2010-04-29: Beautiful People



Guest Starring:

Stuart Templeton Davenport

Date: April 29, 2010


Hallis is beautiful; Stuart notices!

"Beautiful People"

Hallis' Dressing Room

THe day is just beginning on the Afterlife set, but while Stuart isn't filming today, he's kicking around regardless — against his Agent's advice and his better judgment. Some actors are done for the day, others have just begun. He's not sure where Hallis is at in shooting her scenes, but he treads over to her dressing room and raps gently on the door — coffee in hand (heck yes it's Starbucks!). "Hallie, I brought you coffee~ and a copy of People — you made the list of the most beautiful~"

The door hasn't actually been clicked closed and when the SERIOUS actor knocks the first couple of times it swings open to reveal a partially clothed Hallis. "STUART! What are you doing in here?!" She scrambles to pull the rest of her costume up, her gold dusted shoulders glinting slightly from the lights over her makeup mirror.

"Oh god! What did you see?!" She's busy trying to zip up the back of the flowing silk dress that she's supposed to be wearing in her next scene. Due to the miniature fashion mogul's standing within the community, the wardrobe has been primarily donated by up and coming designers who want to see both her and Erin in their fashions.

"You really should close your door," Stuart observes as he actually enters the room now. Leaning against the doorway he whistles at the dressing room and then shows her the cover of People magazine. She's not on it, but, "You made the list of Peoples most beautiful people! And Soleil… well, she didn't," he's grinning now, just a little. He also made the list. "As for what I saw… you're fine. I'm not going to disrespect a colleague because her dressing room door wasn't quite closed…"

She's fine could have so many different meanings. Is she fine because he didn't see anything, is she fiiiine? Those are the top two that enter Hallis' mind as she crosses the room. "Really? I made it?!" She's all smiles as she grabs the magazine and flips through the pages and then gasps. "Oh my god!" she squeals, her small frame bounces up and down a few times as she holds her page up. "I didn't just make it! I'm number twenty seven!!" She wouldn't make top ten without a few movies under her belt, but they'll come. She knows it.

"Congratulations are definitely in order," Stuart grins as he hands her the coffee. He glances at her fingers in search of that new rock, but looks away moments later. "When I saw it I bought all of the copies at the stand. They're in my dressing room for you; pick them up at the end of the day, I won't be there so you won't be interrupting anything." He winks as his smile extends into a broad, toothy grin. "So, going to celebrate with that fiance of yours? OR would you like to go out for a night on the town with me and my crew?" He winks again with another grin. "Most of them are movie actors. There's a few musicians…"

Looking between the magazine and Stuart, Hallis takes the coffee and then drops her smile to take a sip. "Y-you're not going to be there?" She turns her head a little, away from him so that he can't see the disappointment on her face. "Going back to movies? Leaving the little people like me?" Then he backhands her with a crack about her fiance, then.. invites her out.

"George is busy," she says plainly, "He said he would take time off soon. See? It's not all about his career, it's about mine too. I just have to wait a little while, that's all." Her eyelashes flutter as she tries to smooth her expression to nonchalance, "Who's going?"

"I'll be there in another week or so. I'm supposed to be filming another movie; an independent so I'll be splitting my time more between that and this. But I'll still be around." Stuart runs a hand through his hair, "Besides you're not one of the little people — you made People magazine's list!"

"Well I am, obviously," Stuart grins easily. "David Turner, Christina Ricci, Quinn Hurt. More people. Really, we're just hitting up a bar and then having a party at my house." He crosses his arms over his chest, "And

"Well I am, obviously," Stuart grins easily. "David Turner, Christina Ricci, Quinn Hurt. More people. Really, we're just hitting up a bar and then having a party at my house." He crosses his arms over his chest, "And I'm able to party some the next few days before I start the film and get back here. A week here, a week there. You know how it goes!"

Hallis opens her mouth a little and runs the tip of her tongue along the top edge of her teeth. "You know what? Sure, I'll come." It can't hurt, they'll be in public with a group of people. It's not running lines alone. It's just fun.

"What club are we going to?" She gives the man a coy little grin before taking another sip of her coffee. "Aaannnnnd, can I bring someone or is it a dateless night?" She tilts her head and gives him a little smile, a challenge perhaps.

"The Fly By Night Cocktail Bar," Stuart replies with that same easy smile. He tilts his head at the notion of a date, however, "I thought the man who is not your husband was out of town?" His eyebrows furrow as if questioning whether Hallis has a little somethin' somethin' on the side. "If you want to bring someone feel free. Honestly though, it's pretty much a dateless night. You'd be the only one bringing someone." He shrugs. And no, he doesn't want her to bring a date; quite the opposite, actually.

"Fly by Night, I'll be there," Hallis breathes as she lifts the cup up to her lips again. "And George is out of town, I was going to bring a friend." Whether it's a male friend or a female friend isn't actually revealed. "But if it's a date free night, I don't want to be the odd one out." She turns her back to him and takes another drink of her coffee before gliding across the room again to place it on her makeup table.

Plucking one of the little disposable toothbrushes, she runs it along her teeth to freshen them up and then tosses it in the trash. She turns in front of the mirror, as though trying to decide if she actually likes the outfit she has on. "Stuart, while you're here… What do you think about this dress? Is the back too low?"

"Bring a friend if you like then. I'm bringing my friends," Finally Stuart pushes himself off the frame of the door and towards Hallis. "So if you're bringing a friend and not a real date then you'll fit in fine. Besides, I'm sure David would like more people to hit on. And guy or girl doesn't matter to him." He winks again with a stifled chuckle.

When he's invited to look at the dress he tilts his head. "I like the back. I think it suits you. But I'm not an expert; people dress me."

Hallie's eyebrows shoot up and she tries to stifle a guffaw of a laugh when Stuart makes the crack about his friend. She turns to face him, still sporting that wide smile and looks up. "I didn't realize you talked about your friends that way… I hope you don't talk about me like that when I'm not around." Not that there have been many rumors about what goes on behind Hallis' closed doors, but there've been a few. Along with the threat of a certain tape she made as a teenager being released, thank goodness for Daddy's money.

Her smile softens a little as he compliments the dress, "You really like it?" She turns back toward the mirror as she tries to look at her own back. "It's kind of wasted on the show… they don't really show that side of me enough."

"David is well aware of his player ways," Stuart replies with a sly smile. "And he would openly admit it. I'm pretty sure he walked down the red carpet with a girl last year and then with a very nice fellow this year," he winks. "And no, you're good. Look, I'll meet you at the club at ten tonight — sound good?"

"I really do like it. And they should show off your shoulders more. You have a very lovely back," he affirms as he strolls back towards the door.

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