2007-03-09: Beaten, But Not Broken


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Date It Happened: March 09, 2007

Summary: Hiro and Mohinder arrive at the same time to visit Mara. Confessions and suspicions are shared.

Beaten, But Not Broken

Mount Sinai Hospital

Mara Damaris has surrendered to the morphine in her system and allowed it to lull her to sleep. She might look peaceful if her face weren't a horrific mask of bruises, cuts, bandages and stitches. She's barely recognizable with all the abuse she endured. The dark of the room helps to ease the reality of the severity of the detective's injuries, however. A lone lamp on the nightstand provides the only light to the room, bathing a small area in a soft yellow glow.

Visiting hours are maybe over; maybe they aren't. Hiro Nakamura has found that he is a wanted man. Not by the police, maybe, but by a more potent and dangerous group. Hiro steps out from the shadows of the room, having appeared from nowhere, approaching the side of the bed. He looks down, his breath catching in his throat, trying not to wake her.

Unaware that Mara already has a guest, Mohinder enters the hospital and manages to get his way in past the nurse's station and on up to Mara's room. He knocks quietly at the door, bone tired by recent events. A grave of his own making, weighing heaviest on his mind.

Mara's eyelids flutter and she stirs somewhat as she dreams. When Mohinder knocks on the door, she sits bolt upright in her bed with a loud gasp and a cry of fear. Both hands come up to cover her face as the soft beeps of the equipment monitoring her vital signs remind her of where she is. She relaxes, accompanied by a quiet groan.

Hiro wipes his eyes and stifles a small sob when there's a knock at the door at Mara sits up. She's awake, and someone is here. It's time to be the hero, and not just a Hiro. "Sit back," he says, and looks up to the door. "It is just me. Someone is here. At the door."

Mohinder opens the door a fraction and calls softly, "Mara?" He blinks as he could have sworn he heard another voice. Throwing caution to the wind, he pokes his head into the room and blinks. Following swiftly on the heels of surprise is a stab of guilt. Swallowing, he enters the room without invitation and shuts the door behind him. "Hello, Hiro."

Mara starts at the sound of Hiro's voice, peeking between her fingers at the Japanese man. Once she's satisfied that her eyes aren't deceiving her, she lays back on her bed, which is adjusted to a more or less reclined sitting position. Mohinder's voice causes her alarm, though. She keeps her hands over her face and whimpers, "Don't look at me! I- I don't want you to see me like this."

Hiro reaches out to put a gentle hand on Mara's shoulder. She can't see his face well, but Mohinder can see — There's no hiding the anguish and shame on Hiro's face. "Dr. Suresh," he says, in all but a low whisper, before stating, perhaps, the obvious. "Sylar."

"Mara," Mohinder begins in a placating tone as he points out. "I saw you last night.. you're going to be fine. I still don't understand why you let yourself get that close to him.. but I'm not here to chastise you about that." He holds up in his hand Mara's keys. "I know Hiro, I was on the phone for some of it," Mohinder explains rather quietly as he moves into the room to set Mara's keys on the bedside table.

Mara flinches at the mention of the man who did this to her. "Don't you say that name," she warns, "Don't you /ever/ say that name. He's just a man. Gabriel Gray is just a man. I underestimated him. It won't happen again." She doesn't mention the fact that it won't happen again because she isn't allowed anywhere near the man. "That- That was different," she tells Mohinder. Don't ask her how. It just /is/. Still, her hands do not move.

Hiro gives Mohinder a look that could shake a samurai when he chastises Mara — a split-second's flash of the sort of man that's been heat-tempered under all of that nerd. "Gabriel Gray," he repeats. "Forgive me. This is my fault. But I will not let it happen ever again. I am going to do what I should have done as soon as I had the chance."

"No, it won't happen again. Because I want you to promise that you will not let yourself get that close to him again." Mohinder eyes Mara quite sternly when he says this. As if he's one to talk about promises. He keeps his attention more on Mara than on Hiro, out of some shame for what he's done. Fortunately, this refusal to look in Hiro's direction means that he misses the quaking expression he receives from the time traveling otaku. "Hiro.. it's not your fault. He's a dangerous man, and he should have died on your sword months ago."

Mara's hands drop to reveal an angry expression under the bruises and the stitches. "Don't you even go near him, Nakamura. If anybody kills Gray, it's /me/." Her eyes shift to Suresh and she can't quite keep her expression from softening just a touch. "I'm sorry he called you. But you aren't responsible. Neither of you are. Dammit, Mohinder! Do you really think I'd be so-" She cuts herself off and drops the few inches back to the mattress, not sure whether to be fuming or to cry.

"You are a detective, Mara. You are not a killer. I cannot let you destroy your career, or your life, because of Sylar. I must finish what I started," Hiro says. He appears only interested in taking the burden of blame as much onto himself as he possibly can. Even if it means committing what is — more than ever — an act of murder. There's no way around it, not while he's powerless and imprisoned.

"Mara, a good number of people have reason to want him dead, and to have a hand in that. He'll get what's coming to him when it's time. Obviously, that hasn't come yet. Otherwise I would have succeeded in shooting him, or he would have perished on Hiro's sword months ago." Mohinder tries to soften his tone as he speaks to the woman in the bed. "No Mara, I don't. However, twice while in custody he has gotten to you. I don't doubt that he'll take any opportunity thrown his way for a third." Finally, Mohinder looks towards Hiro. He knows the man is resolute and firm on the matter, so instead of arguing the point, he turns back to Mara. "I do have some good news.. I think I have a formula that will stop your blackouts."

"His name is /Gray/!" Mara roars. "And he's already ruined /everything/. I've lost my position. I'm being confined to a /desk/ job. I'm no better than a bloody secretary! I-" Her rant is stopped by the problem of a fix. Her eyes get big and she sits up again, leaning toward Mohinder. The dim lighting casts ugly shadows across her battered face. "Tell me." She fixes Hiro with a look that suggests she has more she'd like to say, but it will have to wait.

Hiro has his sword. That big monster that he used to stab Sylar the first time. The tension in him is undeniable; he would do it right now, save for his own doubts. It's murder. No doubt about it. "All those things you will get back. I am certain. You are a good officer."

Mohinder looks away from Mara as her temper flares. "Your life isn't the only one he's ruined, Mara." He tries to keep his tone gentle and even as he reminds himself that Mara's stressed and overwrought. "I know it's going to be difficult for you, but perhaps this is a good thing? Yes? You need to rest, you're beyond your breaking point. This is only temporary I'm sure. Hiro's right. You're a dedicated officer on the force." Hesitant to have a seat, he remains standing as he looks between Hiro and Mara. "I'm warning you, there could be side effects from even trying this and the only way to test it is on you. Looking at your results, I was able to see just where in your brain the shutdown was occurring. Hmm, poor choice of wording there, but you get my point. It's a chemical combination that acts like some anti-depressants in the brain. In theory that is."

"I'm not," Mara tells Hiro. "I want Gray's blood so badly that it's making me ache. I'm not stupid enough to walk into the station and open fire on him myself, but I want to be the one… He'll confess, though." She purses her lips, "He'll go to prison. It'll just be a question, then, of how long he stays there." She turns her attention back to the geneticist, listening to what he has to say. He actually draws a smile. "Oh, Mohinder… He hasn't broken me. He's only made me stronger. I did not scream for him. And I did not call him by that name he's claimed." Even now, she won't speak it. "And I never will." Of this, she seems quite certain. Maybe it's the painkillers making her forget how badly she's been hurt. She switches the subject back to more important matters: the drug. "Do you have it with you?"

Hiro takes a seat at the bedside, and falls… mostly silent, for a long period. He's staring at his sword, and going back and forth, back and forth in his head. After a few minutes pass, he does finally chime back in to the conversation: "Thank you, Doctor Suresh. For doing this work for us. Is everything going well? Everything else, I mean," he says. Probably referring to the break-in.

"Mara," Mohinder says again, "I was in very much your position too.." He sighs, knowing that further pleas will fall on deaf ears. At the moment. "No. I don't have it with me. I refuse to test it until you've recovered and that's final." He blanches, but it could be from the discussion with Mara, rather than the salt poured into a wound as Hiro thanks him. "Don't thank me Hiro, please, don't." The doctor steps away from Mara's bed, "I'll check on you later. I've got to get home.. I.. good night. The both of you." Then, without looking at either Mara or Hiro, he turns to head for the door.

"Get back here," Mara at first demands. But then, her tone softens, "Please, Mohinder. I /need/ to talk to you." Her plea is almost desperate as she gestures to the chair left at her bedside by her lieutenant. She turns back to Hiro for the moment. "I have to tell you something… I'm so sorry." She swallows back a lump forming in her throat, determined to speak before she loses her nerve. "I told Gray you're still alive. He was going to kill me. I.. said the only thing I could think of that would interest him in letting me live until help arrived. I'll never forgive myself for that."

Hiro is surprised — maybe for a moment. But then he shakes his head; and not in a dismissive way, but as though saying… Forget about it. "You may not, but I already have," Hiro says. "I am only sad that it did not delay him longer." And that's that. "Do not beat yourself up. Anyone would have done the same. My secret is not worth your life."

Mohinder hesitates as he heads for the door, back turned to Mara and Hiro. "Mara.. you need to rest.. Can't it wait for morning?" When Hiro's not in the same room? Suresh sounds dead tired, perhaps even a little defeated.

"No," Mara states firmly. "Hiro… I need some time with Doctor Suresh. If you would like, you're welcome to check in on me in the morning." She offers the time traveler a tired smile. Mohinder is given a look. Stay.

Hiro nods. "Yes. Of course," he says. Medical stuff. D'uh. "Feel better." He'll bring her a card in the morning. For now, he disappears. He has a lot of thinking to do, and he intends to do it at an all-night diner in Odessa, Texas.

Mohinder can feel that look boring into his back. Shoulders slumping some, he turns and heads back to stand at Mara's bedside. To Hiro, he gives a simple nod.. and is that a brief flash of apology in the geneticist's eyes? Perhaps. "What do you need to talk about Mara?"

Mara reaches out to take one of Mohinder's hands. Partially because she needs the support, and partially because she wants him to think twice before trying to leave again. "Sit. Please." She even scoots over a little so he can sit on the bed, rather than on the chair.

Mohinder lets Mara take his hand and he seats himself on the edge of the bed. "Alright, I'm sitting," he says as if it needed explaining. But he'll humor the battered woman on morphine. "What is it?"

"You're working for the Company?" It's not a question. "I heard you. You said you could- And that woman- Your files- … The secrecy. Mohinder…" Mara meets Suresh's eyes, watching him closely. Somehow, though, her accusation isn't… entirely accusatory.

Mohinder clears his throat and shifts uncomfortably at the edge of the bed. "Mara, I think I should check the dosage of morphine they've got you on." It's a lame excuse and he blames being overworked and burned at both ends. "What woman are you talking about Mara?"

"So I'm right." Even while riding high on morphine, Mara knows what to look for when she starts asking questions. "Help me. Get Gray relocated. J- Detective Demsky is still on the case. Gray will kill him to get to me." In her eyes, the woman's heart is breaking. It's quite obvious that her partner means a lot to her.

Mohinder leans in closer to Mara and lowers his voice. "I've already let the situation be known. I /had/ to report what happened outside the loft, that he's in police custody. I can't make them move any faster." At Mara's plea, he slowly nods his head. "I'll see if I can't press harder for action. I agree, he needs to be someplace more equipped to deal with him. I'll do what I can on my end." He angles to get up from the bed. "I want you to get some rest now. Alright?"

Mara yanks Mohinder back as hard as she can manage. In her current state, that really isn't very hard. "Have you told them about me?" There's a fear in those hazel eyes. Not necessarily fear of the Company, but fear that she would be unimportant enough to Mohinder that he would betray her.

Mohinder is caught off guard by Mara yanking him back and the surprise shows on his face. "No. I haven't. I swear," he whispers to the woman. "If for some reason they do find out about you, I will do what I can to keep you out of their hands. I'm already working with you. That should be enough to satisfy."

For a long moment, Mara simply stares at Mohinder, almost as if she's expecting something more. Maybe not. She seems satisfied finally and slips her hand away from the geneticist's. "I won't tell him." Meaning Hiro, most likely. "I won't tell anyone. You could have told Gray my ability, and you didn't. I owe you."

Mohinder pulls back away from Mara once he's released and he straightens up. "Why on earth would I tell /him/ about your ability? My job is to protect people from him." He looks dumbfounded as to why Mara would think he would have told Sylar. "Granted, the idea of an ability constantly backfiring on him gives me a certain amount of satisfaction.. but no. I can't tell him and nor will I.. Please. You owe me nothing. Honestly. Now rest. Doctor's orders. The sooner you get well, the sooner we can continue working on your issue."

The injured woman's brows furrow. "You could have told him when he said he would stop. It must have been difficult for you." At least, she hopes it was difficult for Mohinder to listen to Gray slowly breaking her arm. "And I can't begin to thank you for keeping my secret in a that situation. I probably wouldn't have been able to keep as cool as you did." Mara smiles genuinely up at Mohinder as she settles back on the bed. "I'll be back on my feet in no time, I promise. It'll take more than a few stitches and a broken nose to keep me from knocking at your door." She actually winks just before she rolls onto her side and closes her eyes. "Be safe, Mohinder," she mumbles through a yawn.

Mohinder nods his head, preparing to say more and respond to the woman.. but chooses not to. Instead he gives the woman a pained look, that could have been an attempt at a smile. "You stay safe as well, Mara." Then he turns and heads out the door.

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