2007-03-11: Before I Kill You, Mr. Bond



Guest Starring: Rainer

Summary: Rainer pays Hiro a visit to confront him about Kellie.

Date It Happened: March 11, 2007

Before I Kill You, Mr. Bond

Hiro's Cell, Kirby Plaza

There is no clock in Hiro Nakamura's cell. It's a small bit of irony that the time traveler is trapped without any reminder of what time it is, perhaps, and likely made less clear by the drugs they've been pumping into the poor little man every so often. Sedatives, at first. Then something more mysterious. Is it the drugs that keep him from using his powers correctly, or is the Haitian standing outside the door? It's impossible to know for sure. The room is dark. Dingy. It looks exactly like Peter's, which was almost identical to the one Candice and Claudine used to trick the heroes the night before. But instead of a hospital bed, Hiro gets a chair, and some shackles.

There's an beep outside the door, indicating that it's under lock and key of an electronic variety. It opens, admitting a man with dark hair that's just starting to turn silver at the temples, wearing a navy blue suit with the type of square shoulders that might as well be a badge of authority. His face is stern from the get-go. Rainer Madson slams the door behind him just incase Hiro isn't awake yet.

Hiro Nakamura is, perhaps, an odd case. He's been here for — well, who knows how long, and he hasn't given up. Every minute or so. Maybe briefer intervals, if he thinks he's getting 'close'. Every minute or so, he clenches his eyes shut and his entire body shakes, from the head on down. No? Nothing? He'll give it a minute to relax, and then… he'll just try again. If there's a drug, maybe it'll cycle through his system. If it's the Haitian, maybe the Haitian will forget. Or, perhaps, he'll find the willpower to force through. If he's under surveillance, it will be apparent: Hiro Nakamura has been doing this for as long as he's been conscious.

It's only when Rainer enters that Hiro looks up. His glasses broke, so he sort of squints at the slightly blurry man that comes in. Hiro speaks immediately. "Let everyone else go. I am the one you want. I was the ringleader," Hiro says, only /now/ taking the mantle of leadership that he so feared when it provides him the opportunity to barter for everyone else's freedom.

"Hiro Nakamura." The man says the name as if he's testing it, rolling it around on his tongue. "Hiro Nakamura. You look even more pathetic in person." Rainer strolls through the cell for the few paces its confines will allow, standing in front of Hiro - so close that his pressed pantlegs might brush the captor's knees. He looms down, staring through those broken glasses. "I don't care if you're the ringleader of the damn /circus/. I'm not here to barter, but if you happen to cooperate, I might start to feel generous, boy." Rainer tucks a hand into his coat, searching an inner breast pocket. "Ain't usually generous, though. Don't get your hopes up."

If anyone, Hiro is the man with the key. He knows every name, every phone number, and most of the addresses. He's a treasure trove of information. Hiro slumps forward in his chair, and the chains rattle as they hold him mostly upright. "Then it is good," he says. Rainer didn't come here to barter. "I will never give up my friends."

Rainer removes what, at first, appears to be a small sheet of rectangular paper from his pocket. It's revealed to be a photograph a few seconds later, when he turns its face and dangles it pointedly in front of Hiro's glasses. Here's to hoping he can see enough to make out the face of a pretty young woman with big, blue eyes and long, dark hair. Kellie. She looks a sight younger than Hiro might remember her, though not by much. In the photo, she's clearly looking at the person with the camera, in a nondescript room. "Well then, I hope for your sake," he lies, "That his girl isn't your /friend/."

Hiro's eyes glimmer with recognition. He surely does recognize Kellie. Hiro might be admirably brave in the face of captivity, but he is a poor liar. "She is," Hiro says. "I do not — don't," he stumbles, remember his contractions. English, English, English. "I don't know who she is, or where she is from, or whether or not she knows, but she is my friend." Hiro looks up, through shattered glasses. "What did you do to her?"

"What did I do to her? That's not the question you should be asking, boy. The question is, what did /you/ do to her? You let stole her away, didn't you? Into the city. I'm surprised half of New York isn't incinerated by now because of you, because of her," Rainer says, the last of the words coming through harshly gritted teeth. It looks like he'd very much like to accost Hiro, right this second, and violently - but he takes the time to tuck the photograph carefully back into his pocket first. Only /then/ does he ram his hands onto the back of the chair, so forcefully that it sways back for an instant, threatening to topple, but truly, only the bonds keeping Hiro there rattle. He lean down into the young man's face. "WHERE IS SHE?"

Hiro recoils in his chair, away from the injury that Rainer might visit upon him. "I don't know where she is." Hiro asks, his eyes squinted away from Rainer. He stops to think, for a moment or two. He just told a half-lie. He doesn't know exactly where she is, but he probably has an idea. "… Who is she?" he asks, finally, making eye contact with Rainer again after averting his eyes for a second. You know, to lie.

Rainer's hands clutch the back of Hiro's chair in… frustration? Anger? Maybe desperation? Only the middle variable shows up on his face, however, and it's out in full force. Madson is very observant. He's paying /close/ attention to the track Hiro's gaze takes behind his shattered lenses, in fact looking over the flames. He's just that close. Case in point: his breath smells like menthol. Small blessings, right? "You want the truth: we raised her. She wasn't a captive, Nakamura, we were all the family she ever had, right from the beginning, and she'll play you for a fool every time. She burned you yet?" Figuratively? Literally? "Now, I know you have some inkling of where she is, I can see it in your beady little eyes. So if you don't start talkin'. Well. I have an army knife in my pocket says I'm gonna have to pay a visit to your friends instead because of your valour."

Hiro's face flushes red with anger when Rainer threatens his friends and he strains against his bonds to get at Rainer. His own reaction surprises him — where did that come from? Struggling against his shackles like an action hero. It's no good, though. He might have Conan's heart, but he doesn't have Conan's strength. "That's why she doesn't remember," Hiro says. Before falling back into his chair, to think. "If she is so bad, why hasn't she done anything?" Nothing's been burned. No disasters. His head slumps. "She likes waffles. And chocolate milk. Like a normal person." He stops, lost in thought. "Why do you want her back so much?"

Something, one of Hiro's comments — a word, an inflection, /something/ — throws Rainer off the deep end for a span of several, bright hot seconds. He grabs the fellow's shirt at the shoulders as if he could haul him straight out of the chair, but thankfully, the shackles stop that from ever happening for more than a few inches. Still, he's none too gentle. "She IS a person," he hisses. "But normal?" He lets go harshly and steps back, his businessy leather shoes cuffing once on the drab floor. "She wasn't meant to be /normal/. Hmm. Let's see." His voice slows down, becoming matter-of-fact, methodical, as he counts out… "Taking hostages. No doubt tricking you into thinking she's /normal/. Oh, and I have a sneaking suspicion about a certain flamin' van of property that was then /stolen/. We want 'er back because she's not meant for /your/ world, she is meant for ours. She's a threat to society," he says gruffly. "She is biding her time, son. Mark my word."

Hiro yelps a little as Rainer half drags him out of his seat. He looks away, lest he about to get smacked. Once he drops back down into his seat, Hiro processes everything, before staring at Rainer. 'She wasn't meant to be normal.' "You made her be that," he says, with realization. "You did all of those things to her." The realization on Hiro's face twists into horror. "How could you?"
Rainer has had just about enough of the accusations. There's actually a pang of… well, it's pretty indistinguishable in that perpetually stern face of his, but the fact that his gruff look falters for just a second with emotion… it's something. And it tries his patience all the more. "You tell me where she IS!" he shouts, his voice deep, booming off the closed-in walls.

"Far away!" Hiro shouts. "I'll never turn anyone in. Not to you! I thought I might be wrong about the Company — I thought I may have been doing the wrong thing. But I was right!" Hiro's heart is bolstered with conviction at the same time it breaks; because while he thinks Rainer might be bluffing, he's leaving Nathan and Jane at his mercy. But he can't give anyone up. He can't choose which friends to trade for which. "You are villains! Villains!"

Rainer bristles with barely contained rage, but he takes a silent breath, squinting his dark eyes at Hiro as the time traveler gives his strong opinion. "I'll tell you a secret, boy. I only wish it was another way for Kellie. Something went wrong with her. Somewhere along the way. Hard truth is, it's not. It's /this/ way, and if we don't find her in time, well, there's a good chance there'll be a good sight of damage to clean up. No such thing as villains and heroes, Nakamura. Not in the real world. Closest this world's got is people like Sylar. Not us. Not by a longshot." He shakes his head.

"Tell that to the girl whose life you destroyed," Hiro says, harshly. "I will not tell you," he adds, and looks down at his feet, and then back up to to Rainer. "The only reason why there are no heroes," he adds, looking defeated as he slumps into his chair. "Is that you have destroyed them all."

Hiro slumps down into his chair. A few minutes pass. And then Hiro shuts his eyes and tries again. He was wrong about something — Rainer hasn't gotten all of the heroes, not yet. And there are more on the outside.

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