2010-04-30: Being There For Her



Guest Starring:

Stuart Templeton Davenport

Date: April 30, 2010


The day after the night before, things on set are as steamy as ever.

"Being There For Her"

ABC Studios

The moon is high in the sky, a few clouds wave over it as they pass into obscurity. Of course this is all on the monitor and not on set. On set there are soft light emulating the moon and shining down on the weregoldfish and her vampire servant slash lover.

"No, no, no, no, no, no. Now is not the time. You know it. I know it. But making them understand…" She pauses and looks up into his eyes, her hand reaches up to touch his cheek, run into his hair as she steps closer. "…is a totally different matter. All of it is lacking. All of it lost on them."

Together they've faced all of their adversaries, and now? What is left…

"Archer, you can't let them win. We belong together," she says softly, still looking in his eyes. The change is coming, she can feel it and she tries to fight. Her stomach muscles tense and she cringes in pain.

The vampire servant-lover is shirtless today — with petroleum jelly used to further accent his wicked rock hard abs. But this isn't "Ora, my darling — they can't win! You, can't~" he pauses dramatically before looking down at the ground. Determined he looks at her, "FIGHT it! Fight!"

Frowning, Archer reaches out to caress Ora's cheek. "We do belong together — no matter what, I will find you! Mountain nor desert nor land nor sea could ever keep me from your beauty. Never will I ever admire a face as beautiful as yours — we will be together, Ora! We will!"

He watches her intently, his own vampiric body tensing as she can feel the change coming over her. "I will protect you~ Always."

But even from its lofty position, there are some places where the moonlight doesn't quite reach, some stretches of pitch black just large enough that a clever enough adversary might lurk within them unseen. Nearby, one adversary does exactly that - gaze flickering from Ora to Archer, then back again - but there are no footfalls, not even the sound of breathing. Nothing to betray a presence other than theirs.

Let them have this moment; for now, let them think that they're truly alone. They'll learn the truth soon enough.

The soft light becomes just a little brighter as a yellow spotlight is swung to shine over Ora. Doubling over, she grasps at the loose material of Archer's jeans and looks up at him, pleading. "I can't fight it… I can't, my love, please…" Tears are streaming down her face as she collapses.

"AAAAAAANNNND CUT!!" yells Skip.

The lights come on full and Hallis pauses for a moment before straightening up. She's still got a few of her fingers on his jeans and she gives him a little grin before releasing them. "I think that one was good, what do you think?" She looks out at the crew and then turns her face back up to him, "I think they were fairly happy with it. One take."

"I think our chemistry's improving," Stuart replies with a wink as he's tossed a towel to sop up some of the petroleum jelly on his abdomen. And then with a small smirk he observes, "At least it moisturizes the skin."

"I think we're getting better as a team. One of the reasons I'd never ditch the series permanently. I mean, especially because you and I jive so well. That much was evident to everyone last night." He grins and winks again before his assistant brings him his water bottle that he twists the cap off of.

"Oh, absolutely. MFEO, you two." On that deceptively casual note, the previously unseen figure steps out from behind a sound-absorbing partition, casually walking forward to within arm's reach of Stuart.


"Good to finally meet you in person," says George. "Ran into some traffic on the way here— thought I might end up missing you guys again." Before he can comment on their performances, though, he still needs to extend a proper hello to the other star…

Still looking up at Stuart, Hallis blushes just slightly, "I have no idea what happened last night. You're going to have to update me on what happened after the seventh or eighth drink." Her smile is so wide that it pretty much threatens to split her face in half. There's a little sparkle in her eye, perhaps a residual effect from what she can remember. David was a riot. Christina introduced her to some of the A list…

"George! I — " The young blonde composes herself and the smile falters a little before she recovers by licking her lips. "I wasn't expecting you so soon, we're not through our last two scenes…"

"Well, we had a good time. You met my friends, they all loved you — and then we, as in you and me, went back to my place and — " his line of thinking is interrupted by George, however. Extending a hand to the Congressman, Stuart's lips curl into an easy smile, "Nice to finally meet you, Congressman. I'm surprised we haven't met yet, Hallis is a gem — very talented. Seeing her in action is a definite pleasure to me every day."

"Ye-es, well. Just as long as it's not too much of a pleasure." The brief handshake appears normal enough, but there's just enough of a sharp squeeze for George to get his unspoken point across. Stay away from my girl, fangboy.

As he turns to face Hallis, he's all smiles at first. "Mmm, I guess I was due for a lucky break, you know? The schedule hasn't been quite so hectic since—" Since the United Nations meeting, and the news-of-the-weird surrounding it that day? Since the engagement went public?

Since his old boss was assassinated on live TV?

He has yet to open up about that last bit - a few generic comments to the press, a strained but polite 'not now, please' to his closest friends - nor does he have any plans to change that tonight, at least not while they're still on the set. After he takes Hallis home later, maybe.

Hallis blanches a little when Stuart relates what may or may not have happened the previous night. Especially with George standing right there. "Yes, well… You'll have to catch me up on the finer points later, Stuart." The curve of her lips twitch up at one side nervously.

Taking a step back from the two men, she looks toward the director as he converses with a couple of camera men. The next shot hasn't even begun to get set up yet. Not even close. "I don't know how much longer we'll be, George. Were you — were you going to stay and watch? Or…"

"You should stay and watch and see your lady in action," Stuart says with that same easy smile and his New Zealander accent. "She's talented and she's getting better everyday. I can promise you that much. Soon enough, she'll be able to have any role she wants. I can almost guarantee it." He flashes Hallis a toothy grin before taking a swig of water from his bottle — he hadn't touched it before now. "What brings you on set other than to see her in action? Do you watch the show?"

Wow, could Stuart be any smarmier without gold chains tangled up in an overabundance of black chest hair? Maybe he should run for Congress and George should go audition for a nice family comedy…

"Mmm, that's pretty much it," he admits, "I've seen a little of it but I think I'm missing a lot of context. Actually, I was hoping to pick up some context for how the show's made— you know, all the behind-the-scenes magic. I'll stay out of your way," he adds, taking a step back toward the quiet area, "I promise."

Smiling at George, Hallis flits away for just a moment to grab herself something to drink. 'Makeup' catches up to her and dusts her face and shoulders with a bit more gold shimmering powder. Being extra careful not to ruin her look, she takes a small drink of water before putting the cap back on and returning to the two men. "Thanks George, do you know where my dressing room is? Or did you want to watch from here? You might be able to get a good view from behind the director's chair."

Pointing over to where the group is arguing over the next scene, she flinches and then sucks a small breath through her teeth. "Maybe that would be a bad idea… He doesn't look so happy right now."

"Yeah, he looks thoroughly displeased," Stuart agrees with a small nod before inching away from the pair. "I should go see if I can help smooth things over." He offers the pair a small two finger wave before disappearing towards the director. At the same time, his assistant traipses behind him with another towel and another bottle of Evian. It's what he likes best and the boss gets what he likes.

George looks where Stuart is pointing— and winces. He doesn't know the details, but the slow crescendo of ranting is pretty universal among insufferable geniuses. "I don't know," he says to Hallis, "maybe I should go wait in your dressing room? Before those guys decide they'd rather yell at me than at each other."

Looking quite uncertain herself, Hallis glances back toward the director and then toward the buffet that's been set out for the cast and crew. "Maybe… Or maybe over there? I — I don't know. I've never had a visitor on the set before." She's not even certain if she'll get in trouble for him being there. Then again, he's a congressman, for all she knows he could make a law that allows him to be anywhere he wants to be.

"We're going to be setting up again soon… Are you sure you want to watch?" She's already looking fairly nervous about it, uncertain if knowing he's there will distract her.

George leans in closer, stealing a quick kiss at the corner of Hallis's mouth - the glitter makeup is a little lighter there anyway, hopefully it won't require too much retouching afterward. "Oh, hey, is that pastrami they just brought in? I can just go hang out over there for a bit, looks as much out of the way as anything else." Really, anywhere in the building would count just fine toward his sense of Being There For Her.

Giving him a touch of a smile as he kisses her, Hallis then turns away to follow Stuart. Before long, she's joined the director and the camera men in the discussion. Her face lights up as she looks up at Stuart, whatever they're saying just can't be heard across the room but it looks as though the director is pleased.

It always takes at least twenty minutes to set up a shot, in that time Hallis has disappeared with her wardrobe woman to change. When she emerges again from her dressing room, she's outfitted in her partial goldfish costume and aided toward the spot she and Stuart were last at.

"Okay! This is it! Final scene!! Let's get it in one take!" Skip calls out, taking his place in his chair. "Archer just professed his undying protection, let's get the good shot!"

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