2008-02-23: Beautifully Ugly Day at Central Park


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Summary: Brennen and William defend a young girl against several teenage ruffians.

Date It Happened: Monday, February 23, 2008

Beautifully Ugly Day at Central Park

Central Park, Uptown, New York City, NY

It's a fine day, although a little chilly. The sun is out and shining, trying its absolute best to boil the atmosphere right off of the Earth, but unable to raise the ambient temperature above 43 degrees fahrenheit. The result is that among the throngs of people in Central Park today, Brennen Caldwell is wearing a dark brown leather jacket over his t-shirt. He's watching something in the sky and holding a small black box with a long, thin metal rod sticking out the top, a couple of short, movable sticks, and a few buttons on it. The thing in the sky is rolling and diving, climbing and looping to the sound of buzz that changes pitch constantly due the wonderful doppler effect.

That temperature is more than warm enough to draw William out. He's dressed for a run, with a fleece pullover against the cold. He's breathing hard as he moves to finish his run, slowing down to walk the last part, with little white headphones still in his ears.

The plane flying around flies straight upward until it stalls, then tilts over backwards and falls back down nose first, gaining airspeed. Just as it's about to hit the ground, Brennen pulls it out of its death dive with a smile on his face.

William stops near Brennen to stretch his legs with a grin as he watches the plane. Yes, he recognizes the man apparently, walking over closer to Brennen to comment, "So, I see your flight skills extend behind helicopters."

Brennen takes his eyes off the plane for barely a moment, just long enough to see who it was talking, before throwing the plane into a barrel roll and immediately doing an inverted loop afterwords, showing off. He grins widely and talks while still watching the plane, "Well, it's my thing. I love flying in all forms. If I had wings, that'd be me you'd see doing those moves."

William gives Brennen a quick grin, before he sits down on the grass to continue stretching his legs after his run. "We could strap some rockets to you and let you take off." The man jokes with deadpan humor, reaching into the pocket of his fleece to turn down his music.

Brennen chuckles for a moment and replies, "Somehow I don't see that going well. If only I were superman. Or even Magneto from the X-men. Then I could at least hover and pretend to fly." The plane does a final flip before Brennen brings it down gently for a landing in the grass. He taxis it closer and then kills the engine, squatting down to fiddle with it.

It's not a good idea to mention that he knows someone who can actually fly, so Will just smiles over. "Wouldn't it be cool though? I think that Magneto has a cool power in general. Or Cyclops. There has to be something cool about laser eyes."

Brennen laughs again, "Yeah, but I wouldn't want Cyclops' power. Just think, you open your eyes without glasses on for a second and wipe your best friend or your girl out of existence? No thank you, not me. I could deal with Magneto's though…or even better, Nightcrawler. Dude can teleport." He unscrews something from the plan and walks over to a little toolbox he brought with him. Digging in it, he pulls out a can of liquid and walks back to the plane to start dumping it in.

William considers that. "True. But I bet you'd learn to live with it. What I would really not want would be a power like Rogue's. Because it would be horrible to not be able to touch people." Will decides, moving to stretch out his other leg, rubbing at his calf muscle. "Teleporting would rock though."

Brennen shrugs, "I'll give you that one." He caps the plane's fuel tank up again and looks up at the man, "William, you said, right?"

Hm hm hm~ Well, this place is, at least, more familiar to Madison. She's just walking along, though, not nearly as lost as she was earlier in the day.. but she also isn't paying very much attention, either. How perfect. Absent-minded little girl. No adult with her, even! It doesn't take long for some opportunistic teen jerkwad to make a grab. Betting that the little girl might be keeping something or other valuable in her coat — something easy to grab off — he seizes the back of the dark hair'd girl's jacket and takes a yank. Unfortunately, it would seem that he isn't very good at the snatch-and-run.. upon yanking the jacket up, Madison is pulled right up along with it, firmly attached to her coat with her legs dangling and wiggling in the air for several moments!

William nods his head. "Right. Will Connors. Nice day, huh? Or at least warm enough that your water bottle won't freeze before you get the chance to drink…" And then he spots a dangling kid and is up on his feet and taking off towards the man. "Drop her, now." He says, with a tone of authority, looking the man over, searching for a sign of weapons as he heads towards them.

As soon as Brennen sees Will taking off, he looks behind him to see where, and immediately drops the now-closed fuel container on the ground next to the plane. He runs past both Will and the teen to get on his other side and surround him. "You do as he says and that'll be the end of it. Don't, and you're in for a world of hurt today."

Today, of all days, however, Brennen and Will managed to get tangled up in a very unique situation. That one teen wasn't just one teen. He was one of many, and the others now appears out of the crowds, looking as menacing as a teenage thug thinks he can look. Six more in all, to be exact.

That thuggy teen glares at the two when confronted — he looks neither smart, nor willing to run. "Whatever, dumbfucks!" He blurts out, tossing the little Madison on the ground with a shove of one arm.. no need to hurry and grab now. That can wait 'til after! More lootz that way. Madison simply lands on her hands and knees, head down.. she soon leans up, wincing and trying to wipe her hands off, since they're now officially scraped up, with little rocks jammed in from being tossed! Ow.

William looks over to Brennen before he just grins at the teens. "Seven to two. Now that sounds like good odds. For us." Yes, it's cocky, but maybe that's in part trying to get the teens to reconsider. He mock stretches his arms over his head. "Should we flip for who gets four?"

Brennen sighs and shakes his head, "You kids just don't know what you're getting into. I recommend you leave. Now. The offer is open until the moment you choose to attack us." He is flicking his eyes back and forth watching the teens, but replies to Will, "We try to flip, they'll probably steal the coin. I guess we'll just have to see how it pans out, huh?"

It soon dawns upon Madison just what sort of situation she is in. Or rather, inbetween now. This could quickly turn into a fight and she is, quite literally, right in the middle of it. Panic takes over, and she's soon scurrying forward at the closest possible thing to duck behind — which ends up being Brennan. She nearly falls back onto her face as she scrambles up, forgetting her scrapes as she wobbles back behind the two confronting men and immediately trips anew, falling onto the ground behind them. Oof.

Without ever taking his eyes off the teen attack squad now trying to surround their trio of victims, Brennen takes a step backwards and crouches to grab Madison's arm and gently pull her to her feet. "Calm down, girl. It's gonna turn out fine. Just stay between me and William."

William lets Brennen keep an eye on the kid. He'll just keep watching the teens, waiting for the first one to make their idiotic move. "So. I think that getting beat up by a gay guy and then locked in jail for assualting a kid would ruin your day. Especially when you could just turn around and walk away." That's said still with a strong tone, though maybe at the same time, it's an attempt to be underestimated.

The teens just nudge each other in the ribs. "You'd never take us out. How about your day after we beat the shit out of you?"

When she's grabbed by the arm and pulled up, Madison assumes the worst — she holds her breath and starts wobbling and wiggling aginst the lifting hand, trying to get away. However, when it occurs to her that Brennan is trying to help her rather than hurt her, she pauses and stares up for a moment. She then takes in a hard breath, like a diver coming up for air, and takes a little step back — she offers a small nod of her head in consent to the instructions.

Brennen releases her arm and turns his full attention back to the kids. He's just about to give another warning for them to leave when one of them steps in toward Will, bringin his hand backward to cock a punch. Upon seeing that, Brennen immediately brings both of his hands up to face level, making fists, and steps back with is left foot into a fighting stance. This just got real.

William reaches up in time to knock away that fist. And now that the teen has started it, he'll toss in a one, two punch of his own. And that does it. When Will connects, the rest of the teens rush forward. Thankfully, while they have some skill in street fighting, they aren't used to fighting people with real training. Will takes on his group. He takes a blow or two here and there, but over all, he's more than holding his own, using just his fists. This has of course started to draw a crowd. It will likely not be long until someone in the park calls 911.

Madison can, as is appropriate for a little girl, not really do much to fight. She just.. stands back, watching — despite the reassurances, she still looks rather terrified. She's also a bit of a mess, disheveled from being tossed around.. but fixing her hair and such isn't exactly on her mind now!

As the three nearest Brennen rush in, he moves his head with nearly blinding speed just a couple inches to the left as the first punch reaches him. In an instant, he grabs the kid's arm with his left hand, slamming it down onto his own shoulder. His right hand comes upward from under the teen's arm straight into his elbow. An audible crack can be heard and then the teen screams and falls to the ground in pain. Then the other two are on him, and he barely has enough time to dodge out of the way of a tackle, but takes a glancing punch to the back of his head in the process. Not enough to do anything to him but daze him for a split second. He turns to face the other two.

William gets in a good punch to the first one, sending the teen sprawling towards the ground. And since he's trying to be good, police recruit and all, he leaves the idiot down there, turning to take on the other three. He catches a foot to the stomach with an oof before he returns the gesture with a fist. And two are down. Easy as pie when no one has weapons.

Uwah! Idiot teen flying at her — Madison stumbles to the side, nearly tripping again, but manages to keep herself on her feet. She breathes heavily, leaning over slightly and resting her hands against her thighs for balance.. fleeing in terror and then hiding is tough work, you know.

Brennen's two remaining attackers decide to attack at the same time, but this time one of them has pulled out a knife. Effortlessly he ducks under the first one's swinging punch, and as the second stabs forward with the knife, he grabs the top of the kid's hand, squeezing hard and twisting outward away from the kid's body. You know, the direction your wrist isn't supposed to twist. The kid lets out a yelp and drops the knife. Pushing him back, Brennen spins rightward toward the other kid that he passed up, and lays an elbow into the back of his head mid spin. Without stopping, he completes the circle he began, and raises his left leg off the ground in a roundhouse kick, aiming for the would-be knifer's head. His kick connects with enough force to drop him to the ground unconcscious. Brennen checks the teen he elbowed again immediately and, satisfied he's down for the count as well, looks over to make sure Will's doing ok.

William is still fighting two of them. He could have had them out for the count already, but well, he's not fighting all out. It's much harder to fight when you're worried about not seriously hurting who you're fighting against. Not that Will is any trouble. And it's about that time that the 911 call that had to be made comes to fruition and a mounted cop shows up. And then, the two remaining teens take off, leaving their buddies behind.

Brennen drops out of his fighting stance and looks around at the four kids on the ground. He sees the cops arriving but ignores them for the time being and crouches down to look at Madison. "Hi. Are you ok?"

Madison takes one step back, and then another — it looks like this is wrapping up, and from the looks of it, Madison seems to have no intention of sticking around..! She glances up at Brennen when she's addressed, and after a pause, she nods her head several times. "Y-Yes.. I'm fine. I'm.. I'm gonna go. Home." She blurts out, still sounding rather panicced. "Th-.. Thank you?" She mumbles, rather dazed still.

William rubs his knuckles and moves over to the cop. Brennen can deal with Madison, he'll deal with the police. "That one attacked a little girl. My friend and I stepped up to stop him. His friends appeared and attacked us." That's the short version at least, complete with pointing at the first dazed teen on the ground.

Brennen frowns at the girl and talks to her in a very calm voice, trying to make it as soothing as possible. "It's ok now. But I think you should stay here for a few minutes and tell the police what happened. They're going to want to hear your story." He glances up at Will, but turns his attention, and now a smile, back on Madison now that he's seen the cops are being handled.

Madison pauses there for a moment, looking thoroughly nervous — the urge to flee is wrong! But she stands there quietly, urging back against her heels a few times. "Th-.. There's nothing to say.." She mumbles quietly, though mostly to herself, since the other two are turned away and handling it.

Brennen extends his hand to the girl, but doesn't touch her, as he's unsure if she could handle that at the moment, "My name is Brennen. What's yours?"

Madison doesn't raise her hand in return — she simply stares for a moment before replying. "Madison." She says, in a nervous and quiet voice.. she takes another small step backwards. ".. I really should go.." She murmurs, though with a subtone of asking permission.

Brennen smiles at her again, "Madison. That's a very pretty name. Look, Madison, I know you're nervous and scared. But won't you please stay here with me until we can tell the police officers our stories?" He smiles at her again, "Nobody here is going to hurt you."

Madison turns her head to the side, staring off for a moment. "S-.. Sure.. I guess.." She replies passively, her curling in against her palms; not a very willful girl, it seems. ".. But I really don't know what there is to say.."

illiam must have made nice with the officer because there's talk of coming paramedics and backup. And Will doesn't have handcuffs on. Instead he's helping to use the plastic kind on the downed teens, at least the ones without broken arms. Brennen gets a glance and then he looks to the officer. "I think they're ready for you."

Brennen glances to Will when he's spoken to and offers his hand to Madison again, "Madison, would you come and talk to the police man with me? Just tell him what you saw happen here, ok?"

Madison stumbles forward a little, looking quite unsure of herself — but all the right questions are nodded and head-shaken to as she's briefly questioned.. at least she's not too shaken to confirm your story!

Brennen also tells his version of the story, and even writes it down as a sworn statement. The cops give him a hard time about breaking the kid's arm, and warn that the kid could press charges. Brennen sighs and nods his understanding, then crouches down to Madison again, "Madison, thank you very much. You were very brave to tell your story to these men. Do you live near here? Are your parents here in the park?"

Madison takes a few steps back, and then looks up at Brennan. At the questions, she simply shakes her head — though the answer is only to one, it seems. "No. They aren't here. I live with my uncle." She replies, shifting on her heels.. she starts to rub at her scraped palms, wiping them off. ".. I really gotta go." She adds, after a short moment, still looking down.

Smiling, Brennen nods, "Would you like one of these nice police men to take you home? Or if you'd like, I can walk you. I also work for the police department." He's trying to make sure she gets home safe, after all.

William lets Brennen talk to the kid while he writes his own official version of a statement. And get his own lesser talking to. After all, he did no more than knock out someone trying to beat him up. There's even a nice bruise starting to bloom on his stomach he can show off if need be. And he'll head off with the cops. His work here is done.

Madison shakes her head a few times as she turns on her heels, standing facing sideways for a moment — with her head turned back toward Brennen. "N-No.. I'll be okay. It isn't far. I don't think." She says, before she turns herself fully.. she's sooner scurrying off on her way, intent on getting away from all the trouble.

Brennen frowns at the girl's back, and then runs over to collect his plane and toolbox before trying to catch up to eyesight of the girl. He plans to follow her home to make sure she safely gets there.

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