fully under his control, his mind not necessarily the same, and his phone (wiped down for prints and all, of course), he's free to go about his life. That didn't include a weekend out partying. Now, back at his loft, he rolls his phone around in his hands, before he dials in Hallis's number; he's trying to decide if he should go to the cops with the story.

Back at her apartment, Hallis is pouring over a recipe book. And a little hungover. One hand is holding an ice pack against her temple while the other is tracing the words on the page lightly. She's looking at a recipe for salad. Yes, there are actually salad recipes. "This doesn't look so hard… I can probably do it myself." Reading a little bit further a grimace pastes itself across her face and she 'ew's, quickly closing the book. "Okay… never mind."

The phone startles her for a moment and when she reaches for it and pushes the answer button, half afraid of who might be on the other end. "Um- Hello?" She'd read in the tabloids that he'd woken up, but she hadn't had the courage to go see him. At all. The anger George displayed at the initial story was enough to deter the petite blonde from ever mentioning her ex again.

The voice on the other end is Trenton…but at the same time, it's not Trenton. There's no 'heeeeeey baby' or hungover-sounding party greeting. "H-hello Hallis," he manages to say with a great deal of humility in his voice. On the other end of the phone, he's holding the phone to his ear with one arm, but rubbing his other hand up and down the arm nervously. "So I uh, wanted to call and uh….apologize."

Body snatcher? Pod person? This definitely couldn't be Trenton Hawthorne on the phone. At least not the man that he's grown into, he seems much more like the boy from her youth. Then again, since she's been clean, she's much more like the girl he used to know. "Oh… I-" she's speechless, and still not certain that she should be on the phone right now. At least not without her congressional security blanket.

With a sigh, she concedes herself to the phone call and martyrs herself. She'll be big enough to make him feel a little better, at least that's her intention at the moment. "I'm not going to say everything's alright, Trenton. I shouldn't even be talking to you, because…" Pause. "…George is very angry." she feels horrible for using him as an excuse, but she can't face her own part in the situation.

"I…uh…yeah, I figured he might be," Trenton replies. "So…uh, I just wanted to say I'm sorry for like…everything," he confesses. "I was just trying to get in the papers and all…you know, like you. So I was kind of a jerk. Plus there's…kind of this other girl now, you know?" As he sits there in his apartment, squirming nervously, he's thinking about Emily, still. Of course, extended periods of time with someone in your head like that will do it, right? If you pull that shit with me, I'll leave you a drooling vegetable he hears her say in his head, which causes him to visibly shiver on his end of the phone, crying out a little bit, audible on Hallis's end.

"You never needed me to get into the papers Trenton," Hallis says lowly, a little sympathy creeping into her voice. She does feel badly for the boy, at least a little bit. At the cry, the tiny blonde starts, actually getting up off her chair to pace the room. "Trenton? Are you alright?" She's swiftly moving through her apartment now, to her bedroom. There, she checks her outfit, a thin jersey skirt and long sleeved tee… her usual fare lately. Perusing the wall of shoes, she pulls down a pair of tall wedges. "Do you need me to come over?"

"N-no, I think that'd be a bad idea. I, uh…it's just…" he says quietly, before letting his voice trail off. "I…don't need any help. I just needed to apologize." He's on the edge of his bed in his own bedroom, sitting there…but he's not alone. In the doorway, leaning on a door frame, is a tall blonde. She's completely silent, casually dressed in hip-hugging jeans, tall suede boots with flat heels, and a comfortable ribbed sweater. Throughout the conversation, Trenton looks up at her, and occasionally she'll nod or shake her head. She doesn't need to speak, because she's already planted the seeds when in his head. If you don't do what I say, I'll make you throw yourself through that (a bedroom) window he can hear her say in his head, and he bites his lip.

The boots are placed carefully back on the shelf they came from and Hallis nods (like he can see her) to the phone. "Alright, maybe we can meet for a double date sometime? Me and Goerge and you and your new girl? Do I know her?" Hallis is oblivious to the fact that it's Emily. It hadn't even occurred to her that the woman might have taken up with her ex-boyfriend. Aside from his obvious personality flaws, he's a good catch. At least that's what the papers say. "I'd say I'd meet you for coffee, but that's really not a good idea, not until George feels better about what happened. If he ever feels better about what happened."

"I…think that'd be nice. My treat…of course," he says, looking up to see Emily nod at him. "It might be nice to meet George, too." Of course, Trenton and Emily have no way of knowing that George has seen some video tape of Emily as a person of interest in some cop-killings. "And…I think you know her, sure. She's…helping me clean up my act." There's nothing subtle about her methods though!

Smiling, Hallis actually finds it in her heart to forgive the man after he professes to cleaning himself up. Now they have a common bond. "That's great Trenton," her tone is genuinely pleased, "It's hard to get clean, I know, but it's worth it. It's really good that you have someone to help you, like I have George. Don't let her go, whatever you do." Hallis still has no idea it's Emily. It could be one of hundreds of their mutual acquaintances. "You know what? I'll talk to George about setting something up later in the week, okay? We could get together at this little place that Grandmother and I always go to. It's where George and I first met."

On his end of the phone, he's blushing rather profusely. Hallis, of course, has no idea of that, but her genuinely pleased tone has him feeling a little warm and fuzzy; he likes that sort of feedback now. Of course, he's not deliberately cleaning up his act…he's being forced to clean up his act, and funding the woman making him do it at the same time. His apartment is quite a bit more comfortable than the hotel she had been staying in, after all! And that poor woman from New England has been left to go free, just like she promised. "That should be nice, I think. I…I mean we'll be looking forward to it!" he exclaims.

Hallis is very happy with the way her life is turning out lately. She's not quite sure where to begin delivering her cards of thanks, Andra, George, Emily.. They've all had a big hand in her life lately. It's an idea that's filed away for later, for now, she's still on the phone with the ex-love of her life and looking forward to seeing the current one. "Alright, well keep up the good work. What helped me is making a karma list and trying to undo lots of the bad stuff I did… and if I couldn't undo them, even just try apologizing." She pauses then and gives the phone another little smile, "I'm going to climb off now Trenton, but you take care of yourself and thank whoever it is that's helping you for me."

Once more, he shivers visibly, taking his chance to nod while on the phone. "O-ok, I will. I think she'd like to hear that." He stops to think for a minute, then smiles across the phone, again, not something Hallis can see. "She loves it when I say nice things about her. The more the better," he says, almost timidly on the phone…mostly because the 'she' is standing there, looming over him. "Just…call me when you know what day and time you'd like to go out, please?"

"All girls like to hear nice things said about them Trent," The nickname isn't one that she's used in a while but it's fitting in this context. "Maybe if we said more nice things to each other we would still be together. But we were bad for each other, really bad." It's true, they fed off each other's worst tendencies and escalated from there. "I'll be sure to call you, either tonight or tomorrow. I promise." It's one that Hallis is planning to keep. If Trenton is going to try to get clean, she should be there to help him along. Even if it's just a group dinner here and there. She hangs up the phone then, the goodbye is implied, like it always is but just to be sure she sends him a text right after. «It was nice to hear from you. Talk to you later.»

His reply is swift, the hand of an experienced texter, helped of course by his full-keyboard, top-of-the-line phone. But what he sends back is…well, surprising? Shocking? Scandalous? «It was great to talk to you too. Emily sends her regards.»

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