2007-03-16: Behind The Bikesheds


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Summary: Talk of romance

Date It Happened: March 16, 2007

Behind the Bikesheds

Midtown, NYC - Common Grounds

Deciding that she needs a little bit of grown up advice, Claudine has called Anders on over to meet her
up for a bit of lunch at Common Grounds. While he does perv on her, she still likes the older man, and wants to
get to know her fellow employees on a basis outside than just McStabbities, Mczappities and McShooties. They
have to have a human side to them afterall, right?

And so, she's waiting, already at a table for two as she sips on her cappucino every now and then while
looking out towards the window. She's dressed casually, wearing a pairof snug fitting jeans and a red blouse, so
hopefully he doesnt make with the perving…

A happy Anders is a vaugely disturbing one, especially given his g-man outfit and tendency to drum on things
when his mind wanders. He comes into the coffeeshop, grinning and making smalltalk with people he recognises,
flirting with the baristas and generally being Mr. likeable. When he spots Claudine, he grins just that bit
wider and joins the queue, "Be right there!", places his order and heads over to the table, nudging his
sunglasses up on to his forehead as he does, "What were you wanting to talk about?"

"Well um.." and her cheeks flush as she wrinkles her nose. She's use to talking to her older brothers
about things like this, and considering all of them are in the Philippines, Anders will hopefully make a fine
substitute and whatnot.

She clearly hesitates at first before she looks at him with furrowed brows. "You have to promise me two
things though: one..dont laugh, and two..dont tell, kay?"

"I cannot promise either, Salonga," Anders says, looking at the girl, his eyebrow raised, "If it is something
that must be reported, it will be reported, however, I will try my best not to laugh." The man pauses to smile
at the barista who brings his sandwich and coffee over, thank her and watch her walk back to the counter,
"Speak." he says when he looks back at Claudine.

Well, that's a better answer than what she was expecting. "Well..it's nothing that needs to be reported.
I just..well..I was hoping for um.." and she wrinkles her nose a little once more while crossing her legs. She's
fidgeting that's for sure. "Dating advice. Orion and I had to be a couple for a little observation of a few
people, and well..um..yeah.."

"Granger?" Anders asks, not really following, "You had to be a couple for observation purposes, and now you are
looking to date someone for real? You are a pretty girl, Salonga, I doubt you'd need my input to catch a man."
the man smiles, not quite understanding. "And, moreover, I can think of better people to ask."

Claudine hrmms for a few moment and chews on her bottom lip. "Well..I was wanting to ask you about him
rather. You've known him longer and whatnot.." she says matter of factly, as she leaves it vague, hoping that he
can put two and two together..

It takes more than a few moments for Anders to key in, "Oh, well.. uhh.." he says, stumbling and trying to
cover it by chugging his coffee, "Granger and I are work-friends at most, Salonga. I would have no idea how to
advise you, other than putting yourself out there and being honest with him. That sort of thing works for me."
Anders takes a brief pause here, to take a bite of his sandwich and chew reflectively, "If you want him,
grinding on his leg gets attention, usually."

The last little comment causes her to almost choke as her eyes widen and she laughs heartily in the end.
"I would rather not have to dry hump someone to get their attention, besides, I dont want to get a reputation as
the work slut.." Claudine says while shaking her head a little. "Well..you guys have to have some guy moments or
whatever, right? So..what you know..if you could spill it, I'd much appreciate it.."

"Nothing is wrong with being a slut, Salonga, some of my dearest friends were sluts," Anders replies, chuckling
and eating his sandwich, "We have had some locker room chats, yes, but "spilling" it is not something I am at
liberty to do. However, at recess, I can hand him a note and tell him you would really very much like to make
out with him behind the bike sheds."

….With that comment, Claudine just stares at him for a few moments and lets out a soft little oye as
she definitely knows she's being mocked now. "No..dont do that. I was just going to ask if ya know..well..never mind.." she grumbles while taking a sip of her cappucino once more. "I do like him, but really, dont do
that..seriously.." she says firmly in the end.

"I would have to ask why you are talking to me, then, Salonga, and not Granger," Anders says, grinning again,
"Men are simple beasts who enjoy simple things, like being dry humped to show you are interested." honesty, not
always the best policy for Anders. "If I were you, I would ask.. no, I would /tell/ him he was to pick me up
this friday at eight, for a special assignment, perhaps even undercover," the man muses, "If you like puns, that

Claudine lets out an amused chuckle as she grins wryly, "Well..it's kind of moot I think. We went out on
a real date, and I was hoping you could give me more info on what he likes.." And there we go people! She tells
all! Well, not really, but yeah.

"The only things we have spoken about, as far as I'm aware, are obscene and not for your ears," Anders says,
after a little thought, "Do obscene things."

….Again, she just stares at him blankly for a few moments. "Obscene things..riiight. I'll keep that in
mind. But.." and then she hrmms for a few moments. "He did say he wanted to take things slow, so maybe I'll save
obscene for later?" Claudine says with an impish giggle.

"Perhaps, I definitely wouldn't let him get bored with you, though," is Anders slightly strange response, "Can
I ask why you thought to ask me, out of curiosity? I've not had a proper relationship for almost a decade."

"I…I dunno. I figure I cant go asking my friends since well..then they'd ask how we met and all that
and trying to explain we were on an observation mission would get me really wierd looks.." Claudine says matter
of factly as she sighs a little once more. "And well..you seem like a good guy, so I thought I'd ask..I'm use to
asking my big brothers for advice and well..they arent here..so you're kinda sorta a substitute?"

"We work for a paper company, you are an intern, he is an attractive male employee, it is hardly difficult to
expl..-" Anders begins, but is cut short by the revelation he is seen as a substitute brother, "Well, thank you,
I think." He looks down at his plate, knocks back the last of his coffee and glances over at the barista he was
flirting with earlier, "It is difficult, Salonga, with the secrecy and the strange long hours.. and the
headwounds, maybe I should try and find a nurse to marry?"

"No..I know that, but still." Claudine says with a warm smile once more as she beams up brightly towards
him. "And well, you're a nice guy, and with your quips and antics, you do remind me of some of my brothers back
home, so maybe that's why I went to you.." she admits ruefully before chuckling once morein the end. "And
well..there are a bunch of cute nurses who are nice..though a few of them were kind of fawning over that Clint

"I will have to settle for an ugly one and let her call me "Clint" then," Anders laughs, I am glad you think I
am a nice guy, though I have no idea why you do." He puts a tip on the table and stands, "If thats all, Salonga,
I have an errand or three to run this afternoon, I will ask Granger to drop by your offices."

"You really dont need to ask him to come down..I can go find him. Just..dont tell anyone else that I
like him..kay?" Claudine says with a warm smile as she eases on up. "And I better get going too, I have a
midterm to study for.." she says before giving him a hug. Yes, that's surprising. "Later!" and with that, sh
wriggles her fingers before heading out.

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