2007-12-07: Bearing The Weather


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Summary: A storm is a-brewin.

Date It Happened: December 7th, 2007

Bearing the Weather

The East Village

Yeah, it's hailing… but that isn't going to stop Tyson from going out with some cocoa to see if he can talk to Ophelia without any more upsetting speed bumps. "For you…" He says, offering the girl her cocoa, hoping she'd take it, even if it wasn't the peace offering he wished it was.

Hail. There's quite a lot of it. It's coming down pretty readily. Ophelia, on the other hand, doesn't seem to mind it and rather stands out in the middle of it, not even trying to take cover. The comics are tucked away in her jacket, safe from harm, and she's already got a bit of ice building up on her shoulders as it comes down and collects on her clothes and in her hair. She looks up as Tyson approaches, moving to take the cup from him. Her fingers are ice-cold, but she soon takes the cup, sipping from it quietly. After a moment, Ophelia clears her throat. "He hates me."

Tyson notes the ice on Ophelia's shoulders as she stands out in the precipitation and after he hands her the cocoa, he attempts to brush some off if she'd let him. Still, when she offers he statement of assumed truth, Tyson can't help but feel a pang for the girl. "Who? Who hates you?" He just hoped she didn't think she was talking to somebody else about him…

No, it wasn't quite as Tyson had feared. Instead, he'd find it's a little more of something he'd already asked her about. "My step-father. And my step-brother. They hate me. They hated my father and they hate me."

No, it wasn't quite as Tyson had feared. Instead, he'd find it's a little more of something he'd already asked her about. "My step-father. And my step-brother. They hate me. They hated my father and they hate me." The hand is not brushed away as the other brushes ice off her shoulders, and instead she looks down.

"I…" Tyson tries to begin, but comes up with nothing else but to say the expected, "I'm sorry." And after brushing what ice was there, off Ophelia's shoulders, he takes a swig of cocoa. "Hm… that's good cocoa…" Back to the matter at hand, however, "But… why? Did your step-dad ever say something in a moment of loose tongues? Sometimes prideful people let things slip…"

"My step-dad knew my dad, once, I think. I don't know." Ophelia finishes her statement, taking a long sip of her cocoa. The hail continues to fall, perhaps signified by a tiny sparkle in Ophelia's eyes. She doesn't look back over at him. "My step-father beat me. Ever since I was little. It's why I don't go home. Second I turned eighteen, I left, not even knowing where the hell I could go. Caused me to do a lot of stupid things. I broke up with the guy I was dating, Manny.. cause I didn't want him to know. Eventually I found him again.. we were hanging out.. but he found out what was going on, went back to my house and threatened to beat the shit out of my step-father and step-brother.. had a gun and everything. Even did kick my step-brother. Beat him up a little. Step-dad came out with a bat. Manny had the gun. Something happened.. Manny didn't fire the gun, but Theo, my step-father.. just crumpled. Something happened.. I don't know what, but Manny just kept telling him that he'd come back if he heard of anything happening again. It stopped it, but.. Manny scared the shit out of me. He's around, but.. I don't know. He's not around really often. Didn't like it when I told him about the Brawling.." She swirls her cocoa around, brushing hail off the top of the styrofoam lid. "I dunno. I'm rambling and I really don't know what I'm trying to say…"

Tyson says a lot less and just listen. Things about her family, love life, then… "Cumpled… like… telekinesis?" He asks, probably picking the worst topic to harp one. It was, however, prevalent on his mind seeing where they just left. "Not that it really matters… but still, what I think you're trying to say is exactly what you've been saying, your family life sucks and as far as I can tell, you've gone far to avoid it." Tyson nods to himself a little, trying to think slowly so as to not say anything /wrong/. "The main thing, I guess… is to ask yourself what you want? And I don't just mean a place to stay with money, but in life. What do you want to do with it? Because you have the option to let the storm of your discontent consume you, or,… you can find your silver lining and dance amidst the chaos. I'm letting you know, though… I didn't think you were the type to be tossed around by the winds of your… I don't know… Pains."

The words aren't exactly the ones Ophelia was expecting, or really looking for. She shivers, eyes focusing on anything /but/ Tyson at this point. "I don't want anything out of life, Tyson. I don't even know how to live life. I know only what I've experienced. I know what it's like to be punched. That's familiar. At least I know what's coming with that. Other things? Other things I'm not so good with.." There's the lip being bit again, raw between her teeth. "I might look like I can stand up against the wind, but when all you've done is take the lashings of the wind, eventually you break when you stand alone."

GAME: Ophelia has rolled HEART OF COLD and got a result of GOOD.
"That's why… I guess, we have to start the change." Tyson affirms, grabbing hold of Ophelia's hands tightly. "Because if taking a punch is the only thing you know, I'm taking you back to school. No more fighting, and I'm serious. Not even as a Brawler. I don't even want you throwing a punch if I can help it, because I like you and don't want either of us to suffer like that, even if it's self-imposed. Got it? Because if you think you're standing alone…" He then holds his their clasped hands up in front of her, "You aren't looking close enough…"

Hands are held, but Ophelia's not all there. It's obvious more than anything her brain and heart are off on an emotional roller coaster, and her heart's crying while her brain is screaming its head off and wants to get off. The lip is still chewed on, her gaze shifting away again. "No.. Ty. I can't ask you to do something like that. I can't just change. I told you… I'm no hero. I don't go save the world, I grapple at the edge of a cliff and just /try/ not to fall off until, eventually, someone just shoves me and I do. At least with fighting I know what's coming. I can look and see them coming as opposed to waiting for them to shove me from behind."

Ophelia was definitely treading grim territory and Tyson was going to do all he could to stop her, even if… "You're not asking me to do anything. I'm doing it because I want to. I want to because I care about you, a whole lot more than I thought I would… or could…" He looks off too, only for a moment though, before turning back towards his companion, holding on even tighter. "And I'm not going to stand my and let you fall on that ledge of your life, because I'm going to be holding on every step of the way. Why, though? Why am I going to do this? Because, if nothing else, I'll be your hero, you just have to live… and yes, I know this all sounds really corny, but you're scaring me… and I don't think I'm ready for you to resign yourself to a life you're too lazy to get out."

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He's not letting go. Nor is he saying that he really ever will. Shit. She's really not sure what to do. The hail doesn't stop, pelting down upon them, cold and chilly. "You can't.." The lip is still between her teeth, glancing back to him for a moment, which was a bad idea because now she's struggling to try and look away again. "It's not like I'm just going off to die or something, Ty. I'm just saying there's not much to my life. There's not much to me. What you see is basically what you get, save that few realize I'm pretty tough when it comes down to it…" She breaks her gaze away. "You should still do the brawling. You like doing that."

Tyson may be closer to helping the girl, but he can't see the light at the end of the tunnel. Still, he's got to try, "Phi…" He sighs, "You say it isn't likely that you'll just go and die… but you can't guarantee that and neither can I live forever by not fighting… that's not the point. What I'm trying to say is… that its the connections you make that sustain you. If you only know fighters, you'll only ever be a fighter, when you could be so much more than that…" Yet saying all this, he does not look away, not anymore; instead he actively tries to find the girl's eyes to lock onto them. "Because you know what I see when I look at you… … I don't know, and that's because you've got so much potential to be anything you want, if you'd only seize it." Somehow while he was speaking, though, he couldn't help but feel like he was only getting the calm before her storm.

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The wind picks up a little, blowing ice everywhere, a slushy mess of ice and water on the ground now. Not quite snow, but still ice. "Tyson, I /don't/ have potential though. You know how you were right after Alex and I came in and found you in the ring there? Broken and battered and sick? That's how my whole /life/ is. I just struggle and hope that someday I'll be able to push myself up. Maybe someday it won't hurt to breathe or someday I'll even be able to stand up, if I'm very, very lucky. So maybe if I'm lucky I'll be able to get a place to stay.. I'll earn up enough cash to have an apartment of my own and to have somewhere where I actually feel /safe/ sleeping. I can't even remember the last time I felt safe sleeping anywhere…" She lets out a breath, and makes the mistake of catching his eyes again. "Tyson, I know you wanna be a hero of some sort.. and that's okay. But there has to be /to/ save. I don't even know how whole of a person I am.. hell, I don't even know that I can have a future. College is out of the question.. even if I /had/ the money, I don't even have talent in any sort of area… I'm horrible at pretty much anything I even try to do.. can't even make /people/ stick around. Hell, who knows. Maybe my father saw the future and realized what a mistake I was and he shot himself so he wouldn't have to watch me ruin everyone and everything. You can't just live day after day with people telling you how worthless and horrible and pathetic you are without it actually shaping you /into/ that."

Tyson is overwhelmed. All of Ophelia's experience weighs down on him and as much as he wants to help, he doesn't know how; although… he does have three options in mind. Should he tell her about the comic book? Probably not. Was his best option talking about his… ability? Also not the smartest thing, why would she believe him. Then, there was the third option and if she wasn't feeling optimistic about her prospects, it wasn't likely she would join him. Despite this, and the weather picking up, he continues holding on, their hands might as well be freezing together. "Ophelia, how about you come with me and meet with Miss. Johannsen? The last time I met with her, she was all in my head and seemed to guess where I was coming from… At the time, I thought I didn't need her; that I was fine without school and doing the Brawl thing… but… I think the Center might be good for me, even if you don't want to go with me, because… well… I'm ready to support you, even if you aren't ready to lean on me for it. But I'm certain, that even if can't promise I'll be there every step of your journey, I want to know that you are at least safe."

Then Tyson comes up with his fourth option, probably the one that makes the most sense, to him, "To that end, if you're not sleeping indoors, neither am I."

GAME: Ophelia has rolled HEART OF COLD and got a result of MEDIOCRE.
While the world was full of all sorts of possibilities for what Tyson could do for Ophelia, few of them would be the right ones. It's a good thing he hasn't let go of her hands, as it may have allowed her to keep her distance in more ways than one, and the fact that he keeps looking at her keeps her from looking away. The conversation about Miss Johannsen sounds vaguely interesting, the girl overwhelmed by the weight of everything crashing down on her. The ice blows cold in their faces and on there hands, and then Tyson speaks again. The girl blinks at him, at his words, and shakes her head. "Tyson, you can't. It's cold out here.." She murmurs, and there it is.. a focused glint in her eyes.. and all is calm. The hail just stops as if someone shut off the ice-maker, and the air becomes still, calm, and not even as chilly as it was before. "I wouldn't want you to sleep outside, Ty…"

"Well…" Tyson begins simply, "I don't want you sleeping outside, so, it seems we're deadlocked, and seeing as you can't /make/ me go home… it looks like we're going to be stuck together, don't it?"

Shaking her head a little, Ophelia frowns, giving a slow nod soon after. "Alright.." She murmurs. "Have it your way." She glances back to him, seeming oddly exhausted.

Tyson keeps holding on and even braces Ophelia when she slumps a little. "See, I've got you… now, let's find us a place to sleep, all right?" And with that, he starts helping the girl on their way. "So, to Central Park?" He jokes.

Pausing a moment before leaning against him, Ophelia smiles weakly. "Wherever you want to go, Ty.." She murmurs, giving him the opportunity to support her.

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