2007-03-24: Beercookies


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Summary: After a confusing phone call placed to Riya by Sean, Sean invites Riya over. Beercookies, rum and coke and a comfy couch lead a bit further than as originally expected…

Date It Happened: March 24, 2007


Sean's Flat

Hearing the knock on the door to his flat, Sean opens his front door, not feeling nearly as apprehensive as he was expecting to when Riya had called. His hair is slightly mussed and a bit too long, getting in his eyes. He's got an apron on over an undone, blue button-up shirt, showing the light grey undershirt underneath. He's got a few dabs of brown stuff on his apron, and the smell of cookies in the oven permeates the air.

He smiles. "Hey, come on in - welcome to my humble abode."

"Are those cookies, lovey?" She says, sniffing the air as she dances into his apartment, and past him. "Good gods. They smell delicious." She admits, grinning up at him broadly.

Sean smiles and closes his door, taking off the apron and throwing it over a bare chair in the kitchen/dining room, next to the door to the living room area. "Yeah, chocolate chip - I've always loved baking, I just never have an excuse to do it. I think you'll like them - they're a personal recipe. He grins. "There's a fairly unique ingredient - A good portion of Guinness." He laughs, and walks to the small liquor cabinet next to the TV, across from the couch. "So what's your poison, Riya?"

GAME: Riya has rolled CHARISMA + ATTRACTIVE and got a result of FANTASTIC.

"Hmmm. I think I might like your recipe." Riya comments, glancing about the small apartment, before she walks over to Sean by the cabinet and peeks into it. She seems to be debating something, but then she turns to him, and whispers into his ear, "I think you’re my poison.." Then she kisses him firmly.

GAME: Sean has rolled CHARISMA + ATTRACTIVE and got a result of SUPERB.

Sean kisses back, standing up as he does. Breaking the kiss, he smiles into those rare, pretty hazel eyes. "I don't know quite how poisonous I'll be," he says, before kissing her again. Cookies? Fire? Burning? Pfft, they had at LEAST a few minutes before any of that would matter.

Chuckling, Riya wraps one arm around Sean, mind off the cookies and onto something far, far more tasty. "Mmm. I'll take non-poisonous… I'll take you…" She murmurs back, before she returns the kiss with very happy enthusiasm.

Sean can taste strawberries and a hint of alcohol on Riya's breath, as almost all traces of anything cookie-related leave his mind, and he knows that his breath probably tastes of the Guinness he had to drink to steady himself, looking at his phone nervously before calling Riya earlier. He's been lonely for a while, and didn't want to screw this chance up - he might be able to turn his life around. Maybe.

Then the buzzer for the stove goes off. Shit. "Aiya…" Sean says, pulling himself away. "The cookies are done." He laughs, disentangling himself reluctantly.

That Guinness makes the girl blink, then she thinks about her own breath, and she shrugs slightly, even as he disentangles himself. "Damn." Riya says, swearing softly under her breath as she follows him into the kitchen, turning off the stove.

"So," Sean says, as he pulls the cookies out of the oven, plumes of cookie-scented air wafting towards him and Riya. "What was that earlier, about the, uh… dance floor moving?" He laughs, and winks. "I didn't taste /that/ much alcohol on your breath!"

"I don't know. It's like the club just started falling in on itself." She says simply, moving into Sean again now that cookies are out of the oven. "I only had two glasses of margarita, too."

Sean wraps one arm around Riya's waist, and checks a couple cookies to see if they're done with the other hand. "What do you mean - like, literally?" He looks at her a bit - understandably - skeptically. He's not even beginning to consider what Namir told him at one point, that there were many people with powers like his…

"Yes, literally. I /felt/ it moving." She says, leaning into him, into the warmth of his arm. She knows nothing of powers- what she felt- she thought it was an earthquake, honestly.

GAME: Sean has rolled PERCEPTION and got a result of GOOD.

Sean hugs Riya tightly, guiding her to the couch with a huge plate of beercookies. Removing his hadn from his waist so that she can sit down, he walks over to the liquor cabinet and pulls out a bottle of Captain Morgan. "How does a rum and coke sound? I don't think I have the stuff for a margarita here…" he says, bending back over to check, fully aware that he's basically displaying his ass.
Riya hugs back, before she sinkins into her seat, sighing. "Thank you. That sounds wonderful." She admits, grinning wryly. She does, however, frankly and abjectly enjoy the show, one eyebrow raised. "Mmm."

"Mmm?" Sean says, straightening again with the bottle of rum in his hand. Seeing the look on her face, he winks at her and smiles. Oh, yeah. He knows exactly what she was "Mmm"ing at. He walks over to the kitchen and grabs a bottle of coke out of the fridge, along with two medium-sized glasses out of teh cupboards, and just brings them to the coffee table in the living room. "How strong d'you want it?"
"Mediumish." Riya replies softly, leaning into the chair, tucking one heel underneath her. Any stronger, and she's probably jump him and they'd end up doing something that probably no one would protest, but might regret. She does grin at him, easily enough.

"Mmmkay," Sean says, pouring two rum and cokes - one quite a bit stronger than the other. He takes the stronger one, and hands her the other, then grabs two cookies off the plate, sits down on the couch next to her, and holds one out to her. "So, how was today in the life of a beautiful Rockette?"

GAME: Riya has rolled WILLPOWER and got a result of GREAT.

Of course, even as Riya nibbles on her cookie, she gets a naughty thought- however, she has the willpower to sit on it, and she does soo. "These are delicious." She admits. "Meh. Interesting for a brief moment, then typically boring."

GAME: Sean has rolled WILLPOWER and got a result of POOR.

Sean takes a swig of his rum and coke, and lets it send its warmth down his throat. "I'm sure I can make the rest of tonight much…" He looks intensely into Riya's eyes and wriggles his eyebrows a bit. "much more interesting."

Taking a rather large gulp of her rum and coke, Riya watches Sean, and she shivers. "I - I - " There's a long pause, then Riya sighs, and leans forward. "Oh?" She almost-purrs.

"Definitely," Sean says, putting his half-finished glass down after another gulp of warmth. "I can think of something." He leans forward, putting his hands on Riya's cheeks, and kisses her, pushing her down onto his couch. "Dunno how soon you'll be napping, though."

"Oh?" Riya says, watching him put the glass down, then she's pushed, and her cup clatters to the table with his, and she wraps her arms around his body. "Sean…" She says, softly, before she kisses back gently.

Sean straightens slightly and takes his overshirt off, leaving his undershirt on for now, swooping in in for another kiss. And, admittedly, all that's running through his mind right now? Bow-chika-wow-wow.

Riya chuckles softly, and she keeps her arms around him. "Mmm… why me?" Ashe asks, gently, while he's removing that one shirt, before her mouth is captured by his again.

Sean takes a few smooches to answer, and undoes one of the buttons on Riya's shirt as he answers. "Because you're beautiful and we can have a conversation without it feeling unequal." He smooches her again, then comes up for air and elaboration. "The girls I used to date loved making me feel stupid, but we could have a conversation and I felt great at the end. That's why I called back. That's why you." He finishes it off with more smooching. That was surprisingly… well said for a tipsy Sean.

Mmmm. Riya listens, and she wraps her other arm around his waist, and she murmurs back up to him: "Excellent answer." Then she's lost amidst smooches.

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