2007-12-15: Being Honest


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Summary: At the Secret Lair, secrets come out.

Date It Happened: December 15th, 2007

Being Honest

The Secret Lair

The last couple of days had been interesting; the crazy weather, the trouble with the Aces, and other social complications… and so, Tyson decides to take a trip to the local comic store to pick up something to distract him. No 9th Wonders tonight though, as he passes the issues upon entry and starting to look for some Batman instead.

It appears that KeLyssa had somewhat similar thoughts to Tyson, and has hidden herself off in the corner read a comic filled with superheroes. For now, she has decided on an offshoot of the X-Men series, focusing solely on Iceman. Surprise there, eh? She finds, that it's one of the things that can help her mind relax and not have to think of anything in particular.

Finding Batman in another corner along a secluded stretch of comic stacks, but quite able to see and hear each other; something, Tyson noticed as he looked over and saw her. He swallowed hard. Had she noticed what he had done? It didn't look like it hurt, but then again, she looked pretty freaked out to begin with… Then… was she watching when I got Ophelia out…. Tyson has to know and takes a step towards her, calling out, "Hey, KeLys…"

KeLyssa doesn't take notice of other walking around…not right away. A familiar voice calls out and starts to say her name. She looks up slowly…memories of the day pass before her eyes. "KeLyssa." She says her first name, though she knew he knew it. "It's KeLyssa." She attempts to smile, only able to offer a twinge or her lips upward. "How…um…how are you?"

"I'm good…" Tyson answers, studying her, worried about her responses. "I haven't had any more trouble since the other day, which is nice; and any day that doesn't happen, I'm wonderful." He laughs a lttle, taking another step. "Are… y-you okay?"

"Oh yes. No trouble is good trouble, I always say. Gotta love havin' no trouble." KeLyssa states. She nods a little to the question. "Oh yes. Just fine. Perfectly happy. Alls good. Mmhmm." She says, quickly looking back down at the comic book to avert eye contact.

"Oh, well… I'm glad you've done well, as well." Tyson nods, "Cuz it sucks that people would do stuff like that. They were even ready to gang up on Ophelia like that." He shakes his head disappointedly, knowing what needed to be done but not having a means to go about it.

GAME: KeLyssa has rolled HONEST+WILLPOWER and got a result of POOR.
KeLyssa nods a little bit, still looking down at the comic. "Mmhmm?" Is all that she can muster. Finally she sighs, closes the comic book and lays it to rest on her lap. "Look, I don't know what none of that was all about, okay? But I was scared cold. I ain't never been a fan of violence, or bein' hurt. I'm scared o' bein' hurt! I don't ever wanna think of that ghastly day ever again, alright? I wish that it had never happened. I'd very much like to not talk about it again, thank you."

GAME: Tyson has rolled CURIOUS+WILLPOWER and got a result of HORRIBLE.
GAME: Tyson has rolled PERCEPTION+SHARP SENSE and got a result of GREAT.
Tyson takes a step back but peers at KeLyssa curiously, "I'm sorry," He begins, but the tone he has doesn't make it sound like he's going to stop, "I know you're really upset, I would be too- I am! But I've got to ask… when you say you were scared frozen have anything to do with the fact that you're reading…" He peers, "… Iceman?"

GAME: KeLyssa has rolled HONEST+BLUFF+WILLPOWER and got a result of HORRIBLE.
KeLyssa frowns and scoffs slightly, placing the Iceman comic to the side. "Don't ya be gettin' all supernatural on me now. It ain't healthy for ya mind. None of these comics could be real…" She looks down, embarrased. "But when I said I was scared frozen…I meant /frozen/."

"Like your body was being covered in ice, right?" Tyson probed, knowing what the answer should be, but pondering if the girl had even noticed. "Not /to/ insinuate anything, but it's only because I thought I saw what I thought I saw and if you were only really really scared… then I guess I'm just crazy for seeing that." He stayed put where he was at, not wanting to make the girl run; it really was the last thing he wanted to do.

KeLyssa looks up at Tyson, eyes scared. She'd never meant for him to find out, really. She never intends for people to find out. And now that he knows…she doesn't know what to do. "I…well…it's…what I mean to say is…yes. I was covered in ice. Actual ice…oh please, please please please don't tell anyone. Please promise me? I just…I didn't mean it to happen none. It just happened. It usually does. I don't always got control of it!"

GAME: Tyson has rolled HOLD UP! and got a result of MEDIOCRE.
Tyson goes blank, this was both the greatest thing and very heartbreaking as well as he watched KeLyssa go through what he and others were going through as well. "I-it's okay…" He's breathing hard and starts taking steps towards the girl he hardly knew but could only vaguely answer about, "I won't tell anybody; but I think… I think this means you're just like me, only…" He takes his eyes off the girl and scans the stacks of comic books, picking one up in passing, "I can do…" Tyson actually considers what he is doing and then drops the issue to the ground, it hitting a moment later; making him feel a little embarassed, "I must not have been focusing hard enough… I can though… I can halt things."

KeLyssa looks down, sad, embarrassed, frustrated. She's been wanted not to tell anyone by her parents and by another. She really shouldn't've said anything. She should've kept it a secret. She should've kept it safe. But she had to go and say something, didn't she? Always the honest one. That's been her biggest fault, at times. Some say it's a good thing, but she finds it hard to keep secrets at times. "What d'ya mean…just like you?" She looks up slowly, a beseeching expression in her eyes, full of curiosity and hope. It only leaves when he just drops the comic. She looks at him with furrowed brows. "What were ya supposed to do with…oh. Ya can halt things? Right in their paths?"

GAME: Tyson has rolled HOLD UP! and got a result of POOR.
GAME: Tyson has rolled HOLD UP! and got a result of POOR.
"Yeah… I guess like telekinesis, but I'm starting to think it goes beyond that." Tyson says, picking the comic book up and holding it out to try again… and again… "Man… I don't know. I could do it, but, that's what I can do, I used to be able to just see distances really well, but then it jumped…" He shrugs, "I can udnerstand if you don't believe me, but even if I can't do anything, I think its cool that you can; but, please don't be freaked out…"

KeLyssa scrunches up her face a little bit in a kind of concentration. "I don't know…it's all so…hard to believe right now, ya know? I mean…I don't think I can take it all in. I just moved here from Louisiana and in my first couple weeks I witness a major attack…and somebody finds out about me when I've been tryin' and tryin' to keep it a secret and…oh boy, it's just a little much. I just…I don't know if I'm ready to deal with all this just yet, ya know?"

"It's cool." Tyson nods, putting the comic back and leaving well enough alone. "I'm sorry. We don't have to ever talk about that. But you do like Ice-…" He shakes his head, trying to think of a further topic, "So, do you work here yet?"

KeLyssa shakes her head. "Just gimme some time, alright? I ain't sayin' I'll never talk of it, I just don't wanna talk 'bout it just yet is all. I…I need some time to think it all through is all." She sighs deeply. She nods. "Yeah…yeah. I got the job. I work here for good now."

GAME: Tyson has rolled WILLPOWER+CURIOUS and got a result of MEDIOCRE.
Tyson nods, "Well, that's good… on both accounts. Now you can get all the information you want about it, even if it is a bit abstract to what your trying to do." He shrugs, "I think I'm in line for a new job… I just need to find a good spot. The Brawler's HQ isn't doing anything for me, recently, I'm on a break, with no clue about what's going on. I hope the Tournament went well… but I have a feeling Francis just had a big drunken brawl…" Tyson looks up imaginatively before coming back to reality, "At any rate, I understand what you're going through; but…" Another thought coming to mind, and he hopes he can get information about it, "Can I ask you something else, though, not about the attack, but still about… your /love/ of Iceman?"

KeLyssa nods in understanding. "I ain't never liked fightin', I can tell ya that. But we all need times when we go about, findin' somethin' else for ourselves." She says with a little smile. At the last question, she raises an eyebrow. "My love of Iceman? Hun, I ain't got a clue what you're talkin' about." From the look on her face, she's telling the truth. "I've only /just/ started readin' 'bout Iceman. Today's the first comic I've actually read of 'im. Ain't even heard of 'im until a day or two ago. I don't read comics usually. That's my brother's department."

"I get you… fighting gets to be a little much." Tyson affirms, having had much experience. "I'm starting only to do it when I am helping someone else, but that's hard to decide about." He, however, can't help but shake his head about the ill-received notion about Iceman Love. "No, I meant… ugh, nevermind. It's good that you can get your brother some discounted goods. I wish I had siblings, sometimes…." Then he thinks about if that would actually be any better.

KeLyssa nods a little. "My brother's good to me. He's kind, and he knows how to protect me when I need it. Though he's back home. He's can't protect his 'younger' sister all the way from down there none." She sighs. "It's nice havin' a brother. It really is."

GAME: Tyson has rolled WILLPOWER+CURIOUS and got a result of GOOD.
"Yeah, well, then I'm doubly glad for you." Tyson nods, still physically distance from KeLyssa but feeling deeply connected to her. Not that he'd go talking about it any time soon; he wait until she talked to him about it. Instead he offers, "If your brother ever comes up, let me know, I'd like to meet him. Sounds like a good guy."

KeLyssa nods a little, looking around, trying to keep her mind distracted. Slowly standing, she looks at Tyson. "Look, I gotta go. Gotta be gettin' home, ya know? It's been a long day. I need to get some rest. Relax. You understand?"

"No, yeah, yeah… I've got you." Tyson replies, moving back to his own section of comics, "You have a good evening, I'll catch up with you later. Not having said a word about anything to anyone." He nods, turning away, feeling cold.

KeLyssa turns away, as hard as it is. She's still quite confused, and she doesn't know what to do with herself. She needs to think…to collect her thoughts. She needs more time to figure it all out.

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