2007-06-15: Be There At Celibate o'Clock


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Summary: Ramon stops in to see his daughter's friend and ask for help with a little issue. And he ran over a bunny. :(

Date It Happened: June 15, 2007

Be There At Celibate o'Clock

Peter Petrelli's Apartment

With his camera wired to his laptop in the main room of his apartment, Peter's currently unloading all of the recent photographs. The fuzzy white American Eskimo lays curled up near the air conditioning vent, abusing the cool air that filters through occassionally. The apartment has been cleaned more or less, though a few boxes are stacked in one corner, and the desk has more than a few things spread out on it. Newspapers, for one. Multiple daily papers for the New York area. Transfering the files into a folder on the desktop, he stands up to go and get a drink, while the progress bar fills up.

Ramon Gomez knocks on the door. He may be the last person Peter expects, but here the man is. A dead bunny beneath his tires, sunglasses on his weathered face, he looks like he just got in from an audition of Mad Max 4 and did the whole thing in jeans and a work shirt.

The knock occures just as Peter's moving towards the door, on the way to the kitchen. Looking out he frowns through the spyhole, luckily unaware of the poor rabbit crushed under the man's tires as he undoes the deadbolt, the doorknob lock, and finally the safety chain. Opening the door, he looks surprised, and vaguely confused. Why would Elena's father stop by— unless of course something happened. The surprise flickers towards worry. "Mr. Gomez?"

"Mr. Petrelli," Ramon rumbles, lowering his voice. "I've come to ask you a favor. I apologize for disturbing you and imposing on you in advance, but you're the only one who can help me." He's not passing out flattery. He's serious.

That surprise is back, but the worry settles. At least it's nothing that's already happened. He hopes. There's a moderate pause as all of what'd been said settles in, until Peter suddenly blinks and says, "Of course, you're not disturbing me, come inside." Stepping away, he gestures for the other man to enter, before he'll make sure the door is securely shut behind him. "What's going on? What do you need?"

Ramon takes off his sunglasses. "I have an address to a man who might have killed my wife," he says without preamble. "I was hoping you'd be willing to use your invisibility ability to ensure we don't get caught while we do a little surveillance."

"Elena told me a little about that," Peter admits outloud, thinking about the invisibility factor while he steps towards the fridge, very close to the door. Opening it up, he picks out a bottle of V8 and keeps the door open for a long moment before he asks, "Do you want something to drink? Water?" The offer of drink is a distraction, but if water is wanted, he'll hand over a bottle before closing the fridge and facing him again. "How many people are you needing invisible?"

"Please," Ramon rumbles, taking the water and opening it up. He drains down half of it in one gulp. He says, "The two ladies, Cass and Dezi. Manny and I can take care of ourselves if you can't do all of us. And that's all I'm bringing."

Normally he'd be impressed at the downing of filtered water that passes as mineral, but Peter's too busy waiting for who's all going along. And the list is surprising. A few blinks, eyebrow raises, and then finally he opens his bottle of V8 and takes a drink, before he can respond, "That's.. a lot of people for surveillance. And Cass was just in the hospital. And…" Elena wants him to stay away from her brother. Especially now. "Elena doesn't know about this, does she?"

"Elena knows," Ramon says. He looks at the man, square at the eye. "She's out saving people from gun men and trying to break into secret facilities and getting dogs shot. I have lost all illusions of being able to protect her. She's more bad ass than her old man is. Cass insisted and I agreed. She might see something I miss. "Manny is our firepower," Ramon still thinks all Peter does is paint the future and go invisible, "and I'm your friendly neighborhood telepath. Dezi…Dezi goes." He won't explain Dezi.

There's a mild flinch of an eyelid when he talks about Elena's escapades, especially since he knows all three of those named incidents involved him, at least at the peripheral. Peter has to wonder why Elena isn't going, if she knows about it. But… "I'll go. I'm best with only one other person, but I can do two." There's a long pause, before he says, "You can count on me to protect Desiree and Cass." Because that's important. "And if extra firepower is needed, too."

Ramon nods his head and says, "Thanks," kind of gruffly, like asking for help does not come naturally to the man. He says, "So why haven't you been around? I used to see you at the house. Granted it's resembling a can of sardines."

"I uh— when Cass got shot I was in a coma for a week," Peter explains, though that's only the smallest of his absenses. "Keeping her alive and healing her took a lot out of me. Even Elena couldn't wake me up." That's definitely more than invisibility and future painting, isn't it? "And before that— Elena wanted me to avoid the apartment. After she found out what Manny could do."

Ramon was not informed about the whole Manny killing Peter incident, he just knew that his two oldest were pissed at one another. "He does have a dangerous thing and he is a hot…wait what?" Ramon stares at Peter. "Just how many powers do you have, boy?"

Is it bad that he can't even answer that question for sure? Peter diverts his eyes, paying a lot of attention to his open bottle of V8 as he responds, "I— kind of— absorb the abilities of others. And can recall them later. Everything I do… came from someone else." And yes, his son is a hothead. But that's not why she'd been worried about them meeting, even if it should have been.

Ramon gives out a low whistle but doesn't pursue the questioning further. He figures its burden enough without him getting up in his face. "Well you'll be face to face with Manny on this run we're doing," he says, instead, slowly. "Is that problematic?"

There's a long pause. Peter has to think before he can answer that. "No, it shouldn't be a problem," is what he finally decides, looking up at the older man. "I've met him twice— Elena— worries," a trait he doesn't necessarily mind, from the look of things. In fact there's a distinct fondness in his eyes, which slide away for a moment at the mention of her name, before settling back. "But… I can handle it. Especially if I'm focusing on keeping the women invisible to start."

Ramon's eyebrows twitch upwards a notch. "Does she now," is all he says. But there's a speculative look in his eye. He grunts. He opens his mouth to say something, and ends up grunting again. He looks Peter up and down as if assessing his worth, grunts a third time and says, "See you at the apartment tomorrow," before setting the empty water bottle aside and heading out.

"It's just…" Peter opens his mouth to explain at the first of the grunts, but doesn't get much further than that. When the man stresses the invite and fairwell at the same time, he nods, "Of course. What time tomorrow?" he asks as he moves to join the older man at the door, fidgetting with the cuff of his long sleeve shirt.

"Celibate o'…I mean seven. Seven o'clock," Ramon says. "Morning. Thank you." And then he turns and heads back to his van in one smooth, decisive motion. See, if he doesn't talk, he can't interfere.

Is that Spanish or…? "I'll be there," Peter says, watching him cautiously. Pretty early in the morning, but it isn't as if he's never had an early work day before. "You're welcome, Mr. Gomez," he adds before the man's all the way out of ear shot, before closing his apartment door again.

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