2008-03-23: Being Recognized


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Summary: Jamie meets someone in the park that actually recognizes her from the circus!

Date It Happened: March 23rd, 2008

Being Recognized

Battery Park

It is a beautiful early spring day, a little chilly still, but there's still plenty of people out in the park. Seated over at one of the picnic tables that faces the harbor, sits Quinn. She has a paper bag, and a large thermos right beside her, pouring a capful of what's inside it, and taking sips from it.

And out taking advantage of the warming weather, and a school-free Sunday afternoon, is Jamie. She can be found today, looking at an empty picnic table, not far from Quinn. She considers, backing up a few steps, then a few more. Then she breaks into a run for the table, running hard, and when she gets to it, uses the seat as a springboard to bounce up and over the table, catching herself on her hands in the grass on the other side of the table to tuck into a roll. Not quite enough momentum to carry her back to her feet, she ends up just sitting in the grass, but laughing a little, happily.

Quinn was in the middle of a sip. She chokes on the drink as, suddenly, a flash of short blonde cuteness catapults itself over her table. It takes a moment to shake it off, then she looks over at the laughing little girl. She applauds, nodding with an impressed look.

Jamie looks up at the applause, and smiles brightly. She hops to her feet, giving a hammed-up bow. Then with a giggle she says, "Hi. Sorry if I bugged you or anything."

Quinn shakes her head, 'No, no. Just eating lunch, and was watching the bay. That was more interesting. Are you in gymnastics?"

Jamie smiles again and shakes her head quickly. She moves to sit by Quinn at the table, despite the woman being a complete stranger. "Nope. Well, I want to be, but started school too late. I'm an acrobat. Well, I was."

Quinn pauses, glancing closer at you. Peering, really. She then snaps her fingers, "That.. can't remember it. That carnival! I remember.. some kind of.. stunt show? Clancy!"

As happy as Quinn recognizing her makes her, the woman might as well have offered Jamie the best candy in the world, "You've seen the show?" She's back on her feet in excitement as she nods quickly, "Yep! My family's circus. My mom and me did acrobatics. My mom was the best acrobat in the *world*!"

Quinn nods as she grins, "I must've seen that show every night the thing was in town. It was fantastic! Its when it came to Vegas. Heck, I've got carnies in my family. Most of them in shows, not running concessions or rides or anything."

Jamie smiles and says, "I remember! That was just a few months before we came here! I liked it there, it was nice and warm and sunny and everything. Well, kinda too hot, but not hot like New Orleans."

Quinn nods as she smiles, "Yea, it was pretty warm. I grew up there, sort of off and on, between when I was on the road. It was home base. Wow, so.. that mean your carnival is in town?"

Jamie bites her lip, suddenly far less cheerful as she shakes her head. "My mom… she was killed. It's all closed now, all gone." She shrugs a little, glancing down to her feet.

Quinn's expression sobers. "Oh, I.. sorry to hear that." she says, sincerely. "What about your dad, are you staying with him here?"

Jamie shakes her head a bit and says, "I thought he was dead too, so I ran away. Guess he never told nobody I was missing, he didn't trust police at all, so when they found out they thought he killed both me and my mom. A lawyer's trying to get him out now, only found out a few weeks ago he's still alive. Staying with Ali, she's a DJ."

Quinn frowns at that. "That sounds pretty awful. But you're alive, so, that should solve that. I mean, can't have killed someone who isn't dead, right?"

Jamie nods quickly again and smiles, "Yep. So he's gonna get out. Just taking *forever*." Her feet swing a little under the bench she's sitting on and she asks, "What's your name, anyway?"

Quinn shakes her head, laughing, "I'm sorry, I'm Quinn. Quinn Lyons, and its nice to meet you. Clancy, I'm guessing?"

Jamie nods quickly with a giggle, "Yep. Jamie Clancy. Niceta meet you," she adds, holding out a hand. Her hand is a bit dirty, she's probably been doing a lot of flips and things before she came across Quinn.

Quinn takes the hand, not seeming to mind. 'Well, do you still perform anywhere? I'll come and see your show.'

Jamie shakes her head and says, "'Cept playgrounds. And sidewalks. I use what I know, nothing slows me down. I can get around or over things as fast as other people go straight, and it's fun too. But hardly anybody can keep up to watch."

Quinn hmms, "Well, you're still pretty good. If you keep up the practice, maybe you can be a gymnast or something again. When you're grown up." she smiles, "You've got plenty of time. And you can always ask whoever watches you to come see my show sometime."

Jamie nods quickly and smiles again, "You got a show? Sure! I'll ask Ali to take me, where do ya work?" She seems eager enough, even without knowing what Quinn does.

Quinn pulls a card out, and she says, 'Its a cabaret, but it serves food, so you should be able to come, and don't worry.." she chuckles, 'My shows are strictly PG." handin it over. It has her name, and 'Imago Cabaret' on it, including times and location of the club. 'Shirley Temple is on me.' she grins.

Jamie takes the card, smiling, "Cool! I'll get Ali to bringme soon, promise." The last comment goes over her head, but she just shrugs and says, "Ok!" Then she says, "I better go, gonna be late gettin' home. Bye!" With a wave, she hurries off, pocketting the card.

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